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  • 1.Getting information Deciding on transport Finding accommodation Setting up the programme Tasks

2. How do we get there? Coach/ferry (ferry companies website) Plane (Ryan Air) Eurostar-Channel Tunnel The London Pass 3. Westminster Abbey 4. Abbey tour 5. London Eye 6. Cultural programme Theatre Musicals Concerts Museums Art Galleries .... 7. Places for young people Covent Garden Carnaby Street Notting Hill Portobello Market Madame Tussaud's Planet Hollywood The London Dungeon .... 8. Antique Market 9. Notting Hill - London The film The setting The actors The music 10. Cultural and Social Aspects Carnival Notting Hill Caribbean society Security problems Minorities, social problems Multiracial society http://www.bbc.co.uk/london/yourlondon/colours/caribbean/index.shtml 11. Radio stations BBC local radio stations 12. Economic Aspects City of London financial district Bank of England Stock Exchange Lloyds Building New Economy 13. Architectural Aspects Historical architecture St.Pauls cathedral Westminster Abbey Parliament Buildings Buckingham Palace Greenwich Observatory Windsor .... 14. Architectural Aspects Modern architecture Docklands development E.M.Foster Millennium architect Millennium buildings New Tate Gallery British Museum Great Court London Eye Thames Barrier . 15. The Monarchy today. http://www.royal.gov.uk/ 16. Buckingham Palace Kensington Palace The Royal Mews St.James's Palace Windsor Castle ... and their residences. 17. The Parliament Parliamentary Elections The House of Commons Parliament and Government Making a Law Debates in Parliament The House of Lords Webquest on Parliament