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  • About Aer Lingus

    Headquartered at Dublin Airport, Aer Lingus is the national airline of Ireland

    and is a company steeped in history. The now world-famous shamrock

    which adorns the tailfins of the Aer Lingus fleet is one of the most iconic

    symbols of Ireland around the globe.

    The airline has a worldwide reputation for caring, friendly staff, a superior

    quality of service and value for money. It is this Smart Flies that sets Aer

    Lingus apart from its competitors and resonates with customers around the

    world. Aer Lingus was founded by the Irish Government in 1936 to provide

    air services between Ireland and the UK. Its name is derived from the Irish

    long meaning ship and is therefore translated as Air Fleet.

    79 years on, Aer Lingus continues on its mission to connect Ireland with the

    world by offering award winning customer service at great value fares. Aer

    Lingus has recently become a member of the IAG (Internal Airlines Group)

    where it is expected to grow to new levels.

    Aer Lingus further enhances connectivity options to the USA, Canada

    and the UK, through its airline partners: Stobart Air (operating Aer Lingus

    Regional), Jetblue Airways and United Airlines.

    It is now easier than ever to connect continental US destinations with the

    UK, Europe and Ireland via JFK New York, Boston, Chicago, Washington,

    Orando, Hartford, LA & Toronto.

    The Airline currently

    operates a fleet of 47

    modern Airbus and leased

    Boeing aircraft and

    carries over 10.6 million

    passengers per annum

    on mainline and Regional

    franchise services.


  • Aer Lingus DevOps

    Aer Lingus has 500 staff including developers, testers and analysts who

    are collectively responsible for strategically important projects such as the

    ongoing development of the Aer Lingus website and ensuring industry

    regulator changes are applied.


    In terms of tools Aer Lingus was using Bugzilla for all bug tracking

    tasks, Microsoft Excel for test cases and Microsoft Word to document

    requirements. It became a key requirement that Aer Lingus implemented a

    new tool that would allow better collaboration and centralised management.

    Aer Lingus evaluated a number of industry leading tools but felt they were

    too cumbersome for their requirements. In order to provide the flexibility and

    agility required, Aer Lingus selected the Atlassian tool suite and chose to

    work with world leading Atlassian Experts, Clearvision.

    The solution

    Clearvision worked closely with the Aer Lingus team to help scope project

    requirements, implement the solution, and provide ongoing training, support

    and guidance.

    Atlassians JIRA and Confluence ticked all the boxes for Aer Lingus. As

    Spectrum, Clearvisions collaborative PaaS solution, integrates these tools

    with the rest of the Atlassian stack as well as third party components, Open

    Source tools, and hosting services, it was the clear solution.

    Aer Lingus is now able to track overall project statuses in one place and

    have complete traceability from user story to epic.

    - Rory Murphy - Senior Test Lead & JIRA Admin

    These tools have now gone from where we log bugs to business critical very quickly COPYRIGHT CLEARVISION-CM 2015 CLEARVISION CASE STUDY, AER LINGUS - PAGE 2


  • Hosting

    In order to achieve its goal of delivering high quality software on time, Aer

    Lingus also chose Clearvisions hosting services. This fully managed hosting

    solution includes expert support, eliminating upfront data center costs and

    gaining high availability and resilience, as well as inclusive backup and

    storage services. By choosing Clearvision for hosting, Aer Lingus benefits

    from added functionality in comparison to Atlassian On Demand services,

    such as LDAP integration and complete flexibility around Atlassian plugins.


    Although Aer Lingus has an experienced and dedicated JIRA admin team,

    there was still a key requirement for expert support to support Aer Lingus

    Atlassian user base. Clearvision provides guaranteed coverage for Atlassian

    and Open Source tools, 24/7 coverage, and unlimited support tickets.

    Clearvision operates a dedicated support team specialising in supporting

    Atlassian enterprise customers which has become an extension of Aer

    Lingus internal team. This has allowed Aer Lingus to focus efforts on value

    add activities with the knowledge that Clearvisions dedicated support team

    is available as and when required.

    Now and the future

    Aer Lingus has been using this environment for 18 months and has

    found it integral in helping the company move forward its major software

    development projects, such as the release of a new version of the Aer Lingus website. As more people use the platform, the more they see its potential. Aer Lingus is now exploring what else it can be used for in other areas of the

    organisation and start exploring what else it can be used for in areas of the

    business, including: Project Initiation Documentation, Commercial Business

    Development, Call Centre site issue tracker, and also other website and non-

    website projects.

    With Clearvisions support and excellent turnaround time on any support tickets raised we have managed to have very little impact to end users - Stewart Hand Digital Analyst & JIRA Administrator



  • Complete solution summary

    AtlassianJIRA Software, Confluence, Bitbucket Server, Bamboo, Crowd


    ZephyrZephyr plugin for JIRA

    Open SourceGit

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