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ABAQUS Installation Procedure

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Abaqus Installation Step


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ABAQUS Installation Procedure

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Getting ABAQUS software

• Before you being please make sure your internet is working.

• Computer center provides ABAQUS v6.11 software at the following ftp address:

• ftp://ftp.cc.iitk.ac.in/pub/unix/APPLS/LINUX/Simulation/abaqus6.11/

• Download & unzip “SIM_Abaqus6.11.media.tar.gz” into folder called ‘abaqus6-11’

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Location of “setup” files for installation

• Go to the “setup” file located in the directory abaqus6-11\SIM_Abaqus.media\1

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Double click on setup file

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• If you encounter‘Abaqus sysinfo failed error, then quit the installation and do the following:

1)Open a command prompt (terminal) from the START AccessoriesCommand Prompt

2)Go to the folder “1”

3)Type “setup –nosystemchecks” for manually installing the abaqus.

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ABAQUS installation process

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Click OK.

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Click on “Product” as the Installation type

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Add the license server [email protected] as shown below

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Possibility of error

Note: if you do not get this error, then proceed to slide no 13

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Solution for the “invalid license” error

• The license server is added in a file called “host”.

• The file is located at C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc

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Add the highlighted text in the host file

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Cannot edit/save the host file

• If you are the administrator and cannot save the file then

• Change the file permissions by editing its properties. The properties of the file can be located by right clicking on the file and choosing “properties” from the pop-down menu. (refer to next slide)

• Save the host file again and it should work.

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Changing file permissions

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Click continue without installing documentation

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Installation and working directories

• ABAQUS installer automatically chooses ‘C:\Abaqus’ as the installation directory and ‘C:\temp’ as the working directory.

• Note: All the files that you would create in ABAQUS would later be saved in this “temp” directory. Hence, it is not a bad idea to use an appropriate name for the working directory. I use ‘C:\work’ as my working directory.

• Note: Both these directories are created by ABAQUS and you should not create them. ABAQUS does not accept the directories created by you.

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Click ‘install’ to continue

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…the installation is progressing

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Congratulations on successful installation of ABAQUS

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Invoking ABAQUS

1. Click on START menu2. Click on Programs3. Locate Abaqus6.11-2 4. Click on Abaqus CAE to start the GUI5. One can also run programs from

ABAQUS command

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Abaqus CAE

Please do not close the terminal. It runs as long as AbaqusCAE is on.