abate to placate vocabulary list: unit 8. abate when the winds abated, the helicopter was able to...

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Vocabulary List: Unit 8

Abate to PlacateVocabulary List: Unit 8abate

When the winds abated, the helicopter was able to land.demeanorThe President has such a calm demeanor that it takes quite a bit of effort to anger him.

abhorI abhor doing my laundry, so I have it professionally cleaned.

v.to detest; to hate strongly

dole v. to distribute; to give out sparingly

At the Red Cross shelter, food was doled out carefully to the the crowded earthquake victims.

gamutCarmelas taste in music ran the whole gamut of rock and roll from the 60s to the 2000s.

Gamut---nounthe whole range or extent

extrovertAs an extrovert, Liz loved parties and preferred entertaining to spending a quiet night alone.n.one who is outgoing; one who is energized rather than drained by interaction with others

aficionadoDespite their atrocious season, I am still a loyal Redskins aficionado and I wear my Cooley jersey every Sunday.

n.an enthusiast, a fan, an ardent follower

The students attempted to goad Kevin into skipping school with them, but he refused to join them at McDonalds.

goad to provoke someone to do something; to spurconcurrentlySammy couldnt decide which TV show to watch when his two favorite shows, American Idol and Americas Got Talent, aired concurrently.

adj.happening at the same time; simultaneous

placateThe airline gave out free vouchers in order to placate frustrated travelers during the holiday season.

to pacify, soothe, calm