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Availability of Reference Materials Cited in NRC Publications

Most documents cited in NRC publications will be available from one of the following sources:

1. The NRC Public Document Room, 2120 L Street, NW., Lower Level, Washington, DC20555-0001

2. The Superintendent of Documents, U.S. Government Printing Office, P. 0. Box 37082,Washington, DC 20402-9328

3. The National Technical Information Service, Springfield, VA 22161-0002

Although the listing that follows represents the majority of documents cited in NRC publica-tions, it is not intended to be exhaustive.

Referenced documents available for inspection and copying for a fee from the NRC PublicDocument Room include NRC correspondence and internal NRC memoranda; NRC bulletins,circulars, information notices, inspection and investigation notices; licensee event reports;vendor reports and correspondence; Commission papers; and applicant and licensee docu-ments and correspondence.

The following documents in the NUREG series are available for purchase from the GovernmentPrinting Office: formal NRC staff and contractor reports, NRC-sponsored conference pro-ceedings, international agreement reports, grantee reports, and NRC booklets and bro-chures. Also available are regulatory guides, NRC regulations in the Code of Federal Regula-tions, and Nuclear Regulatory Commission Issuances.

Documents available from the National Technical Information Service Include NUREG-seriesreports and technical reports prepared by other Federal agencies and reports prepared by theAtomic Energy Commission, forerunner agency to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

Documents available from public and special technical libraries include all open literatureitems, such as books, journal articles, and transactions. Federal Register notices, Federaland State legislation, and congressional reports can usually be obtained from these libraries.

Documents such as theses, dissertations, foreign reports and translations, and non-NRC con-ference proceedings are available for purchase from the organization sponsoring the publica-tion cited.

Single copies of NRC draft reports are available free, to the extent of supply, upon writtenrequest to the Office of Administration, Distribution and Mail Services Section, U.S. NuclearRegulatory Commission, Washington DC 20555-0001.

Copies of industry codes and standards used in a substantive manner in the NRC regulatoryprocess are maintained at the NRC Library, Two White Flint North,1 1545 Rockville Pike, Rock-ville, MD 20852-2738, for use by the public. Codes and standards are usually copyrightedand may be purchased from the originating organization or, if they are American NationalStandards, from the American National Standards Institute, 1430 Broadway, New York, NY10018-3308.

U.S. Nuclear RegulatoryCommission

NRC Collectionof Abbreviations

Information Management DivisionOffice of the Chief Information OfficerU.S. Nuclear Regulatory CommissionWashington, D.C. 20555-0001

July 1998

NUREG-0544Rev. 4

A. A

This collection of abbreviations in common use in the nuclear industry and regulatory community wascompiled from Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) and nuclear industry sources. It was published toassist agency authors, readers, and stakeholders in identifying abbreviations for the numerous organiza-tional, scientific, and engineering terms that appear in NRC printed and electronic information. Thecompilation is descriptive rather than prescriptive. No one abbreviation is recommended to the exclusionof another because the same abbreviation may with equal validity apply to two or more terms.


*03 S

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) publishes this collection of abbreviations to assistagency authors and readers and members of the public in identifying the abbreviations for the numerousorganizational; scientific, and engineering terms that appear in NRC printed and electronic information.This collection has been compiled from NRC and nuclear industry sources and is descriptive rather thanprescriptive. No one abbreviation is recommended to the exclusion of another because the sameabbreviation may with equal validity apply to two or more terms.

An abbreviation is a shortened, condensed form of a word or term. Some technical abbreviations, suchas laser and scuba, have been so widely disseminated that they now communicate successfully withoutfurther definition. ,

Acronyms and initialisms are types of abbreviations.,

* An acronym is an abbreviation that forms a pronounceable term from the initial letters of a groupof words: ANSI is formed from American National Standards Institute and LOCA fromloss-of-coolant accident.

* An initialism is an abbreviation formed from the initial letters of a group of words for which eachletter is pronounced separately: EPZ is formed from emergency planning zone and SGTS fromstandby gas treatment system.

The NRC editorial staff offers the following suggestions for using abbreviations:

* Spell out the term for an abbreviation the first time you use it in text and follow the spelled-outterm with the abbreviation in parentheses: control rod drive (CRD). Repeat this process at thebeginning of each new section or chapter for printed publications.

* Restrict an abbreviation to one meaning in any one document. If you designate NDT to meannondestructive testing, do not designate NDT to mean nil ductility temperature or any other termbeginning with the letters NDT in the same document. Spell out any other term that could beabbreviated as NDT in that document.

This compilation includes major NRC program and staff offices, advisory groups, panels, and boards butnot NRC divisions, branches, and sections, which can be found in the NRC Telephone Directory(NUREG/BR-0046). Some abbreviations for organizations that no longer exist are included as historicalreferences.

This compilation does not include chemical elements, computer codes, and most units of measurement.Many of these abbreviations appear in readily accessible sources such as dictionaries, the GovernmentPrinting Office (GPO) Style Manual, and other manuals.

Identical abbreviations appear in various forms (e.g., AA or A/A); they are listed in this compilation inthe following order: AA, aa, A/A, A-A, A&A.

In general, the editorial staff observes the following rules for forming plurals and for capitalizing andhyphenating abbreviations: - ( . .. .


*SD S 1:'

* Plurals

To form most plurals, add a lowercase s without an apostrophe preceding it to the abbreviation.

DBAs for design-basis accidentsPWRs for pressurized-water reactors

However, some abbreviations are identical in both singular and plural constructions.

ATWS for anticipated transient or transients without scramGDC for general design criterion or criteriaLCO for limiting condition or conditions for operationMOU for memorandum or memoranda of understanding

Use the same abbreviation for a'plural construction 'when a word in a term is an irregular plural(e.g., LRB for licensing review basis or bases) or when any word in a term except the last word isa regular plural, that is, formed by adding s (e.g., COLSS for core operating limit or limits support

- system). Only the irregular plurals, such as bases, are given in this collection; plurals formed byadding s to an internal or final word of a term are generally not given.

* Capitalization

Although most abbreviated terms are lowercase when written out, most of their abbreviations areuppercase.

Do not capitalize specific parts of a nuclear system or facility, the many job titles at a nuclearfacility, or generic terms designating equipment, systems, or programs.

ACCWS for auxiliary component cooling water systemRPM for radiation protection manager

However, capitalize the names of specific facilities or reactors, companies or organizations,and committees or special interest groups.

ACNW for Advisory Committee on Nuclear WasteRRA for Radiation Research Associates, Inc.RRR for Raleigh Research Reactor

* Hyphenation

To hyphenate a term from which an abbreviation is formed, follow the general rules ofhyphenation, particularly those given in the GPO Style Manual.

Hyphenate unit modifiers used as adjectives and adverbs before a noun in each term:

LOCA for loss-of-coolant accident, but not LOOP for loss of offsite power



Do not hyphenate most short prefixes, such as co, de, pre, pro, and re.

DWCS for defueling water cleanup systemPTP for preoperational test program

The NRC welcomes new entries for future revisions of this collection. Please sendsuggestions for new entries to the e-mail address <jfbl @NRC.GOV> or write to theTechnical Publications Section, Publishing Services Branch, U.S. Nuclear RegulatoryCommission, Washington, DC 20555-0001.


I U!I_1O41441 Le i I: A 5 V101

AA access authorizationAAA Agency Allegations AdvisorAAAC Affirmative Action Advisory

CommitteeAac alternate acAACC American Association for :

Contamination ControlAAEC -Australian Atomic Energy

Commission ,. .. '

AAECS, auxiliary area environmental control,system ,

AAEGTS auxiliary area emergency gastreatment system

AAHP' Amedrican Academy of HealthPhysics

AAM :' airborne activity monitor "AAPM American Association of Physicists*'.!

in MedicineAAR Aktiebolaget Atomenergi Research

ReactorAARR Argonne Advanced Research

ReactorAASHTO American 'Associationhof State

Highway and TransportationOffcial

AATN Asociaci6n Argentina de TecnologiaNuclear (Argentina)

AB auxiliary boilerABACC Argentine-Brazilian Agency for

Accounting and Control of Nuclear'Material '

ABB-CE Asea Brown Boveri-CombustionEngineering, Inc.

ABCC Atomic Bomb Casualty CommissionABET Accreditation Board for Engineering

and TechnologyABFS auxiliary building filter system ; ,ABGTS auxiliary building gas treatment

systemABHP American Board of Health Physics -

ABHX air blast heat exchanger_ABI auxiliary building isolationABLE activity balance line evaluationABMA American Boiler Manufacturers '-

Association and Affiliated Industries;ABNP Alan 'R. Barton Nuclear PlantABR as-built reconciliationABRR as-built reverification record

ABST auxiliary building sump tank ;ABSVS auxiliary building special ventilation

systemABT automatic bus transferABV - auxiliarybuilding ventilationABWR advanced boiling-water reactorABWRP American Boiling Water Reactor

ProgramAC acid concentrator,A&C adequacy and compatibilityAC ' administrative control

advisory committeeair conditioning

.allegations coordinatorac alternating current,A/C air conditioningA-C Allis-Chalmers Corp. or

Allis-Chalmers ManufacturingCompany

ACA Arms Control AssociationACAD air containment atmosphere dilutionACB air-operated circuit breaker

Ateliers et Chantiers de Bretagne(France)

ACC accumulatorair-cooled condenser

ACCWS auxiliary component cooling watersystem

ACDA Arms Control and DisarmamentAgency, '

ACEC Ateliers de Constructions Electriquesde Charleroi, S.A. (Belgium)

ACF acid concentrator feedampacity correction factorautomatic control feature

acfm, actual cubic foot/feet per minuteACHP Advisory Council on Historic

PreservationACI American Concrete Institute

automatic closure and interlockACIWA ac-independent water addition ,;ACL access control list

I ) -Sualternate concentration limitACLP above-core load pad

' above-core load'plane


. S S 0 h:: A

ACM alternate contact modeauxiliary cooling method

ACMUI Advisory Committee on the MedicalUses of Isotopes (NRC)

ACNFS Advisory Committee on NuclearFacility Safety (DOE)

ACNP American College of NuclearPhysicians

ACNS Advisory Committee on NuclearSafety (Canada)

ACNW Advisory Committee on NuclearWaste (NRC)

ACORN Association of CommunityOrganizations for Reform Now

ACOT analog channel operational testACP auxiliary control panelACPDS Advisory Committee on Personal

Dosimetry Services (NSF)ACPR advanced core performance reactor

advanced core pulsed reactorannular core pulsed reactor

ACR advanced converter reactorattribute coverage report

ACRE advanced compact reactorexperiment

ACRG Advanced Code Review Group(NRC)

ACRI Air Conditioning and RefrigerationInstitute

ACRR annular core research reactorACRS Advisory Committee on Reactor

Safeguards (NRC)ACS Advanced Computer System

alternate core sprayAmerican Chemical Societyauxiliary cooling system

ACSNI Advisory Committee on Safety ofNuclear Installations (U.K.)

ACTS automated commitment trackingsystem

ACU air cleanup unitAD assistant directorA/D analog to digitalADAMS Agencywide Documents Access and

Management SystemADAS automatic data acquisition and



ADC authorized derivative classifierADDS applied digital data systemADEA Association Beige pour le

Developpement Pacifique del'Energie Atomique (Belgium)

ADFCER Assistant Director for Fuel Cycle andEnvironmental Research

ADI Applied Dynamics InternationalADM Administration, Office of (NRC)ADN apparent discrepancy notificationADP automated data processing

automatic data processingADPE automatic data processing equipmentADR audit discrepancy reportADRS automated data retrieval systemADS automated data system

automatic depressurization systemautomatic dispatch system

ADT aerated drain tankADU ammonium diuranateADV atmospheric dump valveAE acoustic emission

air ejectorarchitect-engineer

A/E architect-engineerA-E architect-engineerAEA Atomic Energy Act of 1954

Atomic Energy AuthorityAEB Atomic Energy Bureau (Korea)

auxiliary equipment buildingAEC Alternative Energy Coalition

Atomic Energy Commission, U.S.(Became ER DA and NRC)

AECB Atomic Energy Control Board(Canada)

AECC Aerojet Energy Conversion Co.AECL AECL Technologies

Atomic Energy of Canada, Ltd.AECLT Atomic Energy of Canada, Ltd.,

TechnologiesAECM Atomic Energy Commission ManualAECPR Atomic Energy Commission

Procurement RegulationAEDE annual effective dose equivalent


-: i

AEE Atomic Energy Establishment(Libya)

AEEN Agenzia Europea per lEnergiaNucleare -

Agence Europeenne pour l'EnergieNucleaire

AEEW Atomic Energy.Establishment ofWinfrith (United Kingdom)

AEF Argonne Experimental Facility ;,AEGTS annulus exhaust gas treatment systemAEI Associated Electric Industries Ltd.

(United Kingdom)AEN Agence pour l'Energie Nucl6aire

(France), 1AENJ Atlantic Electric of New JerseyAEO Atomic Energy Organization (Iran)AEOD Analysis and Evaluation of

Operational Data, Office for (NRC)AEOF alternate emergency operations

facilityAEOI Atomic Energy Organization of Iran 'AEOR Annual Environmental Operating

ReportAEP American Electric Power Co., Inc.AEPSC American Electric Power Service

Corp.AERCW auxiliary essential raw cooling waterAERE Atomic Energy Research

Establishment (United Kingdom)AERO Association for Excellence in

Reactor OperationsAES aerospace and electronic systems'AESJ Atomic Energy'Society of JapanAETR advanced engineering test reactor

advanced epithermal thorium reactorAF alternating field

auxiliary feedauxiliary feedwater '

AF/AL as found, as left'AFAS i auxiliary feedwater actuating systemAFB Air Force baseAFBMA Anti-Friction Bearing Manufacturers,

Association, Inc.AFC automatic flow controlAFD acid fractionator distillate

axial flux difference

AFDC 'auxiliary feedwater dischargecross-connection

AFDS automatic fire detection systemAFI Air Filter InstituteAFL active fuel lengthAFNE Americans for Nuclear EnergyAF NETF Air Force Nuclear Engineering Test

Facility,AFO auxiliary fuel oilAFOS auxiliary fuel oil systemAFP auxiliary feedwater pumpAFR acid fractionation recycle

acid fractionator recycleaway from reactor

AFRRI Armed Forces RadiobiologyResearch Institute -

AFS -auxiliary feedwater systemAFSR Argonne Fast-Source ReactorAFW ' -auxiliary feedwaterAFWAS auxiliary feedwater actuation systemAFWC auxiliary feedwater controlAFWS' auxiliary feedwater systemAG Aerojet-General Corp.AGA automatic gas analyzerAGC advanced gas centrifuge

Aerojet-General Corp.AGCR advanced gas-cooled reactorAGL 'above-ground level.AGMA American' Gear Manufacturers

AssociationAGN Aerojet-Ge'neral NucleonicsAGNS ! Allied-General Nuclear ServicesAGR advanced gas-cooled reactorAGS alternating'gradient synchrotron

annular gas systemAGU ,American Geophysical UnionAGVC automatic governing valve control

Iautomatic governor valve controlAGW accident-generated waterAGZ actual ground zeroA/H air handlingAHFR ; Argonne High-Flux ReactorAHJ authority housing jurisdictionAHM auxiliary handling machine


l l S l l1 ' S

AHPA Archeological and HistoricPreservation Act

AHR aqueous homogeneous reactorAHTG ad hoc task groupAHU air-handling unitAl artificial intelligence

Atomics Internationalauthorized inspectorautomatic isolation

AIA authorized inspection agencyAICE American Institute of Chemical

EngineersAID accident identification display

Agency for InternationalDevelopmentair inlet damper

AIEE American Institute of ElectricalEngineers

AIF Atomic Industrial Forum, Inc. (nowNEI)

AIG antitrust and indemnity groupAIGS auxiliary inerting gas subsystemAIHA American Industrial Hygiene

AssociationAIHX auxiliary intermediate heat

exchangerAIMME American Institute of Mining and

Metallurgical EngineersAIMMPE American Institute of Mining,

Metallurgical, and PetroleumEngineers

AIMS automated information managementsystemautomatic isotopic measurementsystem

AINSE Australian Institute of NuclearScience and Engineering (nowANSTO)

AI&O annual inspection and overhaulAIP American Institute of Physics

approval in principleAIRI Atomic Industry Research InstituteAIRP air intake, recirculation, and

purificationAIRS Advanced Incident Reporting System



advanced instrumentation for refloodstudiesAutomated Inspection Report System

AIS accumulator injection systemadvanced isotope separationautomated information system

AISC American Institute of SteelConstruction

AISE Association of Iron and SteelEngineers

AISI American Iron and Steel InstituteAISS automated information systems

securityAISSP automated information system

security planAIT American Industrial Technologies

American Institute in Taiwanaugmented inspection team

AITS action item tracking systemAIX after ion exchangerAKK Atomkraftdonsortiet Krangede Ad &

Co. (Sweden)AL action level

analytical laboratoryanalytical limit

ALAP as low as possibleas low as practicableas low as practical

ALARA as low as reasonably achievableALARP as low as reasonably practicableALATA as low as technically achievableALCP area local control panelALD acoustic leak detectionALI annual level of intakeALIP annular linear induction pumpALJ administrative law judgeALKEM Alpha Chemie und Metallurgie,

G.m.b.H. (Germany)ALMPC Agency Labor-Management

Partnership CommitteeALMR advanced liquid metal reactorALMS auxiliary liquid metal systemALP assembly language preprocessorALPHGR average linear planar heat generation



I 00K4S Sft 0e P:m

ALPR Argonne Low Power ReactorArmy low-power reactor

ALRR Ames Laboratory Research ReactorALRS Apache Leap Research SiteALSI aluminum silicon alloy-ALUPA Association Luxembourgeoise pour

l'Utilisation Pacifique deI'Energie Atomique (Luxembourg)

ALWR advanced light-water reactorAM accident managementAMAD activity median aerodynamic

diameterAMASS automated material accounting

statistics systemAMCA Air Moving and Conditioning '

AssociationAMCF 'alkali metal-cleaning facilityAMCO Aerojet Manufacturing CompanyAMD alpha activity median diameterAMDEL Australian Mineral Development

LaboratoriesAMF automated materials friskerAMI automatic motion inhibitAMIC Arkwright Mutual Insurance Co.AMN Ansaldo Meccanico Nucleare, SpA

.(Italy) ..AMPERE Atomes et Molecules pour Etudes

Radio-Electriques (Switzerland),AMRR Army Materiels Research Reactor,AMS aerial monitoring system .

Allegations Management System,,Army Map Service

AMSAC ATWS (anticipated transient withoutIscram) mitigating system actuationcircuitry

'AMU aqueous makeupatomic mass unit

A/N alphanumeric-as needed ,

ANC -advanced nodal codeAerojet Nuclear Company

ANCC Associazione Nazionale per ilControllo della Combustione (Italy)

ANDIN Associazione Nazionale diIngegneria Nucleare (Italy)

ANEC American Nuclear Energy Council

ANF actinide nitride fuelactinide nitride fueledAdvanced Nuclear Fuels Corporation

ANFO ammonium nitrate and fuel oil 'ANGRY Anti-Nuclear Group Representing

YorkANI American Nuclear Industries

American Nuclear Insurersauthorized nuclear inspector

ANIM Association of Nuclear InstrumentManufacturers '

ANL Argonne National LaboratoryANMC American National Metric CouncilANN artificial neural networkANO Arkansas Nuclear OneANOVA analysis of varianceANP aircraft nuclear propulsionANPR advance notice of proposed

rulemaking ''ANPRM advance notice of proposed

rulemaking . !-ANR -Association of Neutron

RadiographersANRA Armenian Nuclear Regulatory

AuthorityANRE Agency of Natural Resources and

Energy (Japan)ANS American Nuclear Society

aquatic nuisance speciesautodial network system

ANSI American National StandardsInstitute - a

ANSTO -Australian Nuclear Science andTechnology Organization (formerlyAINSE) . .

AO . abnormal occurrenceair operatorauxiliary operatoraxial offset !'

AOA 'axial offset anomalyAOC action office 'contact

augmented operator capabilityAOG acid fractionator off-gas

acid off-gasaugmented off-gas

AOI abnormal operating instruction



advance ordering informationAOO anticipated operational occurrenceAOP abnormal operating procedureAOR abnormal occurrence reportAOT action outage time

allowable outage timeallowed outage time

AOTA absorber open test assemblyAOV air-operated valveAP access permit

access permitteeadministrative procedureadvanced plantalkaline permanganateannulus pressurizationantennas and propagation

APA Administrative Procedure ActAPC administration and project control

agency program coordinatorargon purge cartAtomic Power Construction Ltd.(United Kingdom)

APCA Air Pollution Control AssociationAPCEF Advanced Power Conversion

Experimental FacilityAPCO Alabama Power CompanyAPD axial power distributionAPDA Atomic Power Development

Associates, Inc.APDMS auxiliary power distribution

monitoring systemaxial power distribution monitoringsystem

APET accident progression event treeAPEX Advanced Plant ExperimentAPFA accelerator pulsed fast critical

assemblyAPHA American Public Health AssociationAPI absolute position indication

American Petroleum Instituteantecedent precipitation index

APL Applied Physics Laboratory(University of Chicago)Arkansas Power & Light Co.authorized possession limit


AP&L Arizona Power & Light CompanyAPLHGR average planar linear heat generation

rateAPM air particulate monitor

aluminum powder metallurgyAPP advance procurement planAPPA American Public Power AssociationAPPR Army Package Power ReactorAPR advance production release

Army Power Reactorautomatic pressure relief

APRF Aberdeen Pulsed Reactor FacilityAPRM average power range monitorAPS accident-prone situation

American Physics SocietyArizona Public Service Co.atomic power stationauxiliary power system

AP600 Advanced Plant, 600 MWeAPSR axial power shaping rodAPSRA axial power shaping rod assemblyAPT accelerator-produced tritium

Applied Physical TechnologyIncorporated

APTR advanced pressure tube reactorAPU auxiliary power unitAPWG action plan work groupAPWR advanced pressurized-water reactorAQL acceptable quality levelAR action request

activity ratioARAC atmospheric release advisory

capabilityARACOR Advanced Research and Applications

Corp.ARAVS auxiliary and radwaste area

ventilation systemARB Allegation Review BoardARBOR Argonne Boiling Water ReactorARC alarm response card

Alliance Research Centeralternate repair criteriaalternative repair criteriaauxiliary relay cabinet


It S ;~

ARDA Atomic Research and DevelopmentAuthority

ARDM age-related degradation mechanism,.ARDUTLR aging-related degradation unique to

license renewalARE aircraft reactor equipmentAREA American Railway Engineering

AssociationArmy Reactor Area'

ARG Accident Review Group (NRC)':Argonaut Argonne nuclear assembly for

university trainingARHCO Atlantic Richfield Hanford Co.ARI alternate rod insertion

ATWS (anticipated transient withoutscram) rod injection

ARIS .automated reactor inspection systemARM. area radiation monitorARMF Advanced Reactivity Measurement

FacilityARMS aerial radiological measurement and

surveyaerial radiological measurementssystemarea radiation monitoring systemarea radiological monitoring system

ARO all rods outARP accelerated requalification program

alarm response procedureannunciator response procedure

ARPA Archeological Resources ProtectionAct

ARPI absolute rod position indicationARR Armour Research Reactor

Association for Radiation Research(United Kingdom)

ARRS 'airborne radibactivity'removalisystem' -

ARS acute radiation syndromeadvance record systemair return systemamplified response spectrum/spectra

ART aerosol release and transportanticipatory reactor trip

ARTS anticipatory reactor trip systemAS action statement

Agreement Stateair supply

* auto sequentialauxiliary steam

A/S air supplyASA -American 'Standards Association

(now ANSI)ASADA Atomic Space and Development

AuthorityASC Administrative Services CenterASCE American Society of Civil EngineersASCEG Association of South CarolinaAI Electric and Gas InvestorsIASCI American Standard Code for

Information InterchangeI ASCO"' American' Switch Co.ASCS Agricultural Stabilization and

Conservation ServiceASD adjustable speed drive

atmospheric steam dumpASDP alternative shutdown procedureASEE American Society of Electrical

EngineersASEP accident sequence evaluation

programASG auxiliary steam generatorASGT asymmetric steam generator transientASGTPTF asymmetric steam generator transient

- protective trip function . .ASHAE American Society of Heating and Air

Conditioning EngineersASHRAE American Society of Heating,

Refrigeration and Air ConditioningEngineers

ASI adverse systems interactionaxial shape index

ASIS American Society for IndustrialSecurity ,

ASL approved suppliers list;ASLAB Atomic Safety and Licensing Appeal

1 .Board (NRC),.ASLAP Atomic Safety and Licensing Appeal

Panel (NRC)ASLB Atomic Safety and Licensing Board

(NRC)ASLBP Atomic Safety and Licensing Board

Panel (NRC)


IiI-. 19 S e a" e e S :- Z

ASM American Society for Metals (nowASM International)

ASME American Society of MechanicalEngineers

ASMECode American Society of Mechanical

Engineers Boiler and PressureVessel Code

ASNT American Society for NondestructiveTestingAustralian School of NuclearTechnology

ASP accident sequence precursoradministrative site procedureauxiliary shutdown panel

ASPEA Association Suisse pour l'EnergieAtomique (Switzer and)

ASQC American Society for QualityControl

ASR automatic send and receiveASS auxiliary steam systemASSE American Society of Safety

EngineersASSP acoustics, speech, and signal

processingASTM American Society for Testing and

MaterialsASTPO Accident Source Term Program

OfficeASTR Aerospace Systems Test ReactorASW auxiliary saltwater

auxiliary service waterAT acceptable test

acceptance tagacceptance test

ATBA advanced technical business areaATC adiabatic toroidal compressor

automatic turbine controlATEL Aare Tessin Aktiengesellschaft fur

Elektrizitat (Switzerland)ATEN Association Technique de l'Energie

Nucleaire (France)Association Technique pour laProduction et 1'Utilisation del'Energie Nucleaire (France)

ATF acceptance test facilityAlcohol, Tobacco and Firearms,

Bureau of (U.S. Department ofTreasury)

ATH artificial time historyATHEANA A Technique for Human Event

AnalysisATOG abnormal transient operational

guidelineanticipated transient operatingguideline

ATP acceptance test planacceptance test procedure

A&TP assembly and test pitATR advanced test reactorATRCE advanced test reactor critical

experimentATS agency training system

Arkwright Technical Services, Inc.Atomtekniska Sallskapet i Finland(Finland)

ATSR Argonne Thermnal Source ReactorATT aerosol transport test

automatic turbine testerATTU ATWS (anticipated transient without

scram) transmitter trip unitATU analog trip unitATWS anticipated transient without scramATWS-RPT anticipated transient without

scram-recirculation pump tripATWT anticipated transient without tripAU authorized userAUDIT automatic unattended detection

inspection transmitterAUEA auxiliary utility equipment areaAUO auxiliary unit operatorAUT automated ultrasonic testAUTODIN automated digital networkAUTOS agency upgrade of technology for

- office systemsAUXI-



Soci&t6 Auxiliaire pour l'EnergieAtomique (France)antivibration baratomic vapor isotope separationatomic vapor laser isotope separationannulus vacuum maintenance system

A 8

I LMS 0 : ' C



ArbeitsgemeinschaftVersuchsreaktor, G.m.b.H.(Germany)automatic volume recognitionautomated vendor selection systemall-volatile treatmentatmospheric vent valveacid wasteactive well coincidence counterAmerican wire gauge



ABB Westinghouse Nuclear Servicesautomated work orderautomatic withdrawal prohibitAtomic Weapons ResearchEstablishment (United Kingdom)American Welding Societyalpha waste storage facilityAmerican Water Works AssociationArizona Public Service Co.


U S S :: A

BA biological assessmentB/A budget authorityBAA broad agency announcementBAC blood alcohol content

- boric acid concentratorBACT best available'control technologyBAF bioaccumulation factor

'bottom of active fuelBAM Bundes'instalt fur Materialforschung

und -prifung (Germany)BAMT bo'ric acid mix tankBAP branch arm pipingBAPE 'branch arm piping enclosureBAPL Bettis Atornic Power LaboratoryBAPS branch arm piping shieldingBARC Bhabha Atomic' Research Centre'

(India) '

BART butterfly analysis and review testBAST boric acid storage tankBAT backup auxiliary transformer

best available technologyboric acid tankboric acid transfer

BATAN Badan Tenaga Atom Nasional(Indonesia)

BATEA best available technologyeconomically 'available

BATF ' Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco andFirearms'(U.S. Department of

,Treasury)BAWTR Babcock & Wilcox Nuclear

Development Center Test ReactorBBC Brown Boveri et Cie (Switzerland)BBR Babcock-Brown Boveri Reaktor,

G.m.b.H. (Germany)BBRR Brookhaven Beam Research ReactorBBS battery backup system*

bulletin board systemBBV ,Bayrische Biologische

Versuchsanstalt (Germany)BC benign contamination

branch chiefBCD Battelle Columbus Division

binary coded decimalBCHFT beyond critical heat flux test

BCL Battelle Columbus LaboratoriesBechtel client letter

BCMS boron concentration measurementsystem

BCS Boeing Computer ServicesBCT best conventional technologyBD blowdownBDAT best demonstrated available

technologyBDBA beyond-design-basis accidentBDBE beyond-design-basis eventBDE beyond demonstrable effectBD/ECC blowdown/emergency core coolingBDHT blowdown heat transferBDPS boric dilution protection systemBDS blowdown systemBDT ' best demonstrated technologyBE best estimate

binding energyboundinrg event

BEA Bureau of Economic AnalysisBEAR Biologicai Effects of Atomic

Radiation, Committee on theBEC beginning-of-equilibrium cycleBECO Boston Edison Co.BEEN Bureau d'Etude de l'Energie

Nucleaire (Belgium)BEF best-estimate flno'BEIR Biological Effects of Ionizing

Radiation, Committee on theBEN Bureau d'Etudes Nucldaires, S.A.

(Belgium)BEPO British Experimental Pile Operation.BFN Browns Ferry Nuclear Power PlantBFNP ,-Browns Ferry Nuclear Power PlantBFNPP Browns Ferry Nuclear Performance

PlanBrowns Ferry.Nuclear Power Plant

BFO best and final offer,BFY budget fiscal yearBG&E Baltimore Gas & Electric Co.BGL below ground level*BGRR;-! Brookhavefi Graphite Research'

ReactorBGV below-ground vault










U S 0 :- A I

BH Blue Hills StationBHEC Bangor Hydro-Electric Co.BHEP basic human error probabilityBHL bottom of heated lengthBHP biological hazard potentialBHS Blue Hills StationBHSP basic human success probabilityBI background informationBIA buyers information advisoryBIF basic inflowBIFEN Banque Internationale pour le

Financement de l'Energie Nucleaire(France)

BIOMASS Biosphere Modeling andAssessments (project)

BIOMOVSII Biosphere Model Validation Study,

Phase IIBIOS basic input-output system

biological investigation of spaceBIR boron injection recirculationBIST boron injection surge tankBIT boron injection tankBKW Bernische Kraftwerke, A.G.

(Switzerland)BLBE beyond-licensing-basis eventBLIS baffle/liner interface sealBLM Bureau of Land ManagementBLP basket loading poolBLTC bottom loading transfer caskBM bill of material

boron measurementBMEP brake mean effective power

brake mean effective pressureBMEWS ballistic missile early warning systemBMFT Bundesministerium fur Forschung

und Technologie (Germany)BMI Battelle Memorial InstituteBML bidders mailing list

bulk material lengthBMR Bureau of Mineral Resources

(Australia)BMRR Brookhaven Medical Research


boron measurement systemBMT basement melt-throughBN Belgonucleaire S. A. (Belgium)

board notificationBuestra Neutron (Soviet-designedfast-neutron reactor)

BNC Berkeley Nucleonics CorporationBNDC British Nuclear Design &

Construction Ltd.BNEC British Nuclear Energy ConferenceBNES British Nuclear Energy SocietyBNF British Nuclear ForumBNFL British Nuclear Fuels, LimitedBNFP Barnwell Nuclear Fuel PlantBNI Bechtel National, Inc.BNL Brookhaven National LaboratoryBNP Bellefonte Nuclear PlantBNWL Battelle Northwest LaboratoryBO biological opinionB/O budget overlayB&O bulletin and orderBOA




basic order agreementblanket order agreementbeginning of cycleBevitron orbit codebottom of conduitbudget object classificationbiochemical oxygen demandbiological oxygen demandbeginning-of-equilibrium cycleburner off-gasbeginning of lifeboiling nuclear superheat reactor

! -CX boiling nuclear superheat criticalexperiment

BOP balance of plantBOPSSAR balance-of-plant standard safety

analysis reportBORAX boiling-water reactor experimentBORE beryllium oxide reactor experiment

(formerly EBOR)B&OTF bulletins and orders task forceB/P blueprintBMS boron management system

B 12

I 0L S006~1:919 SL :: '

BPA blanket purchase agreementBonneville Power Administration

BPC Bechtel Power CorporationBPF blueprint fileBPFM bypass flow moduleBPHA benzoylphenylhydroxylamineBPID book physical inventory differenceBPN breakdown pulse noiseBPNL Battelle Pacific Northwest

LaboratoryBPR beryllium physics reactor

burnable poison rodbusiness process redesignbusiness process reengineering

BPRA burnable poison rod assemblyBPV boiler and pressure vessel

bypass valveB&PV boiler and pressure vesselBPVC Boiler and Pressure Vessel

CommitteeBPWS blanked position withdrawal

sequenceBq becquerelBR breeder reactor

breeding ratioB&R Brown and Root, Inc.

budget and reportingBurns and Roe, Inc.

BRC below regulatory concernBreeder Reactor CorporationBureau of Radiation Control (Stateof Texas)

BREDAT Breda Termomeccanica, SpA (Italy)BREN Bare Reactor Experiment Nevada

boron recycle systemBRWM Board on Radioactive Waste

ManagementBS Braidwood Station

Byron StationB/S bistableBSEP Brunswick Steam Electric PlantBSF bulk shielding facilityBSI British Standards InstitutionBSL Bignier Schmid-Laurent (France)BSR Board of Standards Review

(American National StandardsInstitute)bulk shielding reactor

BSS basic safety standardBST bleed storage tank

blowdown suppression tankboron storage tank

BT boiling transitionbroadcast technology

BTFA benzoyltrifluoroacetoneBTP backfit test program

branch technical positionBTR boron thermal regenerationBTRS boron thermal regeneration systemBTS Brazilian thorium sludgeBUSS backup scram systemB&V Black & VeatchBVFA Bundesversuchs- und

Forschungsanstalt Arsenal (Austria)BVPS Beaver Valley Power StationB&W Babcock & Wilcox Co. (now

Framatome)B&WC Babcock & Wilcox CanadaBWC Bingham-Willamette Co.BWF building wake factorB&WFC Babcock & Wilcox Fuel Co.BWIP basalt waste isolation programB&WNT Babcock & Wilcox Nuclear

TechnologiesB&WOG Babcock & Wilcox Owners GroupBWR boiling-water reactorBWROG Boiling Water Reactor Owners





Soci&t6 Francaise pour Ia Gestiondes Brevets d'App ication Nucleaire(France)budget review groupBureau of Radiological HealthBureau of Radiation ProtectionBig Rock Point Nuclear PlantBattelle Research ReactorBrookhaven Research ReactorBibliographic Retrieval System


m OsXA01m AF 5

BWRVIP Boiling Water Reactor Vessel andInternals Project


B&WSSAR Babcock & Wilcox Standard SafetyAnalysis Report

BWST borated water storage tank


q " el* OF101 -. al Cc S

CA .charge authorizationcontract authorizationcritical assembly

C/A corrective actionCAA 'Clean Air Act!CAC carrier access code

'containment atmosphere controlCACS containment air cooling system

core auxiliary cooling systemCACW core auxiliary cooling waterCACWS core auxiliary cooling water systemCAD code applicability document

computer-aided designconstruction aid document





containment atmosphere dilutioncompressed air energy storagechemical analysis facilitycritical assembly fuel elementexchangecutset and fault tree analysis 'collaborative advanced gas turbine 'core auxiliary heat exchangerconstruction action itemcomputer-assisted instructioncorrective action investigation teamconfirmatory action lettercorrective action letter

CANE. Connecticut Aircraft Nuclear' Experiment,

CAOC constant axial offset controlCAP codes and paging

continuous audit programcorrective action plan

,, corrective ,action programCAPCG Central Area Power Coordination

GroupCAPES containment atmosphere purge

exhaust system 'CAPS cell atmosphere processing system

construction advanced planning andsequencing

CAQ' condition adverse to qualityCAQR condition adverse to quality reportCAR condenser air removal

' : configuration acceptance reviewcontainment air recirculationcontrol advisory releasecorrective action report

CARA Compa'gnie d'Applications et deRecherches Atomiques (France)

CARATOM Compagnie d'Applications et deRecherches Atomiques (France)

CARC containment air recirculation andcooling

CARS condenser air removal systemcontainment atmosphere releasesystemcontainment atmosphererecirculation system

CAS central alarm stationcentral alarm systemchemical addition systemcircuits and systemscompressed air system

CASE Citizens Action for SafeEnvironment ,Citizens Association for SoundEnergyconsolidated, aerospace supplierevaluation'

: coordinating agency for supplierevaluation

CAT chemical addition tank

TRON Calif6rnii University CyclotronCAM constant air mohitor

containment atmospheric monitoringcontinuous air' monitor'

CAMEL component and material evaluationloop

CAMEN* Centro 'Autitnomo Militari EnergiaNucleare (Italy) -

CAN Citizen's Awareness NetworkCANDU Canadian Deuterium-Natural

Uranium ReactorCanadian Deuterium UraniumReactor .Canadian Natural-Uranium,Heavy-Water-Moderated and-Cooled Power Reactor


- ISMI S1 to air-A 1 . Ak W

computerized axial tomographyconditionally accepted tagconstruction appraisal teamcrack arrest technologycrack arrest temperaturecrack arrest test

CATD corrective action tracking documentCAV crack arrest verification

cumulative absolute velocityCAVALIER Cooperatively Assembled Virginia

Low-Intensity Educational ReactorCB containment building

control buildingCBAST concentrated boric acid storage tankCBD Commerce Business DailyCBDT cause-based decision tree (method)CBE Citizens for a Better EnvironmentCBECS control building environmental

control systemCBI Chesapeake Bay Institute

CBI Industries (formerly ChicagoBridge and Iron Co.)

CB&I Chicago Bridge and Iron Co. (laterCBI Industries)

CBL Chesapeake Bay LaboratoryChesapeake Biological Laboratory

CBLA cost-beneficial licensing actionCBM circuit breaker manufacturerCBP computer-based procedure

condensate booster pumpCBPC Corn Belt Power CooperativeCBPT closed-loop in-reactor assembly

backup plug toolCBR commercial breeder reactorCBSR coupled breeding superheating

reactorCBV containment building ventilationCC centrifugal charging

coarse controlcomponent checkcomponent cooling

CCAS containment cooling actuation signalCCB change control board

chemical cleaning buildingCCCS core components cleaning system


core components conditioning stationcore components conditioningsystem

CCD coarse control dampercounter-current digestion

CCDF complementary cumulativedistribution function

CCDP conditional core damage probabilityCCF common-cause failureCCFA common-cause failure

analysis/analysesCCFL counter-current flow limitationCCFP conditional containment failure

probabilityCCGC containment combustible gas controlCCHEN Comisi6n Chilena de Energfa

Nuclear (Chile)CCI core-concrete interaction

corium-concrete interactionCCM Sulzer Compagnie de Construction

MWcanique Sulzer (France)CCN contract change noticeCCNB Concerned Citizens for the Nuclear

BreederCCNPP Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power PlantCCP centrifugal charging pump

chemical control procedurecore component pot

CCRC core component receiving containerCCRS computerized cable routing systemCCS Carroll County Station

commitment control systemcomponent cooling systemcondensate cleanup systemcondensate cooling systemcontainment cooling system

CCSS centrifugally cast stainless steelCCSW component cooling service waterCCTF cylindrical core test facilityCCTL core component test loopCCTV closed-circuit televisionCCU containment cooling unitCCW closed cooling water

component cooling watercompound cooling water


II-Ill:condenser circulating watercondenser cooling watercounterclockwise

CCWS closed cooling water systemcomponent cooling water system

CD civil defenseC/D cooldownCDA containment depressurization

actuationcore disruptive'accident'

CDAs controls, displays, and alarmsCDBA containment design-basis accidentCDC ' Center for Disease Control

computer design'codeControl Dati Corp.

CDE condensate demineralization effluentCDF core damage frequency

cumulative damage functionCDM central data management

.certified design materialCDN corporate data networkCDP 'cask decontamination pitCDPA Civil Defens6'Preparedness AgencyCDPr -core damage probabilityCDR conceptual design requirement ,..

CDRG 'Catalstrophic Disaster ResponseGroup*

CD-ROM compact disk/read-only'mem "''oryCDS cask decontamination station

component disassembly stationcomputer data screeningconceptual design studycondensate demineralizationsubsystem

'current disposal siteCDV ; capacitance discha~rge vaporization l'CE Combustion Engineerink" Inc.

Commonwealth Edison Co.conductivity elementConsumer Electronics'Corps of Engineers, U.S. Army

C/E calculation/experimentC-E Combustion Engineering,'Inc.CEA Cambridge Electron Accelerator'

Chesapeake Energy AllianceCommissariat a l'Energie Atomique(France)control element assemblyCouncil of Economic Advisors

.CEAC .control element assembly calculatorCEADS control element assembly drive

systemCEAN Centre dEtudes pour les

Applications de I'Energie Nucleaire,(Belgium) r

CEBEL-COR Centre Belge'dEtude de la Corrosion

(Belgium)CEC Citizens Energy Council

Claiborne Enrichment CenterCommission of the European

, CommunitiesCECO Commonwealth Edison Co.

cost estimate change orderCECS containment environmental control

systemCEDE committed effective dose equivalentCEDM control element drive mechanismCEDMCS control element drive mechanism3 control systemCEDS control element drive systemCEEA Comisifn Ecuatoriana de Energia

' At6mica (Ecuador)Commu'naute Europ~enne delEnergie Atomique

CEEN Centre d'Etude delEnergieNucleaire (Belgium)

CEER Center for Energy and'En'ironmentResearch (Puerto Rico)

CEFILAC Compagnie du Filage des Metaux et;des Joint Curty (France) .

CEG Contractor Engineering GroupCEGB ' Central Electricity Generating Board

-(United Kingdom)CEHA contact equipment handling areaCEIC -Cleveland Electric Illuminating Co.CEICO Cleveland Eleciric Illuminating Co.CEL' carbon''equilibrium loop

coating exemptilogCEM Compea ie Electro-Mecanique' ! (France7



III I le] 0:I ' S

CEN Centre d'Etudes Nucleaires (France)Centre d'Etude de l'EnergieNucleaire (Belgium)

CENC Centre d'Etudes Nucleaires deCadarache (France)

CENFAR Centre d'Etudes Nucleaires deFontenay-aux-Roses (France)

CENG Centre d'Etudes Nuclaires deGrenoble (France)

CENS Centre d'Etudes Nucleaires de Saclay(France)

CENUSA Centrales Nucleares, S.A. (Spain)CENY Consolidated Edison Co. of New

YorkCEOG Combustion Engineering Owners

GroupCEPC Central Electric Power Cooperative,

Inc.CEQ Council on Environmental QualityCER complete engineering release

condition evaluation reportcritical experiment reactor

CERC Coastal Engineering ResearchCenter, U.S. Army

CERCA Centre de Recherches pourCombustibles Atomiques (France)Compagnie pour l'Etude et laRealisation de CombustiblesAtomiques (France)

CERCLA Comprehensive EnvironmentalResponse, Compensation, andLiability Act

CERES Coalition for EnvironmentallyResponsible Economies

CERL Construction Engineering ResearchLaboratory

CERMET ceramic and metal (fuel)CERT candidate evaluation, certification,

and selection recordconstant extension rate test(ing)Council of Energy Resources Tribes

CES critical experiment stationCESNEF Centro di Studi Nucleari Enrico

Fermi (Italy)CESR colliding electron-beam storage ringCESSAR Combustion Engineering Standard

Safety Analysis ReportCET containment event tree


core exit thermocouplecritical experiment tank

CETR Consolidated Edison ThoriumReactor

CETS control element test standCEVAR consumable-electrode vacuum-arc

remeltCF column feed

confinement factorcontinuous flowcore floodingcorrection factor

CFAR component failure analysis reportCFB C.F. Braun and Co.CFC Constructions Frroviaires du

Centre, S.A. (Belgium)CFCCS condensate and feedwater chemistry

control systemCFCU containment fan cooler unitCFD cell floor drain

computational fluid dynamicsCFDT Confederation Francaise

Democratique du Travail (France)CFE clandestine fission explosive

Comisi6n Federal de Electricidad(Mexico)

CFFTR Canadian Fusion Fuel TechnologyProject

CFH certified fuel handlerCFI core flooding interlockCFM containment failure modeCFO Chief Financial OfficerCFR Code of Federal Regulations

commercial fast reactorcondensate filter demineralizer

CFRE circulating-fuel reactor experimentCFRMF coupled fast reactor measurement

facilityCFS cavity fission source

condensate and feedwater systemcore flood systemcore former structure

CFT core flood tankcore flooding tank

CFTC cooler flusher tank cell


HN OW1SM I ':: A

CFI`E cooler flusher tank equipmentCFTL component flow test loopCFU cumulative fatigue usageCFUR Citizens for Fair Utility RegulationCFW condensate and feedwater;CFWS condensate and feedwater systemCGCS combustion gas control systemCGE Canadian General ElectricCGEC Cincinnati Gas and Electric Co.CGEL cover gas evaluation loopCGI commercial-grade itemCGMS cover gas monitoring subsystemcGy centigrayCHAP composite HTGR (high-temperature

gas reactor) analysis programCHAT CLIRA (closed-loopini-reactor

assembly) holddown'as'sembly tool 'CHCF component handling and cleaning

facilityCHEP - conditional human error probability'-CHF critical heat fluxCHFR critical heat flux ratioCHGE Central Hudson Gas and Electric




Corp.candidate high-level actioncommercial high-level wastecomponents, hybrids, andmanufacturing technologyconstruction hold notice' -

certified health'physicistchemistry and health physicscooling water/hot water returncontainment heat removal systemcentigrade heat unitcooling water/hot water returncooling water/hot.water returncooling water/hot water returncenter islandchemical injectioncontainment integritycontainment isolationcontrol and instrumentation *-1*

curieCentral Intelligence Agency

containment isolation ACIAS containment isolation actuation

signalCIB containment isolation BCIC carrier identification codeCICA C6mpetition in Contracting ActCICAF Cormpagnie Industrielle des

Combustibles'Atomiques Frittes(France)

CID component identificationCIEMAT Centro de Investipaciones

Energeticas, Medio Ambientales(Spain)

ClIP condenser inservice inspectionprogram

CILRT containment integrated leak rate testCIMI Compahnia Italiana Montaggi

.Industriali, SpA (Italy)CINDA computer index'of neutron dataCIO Chief Information OfficerCIP containment improvement programC/IP construction/inspection procedureCIPC Central Iowa Power CooperativeCIPP customized inspection program pilot

customized inspection programprocesscustomized inspection planningprocess (now IPAP)

CIR Canada-India Reactor (India)CIREA i Commission Interminist6rielledes

Radioelements Artificiels (France)* CIRGA Critical Isotope Reactor, General

Atomic Co.CIRRPC Committee on Interagency Radiation

Research and Policy Coordination.| CIRS c6ntainment iodine removal system

CIS chemical injection systemcontainment internal structure

1 containment isolation signalcontainment isolation system

* 'contract information sheetCISDEN, Centro Italiano di Studi di Diritto .

dell'Energia Nucleare (Italy)CISE CentroIriformazioni Studi

Esperienze, SpA (Italy)CISF centralized interim storage facility


110S 6iIL* O S IlkDII [I lk&

CISIP condenser inservice inspectionprogram

CISSCO Comprehensive Information SystemsSupport Consolidation

CIT conductivity indicator transmittercorporate investigation teamcritical incident technique

CIV center island vesselcombined intercept valvecombined intermediate valvecontainment isolation valve

CIWA condition identification workauthorization

CL closed loopcontainment leakage

CLA cold-leg accumulatorCLAA Centre Lyonnais d'Applications

Atomiques (France)CLB current licensing basisCLC closed-loop condensateCLCGM closed-loop cover gas monitorCLCIS closed-loop control and

instrumentation systemCLCS consequence limiting control systemCLCV cold-leg check valveCLCW closed-loop cooling waterCLEI Cleveland Electric Illuminating Co.CLEM closed-loop ex-vessel machineCLEMT closed-loop ex-vessel machine

transporterCLIRA closed-loop in-reactor assemblyCLIV cold-leg isolation valveCLJA closed-loop jumper assemblyCLLRW commercial low-level radioactive

wasteCLOF complete loss of feedwaterCLOFA complete loss-of-fluid accidentCLOHS complex loss-of-heat sinkCLP Connecticut Light and Power Co.CLR core lateral restraintCLRWS clean liquid radioactive waste systemCLS cask loading station

closed-loop systemconsequence limiting system

CLSD Central Laboratories Services Dept.(TVA)

CLSMDA closed-loop-system meltdownaccident

CLWR commercial light-water reactorCM coarse mixing

condition monitoringconfiguration managementcoolant mixingcore meltcorrective maintenance

CMA classified mail addressCMAA Crane Manufacturers Association of

AmericaCMC component modification card

core monitoring computerCMCI core-melt/coolant interactionCMEA Council for Mutual Economic

Assistance (U.S.S.R.)CMEP Critical Mass Energy ProjectCMF central maintenance facility

common-mode failurecore-melt frequency

CMFA common-mode failureanalysis/analyses

CMFLPD core maximum fraction of limitingpower density

CMI care and maintenance instructionCML Critical Mass LaboratoryCMM core mechanical mockupCMMF component maintenance and mockup

facilityCMOD crack mouth opening displacementCMP CLEM (closed-loop ex-vessel

machine) maintenance pitcoastal management programcondition monitoring programconfiguration management plancontrolled materials production

CMPC Central Maine Power Co.CMRG Core Melt Review GroupCMT core makeup tankCMTR certified material test report

certified mill test reportCNA Canadian Nuclear Association

C 20

I 04I- eeilSNX M ON-

-Centrale Nucleaire des Ardennes"(Belgium)

CNB' Centrale Nucl6aire Belge (Belgium)CNC condensation nuclei counterCNEA Comisi6n Nacional de Energia

At6mica (Argentina)CNEN Comisi6n Nacional de Energfa

Nuclear (Mexico)ComissAo Nacional de Energia "Nuclear (Brazil)Comitato Nazionale per lVEnergiaNucleare (Italy) - I -Conseil National de l'Energie . >Nucleaire (Luxembourg)

CNET Center for Nuclear Engineering andTechnology

CNEUPEN Commission Nationale pour l'Etudede l'Utilisation Pacifique de l'EnergieNucleaire (Belgium)

CNFP - commercial nuclear fuel plantCNI Consolidated National IntervenorsCNN Cable Network NewsCNNA China National Nuclear CorporationCNO Chief Nuclear OfficerCNPP corporate nuclear performance planeCNR Committee for Nuclear

Responsibility,CNRA Committee on Nuclear Regulatory

Activities (of the OECD-NEA)CNRAG corporate nuclear review and audit'

groupcompany nuclear review and audit

.group-CNRM Centre National de Recherches

Metallurgiques (Belgium)CNRN Comitato Nazionale per le Ricerche

Nucleare (Italy)CNRS Centre National de la Recherche

Scientifique' (France) 'CNS Catawba Nuc]6ar Station

Cherokee Nuclear StationCooper Nuclear'Stationcorporate 'nuclear 'safety

CNSI Chemr-Nuclear Systems, Inc.CNSNS Comisi6n Nacion'al de Seguridad

Nuclear y Salvaguardias (Mexico)CNSR combination neutron source rod

. . I

CNWRA Center for Nuclear Waste RegulatoryAnalyses

CO change ordercheck openchief operatorconfirmatory ordercontracting officer

COB close of businessCOBOL common business-oriented languageCOBRA Consolidated Omnibus Budget

'Reconciliation Actcoolant boiling and in-rod array

COC certificate of compliancecertificate of conformanceCleveland open cup (method)

COCA consent order and complianceagreement

COCORP Consortium of ContinentalReflection Profiling

COD chemical oxygen demandcrack opening displacement

COE Corps of Engineers, U.S. ArmyCOFIN- I

ATOME Compagnie de Financement del'Industrie Atomique (France)

COG cell off-gascondenser off-gascontinuity of government

COGAP combustion gas analyzer programCOI conflict of interestCOL combined operating license

construction/operating licenseCOLR core operating limit reportCOLSS core operating limit supervisory

systemcore operating limit support system

COM communicationscomputer output on microfichecomputer output on microfilm

COMET computer-operated managementevaluation technique

COM- -

RADEX containment and meteorology forradiation exposure

COMSEC' communications security






I l -901441 S [a 04 hOM10m £-IA YT5LO l

CONAGT Committee on Nuclear Air and GasTreatment (ASME)

CONS Consolidation, Office of (NRC)COOP continuity of operations planCOPPS committee on power plant sitingCOPS containment overpressure protection

systemsCORAPRO Controle-Radioprotection (Belgium)CORAR Council on Radionuclides and

RadiopharmaceuticalsCOREN Combustibili per Reattori Nucleari,

SpA (Italy)CORS catalytic oxygen removal systemCOS change of stationCOTS commercial off-the-shelfCOV center of vortex

coefficient of variationCP Callaway Plant

change proposalcharging pumpChicago Pilecivil penaltycold pipecolumn productComanche PeakCommission paperconstruction permitconstruction procedurecontainment purgecoolant pumpcritical power

C/P current/pneumaticCP-5 Chicago Pile #5CPA Cooperative Power AssociationCPC Consumers Power Co.

contact process cellcontrolled-potential coulometercore protection calculatorcore protection computer

CPCo Consumers Power CompanyCPCSF construction permit containment

support fixtureCPD condensate pump dischargeCPDD conceptual project design description


CPDO containment performance designobjective

CPDS condensate polishing demineralizersystem

CPE contractor performance evaluationCPER construction permit environmental

reportCPFF cost plus fixed feeCPG containment performance goalCPI center pressure index

containment performanceimprovement

CPIC Capital Planning and InvestmentControl

CPIS containment purge isolation signalCP&L Carolina Power & Light Co.cpm count per minuteCPM critical path methodCPP Center for Plutonium Production

coil power programmercontainment pre-entry purgecontainment protection professional

CPPMU containment pre-entry purge makeupCPPR construction permit for a power

reactorCPR critical power ratioCPRR construction permit for a research

reactorCPRRG Comanche Peak Report Review

GroupCPRT Comanche Peak Response TeamCPRW condensate polishing regeneration

wasteCPRWCT condensate polishing regeneration

waste collection tankCPS canister positioning system

cathodic protection systemClinton Power Stationcomputerized procedure systemcondensate polishing systemcontainment purge systemconversion program systemcore and plant system

cps count per secondCPSC Consumer Products Safety



U S S A::. A-

CPSCI central personnel security clearanceindex

CPSES Comanche Peak Steam ElectricalStation.

CPU central processing unitCPVC chlorinated polyvinyl chlorideCPWF cementitious pelletized waste form.CQ Congressional Quarterly .CQAA corporate quality assurance audit--, -CQD code qualification documentCQE cognizant quality engineer

critical quality elementCR Chicago Reactor

civil rightscondition reportconditional releaseCongressional Recordcontainment rupturecontractor reportcontrol rodcontrol room

CRA control rod assemblyCRAC calculation of reactor accident

consequencesconsequences of reactor accident'code

CRACS control room air conditioning systemCRATS control room air temperature system'CRAVS control room area ventilation systemCRB control rod blade

cost review boardCRBR Clinch River Breeder Reactor

controlled-recirculationboiling-water reactor

CRBRP Clinch River BreederReactor PlantClinch River Breeder Reactor Project

CRC critical reactor component ;-CRCPD '' 'tConference of Radiation Control"

Program Directors'CRCTA composite reactor components test

activity -CRD control rod drivei,

control rod drivelineCRDA control rod drop accidentCRDCS control rod drive control system

CRDD control rod disconnect drivelineCRDHS control rod drive hydraulic systemCRDM 'control rod drive mechanismCRDMS control rod drive mechanism shroudCRDRIA control room design review/auditCRDS control rod drive systemCRDVF' 'control rod drive ventilating fanCRE collective radiation exposure (NRC

performance indicator)control room envelopecontrolled residual element

CREACS control room emergency air cleanupsystem'

CREATCS control room emergency airtemperature control system

CREDO centralized reliability dataorganization

CREFAS control room emergency fresh airsystem ,

CREFS control room emergency filtrationsystem

CREH-!VACS control room emergency heating,

ventilation, and air conditioning,system

CREST Committee on Reactor Safety andTechnology

CREV control room emergency ventilationCREVS control room emergency ventilation

systemCRF capacity reduction factor

correspondence routing formCRFAS control room fresh air systemCRFCU containment recirculation fan coil

unitCRG Center Review GroupCRGR Committee To Review Generic

Requirements (NRC)CRGT control rod guide tubeCRI Centre 'de Recherches et

d'Irradiations'(France)control room indicator

-control room isolationcriterion-referenced instruction

CRIS control room isolation signalCRM Centre de Recherches Metallurgiques




- 0 soM1016 A::-

Centrum voor Research in deMetallurgie (Belgium)certified reference materialchemical remnant magnetizationcore restraint mechanismcount rate meter

CRNGP Crystal River Nuclear GeneratingPlant

CRNL Chalk River Nuclear LaboratoriesCRO control room operatorCRPI control rod position indicationCRS conductivity recording switch

Congressional Research Servicecontainment recirculation spray

CRSS containment recirculation spraysystem

CRT cathode-ray tubecollet retaining tube

CRTF core restraint test facilityCRU combined rotating unitCRUD Chalk River unidentified depositCRVICS containment and reactor vessel

isolation control systemCRW clean radwasteCRWSS condensate and refueling water

storage systemCS carbon steel

communications systemcomponent supportcontainment safetycontainment spraycontract specialistcontrol systemcore spraycurrent status

CSA chemical storage areacore special assemblycore structure accident

CSAS containment spray actuating signalcontainment spray actuating systemcontainment spray actuation signal

CSAU code, scaling, applicability, anduncertainty (met odology)

CSB core support barrelCSC Computer Sciences Corporation

containment spray coolingcore support cylinder

CSCC caustic stress-corrosion crackingCSCS core standby cooling systemCSD cold shutdown

constant speed driveCSDD conceptual system design descriptionCSDF core segment development facilityCSE components and structures

engineeringcontainment steam explosioncontainment systems experiment

CSF central service facilitycondensate storage facilitycontainment support fixtureCoulter Steel and Forgecritical safety factorcritical safety function

CSHX containment spray heat exchangeCSIP containment safety initiatives

programCSIS Center for Strategic and International

Studiescontainment spray injection system

CSN Consejo de Seguridad Nuclear(Spain)

CSNE Citizens for Safe Nuclear EnergyCSNI Committee on the Safety of Nuclear

Installations (NEA)CSOEC Columbus and Southern Ohio

Electric Co.CSP Coalition for Safe Power

conditional success probabilitycontainment spray pumpcore spray pump

CSPT core support performance testCSR cable spreading roomCSRS containment spray recirculation

systemCSS cask support structure

cast stainless steelcondensate storage systemcontainment spray systemcore spray systemcore support structure

C 24

*oI O]ce)OFA S h.10.:m a

CST condensate storage tankCSTB condensate storage tank buildingCSTR continuously stirred tank reactorCSTS condensate storage and transfer

systemCSTS construction and startup/turnover

surveillance groupcSv centisievertCSWS Central and Southwest Services, Inc.CT cable test

CLEM (closed-loop ex-vesselmachine) transportercompact tensioncomputerized tomographycooling towercurrent transformer

CTBT Comprehensive (Nuclear) Test BanTreaty

CTD charged tape detectionCTF cask tilting fixtureCTG combustion turbine generatorCYTh carbon-to-thorium atomic ratioCTI Cooling Tower InstituteCTL Canatom Ltd. (Canada)CTM cable transfer machine

collimation test moduleCTOS cassette operations systemCTP construction test procedure

controlled temperature profileCTR certified test result

controlled thermonuclear reactorCTRM control roomCTS concentrate transfer system

condensate transfer and storagecurrent technical specification

CIT cask transfer tunnelCTTP cask transport and testing programCTVC cable tray vertical chaseC/U carbon-to-uranium atomic ratioCUB Citizen's Utility BoardCUC cask unloading cellCUF cumulative usage factorCUP cask unloading pool

CURE Citizens United for ResponsibleEnergy

CUSP City Utilities of SpringfieldCUWS cask unloading warm shopCV check valve

containment vesselcontrol valve

CVA consecutive-valve actuationCVAS controlled ventilation area systemCVC chemical and volume controlCVCS charging and volume control system

chemical and volume control systemCVH containment vent headerCVI certified vendor information

containment ventilation isolationCVIS containment ventilation isolation

signalCVL continuous vent lineCVN Charpy V-notch

construction verification notificationCVP continuous vacuum primingCVPETS condenser vacuum pump effluent

treatment systemCVPSC Central Vermont Public Service

Corp.CVPV containment vacuum pump valveCVTR Carolinas-Virginia Tube ReactorCW case work

circulating watercold workedcolumn wastecooling water

CWA Clean Water ActCWB chilled water buildingCWIP construction work in progressCWO capital work orderCWP contractor work plan

control withdrawal prohibitCWPC calcined waste packaging cellCWPH circulating water pump houseCWR cooling water returnCWS circulating water system

chilled-water systemcompressed work schedule


- S S S £:In


cooling water systemcolumn extractantcriticality experimentcalendar year

CYAP Connecticut Yankee Atomic PowerCo.

CYAPCO Connecticut Yankee Atomic PowerCo.


C 26

UU 0 * G A::0.-i UTA1160R

DA deaeratordose assessment

DAC derived air concentrationdesign acceptance criteriadiscretionary access controldistance amplitude correction

DAE Department of Atomic EnergyI * A (India)

DAEC Duane Arnold Energy Center.DAF dynamic amplification factorDANATOM Danish Association for Industrial

Development of Atomic EnergyDAR design assessment reportDAS data acquisition system

disturbance analysis systemdiverse actuation system

DASHO Designated Agency Safety andHealth Official

DAT disconnect actuating toolDatF - Deutsches Atomforum e.V.

(Germany)DAVDS data acquisition and visual display

system'DAW dry active wasteDAYP .Dairyland Power CooperativeDB dry bulbDBA design-basis accidentDBD design-basis document

design-basis documentationDBDA design-basis depressurization

accidentDBE design-basis earthquake

design-basis eventDBF design-basis fault

d6minant bubble frequencyDBFA design-basis fuel assemblyDBFB 'deep-bed filter and blowerDBFL design-basis flooding levelDBI design-basis incidentDBLOCA design-basis loss-of-coolant accidentDBMS database'mianagerment systemDBNPS Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Station!DBOA delayed breeder or alternativeDBP dibutyl phosphate'DBPB design-basis pipe break

DBR design-basis reconstitution3 DBT design-basis tornado3 DBTT ductile-to-brittle transition

temperatureDBVP design baseline and verification

programDC data control

design contractordocument controldrain channel

3 dc direct current3 DCA design change and authorizationDosimeter Corporation of Americadrain channel A

DCAA Defense Contract Audit AgencyDCB drain channel BDCC damaged core coolability

Daniels Construction Companydegraded core coolability

DCCA Data Computer Corporation ofAmerica

DCD design certification documentdesign control 'documentdocument 'control desk

DCF 'dose conversion factorDCFO Deputy Chief Financial OfficerDCGL derived concentration guidelineDCH direct containment heating

drain collection headerDCIP' design change improvement programDCIR daily Cadweld inspection reportDCM Delaware Custom'MaterialDCN ''i design change notice

document change noticeDCNPP Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power PlantDCP design change package

'design change proposaldocument control procedureDonald C. Cook Plant

DCPD direct current potential dropDCR defueling completion report

design change requestdirect conversion reactor

DCRDR detailed control room design review

7 D'2-,.

- S S S '::- £

DCRN dashpot cup retention nutDCS document control systemDCSP dry cask storage projectDCSS dry cask storage systemDCT differential current transformerDCV directional control valveDCX direct current experimentDD deputy director

Director's DecisionD-D deuterium-deuteriumD&D decontamination and

decommissioningdefueling and decommissioning

DDD direct distance dialingDDH&DS digital data handling and display

systemDDL detergent and decontamination liquid

[system]DDNB delayed departure from nucleate

boilingDDR deficiency and disposition reportDDS digital data serviceDDT deflagration-to-detonation transition

design data transmittalDDTT drag disc-turbine transducerDE diagnostic evaluation

Detroit Edison Co.dose equivalentdouble ended

DEA driver evaluation assemblyDrug Enforcement Administration

DEB double-ended breakDEC Digital Equipment CorporationDECL double-ended cold legDECLG double-ended cold-leg guillotineDECO Detroit Edison Co.DECON decontamination and dismantlementDEDE Deputy Executive Director for

Regulatory Effectiveness (NRC)DEDM Deputy Executive Director for

Management Services NRCDEDR Deputy Executive Director for

Regulatory Programs (NRC)DEFAS diverse emergency feedwater

actuation system


DEG double-ended guillotineDEGB double-ended guillotine breakDEH digital electrohydraulicDEHL double-ended hot legDEHLG double-ended hot-leg guillotineDEI dielectric and electrical insulation

dose equivalent iodineDEIS draft environmental impact statementDEMA Diesel Engine Manufacturers

AssociationDEP design external pressure

diagnostic evaluation plandiagnostic evaluation program(NRC)

DEPS double-ended pump suctionDEPSG double-ended pump suction

guillotineDER Department of Environmental

ResearchDepartment of EnvironmentalResourcesdesign electrical ratingDeviation Event Reportdouble-ended rupture

DERE Dounreay Experimental ReactorEstablishment (Scotland)

DERM disassembly examination reassemblymachine

DES data encryption standardDepartment of Emergency Servicesdouble-ended slotdraft environmental statement

DESL double-ended suction legDESLS double-ended suction leg slotDET decomposition event tree

diagnostic evaluation teamDEW Deutsche Edelstahlwerke, A.G.

(Germany)DF debris formation

decontamination factorD&F determination and findingsdF dilution factor (also Fd)DF dilution factor

dose factorDf dose factor


- A::- A

DFA driver fuel assemblydummy fuel assembly

DFBN debris-filter bottom nozzleDFC .'design field change .:: 'aDFCS digital feedwater control systemDFFR dyn'ami6 forcing function reportDF1 demand for inif6orfmationDFO designated Federal officialDFOS diesel fuel oil system' ' 'DFP decommissioning funding plan

diesel fire pumpDFR damaged fuel relocation

Dounreay Fast Reactor (Scotland)DFRP dow'ncomer flow resistance plateDFT dry film thicknessDG '' diesel-engine generator

diesel generatorDIG diesel generator 'DGA- duhimy guide assemblyDGAS diesel generator auxiliary systemDGB diesel generator buildingDGCAIES diesel generator combustion air

intake and exhaust systemDGCWS 'diesel generator cooling water

system ,DGEA draft generic environmental

assessmentDGFOSTS diesel generator fuel oil storage and

transfer systemDGFOTS diesel generator fuel oil transfer

system 'DGLS diesel generator lubrication systemDGSS diesel generator starting systemDGZ desired groufil zero';DH decay heatDHHS Department of Health aind Human'i

Services - ,. .tDHI department head instructionDHP department head procedureDHR decay heat removalDHRS decay heat removal system '

direct heat removal service I <'direct heat'removal system

DHS decontamination hot shopDHX dump heat exchanger

DHXCS dump heat exchanger control systemDID defense in depthDIE direct inspection effortDIMPLE Deuterium Moderated Pile Low

Energy ReactorDIP design internal pressureDIPS dynamic isotope power systemDIS diverse indication systemDIV drywell isolation valveDL dead load

Duquesne Light Co.DLAT discharge-line air temperatureDLF dynamic load factorDLL discharge-line lengthDLRWS dirty liquid radioactive waste systemDLV discharge-line volumeDLWL discharge-line water-leg lengthDM damage monitor

demineralizedDMA direct memory accessDMIMS digital metal impact monitoring

system,DMPL Delmarva Power and Light Co.DMS data management subsystem

Defense Message ServiceDMT - dispersive mechanism testDMTR Dounreay Materials Testing Reactor

(Scotland)DMUX distributed multiplexDMW demineralized makeup waterDN delayed neutron

discrepancy noticeDNA Defense Nuclear Agency

deoxyribonucleic aciddoes not apply

DNB departure from nucleate boilingDNBR ; departure from nucleate boiling ratioDNFSB Defense Nuclear Facility Safety

BoardDNM ;'delayed neutron monitorDNMS delayed neutron monitoring

subsystemDNPS Dresden Nuclear Power Station.DNRC Democritos Nuclear Research Center



- Snot0"'::- A 5

DNS domain name serverDNT dinitrotolueneDO designated official

digital outputdissolved oxygenduty officer

DOC Department of Commercedissolver off-gas condensate

DOD Department of DefenseDOE Department of EnergyDOG dissolver off-gasDOI Department of the InteriorDOL Department of LaborDOJ Department of JusticeDOP detailed operating procedure

dioctyl phosphatedisaster operations plandi-sec, octyl phthalate

DORF Diamond Ordnance RadiationFacility

DOS degree of sensitizationDepartment of Statedisk operating system

DOSAR Dosimetry Applications ResearchFacility

DOT Department of TransportationDP data processing

differential pressureD/P differential pressureDPA delegation of procurement authorityDPC Dairyland Power Cooperative

Duke Power Co.DPD decontamination as precursor to

decommissioningDPE development project engineer

discipline project engineerDPIS differential pressure indicating

switchDPIV drywell purge isolation valveDPLC Dayton Power and Light Co.dpm decade per minute

disintegrations per minuteDPMM dewpoint moisture monitorDPO differing professional opinion


DPP drip pan potDPR developmental power reactor

demonstration power reactorDPRK Democratic People's Republic of

KoreaDPS demand position systemDPV differing professional viewDR design review

designated representativeDanish Reactordeficiency reportdiscrepancy report

DRA dropped rod accidentDRAP design reliability assurance programDRC dropped rod controlD/RE disassembly/reassembly equipmentDRES direct reading emission spectrographDRF dose reduction factorDRMW demineralized reactor makeup waterDRP disaster recovery plan

discrete radioactive particleDRPI digital rod position indication

digital rod position indicatorDRPIS digital rod position indication systemDR/QR design review/quality revalidationDRR document release recordDRS development requirements

specificationdisassembly/reassembly station

DRW dirty radwasteDS decontamination shop

design standardD/S dynamic/staticDSA diagnostic self-assessmentDSAR defueled safety analysis reportDSC design safety criterion/criteria

dry shielded canisterdry storage canister

DSE draft safety evaluationDSER draft safety evaluation reportDSI direction-setting issueDSIR Department of Scientific and

Industrial Research (UnitedKingdom)


- S S :: UT

DSL drawing and specification listingDSM defect-specific managementDSO designated senior official

director of site operationsD-T deuterium-tritiumDTA differential thermal analysis/analysesDTER draft technical evaluation reportDTI diagnostic team inspectionDTNSRDC David Taylor Naval Ship Research

and Development CenterDTPA diethylenetriamine pentaacetic acidDTR document transmittal recordDTRF data transmittal and routing formDTRS development test requirement

specificationDTS differential temperature switchDTT design thermal transient

design transition temperatureDTV direct torus ventDUEGG dual-energy gamma groupDUN Douglas United NuclearDUNC deep underwater nuclear countingDuP-SR E.I. DuPont de Nemours and

Company-Savannah RiverDUTS decision unit tracking systemDVAL degraded voltage analytical limits






direct vessel injectiondigital voltmeterdeadweightdemineralized waterdrywelldefueling water cleanup systemdrywell equipment drain sumpdrywell floor drain sumpdrawingdeep-water isotopic current analyzerDeutsche Gesellschaft furWiederaufarbeitung vonKernbrennstoffen, m.b.H. (Germany)depressed water legdrywelldemineralized water makeup systemDon't Waste Oregon Councildetailed work planDepartment of Waste Resourcesdemineralized water systemdevelopment work statementdemineralized water storage tankdrop weight testdynamic analysis/analyses


- 6A0 S : a I

EA enforcement actionengineering assuranceenvironmental assessmentelement and attribute

E/A . erratum/errata andaddendum/addenda

E&A erratum/errata andaddendum/addenda '

EAB exclusion area boundaryEAC 'emergency assessment coordinatorEACC Environmental Assessment

Command Center .EACRP European-American Committee on

Reactor PhysicsEACT, emergency action and coordination

teamEAES European Atomic Energy SocietyEAG emergency action guidelinesEAL emergency action level

equipment air lockEAP emergency action plan

Event Assessment Panelexperimental activity proposal

EAPS essential auxiliary power systemEAR event analysis reportEAS essential auxiliary support

experiment assurance systemEASE 'elasiic analysis for structural

engineeringEASI estimate of adversary sequence

.:interruptionEAST Eastern Utilities AssociatesEATL energy-absorbing torque limiterEATS Enforcement Action Tracking

SystemEB -electron beamEBASCO Electric Bond and Share Company

EBASCO Services Inc.EBOR 'experimental beryllium oxide reactorEBR experimental breeder reactorEBS emergency barrier system'

Emergency Broadcast SystemEBTF ECC (emergency core cooling)

bypass test facilityEBWR experimental boiling-water reactor

EC eddy currentemergency coordinatorenforcement coordinatorEuropean Communitiesevent category

E/C erosion/corrosionECA energy-conversion area

engineering change authorizationECAR East Central 'Area Reliability

Coordination AgreementECC emergency control center

emergency core coolantemergency core cooling

ECCS emergency core cooling systemECCW emergency core cooling water

(system)ECD electron capture deviceECF emergency cooling functionECFM eddy current flowmeter',ECI emergency coolant injection

essential controls and .instrumentation

ECN Energieonderzoek CentrumNederland (Netherlands)engineering change notice

ECNG East Central Nuclear Group, Inc.ECNP Environmental Coalition on Nuclear

PowerECP emergency cooling pond

employee concerns programengineering change proposalestimated critical position,

E&CQA engineering and construction qualityassurance

ECR emergency coolant recirculationestimate change request

ECS emergency control stationenvironmental control shroudenvironmental control system

ECSP . employee concerns special programECST emergency condensate storage tankECT eddy current test

emergency cooling towerECTG employee concerns task groupECTS electronic custom telephone set


-I s a I _ Il

electronic custom telephone systemECU environmental control unitECW emergency cooling water

essential chilled waterECWP emergency cooling water pondECWPH emergency cooling water pump

houseED electron device

exhaust damperEDAX energy dispersive x-ray

analysis/analysesEDB engineering databaseEDC emergency decontamination centerED&C electrical distribution and controlEDCN engineering drawing change noticeEDCP emergency design change packageE&DCR engineering and design coordination

reportEDECWS emergency diesel engine cooling

water systemEDELS emergency diesel engine lubrication

systemEDESS emergency diesel engine starting

systemEdF Electricit6 de France (France)EDG emergency diesel generatorED/G emergency diesel generatorEDGCAIES emergency diesel generator

combustion air intake and exhaustsystem

EDM electric discharge machiningelectrical disintegration machining

EDN engineering discrepancy noticeEDO Executive Director for Operations

(NRC)EDP electronic data processingEDRO Executive Director of Regional

Operations, Office of (U.S. Food andDrug Administration)

EDS electrical distribution systemexperimental data systemexplosives detection system

EDSFI electrical distribution systemfunctional inspection

EDT energy dissipation testequipment drain tank


explosives detector teamEDTA ethylenedinitrilo tetraacetic acidEDTS equipment drain treatment systemEEC end-of-equilibrium cycle

European Economic CommunityEECW emergency equipment cooling waterEEI Edison Electric InstituteEEM extrapolated endpoint methodEEPVS electrical equipment protection

ventilation systemEEQML electrical equipment qualification

master listEEQSP environmental equipment

qualification summary packageEER engineering evaluation requestEERF Eastern Environmental Radiation

FacilityEES economizer-evaporator superheater

emergency exhaust systemEESWS emergency equipment service water

systemEFAPP Enrico Fermi Atomic Power PlantEFAS emergency feedwater actuation

signalemergency feedwater actuationsystem

EFC error-forcing contextEFCO Engineers and Fabricators CompanyEFCV excess flow check valveEFD engineering flow diagramEFDS equipment and floor drainage systemEFFBR Enrico Fermi Fast Breeder ReactorEFI Enrico Fermi InstituteEFIC emergency feedwater initiation and

controlEFM expected flow measurementEFNS Educational Foundation for Nuclear

ScienceEFO equipment forced outage (NRC

performance indicator)EFOIA Electronic Freedom of Information

ActEFP electric fire pump

Enrico Fermi Atomic Power PlantEFPD effective full-power day

equivalent full-power day


IL I 0 S RVi £i 5l f iR

EFPH effective full-power hourEFPM effective full-power monthEFPY effective full-power yearEFS emergency feedwater systemEFT emergency filter treatment

emergency filter trainEFW emergency feedwaterEFWS emergency feedwater systemEFWST emergency feedwater storage tank'EG emergency generatorEGCR experimental gas-cooled reactorEGDN ethylene glycol dinitrateEG&G .Edgerton, Germeshausen & Grier-EGM enforcement guide

memorandum/memorandaEGTS emergency gas treatment systemEH -electrohydraulicEHC electrohydraulic controlEHNP Edwin I. Hatch Nuclear PlantEHR emergency heat removalEHT effluent holdup tankEHV extra high voltageEl emergency injection

engineering instructionE&I electrical and instrumentationEIA Energy Information Administration

environmental impact appraisalEIAP environmental impact assessment

projectEICC emergency information and

coordination centerEIIS energy industry identification systemEIP emergency implementation

procedureEIR Eidgenossisches Institute fur

Reaktorforschung (Switzerland)engineering information requestequipment inoperable record

EIS effluent inventory systemelectrical and instrument shopelectrical isolation schemeemergency injection systemenvironmental impact statementenvironmental information system.













environmental justiceeffective kilogram

-Electronic Key Management SystemElettronucle'are Italiana (Italy)electrical load monitoring systemEmployees Legal Projectexperimental low-temperatureprocess heat reactoreffectiveness limiting riskerror-likely situationemergency lighting unitelectromagneticelevation modelengineering managementenvironmental managementevaluation modelelectromechanicalengineering, maintenance, assembly,disassemblyengineering in medicine and biologyelectromagnetic capabilityelectromagnetic compatibilityemergency management coordinatorengineering mockup criticalexperimentelectromagnetic interferenceengineering and manufacturinginstructionelectric motor operatedelectromagnetically operated valveelectromagnetic pulseelectromagnetic radiationelectromagnetic'relief valveearthquake monitoring systememergency management systemEmergency Medical Serviceselectrical metallic tubingemergency management teamexecutive management teamenforcement notificationevent notificationExxon Nuclear Company, Inc.Empresa Nacional de Electricidad,S.A. (Chile)




- ** A I

ENEA European Nuclear EnergyAssociation

ENEL Ente Nazionale per l'EnergiaElettrica (Italy)

ENERGO-ATOM Nuclear Power Utility (Ukraine)

ENI Electro-Navale et Industrielle, S.A.(Belgium)

ENO extraordinary nuclear occurrenceENPI Ente Nazionale Prevenzione

Infortuni (Italy)ENRESA Empresa Nacional de Residnos

Radiativos (Spain)ENS emergency notification system

European Nuclear SocietyENSA Equipos Nucleares (Spain)ENSI Energia Nucleare Sud Italia (Italy)ENUSA Empresa Nacional del Uranio, S.A.

(Spain)Energie Nucleaire, S.A.(Switzerland)

EO emergency officerenforcement officerequipment operator

E.O. Executive OrderEOC emergency operations center

end of cycleerror of commission

EOCR experimental organic-cooled reactorEOC-RPT end-of-cycle recirculation pump tripEOD explosives ordnance disposalEOEC end-of-equilibrium cycleEOF emergency operations facilityEOI emergency operating instruction

Entergy Operations, Inc.EOL end of lifeEOO error of omissionEOP emergency operating plan

emergency operating procedureEOS equation of stateEOY end of yearEP electric power

emergency planemergency planningemergency power

emergency preparednessemergency procedureequipment piece

E/P electrical to pneumaticEPA electrical penetration assembly

engineering plant analyzerEnvironmental Protection Agency

EP Act Energy Policy Act of 1992EPB emergency planning basis/basesEPBE emergency-planning-basis eventEPC emergency preparedness coordinator

engineering planning coordinatorEPDC Electric Power Development Co.

Ltd. (Japan)EPDM ethylene propylene diene monomerEPE emergency plan evolution

emergency preparedness evaluationEPEC El Paso Electric Co.EPFE electrical penetration filter and

exhaustEPG emergency procedure guidelineEPI Environmental Policy InstituteEPIA emergency preparedness

implementation appraisalEPIP emergency plan implementing

procedureEPIX Equipment Performance and

Information and Exchange System(replaces NPRDS) (INPO)

EPL environmental protection limitEPM electrical power monitoring

end path manualengineering project managerengineering procedurememorandunm/memorandaenvironmental project manager

EPP engineering program planenvironmental protection plan

EPR electromechanical potentiokineticreactivationemergency planning requirementsemergency planning reviewenhanced participatory rulemakingessential performance requirement

EPRG emergency planning review guideline

E 36

1- S ::

EPRI Electric Power Research InstituteEPROM electronic programmable read-only

memoryEPRTCS emergency power ride-through

capability systemEPS electric power system

emergency power systemEPSL ' emergency power switching logicEPSS emergency power sequencing

subsystemEPT ethylene-propylene terpolymerEPZ emergency planning zoneEQ environmental qualification

environmentally qualifiedequipment' qualification'

EQC equipment qualification coordinatorEQD environmental qualification

documentEQDB 'equipment qualification database'EQDF equipment qualification data file';EQDP environmental qualification data -

packageEQEDC equipment qualification

environmental designcriterion/criteria

EQML equipment qualification master listEQ-TAP ,environmental qualification-task

action planequipment qualification-task actionplan

ER emergency responseenvironmental report

ERA Economic Regulatory AdministrationEnergy Research AbstractsEnergy Reorganization Act

ERB. Executive Resources Boardexperiment review board

ERBS emergency radio broadcast systemERC emergency relocation center

emergency response coordinatorEngineering Research Council

ERCOT Electric Reliability Council of TexasERCW emergency raw cooling water

essential raw cooling waterERCWS emergency raw cooling water system

ERDA Energy Research and DevelopmentAdministration

ERDAM Energy Research and DevelopmentAdministration Manual

ERDS Emergency Response Data System(NRC)

ERF emergency response facilityentrainment release factorexplosion release factor

ERFBS electrical raceway fire barrier systemERFDADS emergency response facility data'

acquisition and display systemERFIS emergency response facility

information systemERG emergency response guidelineERIE emergency resources identification

equipmentERIS emergency response information

systemERL emergency reference levelERO engineering release orderEROD executive resources and

organizational developmentEROS earth resources observation system

electric radiological occurrencesystem

ERP elevated release pointemergency response procedure

ERPA emergency response planning areaERR Elk River ReactorERS Economic Research ServiceERSP earth resources survey programERT emergency repair team,

emergency response teamemployee response teamevent response team

ERTS environmental radiological technicalspecificationenvironmental resources technologysatellite

ERV emergency relief valveERVC external reactor vessel coolingES . engineered safeguards

examinatioin standardextraction steam

E/S electrical supply


I 1Im1109 to Ke i : to]

ESADA Empire States Atomic DevelopmentAssociates

ESAS emergency safeguards actuationsystemengineered safeguards actuationsystem

ESCA extended source calibration areaESCO Electrical Steel CompanyESCOM Electricity Supply Commission

(South Africa)ESCP employee safety concerns programESCWS essential services cooling water

systemESD electrostatic discharge

extension shaft disconnectESDR engineered safeguards design ratingESEERC Empire State Electric Energy

Research CorporationESF engineered safety feature

exploratory shaft facilityExploratory Studies Facility

ESFA engineered safety feature actuationESFAS engineered safety features actuation

systemESFS engineered safety feature systemESFVS engineered safety feature ventilation

systemESO emergency support organization

Engineering Service OrganizationESP earth-surface potentialESQ equipment seismic qualificationESR early site review

electron spin resonanceexperimental superheat reactor

ESRG Energy Systems Research GroupESRP environmental standard review planESRR early site review reportESS electronic switching system

engagement simulation systemevaporation/solidification system

ES&S engineering services and safetyESSA Environmental Science Services

AdministrationESSAR early site safety analysis report

EBASCO Standard Safety AnalysisReport


ESSE EBASCO Site Support EngineeringESSP earliest scram set pointESW electroslag welding

emergency service wateressential service water

ESWD emergency service water dischargeESWI emergency service water intakeESWS emergency service water screening

emergency service water systemessential service water system

ESWSS emergency service water supplysystem

ET emergency tankexecutive team

ETA equipment transfer aisleestimated time of arrival

ETBS elevated tubesheet and baffle sleeveETC estimated time of completionETE evacuation time estimateETEC Energy Technology Engineering

CenterETF extended task forceETG electrical test groupETL environmental team leaderETP equivalent top productETQAP education and training in quality

assurance practicesETR engineering test reactorETS elevated tubesheet sleeve

Emergency TelecommunicationsSystememergency trip systemenvironmental technical specificationevents tracking system

E&TT engineering and technical trainingEUB emergency utility buildingEURATOM European Atomic Energy

CommunityEV evaporator vessel

exhaust valveEVA early valve actuationEVCC ex-vessel core catcherEVESR ESADA (Empire States Atomic

Development Associates) VallecitosExperimental Superheat Reactor


- 00 0 :i


ex-vessel flux monitorex-vessel handling machineemergency ventilation systemex-vessel steam explosionex-vessel storage tankexternal vessel transfer machineex-vessel transfer machine



Eugene Water and Electricity Boardexempt wholesale generatorelevated water storage tankemergency water storage tankexecutive shared information systemexclusion zone boundary


m S S a .a A 5

FA .forced air - . , .2.fuel assembly''full arc'

F/A ' fuel assembly'FAA Federal Aviation Administration.

fresh acid add 'FaAA Failure Analysis AssociatesFAB ISO fabrication isom' etricFAC final acceptance criterion/criteria

flow-iccelerated corrosionFACA X 'Federal Advisory Committee ActFACNET Federal Acquisition Computer

Network. .,;

FAF Forum Atomique Frangais (France)FAI fail as is ... - .

FAP fatigue action planFAPIG , First Atomic Power Industry Group

(Japan)FAR Federal Acquisition Regulation

Fonten'ay-aux-Roses Nuclear rResearch Center (France) 'functional analysis report

FARA FedeWralAcquisition Reform Act.,FARET fast reactor test assemblyFAS' 'Federatioh of Ainerican ScientistsFASA Federal Acquisition Streamlinig 'Act

of 1994FASAB ' Federal Accounting Staindards'

Advisory BoardFASB "Financial Accounting Standards' -

Board .

FAST fuel aerosol simulation testfuel assembly stability test I Ii

FATT fracture appearance transitiontemperature, ' i .i

FAX,,,,;, -facsimile,,;, ;, .,.;1FBACS fuel building air cleanup system -FBC, fluidized bed combustion ',

FBFC Societ6 Franco-Belge'de Fabrication- de Combustible (France)

FBFS fuel building filter systemFBI Federal Bureau of InvestigationFBR fast breeder reactor ,..

FBRF., fast burst reactor facility 'FBTA function-based task analysis '-


'I' i




FBV fuel building ventilationFC fail closed

fine control '

-:flow controllerfuel cycle '

FCA field change authorizationFCAW ' 'fflux cored arc' weldingFCD fine'controi damper

full core dischargefunctional control diagram

FCE ! flexible critical experimentFCG fatigue crack grovthFCI Fluid Controls Institute '

fuel-coolant interactionFCN field change noticeFCO funds certifying officialFCP ' field change package,FCR ' fast ceramic reactor

fast conversion ratiofield change request

FCS Fort Calhoun StationF&CS.. -feedwater and condensate systemFCTT fuel cladding transient testerFCU fan coil unit . .FCV flow control valveFd dilution factor. (also dF)F/D .. filter/demineralizer.F&D .:..'finding and determinationFDA .. final design acceptance -

final design analysis'final design approva"

:;final design authbrization''-Food and Dng Adninistration '

FDAA Federal Disaster AssistanceAdministration

FDA/DC' final design approvalidesigncertification .. . ' -

FDA-EDRO Food and Drug Administration,' "Office of Executive Director ofRegional Operations,.' .

FDB ,Fahrenheit dry, bulbFDC functional design criterion/criteriaFDDR 'field deviation disposition requestFDG fluid distribution grid


U 6 [ 01 I

FDI field disposition instructionFDLP Federal Depository Library Program

(GPO)FDM frequency division multiplexFDR final data report

final design reportfunctional design requirement

FDS final docketed specialfire detection systemfloor drain system

FDSA facility description and safetyanalysis/analyses

FDT floor drain tankFDTS floor drain treatment systemFDW feedwaterFE flow elementFEA Federal Energy Administration

front-end analysis/analysesFECCSR failure of emergency core cooling

system recirculationFEDAL failed element detection and location

fuel element detection and locationFEDP Federal Executive Development

ProgramFEF foreign event file

fuel examination facilityfusion energy foundation

FEFP fuel element failure propagationFEFPL fuel element failure propagation loopFEGLI Federal Employees' Group Life

InsuranceFEIS final environmental impact statement

full electrical isolation schemeFELAP finite element analysis programFEMA Federal Emergency Management

AgencyFEO facility emergency organizationFEP facility emergency planFEPCA Federal Employees Pay

Comparability Act of 1990FEPs features, events, and processesFERC Federal Energy Regulatory

CommissionFERD fuel element rupture detection


FERMILAB Fermi National AcceleratorLaboratory

FERP fire emergency response planFERS Federal Employees' Retirement

SystemFES final environmental statementFF filter factor

fluorine facilityFFD fitness for dutyFFE Federal field exercise

FRERP (Federal RadiologicalEmergency Response Plan) fieldexercisefull field exercise

FFF fuel failure fractionFFI full field investigationFFLA Family Friendly Leave ActFFLS failed fuel location subsystemFFM fuel failure mockupFFP fuel fabrication plantFFR folded flow reactorFFRDC Federally Funded Research and

Development CenterFFTF fast flux test facilityFFTFPO Fast Flux Test Facility Project OfficeFFWT final feedwater temperatureFG fission gasFGAA Federal Government Accountants

AssociationFGEL Fitchburg Gas and Electric Light Co.FGM fission gas monitorFGS Fulton Generating StationFHA fire hazard analysis

fuel-handling accidentFHAR fire hazards analysis reportFHAVS fuel-handling area ventilation systemFHB fuel-handling buildingFHBVI fuel-handling building ventilation

isolationFHBVS fuel-handling building ventilation

systemFHC fuel-handling cellFHE fuel-handling equipmentFHES fuel-handling equipment systemFHFP full height, full pressure



. S IR tDW 0 S1 J I : in M A_

FHIS fuel-handling isolation signalFHOB fuel-handling operator boothFHP fuel-handling procedureFHPC fuel-handling and preparation cellFH&RM fuel-handling and radioactive

maintenanceFHS fuel-handling system',FHSR final hazards safety report

final hazards summary reportFHT feedwater holding tankFHU fuel-handling unitFI flow indicator , ,FIA Factory Insurance AssociationHAS flow indicator alarm switchFIEN Forum Italiano dell'Energia Nucleare

(Italy)FIFO .; first in, first outFLM field inspection manual:FIMA fission per initial heavy metal atomFIN . financial identification number .,,.FTP Federal information processing

field inspection procedureFIPS Federal information processing

standardFIR food irradiation reactorFIRM failure introspection in rotating

machineryFIRMR Federal Information Resources

Management RegulationFIRR Federal Institute for Reactor

Research (Switzerland)FIRS field incident radio systemFISC fuel inspection and sampling cellFIST full integral simulation testFIT flow indicator transmitterFIV flow-induced vibrationFIVE fire-induced vulnerability evaluationFJO field job orderFLAME flame acceleration measurement and

experiment ,FLD fuel-loading dataFLECHT; full-length emergency cooling heat

transferFLIP floating index poinrt

fuel lifetime improvement program- .

FLIT -free limiting internal trussFLST full-length source termFLTS full-length tubesheet sleeveFM Factory Mutual

fracture mechanicsfrequency multiplier

FMCRD fine motion control rod driveFME foreign material exclusionFMEA Factory Mutual Engineering

Associatesfailure modes and effectsanalysis/analyses

FMEF fuels and materials examinationfacility

FMF fuel-melt fractionFMIT fusion materials irradiation testFMRC Factory Mutual Research

CorporationFMS flux monitoring systemFNB Forum Nucleaire Beige (Belgium)FNP . floating nuclear plant.FNR Ford Nuclear Reactor -FO fail open .FOA forced oil and airFOAKE first-of-a-kind engineeringFOCI foreign ownership, control, or

influenceFOE Friends of the Earth'FOGG feed-only-good generatorFOIA Freedom of Information ActFOL facility operating licenseFONSI finding of no significant impactFONUBEL Forum Nucleaire Belge (Belgium)FOR forced outage rate (NRC

performance indicator)frame of reference

FORATOM Forum Atomique EuropeenFORC fluorinator off-gas recycle

compressor. . .,:FOSAR foreign object search and retrievalFOTA .. fuels open test assembly .FP fire protection'

fission product''full power

FPC Federal Power Commission


Wi S S 1:1011OAK6












Florida Power Corporationfuel pool coolingfuel pool cooling and cleanupfuel pool cooling and cleanup systemfission product control screening testloopfull-power dayfinal project design descriptionfood processing developmentirradiatorfuel pool exhaust blowerfire protection functional inspectionFlorida Power & Light Co.full performance levelFlorida Power & Light Co.Federal Personnel ManualFederal property managementregulationFederal Preservation Officerfull-power operating licensefire protection pump housefuel pool pump ventilation systemFederal procurement regulationflexible plastic reactorfinal policy statementfire protection systemFluor Power Services, Inc.fission product screening loopfeedwater pump turbinefission product testFire Protection-Task Action Planfuel pool water treatmentfield quality controlFederal Registerfinal ruleflow regulatorfriction ratioflow recorder and alarmfuel receiving air blowerFederal Regional AssistanceCommitteefuel receiving air filter

Societ6 Franco-Americaine de


Constructions Atomiques (France)FRAP fuel rod analysis programFRAP-S fuel rod analysis

program-steady-stateFRAP-T fuel rod analysis program-transientFRB Forschungsreaktor Berlin (Germany)FRC Federal Radiation Council

Federal Records CenterFederal Response CenterFire Research Centerflow recording controllerfractional relief capacityFranklin Research Center

FRCS flow recording controller switchFRCTF fast reactor core test facilityFRD formerly restricted dataFRERP Federal Radiological Emergency

Response PlanFRF fuel reprocessing facilityFRMAC Federal Radiological Monitoring and

Assessment CenterFRMAP Federal Radiological Monitoring and

Assessment PlanFRN Federal Register notice

formal report numberFRP Federal Response Plan

fuel reprocessing plantFRPCC Federal Radiological Preparedness

Coordinating CommitteeFRS fast reactor safety

fixed radial shieldfloor response spectrum/spectrafuel receiving station

FRSF fuel receiving and storage facilityFRTEF fast reactor thermal engineering

facilityFS factor of safety

far sidefinishing superheaterflow switch

FSAR final safety analysis reportFSC Federal supply classification

Federal supply codeFSCR fuel storage control roomFSCS fuel storage cable spread

F 44

- * a . w A

FSEB fuel storage exhaust blowerFSER final safety evaluation reportFSF fuel storage facilityFSI fluid-structure interactionFSN Federal stock numberFSNM formula quantity of strategic special":

nuclear materialFSP fuel storage poolFSPA fuel storage personnel areaFSPB fuel storage processing buildingFSPPR fast supercritical pressure power

reactorFSPVS fuel storage pool ventilation systemFSR fast source reactor

First Soviet ReactorFS&R filling, storage, and remeltFS&RS filling, storage, and remelt systemFSS Federal Supply Service

fire suppression systemfloor service station

FSSAR final standard safety analysis reportFSTF full-scale test facilityFSU former Soviet UnionFSV Fort St. VrainFSVNGS Fort St. Vrain Nuclear Generating

StationFT fault tree

flow transmitterFTA fault tree analysis/analysesFTC Federal Telecommunications Center

fuel temperature coefficientfuel transfer canalfuel transfer cask

FTE FMTF (fast flux test facility) testengineeringfracture transition elasticfull-time equivalent

FTI Framatome Technologies, Inc.(formerly Babcock & Wilcox)

FTL full-term licensefull-time license

FTM functional test matrixFTOL full-term operating licenseFTP FFIF (fast flux test facility) test


' file transfer protocolfracture transition plasticfuel transfer poolfuel transfer i

FTR fast test reactorFederal travel regulation

FTRC Federal TelecommuinicationsRecords Center ' ' ` ' -

FTRIA flow and t'emnperature removableinstrumenit assembly

FTS Federal TelecommunicationsServicesfuel transfer system

FT&SA fuel transfer and storage assemblyFTTM few-tube test modelFTTS flow-through tube samplerFTU formazine turbidity unitFUETAP formed under elevated temperature

and pressureFUFO fuel fusing optionFUSE Floridians United for Safe Energy,

Inc.FUSRAP formerly utilized sites remedial

action programFV floor valve

Fussell VeselyFVA floor valve adapterFVC filtered vented containmentFVCS filtered vented containment systemFV&V final verification and validationFW feedwater

field weldFoster Wheeler Corp.

FWB Fahrenheit wet bulbFWC feedwater controlFWCI feedwater coolant injectionFWCS feedwater control systemFWEC Foster Wheeler Energy Corp.

(subsidiary of Foster Wheeler Corp.)FWHM full width half maximumFWIV feedwater isolation valveFWLB feedwater line breakFWLC feedwater level control systemFWP Federal Women's Program




- S S S to] A 5

FWPAC Federal Women's Program AdvisoryCommittee

FWPB feedwater pipe breakFWPCA Federal Water Pollution Control ActFWRA Federal Workforce Restructuring Act

of 1994FWRV feedwater regulating valveFWS feedwater supply

feedwater systemF&WS Fish and Wildlife Service




final working system design reviewfresh water supply headerfueling water storage tankfiscal yearfive-year planfull zero period acceleration(method)Forschungszentrum Seibersdorf,G.m.b.H. (Austria)


- S S * I A

GA gas analysis/analysesGeneral Atomics (before-1988, GATechnologies, Inc.)

agrapple adapter -

GAAA -Groupement pour les Activit6s*Atomiques et Avancees (France)

GAE general analytical evaluationGAEC Greek Atomic Energy Commission'.GAHF grapple adapter handling fixtureGALE :: gaseous and liquid effluent -GALL generic aging lessons'eamnedGAMAS General Atomics material assay '

system .. - ;..-,GAN Gosatomnadzor (Russia) - .GAO General Accounting OfficeGAP. Georgia Power Co. -

Government Accountability ProjectGAPCO Georgia Power CompanyGASSAR General Atomics Standard Safety.

Analysis Report'Gilbert Associates Standard Safety'Analysis Report

GATT General Agreement on Tariffs and"Trade -

GBHC Great Bay Holdings Corp.GBPC Great Bay Power CompanygBq gigabecquerelGBR gas-cooled breeder reactorGBRA Gas-Cooled Breeder Reactor

*Association (Belgium)GBSR graphite-moderated boiling and :l

superheating reactorGC gas chromatograph

generic communicationGCB gravity cutback

GCRA .; :Gas-Cooled Reactor AssociatesGCRE gas-cooled reactor experimentiGCS' glued cylindrical specimenGCSS graphite core support structureGDC general design criterion/crnteriaGDP gaseous'diffusion''i'GDS general declassification schedule -

graphical display systemGDT gas decay tankGE General Electric Co.GEAP General Electric Atomic ProductsGEC General Electric Co. (United

Kingdom)General Electrodynamics Corp.

GEIS generic environmental impactstatement' generic environmental impact study

GEM graphical evaluation moduleGENE General Electric Nuclear EnergyGEN&SIS Geographical, Environmental, and

Siting Information SystemGENTR General Electric Nuclear Test

ReactorGERA General Engineering Research and

Applications (Belgium)GERP general employee'retraining programGERS , general equipment ruggedness .

spectrum/spectraGES generic environmental statementGESMO Generic Environmental Statement on

Use of Mixed Oxide FuelGESSAR General Electric Standard Safety

Analysis ReportGESTAR General Electric Standard

Application for Reactor FuelGET ' :general employee trainingGETAB General Electric Thermal Analysis

Basis'GETP general employeemtraining programGETR 'General Electric Test ReactorGETS Government Emergency

Telecomunications ServicesGETSCO General Electric Technical Services

Co.GFE Government-unished equipment





gas-cooled breeder reactorgeneric compliance andcommunications activity.gas centrifuge enrichment plant ,:'>:gas-cooled fast breeder reactorgas collection header '

gas-cooled, heavy-water-moderated '-reactor ;-,

*.Generic Communications Index '

gas-cooled loopgas-cooled reactor


el S S0S011111 S 10 to] 5

GFE&M Government-furnished equipmentand material

GFES generic fundamentals examinationsection

GFFD gross failed fuel detectorGFK Gesellschaft fur Kernforschung,

m.b.H. (Germany)GFP Government-furnished propertyGFY Government fiscal yearGG generator gasGGA Gulf General AtomicGGNS Grand Gulf Nuclear StationGH gate houseG&H Gibbs & Hill, Inc.GI gastrointestinal

generic issueGIBBSSAR Gibbs and Hill, Inc., Standard Safety

Analysis ReportGIC geomagnetically induced currentGIDEP Government-Industry Data Exchange

ProgramGIF gamma irradiation facilityGIFT gas-insulated flow tubeGIIN Groupe Intersyndical de l'Industrie

Nucleaire (France)GILS Government Information Locator

ServiceGIMCS Generic Issue Management Control

SystemGIP generic implementation procedureGIS geographic information system

geologic information systemGKM Grosskraftwerk Mannheim, A.G.

(Germany)GKN Gemeenschappelijke

Kernenergiecentrale Nederland N.V.(Netherlands)Gemeinschaftskernkraftwerk Neckar,G.m.b.H. (Germany)

GKT GemeinschaftskernkraftwerkTullnerfeld, G.m.b.H. (Austria)

GKW Gemeinschaftkraftwerk Weser,G.m.b.H. (Germany)

GL generic letterGovernment liaison

GLASS germanium-lithium-argon scanningsystem


GLDB General License DatabaseGLEEP Graphite Low-Energy Experimental

Pile (United Kingdom)GLRP Generic License Renewal ProgramGLRWS gaseous and liquid radioactive waste

systemGM Geiger-Muller (Mueller)GMAW gas metal arc weld/weldingGMPC Green Mountain Power Corp.GMRA Government Management Reform

Act of 1994GMT Greenwich mean timeGN general noticeGNGS Genoa Nuclear Generating StationGNPP R.E. Ginna Nuclear Power PlantGNS Gesellschaft fur Nuklear-Service,

m.b.H. (Germany)GO-CO Government owned/contractor

operatedGOI general operating instructionGORX graphite oxidation from reactor

excursionGOS group operating serviceGP general purpose

generic projectGPA


Governmental and Public Affairs,Office of (NRC)Georgia Power Companygeneral purpose closed loopgeneral purpose evaporatorgeneral purpose loopGovernment Printing Office

FDLP GPO Federal Depository LibraryProgram

GPP general plant projectGPR Groupe Permanent Charge des

Reacteurs NucleairesGPRA Government Performance and

Results Act of 1994GPS global positioning systemGPT general plant telephoneGPU General Public Utilities Corp.GPUN GPU (General Public Utilities)

Nuclear Corp.


I S M O hlWWI m A 5V :

GPUSC GPU (General Public Utilities)Service Corp.

GQA graded quality assuranceGRC generation review committeeGRI Gas Research InstituteGRR Greek Research ReactorGRS gaseous radwaste system


guide tube assemblygas tungsten arc weldgreater than Class C

GTG gas turbine generatorgeneric technical guidance

GT-HTGR gas-turbine high-temperaturegas-cooled reactor

GTIG Gamma Thermometer Interest GroupGTL gaseous tritium lightGTLS gaseous tritium light source




geoscience and remote sensingGesellschaft fMr Alagen-undReaktorsicherheit, m.b.H. (Germany)General Radioquimica, S.A. (Spain)general reactor technologygaseous radioactive waste systemgland sealGeneral Services Administrationgeneral services buildinggland seal condensergland steam condenserGlobal Strategy Councilgenerating significant dosegeneric safety evaluation reportgas surge headergeneric safety issuegland seal leakoffgenerating station protection systemgland steam regulatorgas surge tankgenerator stepupGulf States Utilities Co.gas tungsten arc





ground test reactorGeorgia Technology ResearchReactorglobal trip subsystemgas-turbine test facilitygraphical user interfaceGulf United Nuclear FuelsCorporationguard vesselgas volume ratiogross vehicle weightGovernment-wide agency contractgaseous waste disposalgaseous waste management systemgas-water module storagegaseous waste processing systemgaseous waste systemground-water travel timegray


I 4Islxi. A* I 1K1FA 0 * A. o Fy 01


hand/automatichead access area

HAAUP hanger and analysis update program "HAC high alumina cementHACL Haivard Air Cleaning LaboratoryHAD heat-activated device'

heat-actuated deviceHAFM helium accumulation fluence monitorHAN hydroxylamine nitrate-HAP hafnium column productHAPS Houston automatic priority spoolingHAS holding action systemHASL Health and Safety LaboratoryHAW high acid wasteHAX hafnium column extractant '

HAZ heat-affected zoneHAZCAP Hazard Communication Compliance

Assistance Program (U.S..Occupational Safety and HealthAdministration)

HAZEL Homogeneous Assembly ZeroEnergy Laboratory

HB handbook





hydrogen control systemhead compartment support structureheat capacity temperature level

,hydraulic control unithand control valve '

hydraulic control valvehafnium column waste'higli-density gas reactorHeadquarters duty officerHeissdampfreaktor (Germany)high dose ratehot dry rockheated detonation tubehigh-pressure demineralized waterhuman error

'hydrazine control system


horizontal bafflehorizontal baffle assemblyhydrogen behavior programHumboldt Bay Power Plant


HBR2 H. BRobinson Steam Electric Plant,Unit 2

HBS hydrogen burn survivabilityHBWR Halden Boiling Heavy Water React6r

(Norway)HCDA hydrodynamic core-disruptive

accidenthypothetical core-disruptive accident

HCDB heat code databaseHCE human-caused error,HCGS Hope Creek Generating Station ,HCLF horizontal cask lifting fixtureHCLPF high confidence in low probability of

failureHCM hydraulic core mockup.HCMS hydrogen concentration monitoring

subsystemHCOG Hydrogen Control 'Owners Group

HEARTH-.FIRE high-energy accelerator reactor for

thermonuclear fusion with ion beam*of relativistic energy

HECTOR 'Hot, Enriched, Carbon~-Moderated,Thermal-Oscillator Reactor (UnitedKingdom),.

HED historical earthquake datahuman engineering deficiencyhuman engineering discrepancy

HEDL Hanford Engineering andDevelopment Laboratory

HEHF Hanford Environmental HealthFoundation

HEI Heat Exchanger Institute.HEJ hybrid expansion jointHELB high-energy line breakHELBA high-energy line break

analysis/analysesHELCO Hartford Electric Light Co.HELP Health and Energy Learning ProjectHEM homogeneous equilibrium modelHEP human error probabilityHEPA high-efficiency particulate airHEPB high-energy pipe break,HER human-error rateHERALD Heterogenous Experimental Reactor,

Aldermaston (United Kingdom)


um Re SeS :: ' I

High Enriched Reactor, Aldermaston(United Kingdom)

HERMES Heavy Element and RadioactiveMaterial Electromagnetic Separator(United Kingdom)

HERO Hazards of ElectromagneticRadiation to Ordnance Reactor(United Kingdom)

HES Hanford Engineering ServiceHET horizontal electrical tunnelHETS height equivalent to a theoretical

stageHEU highly enriched uraniumHEW Hamburgische Electrizitits-Werke,

A.G. (Germany)HEX uranium hexafluorideHFAR hardware failure analysis reportHFBR high-flux beam reactorHFCE2 high-flux critical experiment2HFE human factors engineering

human failure eventHFED high-frequency envelope detectionHFEF hot fuel examination facilityHFEPRM human factors engineering program

review modelHFIR high-flux isotope reactorHFP hot full powerHFPP human factors program planHFR high-flux reactorHFRG human factors review groupHFT hot functional testingHG hydrogen gasHGE hydraulic grade elevationHGMS high gradient magnetic separatorHG/NG hydrogen gas/nitrogen gasHHLR Horace Hardy Lestor ReactorHHS Health and Human Services, U.S.

Department ofHHSI high-head safety injectionHHW high-heat wasteHI Hydraulic InstituteH&I harassment and intimidationHIC hand indicator controller

high-integrity containerHI-C high conversion-critical

HI&D harassment, intimidation, anddiscrimination

HID high-impact designhigh-intensity discharge

HIFAR High-Flux Australian Reactor1HIFRENSA Hispano-Francesa de Energia

Nuclear, S.A. (Spain)HL helium impurities loopHILAC heavy ion linear acceleratorHILC high intermediate level cellHIP Hanford Isotopes PlantHIPA high-speed interactive plant

analysis/analysesHIPOW hot isostatic pressing of wasteHIPS hoist integrated protective systemHIR hanger inspection reportHIRDL High-Intensity Radiation

Development LaboratoryHIS hydrogen igniter system

hydrogen ignition subsystemhydrogen ignition system

HITC Hydraulic Institute test codeHJTC heated junction thermocoupleHKG Hochtemperatur-Kemkraftwerk,

G.m.b.H. (Germany)HLB hot laboratory buildingHLC high-level cellHLCS high-level compaction stationHLCV hot-leg check valveHLHS heavy load handling systemHLIV hot-leg isolation valveHLLWT high-level liquid waste tankHLNCC high-level neutron coincidence

counterHLO high-level overrideHL&P Houston Lighting & Power Co.HLRW high-level radioactive wasteHLSW high-level solidified wasteHLW high-level liquid waste

high-level radioactive wastehigh-level waste

HLWC high-level waste calcinationhigh-level waste concentrate

HLWD high-level waste distillateHLWF high-level waste feed

H 52

-_ S196191 RM to WA::.1 011 A F 51










G high-level liquid waste off-gashigh-level waste repositoryhigh-level waste surgeheavy metalHanford Meteorology Surveyhydrogen mixing systemHolmes and Narver, Inc.Holifield National LaboratoryHaddam Neck Nuclear PlantHaddam Neck Plant.Hartsville Nuclear PlantHallam Nuclear Power Facilityhydraulic operatorhead off-gasheadquarters operations officerHEDL (Hanford EngineeringDevelopment Laboratory) overpowerhot critical experiment , :'

hydraulic-operated valveEdwin J. Hatch Planthanger packagehealth physicisthealth physicshigh pressurehigh purityhealth physics centerhot pipe chasehigh-pressure core flooderhigh-pressurecoolant injectionhigh-pressure coolant injectionsystemhigh-pressure core sprayhigh-power densityHuman Performance Event Database'human performance evaluationsystemhigh-performance fuels laboratoryhigh-pressure fire protectionhigh-pressure injectionHuman Performance InvestigationProcess

HPOF high-pressure'oil fill'high pressure,'oil filled

HPP health physics programhot processing plant

HPPP Human Performance Program PlanHPR high-pressure recirculationHPRR health physics research reactorHPRS high-pressure recirculation systemHPS, Hanford Plant standard

Health Physics Societyhealth physics stationhelium purification systemhydrogen purge system

HPSI high-pressure safety injectionHPSIP high-pressure safety injection pumpHPSP high-power set pointHPSW high-pressure service waterHPSWS high-pressure service water systemHPT high-pressure turbine

hot pipe tunnelHPU hydraulic power unitHQ Hydro-Quebec (Canada)HR hard rock

Human Resources, Office of (NRC)- hydrogen recombiner

HRA human reliability analysisHRB Hochtemperatur-Reaktorbau,

G.m.b.H. (Germany)HRE homogeneous reactor experimentHRIS human resources information systemHRM human resources managementHRP Halden Reactor Project -HRPS




hydrogen recombination and purge'systemhigh-range radiation monitorheat rejection systemhydrogen recombination subsystemhomogeneous reactor testhand switchhot shophuman-system interfacehorizontal storage modulehydrogen seal oilhot-shutdown panel

high-pressure injection systemhigh-pressure melt ejectionhealth physics network t


Ml 6 :-M A

HSSC highly safety significant componentHSST heavy section steel technologyHSW heat sink weldingHSWA Hazardous and Solid Waste

AmendmentsHSWH high solid waste headerHTB hafnium test bladeHTFFI' heat transfer fluid flow

thermodynamicsHTGCR high-temperature gas-cooled reactorHTGR high-temperature gas-cooled reactor

high-temperature gas reactorHTGR-CX high-temperature gas reactor critical

experimentHTIS heat transfer instrument systemHTL heat transfer loopHTLTR high-temperature lattice test reactorHTM high trajectory missileHTPC Hayward Tyler Pump CompanyHTR Hanford Test Reactor

high-temperature reactorHitachi Training Reactor (Japan)

HTRDA High-Temperature ReactorDevelopment Associates

HTRE heat transfer reactor experimentHTRI Heat Transfer Research InstituteHTS heat transfer system

HULP Hudson Light and Power Dept.HUT HEDL (Hanford Engineering

Development Laboratory) uptransient

HUT holdup tankHVH&VHVAC



hand valveheating and ventilationheating, ventilation, and airconditioningheaters, vents, and drainshigh-voltage direct currenthydrogen vent headerheating and ventilating supply unitheavy waterhot waterhotwellhydrogen water chemistryheavy-water components test reactorheavy-water-moderated, gas-cooledreactor



heat transport systemhigh-temperature sodium facilityhypertext transfer protocolhalf thickness valueheatuphydraulic unit

Hughes Aircraft Company NuclearElectronics Laboratory

HWH hot water heatingHWLC hotwell level controlHWLWCR heavy-water-moderated, boiling

light-water-cooled reactorHWP heavy-water plantHWR heavy-water reactor

hot water returnHWS Hanford work specification

Hanford work standardHWSF hazardous waste storage facilityHWWVS hardened wetwall vent systemHX heat exchange

heat exchangerHYPO high-power water-boiler reactorHZP hot zero power

H 54

- S S 5 I

IA industry applicationinsertion approvalinstrument air

I/A isolation amplifier -I&A identification and authenticationIAA interim access authorization :IAC, interim acceptance criterion/criteria:IAD immediate action directiveIAE instrumentation and electricalIAEA' International Atomic Energy Ag'encyIAEC Israel Atomic Energy CommissionIAG incident analysis groupIAL immediate action letterIALL ,, intermediate activity level liquid

[system]IANEC Inter-American Nuclear Energy

CommissionIAP independent assessment program,,

integrated action plan,Iowa Power

IAPG Interagency Advanced Power Group;IAPMO International Association of

Plumbing and Mechanical OfficialsIAR irradiation-anneal-reirradiationIAS instrument air systemIASCC irradiation-assisted stress-corrosion

crackingIAT information assessment teamIATI integrated assessment team

inspection ',-IAW in'accordance withIB inner bremsstrahlungIBA inner blanket assembly

intermediate break accident '

IBEW International Brotherhood ofElectrical Workers

IBJ Industrial Bank of Japan, Ltd. ';'Instytut Badan'Jadrowych (Poland)

IBM International Business MachinesCorp.

IBSHR integral boiling and superheat reactorIC indicating controller:,-

Internuclear Co..isolation condenser

I&C instrumentation and control

ICA item'control areaICAP International Code Assessment

ProgramICAR interface control action requestICAVP independent corrective action

verification programICB information collection budget

interface control boardICBWR improved cycle boiling-water reactorICC i inadequate core cooling

information collection coordinator3Interstate Commerce Commission

ICCDP incremental conditional core damageprobability

ICCGR international cyclic crack growth rateICCU interchannel comparison unitICCW in-containment chilled waterICD interface control diagram

interface control documentinterface control drawing

ICE 'implicit 'continuous-fluid EulerianICEA Insulated Cable Engineers

AssociationICES - integrated civilengineering systemICI ice condenser instrumentation

in-core instrumentationICODS Interagency Committee on Dam

SafetyICONS Information Center on Nuclear

StandardsICP inertcarrierprocess"

instrument calibration procedureinventory control point

ICPP 'Idaho Chemical Processing PlantICRA -Interagency Committee on3 ~Radiological Assistance-ICRI incomplete control rod insertionICRP International Commission on

Radiological ProtectionICRS instrument calibration and recall

system tICRU International Commission on

Radiation Units and MeasurementsICS instrumentation and control system

integrated control systemintercommunication system

1^ 15!

M MMIce]kite O* I ;11m So A

iodine cleanup systemICSA in-core shim assemblyICSD ionization chamber smoke detectorICV independent construction verificationID inner diameter

inside diameterinventory difference

IDA intrusion detection alarmIDAS intermediate dose assessment systemIDCA independent design and construction

assessmentIDCOR Industry Degraded-Core Rulemaking

ProgramIDCV independent design and construction

verificationIDEN Instituto de Engenharia Nuclear

(Brazil)IDI independent design inspection

integrated design inspectionIDLH immediate danger to life and healthIDMS isotope dilution mass spectrometryIDNS Illinois Department of Nuclear

SafetyIDOT Illinois Department of TransportationIDP Individual Development Plan (NRC

Form 321)IDR independent design review

inspection discrepancy reportinterface data report

IDS interim decay storageintermediate decay storageisotope detection system

IDT integrated design teamIDV independent design verificationIDVP independent design verification

programIE industrial electronics

initiating eventInspection and Enforcement, Officeof (NRC)irradiation effect

I&E internally and externallyLEA Instituto de Energia Atomica (Brazil)

International Energy Agency

TEAR Instituto de Energia Atomica Reactor(Brazil)

IEB LE (Office of Inspection andEnforcement) bulletin

IEC International ElectrotechnicalCommission

IED improvised explosive deviceIEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronics

EngineersEEG items evaluation groupIELP Iowa Electric Light & Power Co.IEM interim examination and

maintenanceIEMTF interim examination and

maintenance training facilityLEN LE (Office of Inspection and

Enforcement) noticeLEOTSG integral economizer once-through

steam generatorIES Illumination Engineering Society

Institute of Environmental Sciencesirradiation effects simulation

IESB iron-enriched synthetic basaltLET initial engine testIFA instrument fuel assemblyIFB invitation for bidsIFBA integral fuel burnable absorberIFCA instrumentation to follow the course

of an accidentIFCF integrated fuel cycle facilityIFCI integrated fuel-coolant interactionIFE Institut for Energiteknikk (Norway)EFI inspector followup itemWFM intermediate flow mixingIFMIS integrated financial management

information systemWPT integrated fission product transport

IFR integral fast reactorIFTS irradiated fuel transfer station

irradiated fuel transfer systemIG implementation guideline

Inspector GeneralIGA intergranular attackIGC EIndependent Government Cost

EstimateIGLD International Great Lakes Datum


- S S S ': - AI

' i'I1















- inert gas receiving and processing:inert gas receiving and Processinginert gas receiving'and processingrsystem . - .-intergranular'stre'ss-corrosioncrackinginstrument guide tubeintegrated headinduction heating stress improVeifientinduction heat stress improvementintermediite head safety injectioniintermediate heat transport systemintermediate heat exchangerintermediate heat exchanger guard,vesselInstijuto de'Investigaciones

'Electricas (Mexico),internals indexing fixtureIowa-lllinois Gas and Electric Co."Incident Investigation Programin-core instrument penetrationIncident Investigation Review9o-.##-

-integrated masterIMA independent management appraisalIMARC integrated multiple assumnptions and

release code.-IMAS impurity monitoring and analysis

systemIMC incident management center

Inspection Manual chapterIMCO Inter-Government Maritime

'Consultative OrganizationIMECo Indiana & Michigan Electric

'Company'IMP instrument maintenance procedure,|IMPAC International Merchant Authorization

CardIMPCo Indiana Miciiigan Power CompanyIMPEP, Integrated Material Performance

Evaluation ProgramIMPR Indiana & Michigan Power Co.,;IMS

in-core instrumentation systemintegrated implementation scheduleIllinois Institute of Technology,Incident Investigation TeamIndian Institute of Technologyinverse kinetics rod dropintermediate level cell 'in-line instrument package

* intermediate-level liquid wasteInternational Labour OrganisationIllinois Powe Co.'''integrated leak ratettestintegrated leak rate testingintermediate-level s'olid'wasteintermediateleveil wasteintermediate-level waste concentrateintermediate-level waste distillate

: intermediate-level waste feedintermediate-level waste storageinformation managementinstrumentation and measurement













in-core monitoring systemion mobility spectrometeriniformation notice {lInternatiotiale Natrium-Brutreaktor-Bau, G.m.b.H. (Germany)Idaho Nuclear Corporationin-core analysis/analysesinner neutron control 'assemblyIiterrntional Nuclear Credit Bankin-c-ore testinvestigational exemption of a newdrug''inservice nondestructive' examinationintegrated nuclear data exchangeIdaho Nuclear Energy CommissionIdaho National Engineering andEnvironmental Laboratory (formerlyINEL)Idaho National EngineeringLaboratory (now NEEL)Institute' of Nuclear Energy Research(Taiwan)' ' '

international nuclear event scaleInternational Nuclear Fuel CycleEvaluationInstitutoNacional de InvestigacionesNucleares (Mexico)

. . I57

I Le 04 o ::I A. ]n

INIS International Nuclear InformationSystem

INITEC Empresa Nacional de Ingenierfa yTecnologfa, S.A. (Spain)

INLA International Nuclear LawAssociation

INMM Institute of Nuclear MaterialsManagement

INPO Institute of Nuclear PowerOperations

INR immediate notification reportINRA International Nuclear Regulators

AssociationINS Immigration and Naturalization

ServiceINSAG International Nuclear Safety

Advisory GroupINSRP Interagency Nuclear Safety Review


ATOM Internationale Atomreaktorbau,G.m.b.H. (Germany)

INTLO International Nuclear TechnologyLiaison Office

INX ion exchangeI/O input/outputIOAA Independent Offices Appropriation

Act of 1952IOE industry operating experienceIOERS integrated operating experience

reporting systemIORV inadvertently opened relief valveIOSRV inadvertent opening of a safety/relief

valveIP inspection procedureI&P inerting and preheatingIPA Intergovernmental Personnel Act

iterative performance assessmentIPAC International Participants Advisory

Committee (Institute of NuclearPower Operations)

IPAP integrated performance assessmentprocessintegrated performance assessmentprogram

IPAS Inspection Procedure AuthoritySystem

IPB illustrated parts breakdown



IPC integrated protection cabinetInterjurisdictional PlanningCommittee

IPCEA Insulated Power Cable EngineersAssociation

IPDD initial project design descriptionWPE individual plant examination

integrated plant evaluationIPEEE individual plant examination of

external eventsIPF iodine protection factorIPHT in-process heat treatmentIPIRG International Piping Integrity

Research GroupIPL initial program loadIPP independent power producer

integrated plotting packageIPR initial pressure regulatorIPRDS in-plant reliability data systemIPRN in-process rework noticeIPS Indian Point Station

interim policy statementinvestment protection subsystemIowa Public Service Companyiron pipe size

IPSAR integrated plant safety assessmentreport

IPSN Institute of Nuclear Safety andProtection (France)

IPTS integrated pressurized thermal shockIPyC inner pyrolytic carbonIR information request

inspection reportintermediate range

IRA integrated review of assessmentIRAC Interdepartmental Radio Advisory

CommitteeIRACT incident response action coordination

teamIRAP Integrated Review of NRC

Assessment ProcessesInteragency Radiological AssistancePlanInteragency Radiological AssistanceProgram

IRB inside reactor building


m 0 S ~ ~ m AI

).. .- -Istituto Ricerche Breda, SpA (Italy)IRC incident response center

Indiana Regional Cancer (Center)internal review committee

IRE Institut National des Radioelements(Belgium)'

IREP integrated reliability evaluationprograminterim0 ieliability evaluationprogram

IRFM --integral reactor flow modelIRG Interagency Review GroupIRM information resources management .

Information Resources Management,Office of (NRC).intermediate-range monitor

IRMP Independent Radiation MonitoringProgram ., .-

IRN item removal notice -IRP incident response plan

intermediate rotating plug TIRPA International Radiation Protection

Association (France) .;; . iIRPI individual rod position indicatorIRR Institute for Reactor Research

(Switzerland)Israeli Research Reactor'

IRRAS integrated reliability and riskanalysis system

IRS Incident Reporting SystemInquiry and Reporting System *, i

Institut fur Reaktorsicherheit der: .,Technischen Oberwachungs-Vereine,e.V. (Germany)iodine i'em'oval'system

IRSF inteim -radwaste storage facilityIRSP inside recirculation spray pumpIRSR Issue Resolution Status Report;,,.;IRTS inspection report tracking systemIRVH integrated reactor vessel headIRWST. in-containment refueling water

storage tankIS indicating switch

information systemISA independent safety analysis

* independent safety assessment oranalysisInstrument Society of America

.- integrated safety assessmentISAF isotopic source adjustable fissometerISAM indexed sequential access method"ISAP - integrated safety assessment programISAS isotopic source assay systemISCA Intersociety'Committee on Methods

for Ambient Air SamplingISCORS Interagency. Steering Committee on

Radiation StandardsISCP intermediate sodium characterization

packageISCT important-to-safety-criteria task

inner seal collar toolISD instructional system designISDF intermediate sodium disposal facilityISDN Integrated Services Digital NetworkISE ion-selective electrodeISEG independent safety engineering

. groupISER integral systems experimental

.requirementISFSF independent spent fuel storage

.facilityISFSI independent spent fuel storage

- installationISG integrated scheduling groupISGMP integrated scheduling group manual'

procedureISGTR:-' induced steam generator tube ruptureISI n- service inspectionISIS intgrated safeguards information

systemISITS integraited safety issues tracking

system r i

ISLH - 'inservice leak and hydrostaticISLOCA' interfacing-systems loss-of-coolant

, -accident.ISMES Istituto Sperimentale Modelli e

Strutture (Italy)ISNF intermediate-energy standard neutron

fieldISO independent system operation

independent system operator

. I'59

Ke S 0 0 '::-. OU4 0

International StandardizationOrganization

ISO/DWG isometric drawingISOO Information Security Oversight

OfficeISP industrial security planISR intermediate sodium removalISSO Information System Security OfficerIST inservice test

inservice testingintegral simulation testintegral systems test

ISTS Improved Standard TechnicalSpecifications

ISV in situ verificationIT information technology

information theoryinstrument testinstrument tree

I&T inspection and testITAAC inspection, test, analysis, and

acceptance criterion/criteriaITAL Instituut voor Toepassing van

Atoomenergie in de Landbouw(Netherlands)

IT&AP inspection test and analysis planITC Information Technology Council

isothermal temperature coefficientITDP improved thermal design procedureITF interstitial transfer facilityITFTRIA instrument tree flow and temperature

removal instrument assemblyITI inspection/test instruction

ion track instrumentiTIP Industry Technical Information

ProgramITL Industrial Testing Laboratories1TM in-core temperature monitor

information technology managementITMA irradiation test management activityITMRA Information Technology

Management Reform ActLTMS in-core temperature monitoring

systemITP initial test program


1TPOP independent, third-party oversightprogram

ITR instrument test rigITRI Industrial Technology Research

Institute (Taiwan)ITRIA instrument tree removable instrument

assemblyITS Idaho Test Station

important to safetyimproved technical specificationInformation Technology Servicesinventory tracking system

IT/SP instrument tree/spool pieceiTV intermediate test vesselIUPAC International Union of Pure and

Applied ChemistryIUPAP International Union of Pure and

Applied PhysicsIV independent verificationIVHM in-vessel handling machineIVHM-EM in-vessel handling

machine-engineering modelIVHX in-vessel heat exchangerIVIC Instituto Venezolano de

Investigaciones Cientificas(Venezuela)

IVO Imatran Voima Osakeyhtio (Finland)[VP integrated verification planIVS in-vessel storageIVSM in-vessel storage moduleIVTM in-vessel transfer machineIWF industrial waste filter

industrial waste filtrationIWFS industrial waste filter system

industrial waste filtration systemIWGFR International Working Group on Fast

Breeder ReactorsIWRC iron wire rope coreIWS/IT integrated work sequence/inspection

travelerIWTS industrial waste treatment systemIX ion exchangerIZ isolation zone


I :

JABE John A. Blume and Associates,Engineers

JAEC Japan Atomic Energy CommissionJAEIP Japan Atomic Energy Insurance PoolJAERI Japan Atomic Energy Research

InstituteJAERO Japan Atomic Energy Relations

OrganizationJAF James A. FitzPatrick Nuclear Power

PlantJAFNPP James A. FitzPatrick Nuclear Power

PlantJAIF Japan Atomic Industrial ForumJAJ J.A. Jones Co.JANAP joint Army-Navy-Air Force

publicationJAPC Japan Atomic Power Co.JARRP Japan Association for Radiation

Research on PolymersJCAE Joint Committee on Atomic EnergyJCCCNRS Joint Coordinating Committee for

Civilian Nuclear Reactor Safety

joint establishment experimental pileJEN Junta de Energfa Nuclear (Spain)JEPIC Japan Electric Power Information

CenterJET joint European torusJETR Japan Engineering Test ReactorJFNP Joseph M. Farley Nuclear PlantJFNPP James A. FitzPatrick Nuclear Power

PlantJGC Japan Gasoline Co., Ltd.JGCR Japan Gas-Cooled ReactorJHEP joint human error probabilityJINR Joint Institute for Nuclear ResearchJIO justification for interim operationJOFOC justification for other than full and

open competitionJOG Joint Owners GroupJPDR Japan Power Demonstration ReactorJPM job performance measureJRR Japanese Research ReactorJSW Japan Steel Works, Ltd.JTA job task analysis/analysesJTG Joint Test GroupJUMA Joint Utility Management

Assessment GroupJURIS justice retrieval and inquiry system


job control languagejustification for continued operationJoint Committee on PrintingJersey Central Power & Light Co.Jersey Central Power & Light Co.Jacksonville Electric Authorityjoint emergency evacuation plan


Io "SO60 OS*" AZ0U A

KAEA Kazakh Atomic Energy AgencyKAERI Korea Atomic Energy Research

InstituteKAIF Korea Atomic Industrial ForumKALC krypton absorption in liquid carbon

dioxideKANUPP Karachi Nuclear Power Plant

(Pakistan)KAPL Knolls Atomic Power LaboratoryK/As knowledge and abilitiesKBG Kernkraftwerk-Betriebsgesellschaft,

m.b.H. (Germany)KBWP Kernkraftwerk Baden-Wuerttemberg

Planungsgesellschaft (Germany)KE Kaiser EngineersKEEPS Kodak Ektaprint Electronic

Publishing SystemKeff effective multiplication factorKEMA Tot Keuring van Elektrotechnische

Materialen, N.V. (Netherlands)KERMA kinetic energy released in materialKEWA Kembrennstoff-Wiederaufarbeitungs

-Gesellschaft, m.b.H: (Germany)KEWB kinetic experiment on water boilersKFKI Kozponti Fizakai Kutat6 Intezet

(Hungary) -

KGBS krypton gas bottling stationKG&E Kansas Gas & ElectricKKB Kernkraftwerk Brunsbuettel,

G.m.b.H. (Germany)KKK Kernkraftwerk Krummel, G.m.b.H.

(Germany)KKL Kernkraftwerk Leibstadt, A.G.

(Switzerland)KKN Kernkraftwerk Niederaichbach,

G.m.b.H. (Germany)KKP Kernkraftwerk Phillipsburg,

G.m.b.H. (Germany)KMC Kerr McGee Corp.

KNFDI Korea Nuclear Fuel DevelopmentInstitute

KNPP Kewaunee Nuclear Power PlantKNPS Kuosheng Nuclear Power Station

(Taiwan)KNU Korean Nuclear UnitKPDS key plant damage stateKRB Kernkraftwerk Gundremmingen

Betriebsgesellschaft (Germany)Kernkraftwerk RWE-Bayernwerk,G.m.b.H. (Germany)

KRR Kansai Research Reactor (Japan)KSAs knowledge, skills, and abilitiesKSB Klein, Schanzlin and Becker

Aktiengesellschaft (Germany)KSF Karen Silkwood FundKSGE Kansas Gas & Electric Co.KSH Kernenergie-Gesellschaft

Schleswig-Holstein, m.b.H.(Germany)

KSTR Kema Suspension Test Reactor(Netherlands)

KTG Kerntechnische Gesellschaft imDeutschen Atomforum, e.V.(Germany)

KTI key technical issueKTS Kerntechnische Sektion der

Schweizerischen Vereinigung firAtomenergie (Switzerland)

KTU key technical uncertaintyKWG Kernkraftwerk Graben, A.G.

(Switzerland)KWL Kernkraftwerk Lingen, G.m.b.H.

(Germany)KWO Kernkraftwerk Obrigheim, G.m.b.H.

(Germany)KWS Kernkraftwerk Sud, G.m.b.H.

(Germany)KWU Kraftwerk Union Aktiengesellschaft



I LiIS oM O So Lei:. A

LA licensing assistantlocal alarm

LACIBWR LaCrosse Boiling Water Reactor,LACE LWR (light-water reactor) aerosol

containment experimentLAFM Los Alamos Fuel ModelLALL low-activity level liquid [system],.LAMPRE Los Alamos Molten Plutonium

Reactor ExperimentLAN local area networkLAND League Against Nuclear DangersLANL Los Alamos National Laboratory

(formerly Los Alamos ScientificLaboratory)

LAPL Louisiana Power & Light Co.LAPPES large power plant effluent studyLAPRE Los Alamos'Power Reactor

ExperimentLAR license amendment request

licensing action reportlimited analytical reviewlocal automatic regulation

LASL Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory -(now LANL)

LAW low-acid wasteLAWB Los Alamos Water BoilerLBB leak before breakLBE licensing-basis eventLBHS large-bore hydraulic snubberLBL Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory.!'LBLOCA large-break loss-of-coolant accidentLBP land-based plant

lumped burnable poisonLBPR lumped burnable poison rodLBRB leak before risk of breakLC level controller

local control-locked closed

LCCC large-component cleaning cellLCCV large-component cleaning vesselLCHS large-component handling system'LCL lower contr6 l limit -

LCM LOCA (loss-of-coolant accident)core melt

LCO limiting condition for operation

LCR large component removallog count rate

LCRE lithium-cooled reactor experimentLCRM linear count rate meterLCS leakage collection system

leakage control systemlevel control systemlocal control stationloop control system

LCTI large-component test installationLCTL large-component test loopLCV level control valve

local control valveLCVIP licensee contractor vendor inspection

programLD letdown

lethal doseLID length to diameterLDCC large-diameter component caskLDR load definition report

- low dose rateL/DRS level and density recorder switchLDS leak detection' system

' leakage etection systemLDST letdown storage tankLE left end

limit of errorLEAC levelized energy adjustment clauseLED light-emitting diodeLEFM linear elaitic 'fracture mechanicsLEID limit of error on inventory differenceLEL large engineering loop

lower-electrical limit '

LEMUF limit of error on materialunaccounted for

LEO lasers and electro-opticsLEP local emergency protectionLER licensee event report'LERF large early release frequencyLERO local emergency response

organization-LERP large early release probabilityLES limited early site

Louisiana Energy Services


I =10SM ikKS2F1 .0 :: A-Y le

LESR limited early site reviewLET linear energy transferLEU license to export uranium

low-enriched uraniumLFA lead Federal agencyLFBR liquid fluidized bed reactorLFBR-CX liquid fluidized bed reactor-critical

experimentLFDCP local fire detection control panelLFL lower flammability limitLFMS license fee management staffLGR light-water-cooled, graphite-

moderated reactorLGS Limerick Generating Station

lower group stopLH low headLHC Little Harbor Consultants, Inc.LHGR linear heat generation rateLHM loop-handling machineLHR linear heat rateLHS Latin Hypercube Sampling

loop-handling systemLHSI low-head safety injectionLHST laundry and hot shower tankLI level indicatorLIC level indicating controller

level indicator controllerloop insertion cell

LIFO last in, first outLILCO Long Island Lighting Co.LIM ligament instability model

lower inlet moduleLIMB liquid metal breederLIMSW limit switch

limit switchLINAC linear acceleratorLIONS Licensing and Inspection Online

SystemLIRS level indicator recording switchLITR low-intensity test reactorLIWB Livermore Water BoilerLL liquid limitLLCS low-level compaction stationLLD low-level dose










lower limit of detectionlocal law enforcement agencylow-level flux monitorlight load handling systemlow-level liquid waste tankliquid level monitor port plugLawrence Livermore NationalLaboratorylocal leak-rate testlow-level radioactive wasteLow-Level Radioactive Waste PolicyAmendments Actlow-level solidlow-low setlow-level storage vaultlow-level solid-waste storage vaultliquid level transducerlarge-leak test riglow-level radioactive wastelow-level wastelow-level-waste burial groundlow-level-waste storage vaultlabor managementlocal manualLiquid Metal Engineering Centerliquid metal fast breeder reactorliquid metal fuel reactorliquid metal fuel reactor experimentliquid metal heat exchangerlicensing milestone planliquid metal reactorlicensing management systemlogarithmic mean temperaturedifferenceliquefied natural gasliquid natural gasLaCrosse Nuclear Generating Stationliquid nitrogen systemLondon Nuclear Serviceslinear, no-thresholdloss of normal waterliquid nitrogenlock openlocked open

L 66

W- R LS s S1 KG :Z-1 A

lube oilLOA letter of agreement

line of assuranceLOBI loop blowdown investigationLOCA loss-of-coolant accidentLOCE loss-of-coolant experimentLOCF loss of coolant flowLOCP loss-of-coolant protectionLOCV loss of coiidenser vacuumLOF lack of fusion

loss'of feedwaterloss of flow

LOFA loss-of-feedwater accidentloss-of-flow accident

LOFC loss of forced circulationloss of forced cooling

LOFT loss-of-fluid testLOFW loss of feedwaterLOFWS loss of flow without scramLOHS loss of heat sinkLOHSWS loss of heat sink without'scramLOI loss of ignitionLOMF loss of main feedwaterLOMFW loss of main feedwaterLOOP loss ofof fsitepower!LOP loss of offsite power

loss of powerLOPAR low parasitic fuelLOPI loss of pipe integrityLOPO lowipower ,..LOPRA low-power reactor assemblyLOPS loss-of-power startLOR lower oil reservoir ,LORD licensing online retrieval dataLORDS licensing online retrieval data systemLORT ,licensed operator requalification

trainingLOSP loss of offsite power

loss of station powerloss of system pressure

LOST lube oil storage tankLOU letter of understanding

limited official use '

LOVS loss-of-voltage signalloss-of-voltage start

LP liquid penetrantlow pressure

LPC loop preparation caskLPCI low-pressure coolant injection

low-pressure core injectionLPCIS low-pressure coolant injection

systemLPCS low-pressure core spray.LPD linear power density

local power densityLPDR local public document roomLPE loop preparation equipmentLPG liquefied petroleum gas

liquid petroleum gaslow-pressure gas

LPGS,- Liquid Pathway Generic StudyLPHSW last pass heat sink weldingLPI low-power injection

low-pressure injectionLPIS low-pressure injection systemLP&L Louisiana Power & Light Co.LPLNG low-pressure liquefied natural gasLPM licensing project managerLPMA loose-parts-monitor assemblyLPMS loose-parts monitoring systemLPNGP low-pressure noble gas processingLPOL low-power operating licenseLPR Lynchburg Pool ReactorLPRM local power range monitor

low-power range monitorLPRS low-pressure recirculation systemLP&S low power and shutdownLPSI .1 , low-pressure safety injectionLPSIP l.ow-pressure safety injection pumpLPSP low-power set pointLPSW low.pressure service waterLPT liquid penetrant testing

low-pressure turbineLPTF low-power test facility.LPTR Livermore Pool Type ReactorLPZ low-population zone


.I I S Li R5

LR level regulatorload rejectload rejection

LRA locked-rotor accidentLRB licensing review basis/basesLRC level recorder controller

Lewis Research Centerlocal recovery center

LRED licensing reportable eventdetermination

LRG license review grouplicensing review group

LRIA level removable instrument assemblyLRL Lawrence Radiation LaboratoryLRM lead reactor manufacturer

logarithmic radiation monitorLRP large rotating plugLRPE licensee regulatory performance

evaluationLRRP long-range research planLRS level recording switch

liquid radwaste systemLRSC License Renewal Steering

CommitteeLRTS liquid radwaste treatment systemLRVOS liner recombiner and vacuum

outgassing systemLRW liquid radioactive wasteLRX large reactor critical experimentLS level switch

lighting systemlocked shut

LSA low specific activityLSB last-stage bladeLSCS LaSalle County StationLSDF large sodium disposal facilityLSDP Lake Superior District Power Co.LSFT logic system functional test or testingLSI licensed supervising instructorLSNM low strategic significance special

nuclear materialLSP level set point

lower sequential permissivelow steamline pressure

LSR Lynchburg Source ReactorLSRO limited senior reactor operatorLSS Licensing Support SystemLSSA Licensing Support System

Administrator, Office of (NRC)LSSARP Licensing Support System Advisory

Review PanelLSSC less safety significant component

low safety significant componentLSSP latest scram set pointLSSS limiting safety system set point

limiting safety system settingLST large-scale testLSTF large-scale test facilityLT leak testing

level transmitterLTA lead test assembly

less than adequatelow-temperature adsorber

LTBT Limited Test Ban TreatyLTC linear translation case

load tap changerLTD letdownLTL lot truck loadLTM long-term maintenance

low-trajectory missileLTMD less than minimum detectableLTNGP low-temperature noble gas processLTOP low-temperature overpressure

protectionLTP licensing termination plan

long-term programLTR lattice test reactor

licensing technical reviewLockheed Training Reactor

LTS License Tracking SystemLicensing Tracking System

LTSF lid tank shielding facilityLTSP long-term seismic programLTV large test vesselLUWAS lowest unit with age significanceLUX-

ATOM S yndicat Luxembourgeois pourl'industrie Nucleaire (Luxembourg)

L 68

I i 0 0 :_ A 5I

LV leaky valveLVDT linear variable differential transducer

linear variable differentialtransformerlinear variable displacementtransducerlinear voltage differentialtransformer

LWA limited work authorizationLWBR light-water breeder reactor

LWCHW light-water-cooled, heavy-water-moderated reactor

LWGR light-water-cooled graphite-moderated reactor

LWMS liquid waste management systemLWOP leave without payLWP liquid waste processingLWPS liquid waste processing systemLWR light-water reactorLWTS laundry waste treatment system


IN 10O01s[ N o S ::10- A.1O Ck5a

M/A manual or automatic .MAA material access areaMAAC Mid-Atlantic Area CouncilMAAP material access authorization

programmodular accident analysis program,

MAC maintenance action cardmanagement advisory committee.Management Analysis Co.material accounting , -:

maximum allowable concentrationMACCT multiple assembly cooling cask testMAD maintenance assembly-disassembly'MAELU' Mutual Atorruic Energy Liability'

UnderwritersMAG. magneticsMAI miscellaneous actuation

instrumentationMAIN 'Mid-American Interpool NetworkMATT matrix analysis of insider threatMAM management and administration' :

manualMAN Maschinenfabrik

Augsberg-Nirnberg, A.G. (Germany)MAP maintenance action plan

maintenance assessment packagemethodology assessment program

MAPI Mitsubishi Atomic Power Industries,Inc. (Japan),

MAPLHGR maximum average planar linear,,. -heat-generation ratemaximum average planar linearheat-generation ratio

MAR maintenance action requestMARAD ''Maritime AdministrationMARCA Mid-Contiinent'Area'Reliability-

Coordination AgreementMARCH meltdown accident response

. characteristicMASE microwave amplification by

stimulated emissionMAT management advisory teamMB mixed bedMB-2 Model Boiler-Two'MBA material balance 'area"'MBO management by objective












MBP monobutyl phosphateMBq megabecquerelMBR material balance reportMC main circulator

main condensermajor componentmanual chapter,(NRC)metal clad.Mitsubishi Corporation

MCA material control and accountabilitymaximum credible accidentmultichannel analyzer

MC&A material control and accountingMCAP Management Corrective Action PlanMCB main control boardMCC ` Materials Characterization Center,

motor control centermovement* control center

MCCB molded-case circuit breakerMCES main condenser evacuation systemMCET materials, chemical, and

environmental technologyMCHFR rminimum critical heat flux rate

'minimum critical heat flux ratioMCI managed cost improvement

millicurieMCIG ,miscellaneous control and

instrumentation group'MCIS materials compatibility in sodiumMCLAMS measurement, control, LEID (limit of

error of the inventory difference) andMUF (material unaccounted for) ID(inventory difference) simulation

MCOV maximum continuous operatingvoltage'

MCPR' maximum critical power ratio-minimum critical power ratio'

MCR main control room,material certification report

MCRE main control room envelopeMCREC main control room environmental

.. .controlMCRH main control room habitabilityMCRHS main control room habitability








I 1M OOM01Ie kie OFAI A 5

MCS main circulator subsystemmaster control stationMonte Carlo Sampling

MCSS metallic core support structureMCV movable closure valveMD management directive

measured discardMDA minimum detectable activityMDAFWP motor-driven auxiliary feedwater

pumpMDB master databaseMDC maximum dependable capacity

minimum detectable concentrationmoderator density coefficient

MDCT mechanical draft cooling towerMDEFWP motor-driven emergency feedwater

pumpMDEP Maine Department of Environmental

ProtectionMDF mechanical design flowMDHR mini-decay heat removalMDI Many Diverse Interests, Inc.MDL minimum detectable limitMDM metal disintegration machining

modified diffusion methodMDNBR minimum departure from nucleate

boiling ratioMDP master decommissioning planMDR manufacturer's date reportMDS megawatt demand setterMDU motion detection unitME maintenance effectivenessM&E material and equipmentMEA maintenance engineering analysis

Materials Engineering AssociatesMEAG Metropolitan Electric Authority of

GeorgiaMEC Mid American Energy Co.MECAS multienergy californium assay

systemMEED Metropolitan Edison Co.MEHC Mid American Energy Holdings Co.MEF median energy of fissionMEFV maintenance equipment floor valveMEGAS multienergy gamma assay system

ME1 maintenance effectiveness indicatormaximally exposed individual

MEIS minimum electrical isolation schemeMEL master equipment list

Mitsubishi Electric Corp. (Japan)MELB moderate-energy line breakMELC moderate-energy line crackMEOD maximum extended operating

domainMEPNS Ministry of Environmental

Protection and Nuclear Safety(Ukraine)

MEQ mechanical equipment qualificationMERIT management evaluation and risk

identification treeMERITS methodically engineered,

restructured, and improved technicalspecifications

MERLIN Medium-Energy,Light-Water-Moderated, IndustrialNuclear Reactor (United Kingdom)

MES maintenance engineering servicesMESA multielement skew angleMESF minimum engineered safety featureMESL maximum emergency service loadMETA-

FRAM Metallurgie Francaise des Poudres,S.A. (France)

MEU medium-enriched uraniumMeV million electron voltsMEWS Mixed Energy Waste StudyMF mound facilityMFB main feeder busMFC master flow controllerMFCI molten fuel coolant interactionMFCS main feedwater control systemMFCV main feedwater control valveMFI minimum flow interlockMFIS main feedwater isolation signalMFIV main feedwater isolation valveMFL main feedwater line

master fuse listmaximum foreseeable loss

MFLB main feedwater line breakMFLPD maximum fraction of limiting power




M 72

U 0 0 :: '

MFP main feed powermain feedwater pumpmixed fission product

MFPG mixed fission products generatorMFPT main feedwater pump turbine' -'

MFPTC main feed pump turbine condenser,MFRV main feedwater regulation valve,MFS main feedwater system

mobilizaitioinfor survivalMFT multiprogramming with a fixed

number of tasksMFTA multiduct fuel test assemblyMFV main feedwater valve

maintenan'ce flo6r valveMFW ' main feedwaterMFWCS -main feedwater and condensate

'systemMFWLB main feedwater line breakMFWRV main feedwater regulating valveMFWV main feedwater valveMG manual group

motor generator'M/G motor generatorM-G motor generatorMGCR maritime gas-cooled reactorMGCR-CX maritimme gas-cooled reactor-critical

experimentMGDS mined geologi6 disposa systemMGEC Madison Gas &' Electic' Co.MGL Multiple Greek Letter (common-

cause failure analysis)' * .

MGVC 'manual governing valve'control 3

MHA 'Imaxi'mum hypothetical accident ' "MH-lA 'Mobile High Power Plant No. 1A'MHC ;mechanrical-hydraulic' controlMHD " magnetohydrodyn'i hics' .' .MHDC imagnetohydrodynamii obnversion}MHFPR maximum hypothetical

fission-product release ..

MHI . iMitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. 2(Japan), ;.

MHNGS Marble Hill Nuclear Generating.Station'

MHP material handling procedureMHS' -';echan-ial handling system


MHTGR ' modular high-temperature gas-cooledreactor..

MHTS . main heat transport systemMI manual individual

mineral insulated,MIBK methyl isobutyl ketone,MIC microbiologically induced corrosion

microbiologically influencedcorrosion

MICDS movable in-core detector system,.MIDAS meteorological information and dose

acquisition systemmeteorological information and doseassessment system

MIDS movable instrument drive system .

M&1E meals and incidental expensesMU, matenral identifica"tion list

material identification logMIMS metal impact monitoring systemMINET momentum integral networkMIP ' maintenance improvement prog'ram

master inspection planMIPS' master inspection planning systemMIS maintenance information system

'manhigeTient information system'MIST niaiimiim isotheimal system

temperatureminor isotopes safeguards technique'multiloop integral system test

MIT Massachusetts Institute ofTechnology. ,.*'

mm Ministry of International Trade andIndustry (Japan),',,

MITR Massachusetts Institute ofTechnolo&y'Reactor

MKU Mary Kathleen Uranium, Ltd.'(Australia)'

ML manufacturing licernseML-l MobileLow Power Plant No. IMLD -'mean low'-water datuii/data

median lethal doseMLHGR maximum linear heat generation rate

rmaximum linear heat generation ratioMLO ,main lube oil '"

MLP main loop pump


I I ::

MLS Medilab Select (Belgium)multi-level secure

MLSR Monthly Letter Status ReportMLSV main loop shutoff valveMLW mean low waterMLWMS miscellaneous liquid waste

management systemMM mechanical maintenance

modified MercalliMME Mercantile Marine Engineering and

Graving Docks Co., N.V. (Belgium)MMG motor-motor generatorMMI man-machine interface

modified Mercalli intensityMMIS man-machine interface systemMMP maintenance manual procedureMMPA Magnetic Material Producers

AssociationMMSA man-machine systems

analysis/analysesMMWEC Massachusetts Municipal Wholesale

Electric Co.MNCR material nonconformance reportMNGP Monticello Nuclear Generating PlantMNP maximum negative pressureMNPS Millstone Nuclear Power StationMNS McGuire Nuclear StationM&O management and organizationalMO mixed oxide

modulate openmotor operator

MOA memorandum/memoranda ofagreement

MOC middle of cycleminimum operable channel

MOD motor-operated disconnectMODE maximum organ dose equivalentMODEM modulator-demodulatorMONAL mobile nondestructive assay

laboratoryMOOS maintenance out of serviceMOP maintenance outline procedureMOR monthly operating reportMORT management oversight risk treeMOTA materials open test assembly

MOU memorandum/memoranda ofunderstanding

MOV metal oxide varistermotor-operated valve

MOVATS motor-operated valve analysis andtest system

MOX mixed oxideMOXF mixed-oxide fuelMP magnetic particle

maintenance procedureMidland Plant

MPA multiplant actionmultiplant activity

MPAI maximum permissible annual intakeMPBB maximum permissible body burdenMPC maximum permissible concentration

Metals Properties CouncilMontana Power Co.multi-purpose canister

MPCA maximum permissible concentrationin air

MPCW maximum permissible concentrationin water

MPD maximum permissible doseMPE maximum permissible exposureMPFF maintenance preventable functional

failureMPL master parts list

maximum permissible levelmechanical properties loop

MP&L Mississippi Power & Light Co.MPO manufacturing production orderMPP maximum positive pressureM&PP materials and plant protectionMPR mechanical pressure regulatorMPRE medium-power reactor experimentMPRT multipurpose rail transportMPS manpower systemmps meter per secondMPS monitoring and protection system

multipurpose samplerMPSC Maine Public Service Co.MPT magnetic particle testing

minimum pressurization temperature

M 74

. S 6 S :: A 5


multiplexer -materials and qualifications . ,-.engineeringmechanical quality engineeringmotion to quash subpoenaMQS

MR material requisitionmonitoring report, .i

morning reportManagement Review Board r

MRBI maintenance rule baseline inspectionMRBT multirod burst testMRC Medical Research Council (United

Kingdom)MREM millirem'MRI material receiving instructionMRMU 'mobile radiological measuring unit,MRO medical review officerMRP' modification/rework package '. ';MRPC motorized rotating pancake coilMRR material receiving report

medical research reactorMRS manipulator repair shop.

manufacturer's record sheetmonitored retrievable storage

MRSS main and reheat steam systemMS main steam .

manual sequentialmargin of safetymilestone..

M/S maintenance/surveillanceMSA management self-assessment .;

material surveillance assembly,-,mechanical signatureanalysis/analysesmines safety appliance

MSAR mines safety appliance researchMSB main steamline break

multi-assembly sealed basketMSBE molten salt breeder experimentMSBR molten salt breeder reactorMSCA mixed spectrum critical assemblyMSCI molten steel coolant interaction

MSGTR multiple steam generator tuberupture

MSHA ''Mine Safety and HealthAdministration

MSICV main steam isolation check valveMSIP modified stabilization in placeMSIS main steam isolation signalMSIV main'steamn isolation valveMSIVLCS main steamiline isolation valve

leakag 'control systemMSL mainm steamline

maximum still-water levelmean sea level

MSLA main steamline accidentMSLB ' main steamline breakMSLD 'mass'spectrometer leak detectorMSLI main steamline isolationMSLIVSS main steamline isolation valve

sealing systemMSLRDS main steamline rupture detection

system, I ..MSM master/slave manipulator

modified source multiplicationI ~~. v , .

MSNM special nuclear material of moderatestrategic significance

MSPB Merit System Protection BoardMSR material status report

maximum steam ratemoisture separator reheatermolten salt reactor

MSRE molten salt reactor experimentMSRP Multiple System Responses ProgramMSRV main steam relief valveMSS main steamui system' '''

main support structuremanagement systems sectionManufacturers StandardizationSociety of the Valve and FittingsIndustrymixed spectrum superheatermodified scram system

MSSC more safety-significant componentMSSCE mixed spectrum superheater critical

experimentMSSR mixed spectrum superheat reactor

5 M


main steam and feedwatermodular steam generator


-S S 5 AI

main steam safety relief (valve)MSSS main steam supply system

main steam support structureMSSV main steam safety valve

main steam shutoff valveMST main steam tunnelMSV mean square voltageMS&W maintenance shop and warehouseMT magnetic particle test

magnetic particle testingmaterial transfermaterials testmelt through

MTBF mean time between failuresMTC moderator temperature coefficient

multi-assembly transfer caskM&TE measuring and test equipmentMTER multitest evaluation reportMTF mean time to failureMTG main turbine generatorMT/G main turbine generatorMTI maintenance team inspection

mandatory team inspectionMechanical Technology, Inc.

MTL materials test loopMobiltherm light

MTOS magnetic tape operations systemMTPF maximum total peaking factorMTR materials testing reactorMTS main turbine system

module tracking systemMIT microwave theory and techniquesMTTF mean time to failureMTTR mean time to repair






mean time to replacementmetric ton of uraniummetric ton unitmodule test unitmakeupmaterial unaccounted forMOV Users Groupmakeup and purificationmanagement update and retrievalmockup reactorMusicians United for Safe Energymakeup tankMOVATS Users Technical Noticemultiplexermechanical vacuum pumpmultiple virtual storagemultiple venture scrubbing systemmultiprogramming with a variablenumber of tasksmegawattmultiple weld data cardmegawatt electricmiscellaneous waste holdup tankmaintenance work ordermakeup water systemmakeup water storage tankmiscellaneous waste storage tankmegawatt thermalmegawatt-yearMaine Yankee Atomic Power Co.Maine Yankee Atomic Power StationMehrzweck Forschungsreaktor(Germany)

M 76

Q IFAlS 5 1 0 -ATK e

NA a, not applicablenot available i --

N/A ' not applicable 1, ,NAA neutron a'ctivation analysis/analyses,NAB 'n'nucle'arassenmbly building ,

NAC national agency check*Nuclear Assurance Corporation .!

NACE National Association of Corrosion, Engineers - , *

NAD nuclea'r accident dosimetryNAEC North'Anna Environmental Coalitiotn'NAESCO North Atlantic Energy Service Corp.NAFTA 'North American Free Trade

t Akreement - .. iNAGRA Nationale'Genossenschaft fur dieQ'

Lagerung Radioaktiver Abfdlle ,. (- (Switzerland) ,.

NAI sodium iodide ..

NAIG 'Nippon "Atomic Industry Group Co.,;Ltd. (Japan) .

NAN Nuclear Awareness NetworkNANT ,National Academy for Nuclear "' -rv

"Training .NAPA National Academy of Public

AdministrationNAPCA 1Ntional Air Pollution Control

..Administration I . ...

NAPS' North Anna Power StationNAPSIC.. North American Power Systems ,,

Interconnection CommitteeNAPUS nuclear auxiliary wer unit system.,NARA Nation'ai Archives and Records'

Administration . ,

NARADCari Natick Research and DevelopmentCommand' '- '

NARM naturally occurring or ' iaccelerator-produced radioactivematerial ' iI

NARUC National Ass'ociation of Regulatory;: -Utility Commissioners, i-' -'-i

NAS National Academy' of Sciences - "'.:

nonreactor assessment -staffNASA ' ;NationillAero'autic and'Space -'

-'J- ''Administration . , :;'/iNASAP .Nonpr6liferation Alternative T Y'

Systems Assessment Program '' 'elk -

. j i;

NAS-NRC .National Academy ofSciences-National Research

-Council,- .-

NASE National Academies of ScienceNASIRE c'National 'Association of State

NA ,CAInformation Resource ExecutivesNASUCA National Association of State Utility

Consumer AdvocatesNAWAS ., national warning system.NB nuclear blank

nuclear boilerNBGEL. k ';New Bedford Gas and Edison Light

Co.NBL New Brunswick LaboratoryNBP New-Brunswick P6wer (Canada)NBR nuclear boilerratedNBS Nation'al Bureau of Standards (now

National Institute of Standards andTechnology),,

NBSR National Bureau of StandardsReactor

NC ' neut'ron controller Inormally closednuclear construction

NdA' ,' neutron control assemblyNCAI National Congress of American

Indians TNCBR near-commercial breeder reactorNCC -. natural convection cooldownNCF no containment failure -NCIG Nuclear Construction Issues Group

(EPRI). ,NCP,; network control programNCR nonconformance report

nonconforming condition reportnotification-of-change report

NCRERP North Carolina Radiation EmergencyResponse Plan .

NCRP National Council on RadiationProtection---

NCRP(M) National Committee on RadiationProtection and Measurements

NCRWS Nationai Campaign for RadioactiveWaste Safety'

NCS '-national coiimnunications systemnuclear criticality safety'





I :I:I ,






II ,



IL :016 W*" SetlrA ::0. V :1SLI9 e l

NCSA National Center for SupercomputingApplications

NCSAG Nuclear Cross Section AdvisoryGroup

NCSCR North Carolina State College ReactorNCSL National Conference of State

LegislaturesNCSS neutron control subsystemNCSUR North Carolina State University

ReactorNCV non-cited violationNCVP natural circulation verification

programND negative declaration

normally deenergizedNDA no detectable activity

nondestructive analysisnondestructive assay

NDC nuclear data committeeNDCT natural draft cooling towerNDE nondestructive examinationNDHX natural draft heat exchangerNDL nuclear data linkNDRC National Defense Research CouncilNDT nil ductility temperature

nil ductility transitionnondestructive testing

NDTT nil ductility transition temperatureNE normally energized

nuclear engineeringNEA Northeast Energy Alliance

Nuclear Energy Agency (OECD)Nuclear Engineering Associates

NEB Nuclear Energy Board (Ireland)NEC National Electrical Code

Nuclear Energy CenterNECAP Nutmeg Electric Companies Atomic

ProjectNECNP New England Coaliltion on Nuclear

PollutionNECO Nuclear Engineering CompanyNECSS Nuclear Energy Center Site SurveyNEDS nuclear employee data systemNEES New England Electric SystemNEFC National Emergency Fire Center

NEGEA New England Gas and ElectricAssociation

NEI Nuclear Energy Institute (formnerlyNUMARC and USCEA)

NEIL Nuclear Electric Insurance LimitedNEJAC National Environmental Justice

Advisory CouncilNELIA Nuclear Energy Liability Insurance

AssociationNELPIA Nuclear Energy Liability Property

Insurance AssociationNEMA National Electrical Manufacturers

AssociationNENE Northeast Nuclear Energy Co.NEO nuclear engineering and operationsNEP New England PlantNEPA National Environmental Policy ActNEPCO New England Power CompanyNEPIA Nuclear Energy Property Insurance

AssociationNERA National Economic Research

Associates, Inc.NERC National Electric Reliability Council

National Environment ResourceCouncil (United Kingdom)Nuclear Energy Research Centre(Belgium)

NERHL Northeastern Radiological HealthLaboratory

NERP nuclear experience review programNERV nuclear emulsion recovery vehicleNERVA nuclear engine for rocket vehicle

applicationNESC National Electric Safety Code

Nuclear Energy Software CenterNESCWS nonessential services chilled water

systemNESDIP Nestor Shielding and Dosimetry

Improvement ProgramNESF normal engineered safety featureNESP National Environmental Studies

ProjectNEST nuclear emergency search teamNETR Nuclear Engineering Test ReactorNEU Northeastern Utilities (Company)NEUSSN Northeastern U.S. Seismic NetworkNEUT Northeast Utilities

N 78

- S S S &::- A

NEVP Nevada Power Co.NEW Nuclear Energy WomenNEWS Nuclear Engineering Workstation

SimulatorNEWSTAR nuclear energy waste space

transportation and removalNF neutron fluxNFC no further consequencesNFCA nonfuel core array :NFI Nuclear Fuel Industries, Ltd. (Japan)NFPA National Fire Protection AssociationNFRRC nuclear fuel recovery and receiving'

centerNFS network file system

Nuclear Fuel Services Co.NFSA new fuel storage areaNG nitroglycerin

noble gasNGA ,,Nationale Gesellschaft ffir F6rderung

der Industriellen Atomtechnik(Switzerland)

NGE North Georgia Electric MembershipCorp.

NGF Natural Guard FundNGN Next Generation NetworkNGSF noble gas storage facilityNHPA National Historic Preservation ActNHY New Hampshire YankeeNI never incorporated

nuclear instrumentnuclear instrumentationnuclear island -I

NIAC 'Nuclear Industry AssessmentCommitteeNuclear Insurance Association ofCanada

NIC Nuclear Industry Check Valve GroupNuclear Industry Consortium -(Belgium)

NICWB nuclear island cooling water buildingNIDA National Institute on Drug AbuseNIH .Nationai Institutes of Health (U.S.,

'Public Health Service)NiI Nuclear Iiisttatlations Inspectorate

(United Kingdom) ' 'NIM nuclear instrument module

NiMo Niagara Mohawk Power Corp.NIOBE numerical integration'of the

Boltzmann equationNIOSH National Institute for Occupational

Safety and Health (U.S. PublicHealth Service)

NIPA notice of initiation' of procurementaction'

NIPS Northern Indiana Public Service Co.NIRA 'Nucleare Italiana Reattori Avanzati,

SpA (Italy):NIRB -Nuclear Insurance Rating BureauNIRL negligible'individual risk levelNIRMA Nuclear Information and Recoras

Management Association, Inc.NIRNS National Institute for Research in

Nuclear Science (United Kingdom)NIRS- National Institute of Radiological.

Sciences'(Japan)Nuclear Information and Resource -Service

NIS Network Information ServiceNevada Inspection ServiceNewly Independent Statesnuclear instrumentation system

NISCO Nuclear Inspection ServicesCompany

NISP National Industrial Security Program,NISPOM National Industrial Security Program

; I Operating ManualNIST National Institute of Standards and

Technology (formerly NationalBureau of Standards)

NJBPU New Jersey Board of Public UtilitiesiNJOAL New Jersey Office of Administrative

LawNLI ' 'National Lead Industries

Nuclear Industries, Inc.NMA National Mining AssociationNMAC Nuclear Maintenance Assistance

Center (Electric Power ResearchInstitute)

NMCC 'Nuclear Material Control Center(Japan)

NMDB nuclear maintenance databaseNMEC Northern Michigan Electric

Cooperative, Inc.NMED nuclear material events database '



I I 0 £: m

NMIS nuclear materials information systemnuclear materials inventory system

NMMSS nuclear materials management andsafeguards system

NMP national meter programmingNiagara Mohawk Power Corp.

NMPNS Nine Mile Point Nuclear StationNMRG Nuclear Managers Review GroupNMS national measurement system

neutron monitoring systemNMSS Nuclear Material Safety and

Safeguards, Office of (NRC)NMST new materials system testNMT nuclear medicine technologistNN nearest neighbor

nearest neighboringNNC National Nuclear Corporation, Ltd.

(United Kingdom)NNCSC National Neutron Cross Section

CommitteeNNDC National Nuclear Data CenterNNEC National Nuclear Energy

Commission (Brazil)NNECO Northeast Nuclear Energy Co.NNESCO Northeast Nuclear Energy Services

Co.NNI nonnuclear instrumentationNNIS nonnuclear instrumentation systemNNPA Nuclear Non-Proliferation Act of

1978NNPS Norco Nuclear Power StationNNS nonnuclear safetyNNSA National Nuclear Safety

Administration (China)NNSDD Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry

Dock CompanyNNTP network news transfer protocolNNWSI Nevada Nuclear Waste Storage

InvestigationNO normally openNOAA National Oceanic and Atmospheric

AdministrationNOAC Nuclear Operations Analysis CenterNOD notice of deviationNOED notice of enforcement discretionNOI notice of indication


NOL Naval Ordnance Laboratorynormal operating loss

NON notice of nonconformanceNOP normal operating procedureNORCUS Northwest College and University

Association for ScienceNORM naturally occurring radioactive

materialNOS not otherwise specifiedNOUE notice of unusual event

notification of unusual eventNOV notice of violationNOWUS normal operation with unscramNP negative pressure

nuclear powerNPA nuclear plant analyzerNPAR nuclear plant aging researchNPC Nuclear Power Co.NPCA National Paint and Color AssociationNPCC Northeast Power Coordinating

CouncilNPD national policy debate

Nuclear Power Demonstration(Canada)

NPDB nuclear plant data bankNPDES National Pollutant Discharge

Elimination SystemrNPE nuclear plant engineering

nuclear power experienceNPEC Nuclear Power Engineering

CommitteeNPEP Nuclear Plant Equipment

Procurement Working GroupNPF nuclear power facilityNPG Nuclear Power Group, The (United

Kingdom)NPGS nuclear power generating stationNPIS nuclear plant island structureNPO nuclear plant operatorNPP nuclear performance plan

nuclear power plantNPPD Nebraska Public Power DistrictNPR National Performance Review

new production reactornonpower reactor


- SS : . aMS

NPRCG Nuclear Public Relations Contact:Group (Italy)

NPRDS Nuclear Plant Reliability Data !.-System (INPO) , i ' ;

NPRF , .Northrop Pulse Radiation FacilityNPS nominal pipe size

normal pressurizer sprayNuclear Power Service.(Westinghouse)numerical plotting system

NPSH net positive suction head,NPSI Nuclear PowerService IncorporatedNPSRA. Nuclear-Powered Ship Research::w;

Association (Japan)NPSRS nuclear power safety reporting

system . ... - . , -, !NPT national pipe thread.,

Nonproliferation TreatyNPTF , nuclear proof test facilityNPZ nickel-plated Zircaloy 4NQA nuclearquality.assurance -:

NQAA Nuclear Quality Assurance Agency.;NQAM nuclear quality assurance manual,;,NQAP nuclear qjuality assurance'planNR '-'narrow range

narrow resonance 'd '

nonconformance reportNRA'' Nuclear Regulatory Adrninistration

Nuclear Regulatory Authority . .'(Ukraine)'

NRAP naturally'radioactive productNRB 'nonconformance review board

.. .. .. . .... ...NRC,, -,. National ResearchCouncil

Nuclear Regulatory Commission,U.S.

NRCA . n'onradiologically controlled areaNRCAR 'NRC Acquisition RegulationNRCC National Research Council (Canada),-

Northern Rockies Cancer'CenterNRDC National Resources Defeinse Counilc'NRDS Nuclear Rocket Deveiopment StationNRE nucleariresearch emulsion .NREP.' 'National Reiability Evaluation

Prog! -a mneutron resonance escape probability

NRHE ' nonregenerative heat exchangerNRHX nonregenerative heat'exchangerNRIM n'narrow' resonance infinite massNRL " Naval Research Lab6ratory (United

Kingdom) 7' i;.''''-NRPB National Radiological Protection

BoardNRR Naval Research Reactor,,,

Nuclear Reactor Regulation, Officeof (NRC)

NRRO nuclear radiation-resistant oilNRT. national response teamNRTS National Reactor Test StationNRU National Reactor UniversalNRW nonradioactive 'wasteNRWV nonradioactive waste ventNRX National Research Reactor

nuclear engine reactor experimentNS near side

,nonseismic .,_, .normally shutnuclear_ ship.

NSA National Security AgencyNuclear. Safety AgencyNuclear Science AbstractsNuclear Systems Associates

NSAC Nuclear Safety 'Analysis CenterNSC National Security Council

net-section collapse'net-suction c6llapseNuclear Safety Concern

NSCR 'Nuclear Science Center Reactor.NSCW nuclear service cooling waterNSDM 'nationial secirity decision

memorandum/memorana daNSEP' 'National Security Emergency

PreparednessNSF National Sanita iin'Foundation

National Science Foundation' Nuclear Science Foundation

NSFP nonsodiumr fire'-protectionNSHC no-signiricant-hazards'considerationiNSHE. no-significant-h'azards evaluation'NSI national security' info rnaiition



I IK] i- : N I [e ilk:- '

NSIAC Nuclear Strategic Issues AdvisoryCommittee (NEI)

NSIC Nuclear Safety Information CenterNSIP Nuclear Safe Issues ProgramNSLD No Seismic Limit DurationNSMH Nuclear Systems Material HandbookNSO nuclear station operatorNSOA nuclear safety operational

analysis/analysesNSP Northern States Power Co.NSPP nuclear safety pilot plantNSPS nuclear safety protection systemNSQAC Nuclear Supplier Quality Assurance

CommitteeNSTC National Science and Technology

CenterNSR neutron source reactor

non-safety-relatedNSRA Nuclear Safety Research Association

(Japan)NSRB Nuclear Safety Review BoardNSRG Nuclear Safety Review GroupNSRL Nuclear Structure Research

LaboratoryNSRR nuclear safety research reactorNSRRC Nuclear Safety Research Review

CommitteeNSRS nuclear safety review staffNSS nuclear steam systemNSSM national security study

memorandum/memorandaNSSS nuclear steam supply system

nuclear steam system supplierNSSSS nuclear steam supply shutoff systemNSTF Nuclear Science and Technology

FacilityNSUM neutron shuffler uranium monitorNSW nuclear service waterNSWMA National Solid Waste Management

AssociationNSWS nuclear service water systemNT neutron transmitterNTCP near-term construction permitNTE not to exceedNTEU National Treasury Employees UnionNTF nuclear test facility


NTIS National Technical InformationService

NTOL near-term operating licenseNTP National Toxicology Program

normal temperature and pressurenuclear test plant

NTR nuclear test reactornuclear testing reactor

NTS Nevada Test SiteNTSB National Transportation Safety

BoardNU Northeast UtilitiesNUBARG Nuclear Utility Backfitting and

Reform GroupNUC-



Centrales Nucleares del Norte, S.A.(Spain)Nucleare Italiana (Italy)nuclear procedure requirementnuclear data evaluationNuclear Documents System

AD Nuclear DocumentsSystem/Advanced Design

NUFCOR Nuclear Fuels Corp. of South AfricaNUGEQ Nuclear Utility Group on Equipment

QualificationNUGSBO Nuclear Utility Group on Station

BlackoutNUHOMS Nutech Horizontal Modular StorageNUMAC Nuclear Management and ControlNUMARC Nuclear Management and Resources

Council (now NEI)NUMEC Nuclear Materials and Equipment

Corp.NUMS nuclear materials securityNUPEC Nuclear Power Engineering

Corporation (Japan)NUPIC Nuclear Procurement Issues

CommitteeNUPLEX Nuclear Utilities Plant Life

Extension Steering CommitteeNURE national uranium resource evaluationNUREG NRC technical report designation

(Nuclear Regulatory Commission)NUREG/BR NUREG brochure


s S I S I:. I 5 ll iINSOOKI ^21 i 10

NUREGCP NUREG conference proceedingsNUREGCR NUREG contractor reportNUREGA3R NUREG grantee reportNUREGIIA NUREG international agreement

reportNUS Nuclear Utilities ServiceNUSCO Northeast Utilities Service CompanyNUSMG Nuclear Utilities Software

Management GroupNUSS nuclear safety standard (International

Atomic Energy Agency)NUTAC Nuclear Utility Task Action

CommitteeNVH nitrogen vent headerNVLAP National Voluntary Laboratory

Accreditation ProgramNW normal wasteNWC normal water chemistryNWCC neutron well coincidence counterNWL normal water leg

NWP Nuclear Waste ProjectNWPA Nuclear Waste Policy Act of 1982NWPAA Nuclear Waste Policy Amendments

Act of 1987NWR nuclear work requestNWS National Weather ServiceNWTRB Nuclear Waste Technical Review

BoardNYD New York mean tide dataNYGAS New York Gas GroupNYPA New York Power AuthorityNYPIRG New York Public Interest Research

GroupNYSADA New York State Atomic and Space

Development AuthorityNYSEG New York State Electric & Gas

Corp.NYSERDA New York State Energy Research

and Development Authority


I NISM06 IM i K601:1: m STT




oiltoairoperating authorizationOrszfigos Atomenergia John Urban:'Bizottsdg (Hungary)office allegation coordinatoroperational availability date

tAI v .-' outside air intake . , . -' i,OAR operational assessment and readinessOARP, operator accelerated retraining

program,.OAS Organization of Agreement States.OATP -operational acceptance test

procedureOBA operating-basis accident,OBE - Office of Business Economics

opeiating-basis earthquakeOBERS. Office of Business Economics

Research ServiceOBRA-90 Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act

, of 1990OC Office of the Controller (NRC)

operating curveoperations center

OCA Office of Congressional Affairs i(NRC)overcooling acci dent

OCAA Office of Comxmission AppellateAdjudication (NRC)

OCB oil collection basin* oil-operated cikuit b6eaker

OCDE Organisation de Cooplration et de 'Developpement Econorniques 'i(France .-

OCDRE Organic-Cooled Deuterium Reactor,Experiment (Canada)

OCFO Office of the Chief Financial OfficerOCI oxide control and indicationOCIMS Operations Center Information

Management SystemiOCIO Office of the Chief Information

>Officer (NRC) .Q " *OCLC Online ComputeiLibrar6 Center,

Inc. ., - i ' - .,0CM Office of the Commission (NRC)'OCNPP' ' i Oyster' Creek Nuclear 'Power PIant'nOCR operational control record

* '.'

OCRE 'Ohio Citizens for Responsible-Energy,,

OCRWM Office of Civilian Radioactive WasteManagement

OD outside diameterODCM; 'offsite dose calculation manualODCWT outer-diameter creeping wave

techniqueODF onsite decontamination facilityODSCC outer-diarmeter stress-corrosion

cracking'outside-diamreter stress-corrosioncracking

OE oceanic engineeringOffice of Enforcement (NRC)operating engineeroperating experience

OEC Ohio Edison Co.OECD Organization for Economic

Cooperation and DevelopmentOEDO Office of the Executive Director for

Operations (NRC) , ; IOEM- original equipment manufacturerOER operating event report

operating experience reviewOERTS operational events report tracking

systemOFA optimized fuel assemblyOFPP Office of Federal Procurement

Policy i , , -

OFZS Osterreichisches Forschungszentrum,Siebersdorf, G.m.b.H. (Austria)

OG;0a;0 off-gas. .;,,; ,,.,owners group,

OGC -Office ofthe General Counsel (NRC)OGE Office of Government EthicsOGI , off-gas isolationOGR .. 1 ORNL (Oak Ridge National

Laboratory) 'Graphite ReactorOGS off-gas system -

OGST overthread guide sleeve toolOGTB ' off-gas'treatment building iOH - Ontario Hydro (Canada) -'OHER :Office of Health and Environmental

Research (U.S. Department ofEnergy)


M4S * Am 31 MTA10

OHLH overhead heavy-load handlingOHRS overflow heat removal systemOHST overhead storage tankOHTCS outer head temperature control

system01 Office of Investigations (NRC)

operating instructionoptical isolatoroutstanding item

OIC online instrument and controlOIG Office of the Inspector General

(NRC)OP Office of International Programs

(NRC)operating internal pressure

OITS open item tracking systemOJT on-the-job trainingOL operating license

operating limitoperator license

OLIP online instrument packageOLMCPR operating limit maximum critical

power ratioOLTS operator licensing tracking systemOM operations manager

oxide meltO/M oxygen to metalO&M operation and maintenance

Operations and MaintenanceCommittee of ASME

OMB Office of Management and BudgetOMCA organic-moderated critical assemblyOMM operation and maintenance manualOMR organic-moderated reactorO&MR operation and maintenance report

operations and maintenance reminderOMRCA organic-moderated reactor critical

assemblyOMRE organic-moderated reactor

experimentOMRR Ordnance Material Research ReactorONCA outer neutron control assemblyONE Operations Notification and

Evaluation (form)ONS Oconee Nuclear Station

OOS out of sequenceout of service

OOSC onsite operations support centerOOSS operations officer support systemOP Office of Personnel (NRC)

oxygen pressureOPA Office of Public Affairs (NRC)

operational performance assessmentOPAC online payment and collectionOPCTR Operations CenterOPDRV operation with a potential for

draining the reactor vesselOPEC Organization of Petroleum Exporting

CountriesOPEN Organisation des Producteurs

d'Energie Nucldaire (France)OPERA out-of-pile expulsion and reentry

apparatusOPF Official Personnel FileOPFM outlet plenum feature modelOPL Omega Point LaboratoriesOPM Office of Personnel ManagementOPPD Omaha Public Power DistrictOPR offsite procurement request

open pool reactorOPS Offshore Power Systems

operational protection systemoverpressure protection systemoverpressurization protection system

OPST out-of-pile systems testOPT optimizationOPX off-premise extensionOPyC outer pyrolytic carbonOQA operations quality assuranceOQAP operational quality assurance planOR onsite representative

operating reactorORA orifice rod assemblyO-RAP operational reliability assurance

programORAT operational readiness assessment

teamORAU Oak Ridge Associated UniversitiesORB outside reactor buildingORC online reactivity computer

0 86

- S S S ::- I-








operational review committeeoperations review committeeoccupational radiation exposureoutlet region feature modelOak Ridge Gaseous Diffusion PlantOak Ridge Isochronous CyclotronOak Ridge Institute for Science andEducationoperating reactor licensing actionOak Ridge National Laboratoryoffsite response organizationoperational readiness reviewOak Ridge Research Reactoroperations readiness review teamOak Ridge School of ReactorTechnologyOrange and Rockland Utilities, Inc.operating systemoperational safety assessment reviewteamOffice of Special CounselOncology Services Corporationoperational support centeroperations support groupOccupational Safety and Health ActOccupational Safety and HealthAdministration (U.S. Department ofLabor)open systems interconnectionoperational support informationprogramoptical storage mediaOffice of State Programs (NRC)operational surveillance program

OSRC Offsite Review CommitteeOSRE Operational Safeguards Response

Evaluationoperational security responseeffectiveness

OSS operational storage siteOST Office of Science and TechnologyOSTI operational safety team inspectionOSTR Oregon State University TRIGA

ReactorOSU Oregon State UniversityOSUR Ohio State University ReactorOSVS Outlier Seismic Verification SheetOT operating temperature

operational technologyOTA Office of Technology Assessment

open test assemblyOTC once-through coolingOTIS once-through integral systemOTM overspeed trip mechanismOTR organic test reactorOTSG once-through steam generatorOTSR once-through superheat reactorOTTS operations training and technical

servicesOUO official use onlyOWCP Office of Workers' Compensation

ProgramsOWFN One White Flint NorthOWP operations work procedureOWR Omega West ReactorOWRR Office of Water Resources ResearchOZD Offshore Zone of Deformation


- S S ': AI

PA performance assessment :personnel areapressure alarmPrivacy Actprotected areapublic address .

purge alarmPAA .. primary auxiliary areaPAB preliminary as built

primary.auxiliary buildingPABX private automatic branch exchangePAC Pilgrim Area Collaborative

protection auxiliary cabinetpublic affairs coordinator

PACC protected air-cooled condenserPACE plant acquisition and construction

equipmentPACP Pacific Power Co.PACV postaccident containment ventingPAD performance analysis and design ;PADS Personnel Access Data System

plant alarm and display systemPAEC Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission

, , Philippine Atomic EnergyPAGrCommission,

PAG protective action guideline .. .PAH 'pressure alarm, high limitPAHR posiaccident heat removalPAIC publici address intercomrunications

- system - .

PAIP 'public affairs and informationprogram

PAL permissive action linkpersonnel airlock . .programmer assistance and liaisonprototype application loop

PAM postaccident monitoringPAMI postaccident monitoring

instrumentation . .,. -

PAMS .postaccident monitoring systemPANE People Against Nuclear EnergyPANL plant annunciators list.PAO postulated abnormal.occurrence

; Privacy Act Officer

public affairs officerPAP plant administrative procedure

power ascension programPAPAS pin and pellet assay systemPAPUC Pennsylvania Public Utility

CommissionPAR passive autocatalytic recombiner

Pennsylvania Advanced Reactorperformance autocatalytic reportPool At6mico Portugues (Portugal)protective action recommendationpurchasing approval request .

PARD postaccident radioactivity depletionPARR Pakistan Atomic Research Reactor

postaccident radioactivity removalPARV power-activated relief valve

power-actuated relief valvePAS Privacy Act statement

probabilistic analysis staffPASNY,'., Power Authority of the State of New.

YorkPASS postaccident sampling systemPAT, performance appraisal team

plut6nium air transportable, preplaced aggregate technique

PATP power ascension testing programpower ascension test program

PATRAM packaging and transportation ofradioactive material

PAX private automatic exchangePB pipe break, . . .

proportional bandPBAPS -Peach Bottom Atomic Power StationPBE prompt burst excursion

prompt burst experimentPBF power burst facilityPBI peiforman'ce-based instructionPBL * pressure balance line.PBNP Point Beach Nuclear PlantPBR .pebble bed reactor

'Plum Brook Reactor,!PBRE ,.pebble bed reactor experimentPBRF Plum Brook Reactor FacilityPBS pressure boundary subsystem


- S S S A::. A I

project breakdown structurePBTF pump bearing test facilityPBX private branch exchangePC personal computer

plant computerpolar cranepressure controllerprocess computerprofessional communicationprotective clothingprotective coating

PCA pool critical assemblyprimary control assemblyprimary coolant activity

PCAM punched card accounting machinePCAS primary central alarm stationPCB power circuit breaker

printed circuit boardPC&BS project controls and budget servicesPCC plutonium concentrator concentrate

primary component coolingprocess chemistry cell

PCCGC primary containment combustible gascontrol

PCCS passive containment cooling systemPCCV precracked Charpy V-notchPCD plutonium concentrator distillate

power control devicePCDC plutonium canister decontamination

cellPCDIS plant control, data, and

instrumentation systemPCETF power conversion equipment test

facilityPCHRS passive containment heat removal

systemprimary containment hydrogenrecombiner system

PCI pellet/cladding interactionpersonnel contamination incidentPrestressed Concrete Instituteprimary containment isolation

PCIE President's Council on Integrity andEfficiency

PCIL plant computer input list


PCIOMR preconditioning interim operatingmanagement recommendation

PCIS primary containment isolationsystem

PCIV primary containment isolation valvePCL permissible contamination limitPCLDI prototype closed-loop development

installationPCLS prototype closed-loop systemPCLT prototype closed-loop testPCM pending contractual matterPC power cooling mismatchPCMI pellet/cladding mechanical

interactionPCN procedure change noticePCP post-construction permit

primary coolant pumpprocess control programprogram control procedure

PCPS pool cooling and purification systemPCPV primary containment purge valvePCR plant change request

procedure change requestprotective coating report

PCRB personnel and control room buildingPCRDL primary control rod drivelinePCRDM primary control rod drive mechanismPCRM primary certified reference materialPCRS primary control rod systemPCRV prestressed concrete reactor vesselPCS passive containment system

plant computer systemplant control systempower conversion systempressure control systemprimary coolant systemprocess computer systemprocess control sheet

PCSG Pipe Crack Study GroupPCT peak centerline temperature

peak cladding temperaturepellet/cladding temperature

PCTF plant component test facilityPCTR physical constant test reactor


R. M *OR* 9AN"' W

PCV pressure control valvepressurizer control valve

PD population densitypopulation distribution.project directorpump discharge -

PDA predocketed applicationpreliminary design acceptancepreliminary design analysispreliminary design approvalpreliminary design assessmentpreliminary design authorization

PDAS plant data acquisition systemPDB plant damage binPDC predocketed construction

preliminary design criterion/criteriaprincipal design criterion/criteria '

PDCO plant design control officePDD Presidential Decision Directive

projected decision dateprospectie decision dateprsetv 'decisionedte

PDES preliminary draft environmental'statement

PDF plant design factorprobability density function' project design flood

PDH&DS plant data handling and display,;system

PDHS plutonium decontamination and hotshop J1,sho , .I. . . I,

PDI Performance Demonstration'Initiative

PDIL , power-dependent insertion limitPDL power distribution limitPDMS postdefueling monitored storage .PDP positive displacement pump

Process Development Pileproject definition phase

PDR preliminairydesign reportpressurized deuteriuim reactor

!public document robom'PDRP' program'data requirement planPDS . plant damage state

plant data system

power distribution systempredocketed specialproject decision scheduleproject descriptive summary

PDT performance discharge testPDTS permanently defueled technical

specification.PE power engineering

project engineer .PEAP procurement engineering assessment

planPECO Philadelphia Electric Co.PEDS protective equipment

decontamination sectionPEF potential enforcement findingPEIS programmatic environmental impact

statementPEL power electronicsPEMA Pennsylvania Emergency

Management AgencyPENELEC Pennsylvania Electric CompanyPEO patrol emergency officer.

plant equipment operatorPEP performance enhancement programPEPCO Potomac Electric Power Co.PEPR precision encoder and pattern

recognitionPER problem event report

procurement evaluation requestPERMS proc'ess and effluent radiological

monitoring systemPERMSS' process and effluent radiological

monitoring and sampling system'PERT program evaluation and review

technique, -

P program evaluation report technique.PET performance evaluation team

permanent equipment transferPETA plutonium equipment transfer areaPETN pentaerythritol tetranitratePETS procedure'for evaluating technical.

-.. specifications ;PETTE post-emergency tabletop exercisePEWS plutonium equipment warm shopPF partition factor



WWO01S9* S Le *N V1 .A:.1 Ao~y TI

Progressive Foundation -proposed findingprotection factorpurge fan

PFCS primary flow control systemPFD process flow diagram .PFDAS plant fire detection and alarm systemPFE plenum fill experiment' 'PFES proposed final environmental

statementPFG paper flow group

piping and filter galleryPFPCDS plant' fire protection carbon dioxide

subsystem '' 'PFPHS plant fire protection Halon

subsystemPFPS plant fire protection systemPFPWS plant fire protection water subsystemPFR Prototype Fast Reactor (United

Kingdom)PFS peripheral fixed shim

private fuel storagePFSF private fuel storage facilityPG ' particulate and gasPGA peak ground accelerationPGCC power generation control complexP&GD policy and guidance directivePGDS pressurized gas distribution system'PG&E Pacific Gas & Electnic Co.PGG power generation group.PGP procedures generation packagePGQ potentially generic questionPGS plant gas system . . p

PHA pulse-height analyzerPHERMEX pulsed high-energy radiographic

machine-emitted x-ray:PHF plug-handling fixture'PHGA peak horizontal ground accelerationPHR process heat reactor...PHS. Public Health Service!PHSPS preservation, handling, storage,

packaging, and shippingt ' I -PHTS primary heat transport systemPHWR pressurized heavy-water-moderated

and -cooled reactor

pressurized heavy-water reactorPI performance indicator

physical inventoryplasticity indexposition indicationpressure indicatorprocess instrumentationproportional integralpurge isolation

P&I ' piping and instrumentationPIA pressure indicator alarmPIC pressure-indicating controller

pressurized ion chamberpublic information center

PICAN Prairie Island Coalition Against.Nuclear Storage

PI&CS plant' instrumentation and controlsystem

PID partial initial decisionpiping and instrumentation diagramposition indication deviceproject identificationproportional integral'derivative

P&ID piping and instrumentation diagram-.piping and instrumentation drawingprocess and instrumentation diagram

PIDS project identification summaryPIE postirradiation examination

postirradiation experimentPIE pool irradiation facility

problem identification formpressure-injected footing

PIL Plant Issues List (now the PlantIssues Matrix)'-

PIM - Plant Issues Matrix (formerly thePlant Issues List)

PIMS pooled inventory managementsystem

PIN piping interference notificationpotential interference notification

PING ' particulate, iodine, and noble gasPINGP Prairie Island Nuclear Generating.L

PINSTECH Pakistan Institute of Nuclear Scienceand Technology

P 92

- * *£~~m

PIO public information officer 'i )-' ', '', iPIOTA postirradiation 'opeen' test assembly

proximity-'instrumented open testassembly

PIP Performance Indicator Programperformance improvement planperformance improvement programposition indication probe

!Probabilistic RiskAssessment (PRA)'Implementation Planproblem investigation planprototypic inlet piping '

PIPPAP pile for producing power andplutonium;;. ,

PIR . Petrolite Irradiation Reactorplant internal report'

* .- problem identification reportproblem investigation repjort

PIRG Public Interest Research GroupPIRR pipe inspection round robinPIRT phenomena identification and

rankingtable ,

PIS pressure-indicating switch- process' instrumentation 'system

PISA .Project Integrated Safety AssessfiienrtPISC - *Program for the Inspection of Steel

Components.PIV pressure-indicating valve

pressure isolation valve,,,PIXIE proton-induced x-ray emissionPL panel left

' piping load'plastic lirmitic -.- ',public law

PLATR Pawling lattice test rigPLBR prototype large breeder reactorPLC power-linecarrier% i'PLCEA part-length control element assemblyPLCEDM part-length control element drive

'mechanismPLEX plant life extensionPLOCAP post-loss-of-coolant-accident

protection::PLR policy and labor relations

PLS precautionslimitations, and setpoints

PLT Princeton Large TorusPM photomultiplier

pressure multiplierpreventive maintenanceprogram manager

..project managerprotective measure

PMA 'personnel management analystplastic moderated assembly

PMC 'prograimnable machine controller'Project Manag'ement'Corporationprotective measures coordinator '

PME 'process'and manufacturingengineering

PMF probable maximum floodPMH robable maximum hurricanePMI plant managerinstructionPMIS plant monitoring and information

; system.precision mechanisms in sodium

PML probable maximum lossPMM pedestal-mounted manipulatorPMNP - platfor n-mounted nuclear plantPMOG plutonium maintenance and

1 . operating gallery'PMP preoperational monitoring program

preventive maintenance procedureprobable maximum precipitationprogram manual procedure

PMR plant modification requestproject manager report

PMS performance measurement system- plant r6nitoring system

primary makeup systemprobable maximum surgeprogram management staff

PMT photomultiplier tubepostmaintenance testing

PMU plant makeup.PMW probable maximum windPMWP probable maximum winter



- S S A;~I

PMY professional man-yearPN plant normal

preliminary notificationPNA pulsed neutron activationPNE peaceful nuclear explosionPNET Peaceful Nuclear Explosion TreatyPNL Pacific Northwest LaboratoryPNNL Pacific Northwest National

LaboratoryPNO preliminary notification of

occurrencePNPP Palisades Nuclear Power Plant

Perry Nuclear Power PlantPNR Pittsburgh Naval Reactors OfficePNS preliminary notification of safeguardPNSRC plant nuclear safety review

committeePNWL Pacific Northwest LaboratoryPO project officer

purchase orderPOA provisional operating authorizationPOAH. point of adding heatPOD point of discharge ,

probability of detection.PWR (pressurized-water reactor)oxide decontamination

PODCI probability of detection and correctInterpretation,

POF probability of failurePOG piping and operating galleryPOGE Portland General Electric Co.POGO Project on Government OversightPOS prototype online instrument systemPOL possession-only license

provisional operating licensePOM position modulatorPOP peak overpressure

proof of principlePOPR prototype organic power reactorPOPS pressurizer overpressure protection

systemPOQAP plant operational quality assurance

procedurePOR plant operations review

plutonium organic recycle


PORACC principle of radiation andcontamination control

PORC plant operations review committeePORV pilot-operated relief valve

power-operated relief valvePOS plant operating system

plant operational statepoint of sale

POSA preliminary operating safetyanalysis/analyses

POTC Power Operations Training CenterPP primary pressurePPA plutonium preparation area

power plant attendantPrinceton-Pennsylvania ProtonAcceleratorprobabilistic performance assessment

PPC Pennsylvania Power Co.plutonium process cellplutonium product cellpore pressure cell

PPDD preliminary project designdescription

PPDI plant process display instrumentationPPDIL pre-power-dependent insertion limitPPE personnel program effectivenessPPFR plutonium product filter roomPPG policy and planning guidancePPH primary pump housePPIS plant protection and instrumentation

systemPP&L Pennsylvania Power & Light Co.PPL Plasma Physics Laboratory

plutonium product loadoutpriority placement list

ppm part per millionPPM procedure preparation manualPPMIP plant performance and management

Improvement programPPNM physical protection of nuclear

materialsPPP point-to-point protocol

portable plotting packagePPPG policy, planning, and program



001 A: A I

PPR plant performance reviewPPS plant protection system

plant protective systemplutonium product storageprimary power system

pps . pulse per secondPPSAS program planning and status

assessment system .PPSP power plant siting programPPSPS plutonium product shipping

preparation stationPPSV plutonium product storage vaultPQAD plant quality assurance directorPQAM project quality assurance managerPQAP project quality assurance planPQR procedure qualification recordPR Philippine Reactor

plant recoverypower rangepress releasepressure recorderprocurement requestproposed rule

PRA 'Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995plutonium recycle acidprobabilistic risk analysis/analysesprobabilistic risk assessment

PRAF . robabilistc risk assessment'fundamentals'

PRAITP probabilistic risk assessmenttechnology transfer program

PRB plant review boardprocedure review board

PRBSG pseudo-random binary sequencegenerator

PRC piping review committeePlanning Research Corp.plutonium rework cellpressure recorder controller

PRCF plutonium recycle critical facilityPRD potentially reportable deficiencyPRDC Power Reactor Development Co.PRE processing refabrication experimentPREACS penetration room exhaust air cleanup


pump room exhaust air cleanupsystem

PRF penetration room filtrationPRG . procedure review groupPRHR passive residual heat removalPRHRHX passive residual heat removal heat

exchangerPRISIM plant risk status information

managementpower reactor inherently safe module

PRL postulated rupture locationPRM personal radiation monitor

petition for rulemakingpower range monitorprocess radiation monitorprogram re&view modelproposal for rulemaking

PRMS process radiation monitoring systemPRNC Puerto Rico Nuclear CenterPROM programmable read-only memoryPROS Professional Reactor Operator

SocietyPRR Pawling Research Reactor

Philippines Research Reactorpressure rise ratePuerto Rico Reactor

PRRWS public risk reduction worksheetPRS pressure response spectrum/spectra

process radiation samplerPRSC plutonium rework sample cellPRT pressurized relief tank

prompt relief tripPRTR plutonium recycle test reactorPRTS pressurizer relief tank iystemPRV pressure relief valvePRVS penetration room ventilation systemPRWRA Puerto Rico Water Resources

AuthorityPS Pilgrim Station

policy statementpower' supplypressure switchpressurizer surge

PSA personnel and service area


I I 0 S A::M A

plant-specific actionprobabilistic safety analysis/analysesprobabilistic safety assessment

PSAR preliminary safety analysis reportPSARV pressurized safety and relief valvePSB personnel services building

plant service building,,PSC plant safety committee

plutonium stripping concentratePublic Service CommissionPublic Service Co. of Colorado

PSCD plutonium stripping concentrationdistillate

PSCS plant supervisory control subsystemPSD power spectral density

power spectrum density,PSDAR post-shutdown decommissioning

activities reportPSDD preliminary system design

descriptionPSDF power spectrum density functionPSE pressurized subcritical experimentPSE&C power supply engineering and

constructionPublic Service Electric & Gas Co.

PSER preapplication safety evaluationreport

PSF performance shaping factorpersonnel security fileplutonium stripper feedpoolside facility.,,.

PSH pressure switch, highPSHA probabilistic seismic hazard

assessmentPSI preservice inspection

prioritization of safety issuesPSID preliminary safety information

documentPSIN Public Service Co. of Indiana, Inc.PSMD Public Service of MarylandPSMS plant safety monitoring systemPSNH Public Service Co. of New

HampshirePSNM Public Service Co. of New MexicoPSNP Pebble Springs Nuclear Plant

PSOK Public Service Co. of OklahomaPSP physical security plan

primary sodium pumpPSPGV primary sodium pump guard vesselPSPL Puget Sound Power and Light Co.PSQ personnel security questionnairePSR Pennsylvania State University

Research Reactorp peripheral shim rod

permanent side reflectorplant status reportprimary system reliefprocurement status report

PSR&D primary sodium removal anddecontamination

PSRM post-scram reactivity monitorPSS primary sampling system

probabilistic safety studyprocess sampling system

PSSA preclosure systems safetyanalysis/analyses

PSSAR preliminary standard safety analysisreport

PSSP primary sodium sampling packagePSSPS primary sodium storage and

processing systemPST pressure suppression tank

primary surge tankPSTF pressure suppression test facility

proximity sensor test facilitypump seal test facility

PSTG plant-specific technical guidelinesPSU Publication Sales UnitPSUR Pennsylvania State University

ReactorPSV pressurizer safety valvePSW plant service waterPSWG plant-specific writers guidePSWS potable and sanitary water systemPT penetrant test

penetrant testingperiodic testperiodic testingphototransistorpool temperature

Pa 96

I S S : A *

preoperational testpreoperational testingpressure and temperaturepressure transmitter

P/T pressure and temperaturePTC passive thermal control

post-turnover changePTE part-time equivalent

physics test exceptionPTFG Probabilistic Risk Assessment (PRA)

Training Focus GroupPTI pipe test insert

plugging temperature indicatorPTL Pittsburgh Testing LaboratoryPTLR pressure-temperature limits reportPTM plant temporary modificationPTP peak to peak

preoperational test programproximity test plug

PTR performance trend reportpool test reactorpool training reactorpressure tube reactorprogrammer trouble reportproof test reactor

PTS pressurized thermal shockPTSE pressurized thermal shock

experimentPTSF pressurized thermal shock facilityPT/SP pressure tube-to-spool piecePTSR pressure tube superheat reactorPTSTF pressurized thermal shock test

facilityPUA plant-unique analysis/analysesPUAAG plant-unique analysis-applications

guidePub. L. Public LawPUC Public Utility CommissionPUD paired uranium detectors

public utility districtPULSTAR pulsed training assembled reactor

PUP peak underpressureplutonium utilization program

PUR Purdue University ReactorPURPA Public Utilities Regulatory Policy

Act of 1978PUSPATI Pusat Penyelidikan Atom Tun Ismail

(Malaysia)PV photovoltaic

pressure valvepressure vessel

PVC polyvinyl chloridePVHA probabilistic volcanic hazard

assessmentPVLC penetration valve leakage controlPVNGS Palo Verde Nuclear Generating

StationPVORT pump and valve operability review

teamPVRC Pressure Vessel Research CommitteePVS plant vent stack

pressure vessel simulationPVTI piping and valve test insertPV&V preliminary verification and

validationPW potable waterP&W Pratt and WhitneyPWG principal working group (NEA)PWHA plutonium waste-handling areaPWHT postweld heat treatmentPWR pipe whip restraint

pressurized-water reactorPWROG Pressurized-Water Reactor Owners

GroupPWS potable water systemPWSCC primary water stress-corrosion

crackingPWST protected water storage tankPyC pyrolytic carbonPZR pressurizerPZR LCS pressurizer level control systemPZR PCS pressurizer pressure control system


- 0 0O u a

QA quality assuranceQAA quality assurance auditQAC quality assurance checklist

quality assurance criterion/criteriaQAI quality assurance instructionQAIP quality assurance inspection

procedureQAIRG quality assurance installation review

groupQAM quality assurance manualQA&O quality assurance and operationsQAP quality assurance procedure

quality assurance programQAPI quality assurance program indexQAPP quality assurance program planQA/QC quality assurance/quality controlQAR quality assurance requirement

quality assurance representativeQC quality controlQCI quality control instructionQCIP quality control inspection procedureQCIR quality control inspection reportQCP quality control procedureQCS Quad-Cities StationQDO quantitative design objectiveQDPS qualified display processing systemQE quality engineerQF quality factor

quality form






quality groupqualitative health objectivequantitative health objectivequality history recordquality improvement teamquick-look reportqualification maintenance programquality management programquick openingquick-opening blowdown valvequality program managerquadrant power tiltquadrant power tilt ratioquality revalidationquench sprayquality systems certificatequality suppliers listquality systems programqualified safety parameter displaysystemquarterly statistical reportquarter-scale test facilityQuality Technology Co.quality test planquality verificationquality verification functionalinspectionquality verification inspection


0 :

RA reduction of arearegional administratorRobotics and Automation Council

R/A reliability/availabilityRAB reactor auxiliary buildingRABNVS reactor auxiliiry building normal)

Pi i ventilation system -.; -; 'RABSRVS reactor auxiliary building switchg'ear'

room ventilation systemRABV reflood assist bypass'valve '

RAC radiological assessment coordinati6regional assistance'committeereport of abnormal condition

RACES: : Radio Amateur Civil Emergency-' ''Service

RACS rod action control systemrad radiation absorbed dose; . ) -RAD rapid access data..RADCON radiologic controlRADS radiation and dosimetry service r-.RAI request for additional informationRAIP requester's approval in principleRAM radioactive material

random access memoryreliability, availability, andmaintainability, , , .

RAMI reliability, availability,maintainability, and inspection "

RAMS regulatory activities'manpower'system:-

RANNP Research Applied to National Needs'{'Program ' -

RAOC relaxed axial offset controlRAP radiological assistance plan :

reliability assurance planremedial action program i Irestart action plan

RAPS radioactive argon processing system IRAPTUS rapid thorium-uranium systemRAREF radiation and repair engineering

facility ,.

RARP' reliability assessment research 'program ' - -' '

RAS reactor aiialysis 'and safetyrecirculation actuation signal

-,remote acquisition stationRASCAL Radiological Assessment System for

Consequence AnalysisRAT radiological assessment team

radiological assistance teamreserve auxiliary transformer

RATI readiness assessment team inspection-restart assessment team inspection

RAW risk assessment worth,RB reactor buildingRBA l radial blanket assemblyRBAL reprocessingbuilding analytical

laboratory..,RBC reactor building coolingRBCCW reactor building closed-cooling waterRBCLCW reactor building closed-loop cooling

waterRBCLCWS reactor building closed-loop cooling

water system'RBCR reprocessingbuilding control room'RBCS `Sreactor building cooling systemRBCU reactor building cooling unitRBCW " 'reactor building cooliiig'waterRBE ' relativebiological effectivenessRBEDT reactor building equipment drain

tank'RBESI' rieactor building exhaust system

isolationRBFC reactor building fan coolerRBHS ' reactor building beating system' -RBM :rod-block'monitor' -RBOF :'receiving basin for offsite fuel`RBP , - reactor building protectionRBPVS reactor bdilding purge ventilation'

system,. .

RBS .,,reactor.building spray,River Bend Station

RBSI - Areactoi building sp'ray injectionRBSR. 'reactor building spray recirculation

reactor building spreading rooni'.- reprocessing building spreading '. room i i t Ace

RBTL ' reactor building truck lockRBVI;.. reactor building ventilation isolation


m S i: I A

RBVPRM reactor building vent processradiation monitor

RC reactor cavityreactor coolantrecording controllerrigid confinement

RCA Radiation Control Agencyradiological controlled areareactor coolant activityroot cause analysis .

RCAP root cause analysis programRCB reactor containment buildingRCBHT reactor coolant bleed holdup tankRCBT reactor coolant bleed tankRCC Radiochemical Centre Ltd. (U.K.)

reactor cavity coolingreactor closed-coolingrod cluster control

RCCA rod cluster control assemblyRCCS reactor cavity cooling systemRCDT reactor coolant drain tank.RCE reactor compatibility experimentRCEP Radiological Contingency and

Emergency PlanRCFC reactor containment fan coolerRCG radioactivity concentration guide

recommended concentration guideRCGM reactor cover gas monitorRCIC reactor core isolation coolant

reactor core isolation coolingRCICS reactor core isolation cooling systemRCIS rod control and information systemRCL reactor coolant loop.RCLC reactor coolant letdown coolerRCLVS radiation chenmstry laboratory

ventilation subsystem-RCM reliability-centered maintenance

Response Coordination ManualRCMU reactor coolant makeupRCN Reactor Centrum Nederland

(Netherlands)RCP radiological control program

reactor characterization programreactor coolant pump










reactor coolant pressure boundaryreactor coolant pump systemResources Conservation andRecovery Actreactor coolant systemradiological and chemical support,.reactor coolant system integrityrapid communication serviceinformation letterreactor core subsystemresponse coordination teamrework/completion tagradiation control and testreactor coolant treatment systemrailroad car and truck wash stationradiation control valveraw cooling waterreactor cooling waterrecirculating cooling waterrandom driverreceipt dayrequirements documentrestricted dataresearch and developmentrod drop accidentremote data acquisition terminalremote data acquisition unitreactor deck development mockup.radioactive drain headerregional duty officerreal-time disk operating systemreactor development programreactor depressurization systemreliability design support documentreactor development and technologyreactor drain tankradiation equipmentrare earthright endradiologic engineering assessmentrecycle acidrod ejection accidentRural Electrification Administration


A S * a:: a A

REAC Radiological Emergency AssistanceCenter (Oak Ridge, Tennessee) -X

REBA relativistic electron beam acceleratorREC radiant energy conversionRECC radiological effluent control

commitmentRECHAR recombiner charcoal adsorberRECS radiological emergency !i

communications systemRECW reactor enclosure cooling waterREETS radiological effluent andi

environmental technical specificationREHR 'reactor h6et removalREI request for engineering investigationREIC Radiation Effects Information CenterREIRS Radiation Exposure and Information

Reporting SystemREL radiation evaluation loop

reactor equipment limitedREM realistic evaluation modelrem roentgen equivalent man.REM-

ODCM radiological effluent monitoring andoffsite dose calculation manual

REMP radiological environmentalmonitoring program

REP radiological emergency planresonance escape probability

rep roentgen equivalent physicalRER radiation effects reactor

radioactive effluent releaseregulatory effectiveness reviewrepresentative for experiment reviewrisk evaluation report

RERC radiological emergency response''coordination

RERO radiological emergency responseoperation

RERP radiological emergency responseplanning

RERS reactor enclosure recirculationsystem

RERTR 'reduced enrichment for research andtest reactors

RES Nuclear Regulatory Research, Officeof (NRC) .

RES INSP resident inspectorRESAR reference safety analysis reportRESC reactor subcriticality'RESL Radiological and Environmental

Sciences LaboratoryRETS radiological effluent technical

specificationradiological environmental technicalspecification

REVAB relief valve augmented bypassREW iecycle waterRF radiofrequency,

release factorreply finding.

RFA Regulatory Flexibility Actremovable fuel assembly

RFC recirculation flow controlrequest for comments

RFCS recirculation flow control systemRFI radio frequencyinterference

request for informationRFIC request for information or

clarification,RFN remote filter nicheRFO refueling outageRFP reactor feed pump

request for procurementrequest for proposalreversed field pinchRocky Flats Plant

RFPA request for procurement actionRFPT reactor feed pump turbineRFQ request for quotationRFI,, revisable format text,RFW reactor feedwater,RFX reversed field experimentRG regulated gallery

regulatory guideR.G. regulatory guideRG&E' Rochester Gas & Electric Corp.RGM radiogas monitor , .RGR. rare-gas recovery K

RH relative humidityRHC reactor head cooling


A : I










residual heat removalresidual heat removal pumpresidual heat removal systemresidual heat removal service waterrecycle holdup tankreactor heat transport systemregenerative heat exchangerradiation indicatorreactor islandRegion I-King of Prussia,Pennsylvania (NRC)resident inspectorresonance integralremoval and installationreactivity-initiated accidentreactivity insertion accidentregulatory impact analysis oranalyses' -

removable instrument assemblyRhode Island Atomic EnergyCommissionrecruitment, incentives, and benefitsRacketeering Influenced and CorruptOrganizations Actreceipt inspection data reportreceiving inspection data statusregulatory information distributionsystemReplacement Item EvaluationRassegra Internazionale ElettronicaNucleare ed Aerospaziale (Italy)reduction in forcerisk-based inspection guidereceiving inspection instructionRegion II?-Atlanta, Georgia (NRC)rotary inertia included caseRegion III-Lisle, Illinois (NRC)research information letterrelative importance measureregional inipiut-output modelingsystem :Registro Italiano Navale (Italy)Rhode Island Open Pool Reactorremote input-output terminalreactor internal pump

receiving inspection planRIPBR risk-informed, performance-based

regulationRIPS radioisotope power supplyRIR radiological incident report

receipt inspection reportrisk increase ratio

RIRP Regulatory Issue Resolution PlanRIS reporting identification symbol

reservoir-induced seismicityRISC reduced instruction set computerRISS reactor internals subsystemRITS regulatory information tracking

systemresource information tracking system

RIV reactor isolation valveRegion IV-Arlington, Texas (NRC)

RJE remote job entryRKS Raadet foer Kaernkraftsaekerhet

(Sweden)RL reactor licensing

refracted longitudinalRLE review-level earthquakeRLM residual load methodRLO Records Liaison OfficerRLOP reactor licensing operating procedureRLR radioactive lighting rodRM radiation monitor

radiation monitoringradiometric monitorreactor manufacturerremote manualrulemaking

RMAAS reactivity monitoring and alarmsystem

RMBCS Rocky Mountain Bank Card SystemRMC Radiation Management Corporation

remote manual controlRM&C reactor monitoring and controlRMCS 'reactor makeup control system

reactor manual control systemRME reasonable maximum exposureRMF reactivity measurement facilityRMI reflective metallic insulation

R 104

I4104 MMMM10901

RMIEP 'risk methodology integration andevaluation program

RMP risk management planRMRM radioactive materials reference

manualRMS radiation monitoring system

radiological monitoring systemregulatory manpower systemremote manual switch

RMW. rreactor makeup waterRMWS reactor makeup water storageRMWST reactor makeup water storage tank,RMW.T reactor makeup water tank

reactor makeup water transferRNA' ribonucleic acidRNB research nuclear battery,

return to nucleate boilingRNDT reference nil ductility temperature,.,RNWP reduced notch worth procedureRO reactor operator

regional officeremain openreportable occurrencerestriction orificereverse osmosis

ROD release order directiveROI region of interest i -ROM read only memoryROP record of purchase *

ROS requisition on storesROSA Rig of SafetyAssessmentROSENERGO- . _.ATOM Nuclear Power Utility,(Russia) ! -

ROSPA risk-based operational safety.performance assessment

ROW requisition on warehouseright of way

RP radiation protectionreactor poolreactor pressurereactor projectregulatory positionrelease point .

RPAM regional public affairs manager

RPAO regional public affairs officerRPAS reactor protection actuating signalRPB reactor pressure boundaryRPC -Radiation Policy Council

''Radiation Protection Committeeremote process cell'rod pattern controllerrotating pancake coil

RPCB reactor power cutbackRPCC remote process'crane caveRPCS reactor plant control systemRPCWS reactor plant cooling water systemiRPD reactor plant designerRPDF radiation protection design featureRPE -radiation protection engineer

resource planning and evaluationRPF region peaking factor

right panel front '

RPG radiation protection guidereport program generator

RPI relative position indicationrod position indicator

RPIS rod position indication systemrod position information system.,

RPM radiation'protection managerRPO radiation protection officerRPP radiation protection planRPPS reactor plant and process samplingRPS radiation protection supervisor

Reactor Program Systemreactor proiection systemregulatory performancte summary

RPST reaction products separator tankRPT radiation protection technician.

reactor for 'physical and technicalrecirculation pump trip

RPV "reactor pressure vesselRPVI reactor pressure vessel integrityRPVRI reactor pressure vessel reflective

insulation -

R&QA reliability and quality assuranceRQD - rock-quality designationRR receiving report




i1 05


review reportreview request

RRA Radiation Research Associates, Inc.risk-reduction analysis/analyses

RRC radiation recorder controllerreactor recirculation cooling

RRD retendering receipt dayR&RE radiation and repair engineeringRRG regulatory response group

regulatory review groupresearch review group

RRI resident reactor inspectorRRP reactor recirculation pump

reactor refueling plugRRPI relative rod position indication

rotary relative position indicatorRRR Raleigh Research ReactorRRRC Regulatory Requirements Review

CommitteeRRS reactor recirculation system

reactor refueling systemreactor regulating systemrequired response spectrum/spectraresin regeneration subsystem

RRTF Regulatory Reform Task ForceRRW risk reduction worthRS radiation source

reactor safeguardsreactor safetyreactor systemrecirculation sprayreference section

RSA remote shutdown areaRSAO Regional State Agreements OfficerRSARR Republic of South Africa Research

ReactorRSB reactor service buildingRSC radiation safety committee

reactor safety coordinatorreactor site criterion/criteria

RSCE reserve shutdown control equipmentRSCM reserve shutdown control materialRSCS reactor sequence control system

rod sequence control system

RSCW Research Reactor, State College ofWashington

RSD relative standard deviationresponsible system designer

RSE reserve shutdown equipmentRSEP Robinson Steam Electric PlantRSH resin sluice headerRSHX recirculation spray heat exchangerRSI reactor siting indexRSIC Radiation Shielding Information

CenterRSK Reaktorsicherheitskommission

(Germany)RSLO regional State liaison officerRSNGS Rancho Seco Nuclear Generating

StationRSO radiation safety officer

reactor system outlineRSP reactivity surveillance procedure

remote shutdown panelrotating shield plug

RSPE recruitment, staffing, and positionevaluation

RSR radiological safety reviewreactor safety researchreference safety reportremote shutdown room

RSS reactor safety studyreactor shutdown systemrecirculation spray systemrelay setting sheetremote shutdown systemreserve shutdown system

RSSF retrievable surface storage facilityRSSMAP Reactor Safety Study Methodology

Application ProgramRSST reserve station service transformerRSW raw service water

remote shutdown workstationRT radiographic test

reactor tripreference temperature

RTB reactor trip breakerRTC regional training center

removable top closure

R 106

I S S SO991MC"0 I: Le L

RTCB reactor trip circuit breakerrun to cladding breach

RTD resistance temperature detectorresistance temperature deviceRoentgen Technische Dienst B.V.(Netherlands)

RTDP reactor technology development planrevised thermal design procedure

RTE relocation tabletop exerciseresidual total elongation

RTG radioactive thermoelectric generatorradioisotope thermoelectric generator

RTGB reactor turbine generator boardRTL radioisotope transport loopRTM reactor trip module

regulatory technicalmemorandum/memorandaResponse Technical Manual

RTndt reference temperature nil ductilityRTNSS regulatory treatment of nonsafety

systemsRTO reactor trip overrideRTP rated thermal power

restart test programRTS reactor trip system

refueling water transfer and storageRTSS reactor trip switchgear systemRTT reference transition temperatureRTV room temperature vulcanizingR&U repairs and utilitiesRV Reactor Venezolano (Venezuela)

reactor vesselrelease valverelief valve

RVC reactor volume controlremote valve control

RVDP relief valve discharge pipingRVHVS reactor vessel head vent systemRVID Reactor Vessel Integrity DatabaseRVIS reactor vessel instrumentation systemRVLIS reactor vessel level instrumentation


RVLM reactor vessel level monitoringRVOS relief/safety valve, open systemRVRLIS reactor vessel refueling level

indication systemRVS reactor vessel systemRVSS reactor vessel support structureRVUH reactor vessel upper headRW raw water

Ringsdorff-Werke, G.m.b.H.(Germany)river water

RWA radwaste areaRWB rod withdrawal blockRWC reactor water cleanupRWCS reactor water cleanup systemRWCU reactor water cleanupRWDS radwaste disposal systemRWE Rheinisch-Westfdlisches

Elektrizitatswerk, A.G. (Germany)rod withdrawal error

RWL reactor water levelrod withdrawal limiter

RWM rod worth minimizerRWN room work notificationRWP radiation work permit

radwaste work permitRWPC radwaste process cellRWPH river water pump houseRWR radioactive waste reductionRWS radwaste system

raw water systemRWSF radwaste solidification facilityRWSP refueling water storage poolRWSS radwaste sample stationRWST refueling water storage tankRWT radiation worker training

refueling water tankRWTA river water treatment areaRWTS regenerant waste treatment

subsystemRWV radioactive waste ventRY reactor-year


I -_lxie R* Lo]Me S '::I- A- llcy F51 QO

SA safety analysis/analysessafety assessmentservice airsystem administrator

S/A subassembly.,S&A ..surveillance and accountabilitySAAEB South African Atomic Energy BoardSAC Systems Automation Corp.SACF single active component failureSAD safety analysis diagram

'safety assurance diagram-;systems, assistant director

SADE superheat advanced demonstrationexperiment

SAE site area emergencySociety of Automotive Engineers

SAFDL specified acceptable fuel design limitSAFE 'safeguards automated facility

evaluation! Society for the'Advancement of'

.Fission EnergySAFO Swedish Atomic ForumSAFR sodium advanced fast reactor : ,SAFT synthetic aperture focusing techniqueSAG senior advisory group - ' I;'SAGSI Standing Advisory Group on

Safeguards ImplementationSAI Science Applications, Inc.SAIC Science Applications International ,

Corp. (formerly ScienceApplications, Inc.)

SAID'- safety analysis input dataSAIGE ' Societa di Architetiura Industriale'

per Gli Impiantidi Generazione'de .......Energia, SpA (Italy)

SAL service advisory letter ' 2-'SALE,, safeguards analytical laboratory

evaluationSALP systematic assessment of licensee

performanceSAM seismic anchor motion'

stabilized assay meter;substitute alloy material'

SAMA Scientific Apparatus MakersAssociation

SAMDA severe accident mitigation designalternative

SAMG severe accident managementguidelines

SAMIS structural analysis and matrixinversion system

SAN standard address numberSAP Severe Accident Program

Special Access Program'startup administrative procedure

synthetic aperture programSAPHIRE Systems Analysis Program for

WHands-on Integrated ReliabilityEvalu'ation--- !

SAPL Seacoast Antipollution LeagueSAPS Shippingp6rt Atomic Power StationSAQV safety$ assessment and quality

verificationSAR 7 safety analysis report :SARA - severe accident risk assessment

systems analysis and risk assessmentSAREF safety research experiment facilitySARP Severe Accident Reduction Program

Severe Accident Research PlanSevere Accident Research Program

SARRP Severe Accident Risk ReductionProgram

SART site access refresher trainingSAS safety assessment system

secondary alarm stationsecurity agency study

l service air systemSASA station air systemISASA severe accident sequence

I' analysis/analysesSAT site access training

spray additive' tank '* startup auxiliary transformer

station auxiliary transformersystems approach to training

SATNUC Societ6 pour i'ApplicationsTechniques dans le Domaine de

* t lEnergie Nucleaire (France)SAVC structural 'assembly veirification cardSAVS * safeguards area ventilation systemSAW' steam, air, water

9 S10


submerged arc weldsubmerged arc welding

SAYG sign-as-you-goSBA Small Business AdministrationSBACS shield building air cleanup systemSBAECS shield building air exhaust cleanup

systemSBC steam bypass controlSBCC steam bubble collapse inducedSBCR Small Business and Civil Rights,

Office of (NRC)SBCS steam bypass control systemSBFAS shield building air filtration actuation

systemSBFU stuck breaker failure unitSBGT standby gas treatmentSBGTS standby gas treatment systemSBIR Small Business Innovative ResearchSBK Schnell-Briiter-Kernkraftwerksgesell

schaft, m.b.H. (Germany)SBLC standby liquid controlSBLOCA small-break loss-of-coolant accidentSBO station blackoutSBOC superheated blowdown outside

containmentSBR Soviet Breeder ReactorSBREFA Small Business Regulatory

Enforcement Fairness ActSBVS shield building ventilation systemSBWR simplified boiling-water reactorSC safety class

secondary confinementsite characterizationsite contingencyspeed controllersurveillance compliance

SCA secondary control assemblysimulated core assemblysingle-channel analyzersite characterizationanalysis/analysessmall component autoclavesneak circuit analysis/analyses

SCAT spray chemical addition tankSCBA self-contained breathing apparatus

SCBR steam-cooled breeder reactorSCC shutdown cooling circulator

specialized common carrierstress-corrosion cracking

SCCS secondary chemical control systemshutdown cooling circulatorsubsystemsodium chemistry control systemstandby core cooling system

SCD severe core damagesignificant construction deficiency

SCDAP severe core damage analysis packageSCDWMR steam-cooled deuteriated

water-moderated reactorSCE saturated calomel electrode

situation-caused errorSouthern California Edison Co.

SCEAR Scientific Committee on the Effectsof Atomic Radiation

SCEG South Carolina Electric & Gas Co.SCE&G South Carolina Electric & Gas Co.SCEL small-component evaluation loopSCEW system component evaluation

worksheetSCF SNAP critical facility

sodium cleaning facilitySCFBR steam-cooled fast breeder reactorscfh standard cubic foot/feet per hourscfm standard cubic foot/feet per minuteSCFS secondary containment fill stationSCGA sodium-cooled graphite assemblySCHE shutdown cooling heat exchangerSCHES shutdown cooling heat exchanger

subsystemSCHS small-component handling systemSCI secondary containment isolationSCIV secondary containment isolation

valveSCK Studiecentrum voor Kernenergie

(Belgium)SCM simulated core mockup

simulated core modelsteam condensing mode

SCN software change noticespecification change notice

S 110

I SI :011C0IL0 6 F1 S 10. At 5kJFVI O i

SCO senior control (room) operatorSCOA sample cave operating areaSCORE Standing Committee on Regulatory

Effectiveness :SCOTTR supercritical once-through tube

:reactorSCP security control point

site characterization planSCPPCS secondary containment purge and

pressure control systemSCR selenium control rectifier

significant condition reportsilicon-controlled rectifiersite characterization reportsite characterization reviewsodium-cooled reactorsoftware change request

SCRB Senior Contract Review BoardSCRD secondary control rod drivelineSCRDM secondary control rod drive

'1. ImechanismSCRE shift control room engineerSCRM secondary certified reference

materialSCRO senior control room operatorSCRS secondary control rod systemSCRWC Sierra Club Radioactive Waste

'CampaignSCS secondary coolant system

shutdown cooling systemsodium characterization systemSoil Conservation Service (U.S.Department of Agriculture)

SCSHX shutdown cooling system heatexchange''shutdown cooling system heatexchanger

SCSI Southern Company Services, Inc.SCSIN Service Central de Sfretd des

Installations Nucldaires (France)SCSS Sequence Coding and Search SystemSCST spray chemical storage tankSCTA secondary container transfer areaSCTF slab core test facility ;

sodium chemical technology facility'SCTI sodium component test installation

SCTL small components test loopSCUMRA Societ6 Centrale de lUranium et des

Mineraux et Metaux Radioactifs(France)

SCV steel containment vesselsystems completion verification

SCVI special construction verificationinspection

SCWE safety-conscious work environmentSCWHE shutdown cooling water heat

exchangerSCWR supercritical water reactorSCWS shutdown cooling water subsystemSD scram discharge

shakedownshutdownstandard deviationstandard drawingstandards developmentstation ductsystem descriptionshutdownSID

SDA standard design approvalstartup detector assemblysupplier data approval

SDABFOS standby diesel and auxiliary boilerfuel oil system

SDBCS steam dump bypass control systemSDC shield design code

shutdown coolingstandard design certificationstructural design criterion/criteria

SDCAIES standby diesel combustion air intakeand exhaust system

SDCC small-diameter component caskSDCS shutdown cooling systemSDD system design descriptionSDECS standby diesel engine cooling systemSDEM Soci&t6 dwEnterprise de Montages

(France)SDESS standby diesel engine starting systemSDF spillway design floodSDG standby diesel generator'SDGE San Diego Gas & Electric Co.



- S S S '::AM 1"! A1961I

SDH side drill holeSDHR shutdown decay heat removalSDHX shutdown heat exchangerSDIP surveillance dosimetry improvement

programSDLC synchronous data link control

system development and life cycleSDLCM system development and life cycle

managementSDLOS standby diesel lubricating oil systemSD/LP shutdown and low powerSDM shutdown marginSDMF surveillance dosimetry measurement

facilitySDMP Site Decommissioning Management

PlanSDOF single degree of freedomSDP setdown poolSDR security design report

significant deficiency reportSNAP Developmental Reactorsupplier deviation request

SDS sanitary drainage systemshutdown sequencersteam dump systemsubmerged demineralizer system

SDSP site director standard practiceSDV scram discharge volume

steam dump valveSDVIV scram discharge volume instrument

volumeSE safety evaluation

shift engineersignificant event (NRC performanceindicator)subcritical experiment,

SEA Science and Engineering Associates,Inc.Susquehanna EnvironmentalAdvocates

SEAONC Structural'Engineers Association ofNorthern California

SEAR safety evaluation audit reportSEAS Strategic Environmnental Assessment


SEASET separate effects and systems effectstest

SECC Safe Energy Communication CouncilSECHT scoping emergency cooling heat

transferSECOM Safe Energy Coalition of MichiganSECY Secretary of the Commission, Office

of the (NRC)SEDSS Sandia Environmental Decision

Support SystemSEE IN Significant Event Evaluation and

Information NetworkSEE-IN significant event evaluation-

information noticeSEEN Syndicat d'Etudes de l'Energie

Nucleaire (Belgium)SEFOR Southwest Experimental Fast Oxide

ReactorSEFR shielding experiment facility reactorSELNI SocietA Elettronucleare Italiana

(Italy)SELO Societ& Elettronica Lombarda (Italy)SEM scanning electron microscopeSEMO Soci&t6 Bel go-Franqaise d'Energie

Nucleaire Mosane (Belgium)SEN Significant Event Notificationj (INPO)

SENA Societc d'Energie NucleaireFranco-Belge des Ardennes (France)

SENN SocietA Elettronucleare Nazionale(Italy)

SENTA Soci&t6 d'Etudes Nucldaires et deTechniques Avancdes (France)

SEO side entry orificeSEP safety enhancement program

site emergency plansource evaluation panelstandby electric powerSystematic Evaluation Program

SER safety evaluation reportSandia Engineering Reactorself-evaluation reportsignificant event reportSNAP Experimental ReactorStaff Evaluation Report

SERB State Environmental Review Board

S 112

I SI lxcl Q S19 0D WA::-. 0. A 5-1ILi1

SERC Southeastern Electric ReliabilityCouncil.

SERF Sandia Engineering Reactor Facilityspecial environmental .radiometallu'gy facility

SERG steam explosion reyiew groupSERR semiannual effluent release reportSERS safety evaluation report supplementSES safety evaluation supplement

Senior Executive Servicesteam electric station

SET Special Evaluation Teamsystems effects test

SETF SNAP Experimental Test FacilitySETS . standard environmental technical-

specificationsiandardized environmental technicalspecification

SETU Societ6 d'Etudes et'de Travaux pour'l'Uranium (France)

SEUSSN' Southeasstern United States SeismicNetwork ' '

SEWS Screening Evaluation Work SheetSF




source factorspent fuelsingle-failure analysis/analysesspent fuel assemblystandard fuel assemblysafetylfeatures actuation signalspent fuel buildinrg isolationstandard format and cont'entstandard format and contentguidancestorage facility control roomsecondary flow control systemspent fuel cooling system

spent fuel poolSFPAVS spent fuel pool area ventilation

systemSFPC - spent fuel pool cooling.SFPCCS spent fuel pool cooling and cleanup

systemSFPCPS spent fuel pool cooling and

purification system.SFPCS 'spent fuel pool cooling systemSFPO, Spent Fuel Project Office (NRC)SFR startup field reportSFRCS steam and feedwater rupture control

systemSFRP Soci&t6 Franqaise de Radioprotection

(France)SFR&TA system'function review and task

analysisSFS startup feedwater system

steam and feedwater systemSFSP spent fuel storage poolSFTA spent fuel transportation accidentSFIT spent fuel transfer tubeSG safety guide

'steam generatorSIG steam'generatorSGAE Studiengesellschaft fur Atomenergie,

m.b.H. (Austria)SGAHRS steam generator auxiliary heat

removal systemSGAS steam generator available signalSGB ,steam generator blowdown

steam generator buildingSGBD -steam generator blowdownSGBPS steam generator blowdown

processing systemSGBS steam generator blowdown systemSGCF SNAP Genieralized Critical Facility.SGD steam generator dryoutSGDSM steam generafdr degradation-specific

management " 'G | Societe'Genrale d'Enterprises .

(France) 'SGEF steam generator examination facility .SGER safeguards evaiuation reportSGFP steam generator feedwater pumpSGGP steam generator group project

3 S

SFCSR ; storage facility cable spreading roomSFD severe fuel damage' '

SFDP ' safety functions determination K 'program

SFDST -severe fuel damage scoping test"SFEN Soci6t6 Frangaise d'Energie

Nucleaire (France)SFIV startup feedwater isolation valve 'SFP spent fuel pit


. S S S A:m AI

SGHWR steam-generating heavy-water reactorSGI Safeguards Information

Silicon Graphics InternationalSGIP Steam Generator Integrity ProgramSGIS safeguards initiation signalSGLIC steam generator level

instrumentation cabinetSGML standard generalized markup

languageSGMSR steam generator maximum steam rateSGN Societ6 de Genie Nucleaire (France)SGOG Steam Generators Owners GroupSGR self-generation reactor

sodium-graphite reactorSGS Salem Generating Station

segmented gamma scannersteam generator subsystemsteam generator systemsubgrid scale

S/GS steam generator systemSGSA steam generator subassemblySGSV steam generator safety valveSGTF steam generator test facilitySGTIP Steam Generator Tube Integrity

ProgramSGTR steam generator test rig

steam generator tube ruptureSGTS standby gas treatment systemSGV steam generator vesselSGWLC steam generator water level controlSHA sodium hydroxide addition

solid homogeneous assemblySHAA sealed head access areaSHADE shielded hot-air drum evaporatorSHARE systems for heat and radiation energySHE semihomogeneous experiment

standard hydrogen electrodeSHEAC Safety, Health, and Environmental

Appraisal CommitteeSHEEC Shearon Harris Energy and

Environmental CenterSHF storage-handling facilitySHI Sumitomo Heavy Industries Ltd.

(Japan)SHIMED State Hazardous Materials









Enforcement DevelopmentSkagit/Hanford Nuclear ProjectShearon Harris Nuclear Power PlantState Historic Preservation Officershutdown heat removal systemsmall heat-transfer loopsafety injectionsecurity inspectorspecial instructionstress intensitysurveillance inspectionsurveillance instructionsystame international (d'unitds)(international System of Units)safety injection actuation signalstandard industrial classificationStandard Industrial CodeSocidt6 Industrielle de CombustibleNucleaire (France)safety injection control systemsodium ionization detectorsafety injection/emergency borationSocietA Informazioni EsperienzeTermoidruliche (Italy)special inquiry groupSocietA Impianti GenerazioneEnergia Nucleare, SpA (Italy)Sargent Industries, Huntington Parkservice information letter

SIHPSILSIM service information

memorandum/memorandaSIMEA Societa Italiana Meridionale Energia

Atomica (Italy)SIMS safety issues management systemSIN Schweizerisches Institut fir

Nuklearforschung (Switzerland)SINB Southern Interstate Nuclear BoardSINET Shared Information NetworkSIO Societa per l'Industria dell'Ossigeno e

de Altri Gas (Italy)SIPAO simulator for postaccident operationSIPI Scientists Institute for Public

InformationSIR safeguards implementation report

safe integral reactor


q S ~

safety issue resolutionself-initiated reviewsubmarine intermediate reactor

SIRMO senior information resourcemanagement official

SIRW safety injection and refueling waterSIRWT safety injection and refueling water

tankSIS safety injection signal

safety injection systemsite integrated scheduleSpecial Inspection Services

SISBO self-induced station blackoutSISI surveillance and inservice inspectionSIT safety injection tank

safety injection'transmitterServizio Italiano di Taratura (Italy)social implications of technologystructural integrity test

SITP site inspection and test procedureSJAE steam jet-air ejectorSJWCP skid jacket water cooling pumpSKA Studienkommission fUr Atomenergie

(Switzerland)SKI Swedish Nuclear Power InspectorateSL safety limit

section leaderstationary low

S&L Sargent & Lundy EngineersSLAC Stanford Linear Accelerator CenterSLB status light box

steamline breakSLC standby liquid control

State liaison coordinatorSLCRS supplemental leakage collection and

release systemsupplementary leak collection andrelease system

SLCS standby liquid control systemSLD shutdown logic diagramSLF seismic load factorSLI steamline isolation'SLIP serial line Internet protocolSLIV steamline isolation valve

SLMCPR 'safety limit for minimum criticalpower

SLO single-loop operationState liaison officer

SLP St. Lucie Plant


SLPS State and local program supportSLSF sodium-loop safety facilitySLTC seismic loading for temporary

conditionSLSV shutdown-loop shutoff valveSLUC standard level user chargeSLWMS secondary liquid waste management

systemSM shift manager

stationary mediumSMASMACNA

shielded metal arcSheet Metal and Air ConditioningContractors' National Association

SMART senior management assessment ofreadiness team

SMAW shielded metal arc weldshielded metal arc weldingsubmerged metal arc welding

SMBDB structural margin beyond designbasis

SMC segmented maintenance caskseismic methodology chainsystems, man, and cybernetics

SMM seismic margins method





senior management meetingsubcooling margin monitorsimulator modification packageshield mockup reactorsolid moderated reactorsystem modification requestspecial monitoring systemstandard metropolitan statistical areasodium mechanisms test installationsimple mail transfer protocol

* Sacramento Municipal UtilityDistrict

* serial numberSociety of Naval Architects andMarine Engineers

S'115 '

MCIM0 1 :- I I

SNAP safeguards network analysisprocedure ,shielded neutron assay probeStruthers Nuclear and Process for nuclear auxiliary power

SNC Sierra Nuclear Corp. tSNE Sociedad Nuclear Espafiola (Spain)SNEC Saxton Nuclear Experimental Corp.

subgroup on nuclear'exportcoordination

SNERP Saxton Nuclear ExperimentalReactor Project

SNG synthetic natural gasSNGS Salem Nuclear Generating StationSNI SocietA Nucleare Italiana (Italy)

Sandia National LaboratoriesSNM Society, for Nuclear Medicine

special nuclear material 'SNOC Southern Nuclear Operating

CompanySNP Sequoyah Nuclear'P6wer Plant'

Skagit Nuclear Power ProjectSNPS Seabrook Nuclear Power Station

Shoreham Nuclear Power StationSNR slow neutron reactor

supplier nonconformance reportSNRC Soreq Nuclear Research CenterSNS Seabrook Nuclear Station

spallation neutron sourceSNUPPS standardized nuclear unit power

plant systemSO Siemens Osterreich (Austria)

status officersupervising operator

SOA statement of account'SOC Statements of ConsiderationSOCCS summary of component control

statusSOCIA Societd pour l'Industrie Atomique

(France)SOD shallow outside diameter:

Soci&t6 d'Etudes pour, l'Obtention duDeuterium (France)

SODERN Soci&t6 d'Etudes et RWalisationsNucleaires (France)


SOE sequence of eventsSOER safety operational event report

significant operating event reportsignificant operating experiencereport

SOICS summary of installation controlstatus

SOL senior operator licenseSOM shift operations managerSONGS San Onofre Nuclear Generating

StationSONOPCO Southern Nuclear Operating

CompanySOP standard operating procedure

stepoff padSupervisory Orientation Program

SOPI system operational performanceinspection

SOPR'; Spanish Open Pool ReactorSOPREN Societh Progettazione Reattori

Nucleari, SpA (Italy)SOR static O-ring

system of recordsSORC station operations review committeeSORIN SocietA Ricerche Impianti Nucleari

(Italy).SORV stuck-open relief valveSORX Security Organization Response

ExerciseSOS shift operations supervisorSOV solenoid-operated valveSOW statement of workSP sampling point

security procedureset pointspecial projectspecial purposesuppression poolsurveillance procedure

SPACS sodium purification andcharacterization system

SPAHR simulation package for assessinghealth risks

SPAR simplified plant analysis riskSPB Security Policy Board


U S"6046 * A-JOIX a

SPC Siemens Power'Corporation(formerly Exxon Nuclear)standby pressure controlstored program controllersuppression pool cdbling

SPCED system for physical control of energydistribution ' .

SPCP statistical process control program.SPCU suppression pool cleanup t 'S .SPDES -State Pollutant Discharge .

Elimination SystemSPDS safety parameter display systemSPEEDI system for prediction of

environmental emergency doseinformation '

SPER Security Plan Evaluation ReportSPERT special power excursion reactor testSPES Simulatore per Esperienze di

Sicurezza (Italy) [Simulator forSafety Experimental Analysis]Simuluzione PWR per Esperienze diSicurezza (Italy)

SPF site population factor'standard project flood'

SPGD self-powered gamma detectorSP/HD spool piece'head ......SPI site population index 'SPIAM sodiummpurityein-lineaanalytical y

'module'SPIN Societa per Imprese'Nucleare, SpA

'i(Italy) . ,.;-SPIP ' -Safety and Performance t-

Improvement Program,,SPMC Seabrook Plan for the Massachusetts

CommunitiesSPMS suppression pool makeup systemSPND self-powered neutron detectorSPOC , system preoperability checklistsPOuT 'system peripheral output utilitySPR Sandia Pulsed Reactor . ,. -...SPRF ;Sandia PulsedReactorFacility.. -

SP .: .~ t , -: -, " ,SPS safety protection subsystem

secondary plant systemstandard project stormSummmit Power Stationsupplementary protection system

Surry Po'wer StationSPSC Southwester Public Service Co.SP/SC shield plug/support cylinderSPSS 'shield 'plugstorage stationSPT ''' satellite puise'technique

special purpose teststandard penetration test

SPTF sodium pump test facilitySPV storage process ventSPVC simulted pressure vessel capsuleSPVR storage process vent roomSPX superheat power experimentSQR . seismic cjuaiification report

supplier quality, representativeSQRS seismic qualification review

summarySQRT seismic qualification review teamSQUG Seismic Qualification User's Group

Seismic Qualification Utility GroupSR safety related

safety rod,:.source range

summary report;-support reactionsurveillance requirement

S/R. safety relief 2. -Ishipper-receiver

SRA senior resident analystSRB safety review boardSRBT single-rod burst testSRC . Science Research Council (United

Kingdom)shutdown 'reactor coolingspares receiving checklist

SRCAS safety-related control air systemSRCC safety-related control circuitSRCI - . safety-related control and

instrumentationSRD self-reading dosimeter.,

shipper-receiver differenceSR&D sodium removal and decontaminationSRDA ,. sodium removal development

apparatus.SRDC safety-related design condition


U S S ~ [M

SRDI safety-related displayinstrumentation

SRE safety-related equipmentsodium reactor experiment

SREC standard radiological effluent controlSRFM source range flux monitor

source range flux monitoringSRGS St. Rosalie Generating StationSRH switchyard relay houseSRHC shutdown reactor head coolingSRI senior resident inspector

Stanford Research InstituteSRLAER Scientific Research Institute for

Atomic Energy Reactors (U.S.S.R.)SRIC senior resident inspector for

construction*SRL Savannah River LaboratorySRM source range monitor

staff requirementsmemorandu m/memorandastandard reference materialstartup range monitor

SRN specification revision noticeSRO senior reactor operator

specification release orderSROA safety-related operator actionSROS send/receive from the opposite sideSRP Savannah River Plant

small radioactive particlesmall rotating plugStandard Review Plan

SRP-LR standard review plan-licenserenewal

SRRC Standing Results Review CommitteeSRS sodium removal station

sodium removal systemsolid radwaste system

SRSS send/receive from the same sidesquare root of the sum of the squares

SRST spent resin storage tankSRT special review team

spent resin tankSRTI Socidt6 de Recherches Techniques et

Industrielles (France)








Societ6 de Raffinage d'Uranium(France)safety/relief valvesafety/relief valvesafety/relief valve discharge linesafety/relief valve discharge linesafety-related vendor listsafety relief valve opensafety relief valve opensolid radioactive waste systemsafe shutdownsample sinksample stationsampling systemshift supervisorsite safetysite suitabilitySouthern Services, Inc.special sourcespeed sensorstainless steelSusquehanna Stationsystems specialistsafety system actuation (NRCperformance indicator)site-specific advisory boardsite safety analysis reportstandard safety analysis reportsmall sample assay systemsafety significance assessment teamSource Selection BoardStrategic Steering Boardshort segmented casksimulated surveillance capsuleSouthern Services Companystructure, system, and componentsuper system codespray system compressed airSolid-State Circuits Councilsolid-state component control systemspectral shift control reactorsealed source & devicesystem specification document

S 118

iiI H1-19114MI I OU I I

SSDR Sealed Source and DeviceNationwide Registry

SSE safe-shutdown earthquakeSSEB Southern States Energy Board

South of Scotland Electricity BoardSSEI Safety System Engineering

InspectionSSER site safety evaluation report

supplemental safety evaluation repjortsupplement to safety evaluationreport

SSES Susquehanna Steam Electric StationSSF safe-shutdown facility

safety 'system failure (NRCperformance indicator)service storage facilitystandby shutdown facility

SSFI safety systems functional inspectionSSI safe-shutdown impoundment

soil-structure interactionsteady-state irradiation

SSK Strahlenschutzkommission(Germany)

SSLC safety-related system logic andcontrol

SSLPS solid-state logic protection systemSSMRP seismic safety margins research

programSSNM strategic special nuclear material.SSNPP small-size nuclear power plant.SSO System Security OfficerSSOMI safety systems outage modification

inspectionSSORA security system operational recording

and analysis/analyses'SSP sodium sampling package

staff site positionstatic sodium pot '

SSPB Swedish State Power BoardSSPC Steel Structure Painting CouncilSSPI sa stem performance indicatorSSPM safety system performance monitorSSPS solid-state protection systemSSPWR small-size piessurized-water reactorSSQE safety system quality evaluation

SSR seal steam regulatorsecondary system reliefseparate superheater reactorsite suitability reportsite suitability reviewspecification status report

SSRAP Senior Seismic Review and AdvisoryPanel ,

SSRCR suggested State regulations for thecontrol of radiation.

SSRM safety system readiness monitorSSRT slow strain rate testSSS safe-shutdown system

secondary sampling systemsensitized stainless steelshield and seismic supportshift support supervisorspecial safeguards studyspecial safety safeguardstandby shutdown system

SSST site suitability source termSST secondary surge tank

siting source termstation service transformer

SS/T steady-state/transientSSTP Super SARA Test ProgramSSTR solid-state track recorderSSW salt service water

standby service waterSSWP station service water pumpSSWS standby service water system

station service water systemST site team

source termspecial testspeed transmitter

STA Science and Technology Agency(Japan)shift technical advisor

STAR Sandia National LaboratoriesTransient Axial Relocationshield test air reactor -

space thermionic auxiliary reactorSTC sound transmission coefficient


- S * O M A A "









source-term control loopsource-term code packageshield test experimentshift technical engineerspecial test exceptionsystem test engineersecurity test and evaluationSouth Texas Electric Cooperative, test engineering programsource-termexperiments projectsafety test facilityshield test facilityshielded test facilitysimplified time historyspecial team inspectionsurveillance test intervalshort-term irradiation facilityshield test and irradiation reactorspecial technical issue reportsite team leadershort-term programshutdown transfer panelSouth Texas Projectspecial technical publicationstaff technical positionstandard temperature and pressuresurveillance test proceduresystem test procedureshield test pool facilitysimulated thermal power monitorsubmarine thermal reactorstructural engineering system solverstandard reactor island designStandard Technical Specificationsmall test vesselstartupstartup feedwater systemState University of New Yorksuper power,static uninterruptible power supplystartup ratestartup system

SU/SD startup and shutdownSUT startup transformerSV safety valveSv sievert

solenoid valvestop valve

SVA single-valve first-actuationSVBC simulated void box capsuleSVHHC St. Vincent Hospital and Health

CenterSW service water

Struthers Wells Corp.S&W Stone and Webster Engineering

Corp.SWA startup work authorizationSWAT subjective workload assessment

techniqueSWBP sidewall bearing pressureSWBS solid waste barrel storageSWC solid waste cask

surge withstand capabilitySWCP secondary water chemistry programSWCS salt water cooling systemSWDS steam and water dump systemSWEC Stone and Webster Engineering

Corp.SWESSAR Stone and Webster Standard Safety

Analysis ReportSWET simulated water entry testSWGR switchgearSWGTS steam and waste gas treatment

systemSWIS service water intake structureSWISS sustained water interactions with

stainless steelSWM Serber-Wilson methodSWMS solid waste management systemSWO stop-work orderSWP service water pump

solid waste packagingsolid waste processingspecial work permit

SWPP Southwest Power PoolSWPS solid waste processing systemSWR service water reservoirAll

S 120

l ; lR "S *I M] O F A au i

sodium-water reactionsteam/water reservoirsubmarine water reactor

SwRI Southwest Research InstituteSWRPRS sodium-water reaction pressure relief

subsystemSWS service water system

solid waste systemSWSR solid waste shipping roomSWTS secondary waste treatment system

SWU separate work unitseparative work unit

SX solvent extractionSXF solvent extraction feedSYCA Syndicat d'Etude des Centrales

Atomiques (Belgium)SYRFA Societ6 de Systeme Frangaise pour

les Reacteurs Avancees (France)SZW Ministry of Social Affairs and

Employment (Netherlands)


IM i D -A.:: A 5

TA Technical Associatestransfer aisle

T&A time' and attendanceTAAG technical assessment and advisory

groupTAC task action commitment

technical assignment controltechnical assistance contract

TACF temporary alteration control formTACS technical assignment control, system

test'assembly conditioning station ''TADOT trip actuating device operational testTAEC Thailand Atomic Energy

CommissionTAF top of active fuelTAG technical advisory group

test assembly grappleTAIC Tokyo'Atomic Industrial ConsortiumTAL transporter air lock *OTAML Taunton Municipal Lighting Plant

technical assistance management"'.letter

TAP ,-task action plantest analysis packagethermal analyzer program

TAPD test and analysis program descriptionTAPM technical assistance project managerTAPMG' technical assistance program

management group ,TAPSS technical assistance programs

support systemTAR technical assistance request

test analysis reportTARGET thermal advanced gas-cooled reactor

exploiting thoriumTASC Technical Activity Steering

CommitteeTAUF test assermbly unloading fixtureTAVS turbine area ventilation systemTAWC Tennessee-American Water Co.TB total body

turbine buildingTB&A Theodore Barry and AssociatesTBCCW turbine building ciosed cooling waterTBD to be determined






TBEA training benefits and employeeassistance

TBESI turbine building exhaust systemisolation '

TBM tunnel-boring machineTBP tributyl phosphate'TBS turbine bypass systemTBSCCW turbine building secondary closed

cooling water.TBSW turbine building service waterTBV turbine block valve

turbine building ventilationTBYMS Technical Bases for Yucca Mountain

Standards'TC temperature controller

transfer canalT/C thermocouple 'TCA thermal critical assemblyTCC Transducer Controls CorporationTCCC time current characteristic curveTC/LD thermocouple/lead detectorTCM technical committee meetingTCP/IP transmission control

protocol/Internet protocolTCS telephone conference summary

temporary conditioning stationturbine control system

TCV temperature control valveturbine control'valve

TD theoretical density .time delaytransfer dolly.turbine driven

TDAFP. .turbine-driven auxiliary feed pumpTDAFW turbine-driven auxiliary feedwater.TDAFWP turbine-driven auxiliary feedwater

,pump ,.

TDC thermal diffusion coefficientTDCR test deficiency change requestTDD test design description -

TDEFWP turbine-driven emergency feedwaterpump

TDF task deletion form.thermal design flow

TDH Texas Department of Health

:1II'iii; I.I

1 23

I M SK0 SM 50 MAAF1 - 1 0:y

total developed head- .total dynamic head '

TDI ''Transami'rica; Delaval Inc.turbine disk integrity

TDIOG Transamirica DeLaval, Inc., OwnersGroup .

TDM time6di'Visio:ffiiutiplexTDMC' 'Technical Data'- anMag erent Center

(Oak Ridge 'Nitibnal Laboratory)TDN technology developiment'needTDP turbinie-driven'pump'TDR technicalidait'repor'

te'st deficienicy reporttime domain reflectometry

TDS time delay switchtotal dissolved 'solids

TE temperature elementtest exceptionthermal expansion.transient event

T/E thermoelectric 'TEAR training ev'aluati6n'iau dit reportTEC *Techno-ogy for Energy Corp.

total estimated cost,TECHNIC-X. , ..

ATOME Socidtd Technique pour l'EnergieAtomique .(France)

TECO Toledo Edis'o'n' Cmo pan'yTECRO Taipei Economic and Cultural

Representative Office (Taiwan)TEDE total effective dose equivalentTEFC totally enclosed fan cooledTEG thermoelect'ric'e'eri'ratorTEM i-ranismission'electr6nm' microscopeTEMA' Tubuiar Ex'chdfigdr Manufacturers

!::..: .. Association,., '~ -- *. :. -TEMAC Top Event Matrix Analysis CodeTENR technologkicallyenhanced naturally

:radioactive.-:TENRAP technologically enhanced naturally

radioactive product...TEP Tyrone Energy Park:-,TER technical evaluation report

technical exchange reportTES , Teledyne Engineering Services


TFANP Task Force Against NuclearPollution

TFC thermal fatigue crackTFE thermionic fuel element

thin film evaporatorTFM Treasury Financial ManualTFS turbine first stageTFTR tokamak fusion test reactorTG turbine generatorT/G turbine generatorTGB turbine generator buildingTGEP turbine generator emergency powerTGIS toxic gas isolation systemTGLM task group lung modelTGS turbine generator systemTGSCC transgranular stress-corrosion

crackingTGSS turbine gland sealing systemTGV turbine governor valveT/H thermal and hydraulicTHCS temperature of hot-channel sodiumTHD total harmonic distortionTHERP technique for human error rate

predictionTHL top of heated lengthTHM time history modelTHPO Tribal Historic Preservation OfficerTHTF thermal hydraulic test facilityTHTR thorium high-temperature reactorTI temperature indicator

temporary instructiontest instructiontransport index

TIA task interface agreementTIBB Tecnomasio Italiano Brown Boveri,

SpA (Italy)TIC Technical Information Center

temperature-indicating controllerTID Technical Information Document

technical report designation for theU.S. Atomic Energy Commissiontotal integrated dose

TIF task initiation forcetask initiation form


I -KLII "9L]L to]WW 5 * ;MH I

TIG tungsten inert gasTIP tactical improvement package

transient in-core probetraveling in-core probetraversing in-core probe

TIRGALEX Technical Integration Review Groupfor Aging and Life Extension

TIS temperature-indicating switchTL task leader

test loadtruck lock





thin layer activationtime-limited aging analysisthermoluminescence dosimeterTexas-Louisiana ElectricCooperativetemperature and liquid level monitorturbine lube oiltotal loss of feedwaterturbine lube oil systemturbine lube oil storage tanktop load padtop load planetwo-loop test apparatusthird-level thermal marginthreshhold limit valuetask load indextechnical manualtemperature monitorthermal margin beyond design basistransient mass distributiontrolley-mounted hoistThree Mile IslandThree Mile Island Unit IThree Mile Island Unit 2Three Mile Island Alert,' Inc.Three Mile Island Action PlanThree Mile Island Nuclear StationThree Mile Island Program Office'thermal margin/low pressure..Texas Municipal Power AgencyTeledyne Materials Researchthermal neutron activationTUEC (Texas Utilities Electric Co.)










nuclear engineeringTrojan Nuclear PlantThe Nuclear Power Group (UnitedKingdom).trinitrotolueneToledo Edison Co.temporary operating licensethermal overloadthermal overload protectiontransient overpowertrioctylphosphine oxideTaiwan Open-Pool Reactortorque overload switchtransient and/or steady statetechnical positiontest pressuretest proceduretest programtotal-system performance assessmenttritium-producing burnable absorberrodTaiwan Power Companytotal plant core damage frequencytest procedure deviationtotal peaking factortwo-phase flow loopthermal power monitorTurkey. Point PerformanceEnforcement ProgramTurkey Point Stationturbine plant sampling systemtwo-phase test facilitytotal quality managementTraining and Qualification Plantechnical reviewtemperature recordertopical report'tritium recoveryTurkish Reactortubular reactor assemblytrip reduction and assessmentprogram (WOG)test review boardtechnical review committee


- 0 S 5 A::. A

The Radiochemical Centre (UnitedKingdom)

TRE total rare earthsTREAT transient reactor testTRIA temperature-removable instrument

assemblyTRIGA training reactor and isotopes

production, General AtomicsTRIM targeted regulatory improvementTRIP transient response implementing

procedureTRM Technical Requirements ManualTRR test and research reactor

Thailand Research ReactorTRRT test results review teamTRS thermal reactor safetyTRT technical review teamTRTR training, research, and test reactorTRU transuranic

transuraniumTRUWIP Transuranic Waste Immobilization

Program .TRX two-region physics critical

experimentTS technical specification

test specificationtreatment system

TSA tube support assemblyTSABC technical services as-built

coordinatorTSAR topical safety analysis reportTSC technical support center

test shipping caskTSCA Toxic Substances Control ActTSCC Technical Support Coordinating

CommitteeTSCF task schedule change formTSDR technical services design reviewTSF tower shield facility

tower shielding facilityTSG technical support guidelinesTSH temperature switch, highTSI Thermal Sciences Inc.TSIP Technical Specifications

Improvement Program


TSIR technical specificationsinterpretation report

TSM temporary station modificationTSMD technical services mechanical

draftingTSMDA test section meltdown accidentTSO time-sharing optionTSOP Technical Specifications

Optimization ProgramTSP Telecommunications Service Priority

trisodium phosphatetube support plate

TSPA-VA total system performanceassessment-viability assessment

TSPM technical surveillancecountermeasure

TSPS tube support plate sleeveTSR thermal shock rig

total stress rangetower shielding reactor

TSRG Technical Specifications ReviewGroup

TSSC Toxic Substances StrategyCommittee

TSV turbine stop valveTSW turbine service waterTT temperature transmitter

test temperatureturbine trip

TTA thenyltrifluoroacetoneTTBT Threshold Test Ban TreatyTLC Technical Training Center

test transfer caskTransportation Technology Center

TTE thermal transient equipmentTTF transient time flowmeterTTFM transit time flowmeterTTHE thermal transient histogram

equivalentTTP technology transfer program

test transfer portTTQAP teletherapy treatment quality

assurance programTTR thermal test reactor

time to repair


R-_1 W*S91" * i S;M A::in;- Af F-A




telecommunications tracking systemtime-temperature sensitizationtenth thickness valueturbine trip with bypassteletypewriterTexas Utilities Co.Texas Utilities Electric Co.Thorium-Uranium Fuel CycleDevelopment FacilityTexas Utilities Services Inc.Texas Utilities Services Inc.Technischer tlberwachungsverein,e.V. (Germany)Tennessee Valley Authority



test, vent, and draintime-variable gainTeollisuuden Voima Osakeyhtio(Finland)Tennessee Valley regionTexas Water CommissionTeledyne Wah Chang AlbanyTwo White Flint Northtest working grouptank waste remediation systemteletypewriter exchange servicetantalum, zirconium, molybdenum


I MOOIM IS0 S4 K61=1 A 5

UA unsafe'actionUAP uranyl ammonium phosphateUAT unit auxiliary transformerUBAEC Union of Burma Atomic Energy'

Centre,UBC Uniform Building'CodeUCL upper control limit.UCLA University of California, Los

... Angeles.UCLR -.University, of California, Lawrence

Radiation Laboratory'UCNI .. unclassified controlled nuclear,

informationUCO uranium oxicarbide fuelUCS Union of Concerned ScientistsUDI Utility Data InstituteUDRPS ultrasonic data recording and

processing systemUDS ultimate damage stateUDT underwater demolition teamUE Union Electric Co.UEC United Engineers and Constructors,

Inc.UE&C .United Engineers and Constructors,

Inc.UEF upper end fittingUEL upper electrical limitUF urea-formaldehydeUFCS uranium hexafluoride chemical feed

UHTREX ultrahigh temperature reactorexperiment

UHV ultrahigh voltage..UI United Illuminating Co.UIS upper internals structureUISJM upper internals structure jacking

mechanismU.K. United KingdomUKAEA United Kingdom Atomic Energy

AuthorityUKNR University of Kansas Nuclear

ReactorUL Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.

upper levelULD unit load demandndUMRR University~of Missouri Resear'ch

ReactorUMTR University of Maryland Teaching

ReactorUMTRA uranium mill tailings'remedial actionUMTRAP Uranium Mill Tailings Remedial

- Action ProgramUMTRCA Uranium Mill Tailings Radiation

Control ActUN uranyl nitrateUNC United Nuclear Corp.UND uranyl nitrate distillateUNE Union Electric Co.UNH uranyl nitrate hexahydrateUNHC uranyl nitrate hexahydrate cellUNI United Nuclear Industries, Inc.UNIPEDE International Union of Producers and

' Distributors of Electrical EnergyUNIT United Illuminating Co.UNPOC Utility Nuclear Power.Oversight

CommitteeUNSCEAR United Nations Scientific Committee

on the Effects of Atomic RadiationUNWMG Utility Nuclear Waste'Management

GroupUO 'unit operator'UOGF' 'uranium off-gas filterUOP unit operating procedureUOR upper oil reservoirUPI upper plenum injectionUPL uranium product loadout


stationUFFC ultrasonic ferroelectrics and

frequency control.UFL, 'upper flammability limitUFM unified fracture mechanicsUFR - uranium hexafluoride recovery roomUFSAR updated final safety an'alysis reportUFTR University of Florida Teaching


UGS upper group stop,upper guide structure

UHF ultrahigh frequencyUHI upper-head injectionUHNUHS

uranyl hexahydrate nitrateultimate heat sinkultrahigh speed


- 0 0 h~ I

Utah Power & Light Co.UPM universal permissive moduleUPPS ultimate plant protection systemUPR uranium production reactorUPS uninterrupted power supply

uninterruptible power supplyuninterruptible power system

UPTF Upper Plenum Test Facility(Germany)

UPTPS upper plenum thermal protectionstructure

UR user requirementURA Universities Research Association

uranium recycle acidURAEP University of Rochester Atomic

Energy ProjectURC ultrasonic resin cleanerURD underground residential distribution

Utility Requirements DocumentURFO uranium recovery field office

uranium recovery field officerURG unit review groupURI unresolved itemURL Uniform Resource LocatorURS ultimate rupture strengthURTC Ukrainian Radiation Training CenterUSA upper-shelf analysis/analysesUSAEC U.S. Atomic Energy CommissionUSAR updated safety analysis reportUSAS United States of America StandardsUSASI United States of America Standards

InstituteUSBR U.S. Bureau of ReclamationU.S.C. U.S. CodeUSCEA U.S. Council for Energy Awareness

(now NEI)USCG U.S. Coast Guard

Utility Safety Classification GroupUSC&GS U.S. Coast and Geodetic SurveyUSDA U.S. Department of AgricultureUSE upper-shelf energy


USEC U.S. Enrichment CorporationUSGS U.S. Geological SurveyUSI unresolved safety issueUSNDC U.S. Nuclear Data CommitteeUSNRC U.S. Nuclear Regulatory

CommissionUSP upper sequential permissiveUSPHS U.S. Public Health ServiceUSQ unreviewed safety questionUSQD unresolved safety question

determinationUSRP updated standard review planUST United States Testing Co.USWB U.S. Weather BureauUT ultrasonic test

ultrasonic testinguniversal time

U/Th uranium-to-thorium ratioUT/ISI ultrasonic inservice inspectionUTM universal transverse MercatorUTP upper tie plateUTR university training reactorUTRR University of Teheran Research

ReactorUTS upper tube sheetUU ultimate userUUCP Unix-to-Unix copy programUV undervoltageUVAR University of Virginia ReactorUVR undervoltage relay

University of Virginia ReactorUVSC uranium ventilation scrubber cellUVTA undervoltage trip attachmentUWRR University of Wyoming Research

ReactorUWTR University of Washington Training

ReactorUXO unexploded ordnanceUZ unsaturated zone


* S 4 S"Ie kie orA::m A 5SLA

v% volume percentVA viability assessment

vital areaVac volts alternating currentVAK Versuchsatomkraftwerk Kahl

(Germany)VAN value-added networkVANS vehicular alert and notification

systemVAPORE valve and pressure operating related

experimentsVAR volt amperes reactiveVAT Vulnerability Assessment TeamVBMR ventilation barrier machine roomVBVWR Vallecitos Boiling Water ReactorVC vaporizer concentrateVCC ventilated concrete caskVCD vendor-certified drawingVCLF vertical cask-lifting fixtureVCM vinyl chloride monomerVCT volume control tankVDA video graphics adapterVDC ventilation duct chaseVdc volts direct currentVDEW Vereini ung Deutscher

Elektrizitatswerke (Germany)VD/OS vacuum distillation/overflow samplerVDS vacuum defueling systemVDTUV Vereinigung der Technischen

Oberwachungs-Vereine, e.V.(Germany)

VDU video display unitVE Vitro EngineeringVEC vertical electrical chaseVEPCO Virginia Electric and Power Co.VESIAC Vela Seismic Information and

Analysis CenterVESR Vallecitos Experimental Superheat

ReactorVF vaporizer feedVFD variable frequency driveVFTP ventilation filter testing programVGCH vent gas collection headerVGES variable geometry experimental


VHES Vitro Hanford Engineering ServiceVHF very high frequencyVHP vessel head penetrationVHPT variable high-power tripVHTR very high temperature reactorVI vent isolationVIA value-impact analysis/analysesVIMS Virginia Institute of Marine ScienceVIRG Vessel Integrity Review GroupVISA vessel integrity simulation analysisV1V variable inlet vaneVNSP vacant nozzle shield plugVOG vessel off-gasVOT valve opening timeVOTA vibration open test assemblyVOTES valve operation test and evaluation

systemVP Alvin W. Vogtle, Jr., Plant - Vogtle

Electric Generating Plantvent-clearing pressure

VPI valve position indicationvapor phase inhibitor

VQAR vendor quality assurancerepresentative

VR volume reductionVRS vacuum relief system

volume reduction systemVS vapor suppression

vendor specificvessel systemvirtual storage

VSC ventilated storage caskVSE vessel steam explosionVSLO valve stem leakoffVSNS Virgil C. Summer Nuclear StationVSR Vallecitos Superheat Reactor

vertical slice reviewVSS vessel support subsystemVST valve set point toleranceVT vehicular technologyVTC video teleconferencingVTEC Vermont Electric Cooperative, Inc.VTEP Vermont Electric Power Co., Inc.VTO vital to operations


U 0 0 Lto S £::O- O.]OWM

VTT Valtion Teknillinen Tutkimuskeskus(Finland)

V&V verification and validationVWAC visual weld acceptance.

criterion/criteriaVWE vanadium wire equilibrationVWED vanadium wire equilibration device




visual weld inspectionvisual weld inspectorvalve wide openVermont Yankee Generating StationVermont Yankee Nuclear PowerCorp.


I e I [e i DI ORM 11905

W Westinghouse Electric Corp.w% weight percent.WAGR .Windscale Advanced Gas-Cooled

Reactor (United Kingdom)W-AL Westinghouse-Astronuclear

LaboratoryWAMS '- Work Actiorn Management System'WAN 'wide-area network''WANO World Association of Nuclear

Operators,WAPA 'wet 'annular poison assemblyWAPD Westinghouse Atomic Power ':

DivisionWAPPA' waste package performance --

assessmentW-ARD Westinghouse Advanced Reactors

DivisionWASI workforce analysis, systems, and,

informationWB whole body,WBEP Watts Bar Engineering Project - ,WBNP Watts Bar Nuclear PlantWBNPP, .Watts :Bar Nuclear Performance PlanWBNS water-boiler neutron sourceWBPP Watts Bar Program Plan'WBPT Watts Bar Program TeamWBS ' work breakdown structureWC '; weather condition-';WCA whole-bore accident'WCAP Westinghouse Commercial Atomic',

Power (report): - 'WCF waste-calcinating facility HTlWCFO ' Walnut Creek Field OfficeWCGS Wolf Creek Generating StationWCL Westinghouse Canada Limited"'WCNOC Wolf Creek Nuclear Operating Co'rp.'WCS waste domipnacti6n'station ';WD waste disposal

withdrawn:'WDC waste disposal cask'-

weld data'card ,.WDS waste disposal systemWDT water distribution testWDTRS Westinghouse development test

requirement specification

WEC Westinghouse Electric Corporation, i -Wolverine Electric Cooperative

WECAN Westinghouse'Electric computeranalysis/analyses

WECST -waste evaporator condensate storage..tank..

WECT. waste evaporator condensate tankWEP water-extended polyester

weld evaluation project..,WEPC Wisconsin Electric Power Co.WEPCO Wisconsin Electric Power Co.WESF waste encapsulation storage facilityWESI Westinghouse EnergyS.stems.

International (formerly WNINuclear) '

WESPAC -Westchester People's ActionCoalition

WFMC welding filler material controlWFML weld filler metal logWG waste gas

water gaugeWGC ' waste gas compressorWGDS waste gas disposal systemWGDT waste gas decay tank'WGIS waste containment and isolation'

strategyWGS waste gas'system '-'

Waterford Generating StationWH weekly highlightWHC Westinghouse Hanford CompanyWHEDL Westinghouse-Hanford

Environmental DevelopmentLaboratoryt.'

WHO World Health OrganizationWHT waste holdup tankWIEB .Westem Interstate Energy BoardWIEP . Wisconsin Electric Power Co.WINB Western Interstate Nuclear BoardWIPP ' ';waste isolation pilot plantWIR weekly information reportWISE World Information' Service on

E nergy ---

WISHA' Washington'Industrial Safety andHealth Act

WISP workload information and schedulingprogram


UI 00 £ m 1 I

WITS Washington InteragencyTelecommunications Systemwork item tracking system

WLM working-level monthWMEC Western Massachusetts Electric Co.WMM wall-mounted manipulatorWMNS William B. McGuire Nuclear StationWMO World Meteorological OrganizationWMPC Wisconsin Michigan Power Co.WMS waste management system

work management systemWMT waste management tankWNES Westinghouse nuclear energy systemWNFM World Nuclear Fuel MarketWNP Washington Nuclear ProjectWNT waste neutralization tank

waste neutralizing tankWNYNRC Western New York Nuclear

Research CenterWO work orderWOFA Westinghouse optimized fuel

assemblyWOG Westinghouse Owners GroupWOR weld overlay repairWP warm pipe

welding procedurewelding projectwork packagework procedure

WPB waste processing buildingWPBCWS waste processing building chilled

water systemWPC Werner and Pfleiderer Corp.WPCB Waste Processing Control BoardWPLC Wisconsin Power & Light Co.WPPSS Washington Public Power Supply

SystemWPQR welding procedure qualification

recordWPS warm prestressing

waste processing systemwelding procedure specification


WPSC Wisconsin Public Service Corp.WQC water quality certificationWR Whiteshell Reactor (Canada)

wide rangework request

WRAP water reactor analysis programWRC Welding Research CouncilWRGM wide-range gas monitorWRM wide-range monitor

working reference materialW-RM Westinghouse-Reactor

ManufacturerWRNMS wide-range neutron monitoring

systemWRRR Walter Reed Research ReactorWRSR water reactor safety researchWRT with respect toWS warm shopWSA work situation approachWSCC Western Systems Coordinating

CouncilWSCS waste solidification and compaction

stationWSD working stress designWSF waste shipping facilityWSMF welded-steel moment-resisting frameWSUOPR Washington State University

Open-Pool ReactorWT wall thicknessWTF waste treatment facilityWTP water treatment plantWTR Westinghouse Test ReactorWVN water vapor nitrogenWVOG wet vessel off-gasWW well waterWWPC Washington Water Power Co.WWS waste water system

well water systemWWTF waste water treatment facilityWWW World Wide Web


UmO96 I SM Li-

XLPE cross-linked polyethyleneXR export reactor

XRF explosion release factorx-ray fluorescence


M S 0 0 A


Yankee Atomic Electric Co.Yankee Atomic Electric Co.York Area Transportation AuthorityYellow Creek Nuclear Plant


Yale-New Haven HospitalYankee Nuclear Power Station


01 MWO191MOA

ZEA zero energy assemblyZEEP Zero Energy Experimental Pile

(Canada)ZEPHYR zero energy fast reactorZES zero energy systemZETA Zero Energy Thermonuclear

Apparatus (United Kingdom)zero energy thermonuclear assembly

ZETR Zero Energy Thermal Reactor(United Kingdom)

ZEUS Zero Energy Uranium System(United Kingdom)

ZGS zero gradient synchrotron


zone improvement planZion Nuclear Plantzero period accelerationzero power mode bypasszero power plutonium reactorzero power reactorzero power reactor facilityZion Probabilistic Safety Studyzero time outagezirconium-water oxidation kinetics


NRC FORM 335 U.S. NUCLEAR REGULATORY COMMISSION 1. REPORT NUMBER(2-89) (Assigned by NRC, Add Vol.. Supp., Rev..NRCM1802 and Addendum Numbers, If any.)3201.3202 BIBLIOGRAPHIC DATA SHEET

(See Instrudions on the reverse) NUREG-0544, Rev. 42 TITLE AND SUBTITLE


NRC Collection of AbbreviationsMONTH | YA



Compiler: Technical Publications Section 7. PERIOD COVERED (nclulve Dates)

S. PERFORMING ORGANIZATION - NAME AND ADDRESS of NRC, provide Division, Offlice or Region, U.S. Nudcear Regulatory Commilssion, and mailing address; if contrador,provide name and mailing address.)

Information Management DivisionOffice of the Chief Information OfficerU.S. Nuclear Regulatory CommissionWashington, DC 20555-0001

9. SPONSORING ORGANIZATION-NAME AND ADDRESS (It NRC, type 'Same as above; it contrado provide NRC Division. Office or Region U.S. Nuclear Regutatory Commission.and maling address.)

Same as 8 above.


1. ABSTRACT (200 words or les)

This collection of abbreviations in common use in the nuclear industry and regulatory community was compiledfrom Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) and nuclear industry sources. It was published to assist agencyauthors, readers, and stakeholders in identifying abbreviations for the numerous organizational, scientific, andengineering terms that appear in NRC printed and electronic information. The compilation is descriptive ratherthan prescriptive. No one abbreviation is recommended to the exclusion of another because the same abbreviationmay with equal validity apply to two or more terms.

12. KEY WORDS/DESCRIPTORS (t words or phrases that will assist researchers In locating the report) 13. AVAILABILITY STATEMENT


abbrevi atlo ns (sw(I' Page)acronyms Unclassifiedinitialisms (Mssified

nuclear terms UnclssRfedn)nuclear phrases Unclassifiednuclear facilities 15 NUMBER OF PAGES

nuclear organizations


NRC FORM 335 (2-89)

Federal Recycling Program


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