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Abhinav Bhatnagar, LCP Candidates 2014, Manifesto.


  • Opening Note

    Rediscovering Grace

    When we were little, we come across these small things that we feel we relate to, maybe a like minded life enthusiast or a hard core academic, someone who wants strive to be the best footballer

    in the world, someone who just wants to be with his family all his life.

    These people, You feel you get them and even they might feel the same for you.

    Sometimes, you come across ideas that you relate to, maybe a political or philosophical point of view

    in a debate or just a video that you saw, a song that you heard that stuck on in your head till day, defined you, made you feel that it was written just for you!

    There can so many such things that youve felt since childhood that come close to your identity, you feel theyre a part of you know.

    So, has it ever happened before, that you saw a way of life that you felt was just You?

    Ever happened that some people drive you more than you thought anyone ever could?

    Ever happened that the need to achieve something became so bad that you ended up giving all you

    had to do it?

    Because I did. And some other smart people around me do it every single day.

    That is the power of this organization, to a certain set of us, it starts making sense, little by little, its not easy to find out what it really does, people sometimes take a couple of years to themselves realize and be able to convince someone else how it works.

    Some understanding of it might come though, through the simplicity with which it claims that it was made for nothing less than to change the world.

    And nothing comes simpler than this, that is its beauty, it churns out leaders day after day and people never even find out that through the course of the hardest phase of their lives, they became

    the strongest of individuals that humankind could ever produce.

    Through the course of that phase, there lay a code, a code which silently but consistently was shaping them up from inside, somehow so beautifully that even they didnt get to know.

    AIESEC is deeper than we think, it runs you on a more holistic level than we can see, buried deep inside lies the code, a code which ones revealed will help us in providing the same experience to

    hundreds and thousands of people. Make more leaders in an year than the world has seen in all its time, make more experiences that an MNC could produce in 10 years.

    So I invite you, on this journey with me, to understand how we can dig out this code, the most

    beautiful secret of our time, the most powerful secret of our lives.

    Hope you join the search for Grace. Abhinav Bhatnagar


    Local Committee President 2014

  • Section A

    Personal Information

    Name Abhinav Bhatnagar

    Address 5659, Duplex, MHC, Mani Majra, Chandigarh

    Telephone 01722735270

    Mobile +918968611344 Email abhinavbhatnagar84@gmail.com

    Academic Information

    Bcom II 49%

    Bcom I 58%

    Class 12th 83.8% Class 10th 88.6%

    Additional Achievements and Experiences

    Attended Football Nationals Training Camp in 2010, was Captain of School, House and Class

    Football team

    Attended the Delhi Photo Festival in 2011

    Won 2nd prize in the Photography Competition of PECFEST 2011

    Attended the Shodh Yatra 2012 in May this year. It is a like TGY but it is in one particular

    district and is on foot; is based on Rural Development

    Attempted Cross-Country in 2012 in June, July this year, travelling across the country in

    General Compartments, living the life of the average Indian


    Football | Travelling | Photography | Video Editing | Music | Gaming

    Section B | AIESEC Experience

    Current AIESEC position Vice President | Marketing

    Applying for

    (if more than one, list according to preference) Local Committe President 2014

  • Section C | AIESEC Experience

    1. List all positions held in AIESEC along with duration of the role. Also briefly elaborate on

    your contribution/performance, as well as the main learning you derived from each role.

    Team Member (Exchange Coordinator: iGIP)

    Duration: 3 Months

    I was barely able to contribute but the team experience of being around similar minded people was

    what made a difference for me. My 1st Team-Leader Subigya Basnet, one of the most simplistic

    leaders Ive ever come across, made it so easy for me to connect despite of having been so different

    than the rest of the members of my team.

    Team Leader (Vice President: Marketing 2013)

    Duration: 1 year

    The difference or the gap was fulfilled when I applied for the executive board for this portfolio called

    Marketing, going back to something that I was passionate about, and the experience turned out to be

    one of the most intellectualy competitive and physically challenging, probably because it was not just

    the role of a strategic head that lay there, but also because there was the position of one of those 13

    leaders who were going to lead an LC.

    The experience of being an EB member of AIESEC in Chandigarh is one of the most envigorating ones

    out there, it challenges you to the core, brings out the best in you and also shows you your worst. I

    would never have imagined going through anything like this ever in my life had it not been day I

    decided to make the call of joining this oganization.

    The team experience of being in a group of 13 motivated individual transforms you, going through

    the same highs and lows living life as if it were a fight undertaken by set of individuals together,

    having come together to the point where we could really look at each other and see SuperHeroes.

    Lost in the

    Crowd Connect

    Knowing myself better

    The Why

    Let's do it now

    The How

    Let's do it now

    The What

    Failures Dissappointment


    Believe 2.0



    Deliver Let's

    make it big

    By making it


  • 2. What have been your main achievements and non achievements in AIESEC in the past?

    3. List the Local/ National/ International conferences you have attended and in what capacity.

    Main AIESEC Achievements:

    1. EBC Experience (Wanderlust)

    2. Strategic Responsibility for Driving oGCDP in Q1

    3. Delivering a strong Q3 and Q4 with my Team

    Main Non Achievements:

    1. EBC Experience (The Reds)

    2. Portfolio State of Q1 and Q2

    3. NTT Application

  • 1. Describe the experience of being a part of the Executive Body of AIESEC Chandigarh. How

    do you think other members on the team would evaluate your contribution to the team &

    LCs organizational direction?

    Being on the executive board of AIESEC in Chandigarh has been a nothing but a privilege, an experience that I

    feel has shaped my AIESEC Journey and will always be the guiding light for me whenever it comes to the core of


    In its essence, I would divide my experience on these 3 lines:

    Value Based Leadership Development:

    Through the course of my EB Term, I established this strong belief that it is nothing but Values that form the basis

    of a Leadership Body or an Individual Leader. Values form over the course of going through a challenging inner

    and outer journey and that is the process that we want every single team and individual to go through in this

    organization. Values pave the way for Greatness more so than any Strategy or focus area, because they guide the

    collective direction of an organization over a longer course of time. When the Value Systems of an organization

    are shaken, it is shaken by its very core, something which needs to be re-built by people who think they are

    worthy of it.

    The Essence of a Team:

    The essence of a team lies in its ability to believe in a common long term stand and the ability to uniformly take it

    forward. Failing in either of the 2 makes it a make or break situation where both people and the organization

    suffer, where we say that Team Experiences drive Organizational Growth. One Leadership stand taken by the

    entire organization together can make us achieve the impossible, provided again, we keep it simple and clear, and

    uniformly take it forward.

    General conduct & behaviour: 6

    Contribution in meetings: 8 Contribution to LC culture: 8

    Communication style: 6

    Understanding of AIESEC: 8 Ability to motivate people: 8

    Marketing/Selling skills: 8 Ability to organise own work: 6

    Commitment towards Job role: 9 Willingness to cooperate: 9

    Performance*: 5

    Crisis Management: 7 Handling pressure: 6

    Assistance to others: 9

  • 2. What are your three basic Learnings/Values for life, which you have derived through your

    AIESEC experience?

    I have always connected to AIESEC values very deeply. Starting from the time I joined, I stayed

    because of my belief in long-term impact generatio