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  • 1. A Wonderful Trip to MOLDAVIA by Lisman Razvan

2. General Information I The North East Region of Romania, historically known as Moldavia, has great potential as a European tourism center. Isolated from Western Europe by the impressive Carpathian mountain range, much of the region remains unexplored and unknown to western tourists. While the western counties of Suceava, Neamt and Bacau are better known for their mountains and monasteries, the eastern counties of Botosani, Iasi and Vaslui are also full of villages, ancient churches and interesting locations worth visiting. One of the main attractions of this region are the people, who are considered to be the friendliest and most hospitable in Romania and are the most active in keeping the ancient traditions alive. The west of the region is covered with alpine forests and is rich in flora and fauna. A variety of mountain sports can be enjoyed in the region: rafting, mountain climbing, hiking, mountain biking and horse-riding. 3. Schedule of the Trip DAY 1 8:30- Departure from Bucharest 13:00- Lunch on the road 14:45- Sightseeing Sihastria Monastery 16:00- Sightseeing the Throne Citadel of Suceava 19:00-Sightseeing Putna, Sucevita, Voronet Monasteries 21:30- Arrival at the hotel DAY 2 9:30- Breakfast 10:25- Departure from the hotel 12:50- Arrival in Iasi: Sightseeing Copou Park, Memorial House of Ion Creanga, The Culture Palace, Three Hierarchs Monastery 19:00- Dinner at a restaurant in Iasi 20:00- Leaving Iasi 22:10- Arrival at the Hotel DAY 3 9:30- Breakfast 12:45- Sightseeing Neamt Citadel 14:25:- Arrival in Vaslui: Sightseeing the Statue of Stephen the Great from Podul Inalt 17:00- Arrival in Focsani: Sightseeing Mausoleum of Mreti 20:00- Arrival in Bucharest, the end of the trip 4. Photos-Day 1 1.Sihastria Monastery 2.Throne Citadel of Suceava 3.Putna Monastery 4. Putna Monastery 5. Voronet Monastery 5. Photos-Day 2 2.Memorial House of Ion Creanga 3. Three Hierarchs Monastery 1.Copou Park 3. The Culture Palace 6. Photos-Day 3 1.Neamt Citadel 2.Statue of Stephen the Great from Podul Inalt 3.Mausoleum of Marasesti