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  • 1. A Weird American Road Trip
    Strange tourist attractions around the U.S.

2. There is a lot to see, sowe will cover only part of the country in one trip.
3. Lets Start in California!
Near Los Angeles, to be exact
4. Chicken Boy!
5. Head through Oregon and arrive in Washington (Seattle.)
6. The Giant Shoe Museum
7. Now go east and stop in Driggs, Idaho
8. Take a look at the giant potato!
9. Drive east again and you will be in Wyoming
Go to the town of Rawlins.
10. Here in Wyoming, you can visit the Prison Museum.
11. Lets go northeast, to Minnesota
This is the state where Im from!
12. Thats right I am from the state with the largest ball of twine in the world.
13. Lets check out Indiana!
14. It only makes sense to go to the town called Santa Claus.
15. Drive through Ohio and Pennsylvania, and stop in New York!
16. Who needs the Statue of Liberty when, instead, you can see the worlds smallest church?
17. Where to now?How about New Jersey?
Hmm where shall we go?Lets see whats in Edison.
18. Whats in Edison, New Jersey, you ask?Um, obviously the worlds largest light bulb!
19. Now continue south and stop in the Carolinas.First stop: North Carolina!
20. The Shell-shaped gas station is a place to visit.
21. And now its South Carolinas turn!
22. Lets look at The peachoid water tower!
23. Now its time for Georgia!
24. You know you have always wanted to see the worlds largest peanut!
25. Keep driving south and say hello to Florida.
26. In a town called Safety Harbor, there is the bowling ball house.
27. Go northwest, and you will be in Mississippi
28. Mammys cupboard a gift shop inside a womans skirt
29. Now go west to the big state of Texas!
30. If you have been curious about barbed wire, go to Devils Rope Museum.
31. Drive west to Oklahoma.
32. Throw a cow pie at the Cow Chip Throwing Capital of theworld
33. New Mexico will be the next stop!
34. Get a glimpse of an aliens insides at the Roswell Alien Attraction Autopsy!
35. Keep going west and you will reach Arizona.
36. What is the thing?
37. And finally, go northwest to see Nevada!You have just circled the U.S.A.
38. In Reno, you can throw away your garbage in an elephant foot trash can!