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This docket talks about the opportunity being offered to 2014 graduates to join DevFactory


Who is Trilogy? Trilogy is one of the largest privately held enterprise so!ware companies. Post 2008, Trilogy has been acquiring Enterprise So!ware "rms, turning them around and aligning them to deliver phenomenal value for enterprise customers. Trilogy actively hired from all top engineering colleges in India (IIT, NIT, NSIT, Anna Univ, etc) from 2000- 2008. Trilogy was THE dream company for every Engineering graduate with strong background in Computer Science.

Visit www.trilogy.com

What is Trilogys culture like?Trilogys hiring philosophy is Only the best. Trilogys great people brought about tremendous value to its clients by solving their hardest business problems with technology. Trilogy has been rated among the Top 3 most entrepreneurial company alumni networks. Trilogeans have gone on to found some very exciting companies, and also are in CXO positions in many others. See this recent article on FounderDating.com about Trilogys entrepreneurial alumni network.


Answers to your questions.

What is DevFactory?Trilogy hived o# its R&D activities to a division called DevFactory, which was incorporated as a separate entity in Dubai in 2008. Trilogy and DevFactory are part of the same group of companies and share the same top management.

What does DevFactory do?DevFactory is probably the worlds "rst and only so!ware factory. We are disrupting the way enterprise so!ware is created by adopting a factory-style model for development and delivery. DevFactory has been built ground up on the basis of innovative processes and tools that are our Intellectual Property (IP). We manage massive scale yet provide great cost savings and high quality in our work. $is is, by the way, the complete opposite of conventional so!ware development, where scale o!en leads to quality issues, cost and time overruns. Besides above, DevFactory also does development for 30+ Enterprise products that Trilogy has acquired over the last few years.

Who are DevFactorys clients?Fortune 500 companies. DevFactorys products help solve the biggest and most complex problems for Fortune 500 companies CTOs and CIOs.

What are DevFactorys products?We have over 30 products. Some examples are Gensym, Prologic, Accept So!ware, Artemis and the products under the Versata banner. Versata is a Trilogy company. For more information, please refer to the case studies in this document or visit www.versata.com

What technologies do you use?$e 30+ products span all technologies, be it Java, C++, C#, Lisp etc. Engineers have chance to choose whatever technologies suit them best.

What is the role of the So!ware Development Engineer (SDE) like?$is role requires the SDEs to don multiple hats - strategic + technology + delivery at the same time. You will:

1. Understand the core business problems that our customers face.

2. Suggest technical solutions that will help solve these problems.

3. Create and deliver these solutions, so that it generates immense value to our customers and helps them focus on growing their business.

$e term So!ware Development Engineer is probably a misnomer and the role could have well been called Strategic Development Engineer, or Problem-solver or Value-creator

What is the compensation for a campus hire?Rs 22 Lakhs/year + 1 Lakh joining bonus + 1 Lakh DU graduation bonus

What is the growth path at DevFactoryOn the technical side, you will start as a SDE, then grow into a Technical Architect position and further reach the Chief Product Architect position. Of course, all these positions will pay the best Industry compensations. If the employee wants, once you develop a strong technical base, there would be options to move into the business/management side of things as well.

What is DevFactory University?DevFactory University (DU) is a one-of-its-kind training meant to transform our student recruits into tech professionals. $is 90-day program is modeled on the legendary Trilogy University training program and will be held at Dubai, UAE.DU, earlier known as TU (Trilogy University), was conceptualized from the US Navy Seal Training Program. DU focuses on creating an incubation environment with optimal conditions for a fresh graduate to have accelerated learning at a fast pace and become a thorough problem solver at the end of 3 months. Post DU, the freshers turn to seasoned techies who can solve any problem that come their way. What more, DU is a bootcamp where DevFactorys culture of trust and responsibility is instilled. $e camaraderie built up through these 3 months lasts forever. $ese 3 months are going to be the best of your career! Harvard Business Review did a case study on TU (Trilogy University). Read the article at this link: http://hbr.org/2001/04/no-ordinary-boot-camp/ar/1

Why is DU being held in Dubai?$ere are two reasons:

1. DevFactorys headquarters is in Dubai and our CEO, Rahul Subramaniam and some of our key chief architects are based in Dubai, while we create a similar team for India. We take DU very seriously and ensure the freshers have direct access to all the best talent we have when they are wracking their brains to create the next best products for the organization.

2. Dubai is a multi-cultural, fun place that aligns well with our concept of Work hard, play hard. At DevFactory, there is a thin line of di#erence between work and fun and while we take our work seriously, we take fun seriously as well. DevFactory plans to spend >$1M on its DU Program during these three months.

A!er DU, where is the job location?Bangalore.

Will the recruited students need to sign a contract?Students will be hired as regular employees of the Indian entity. $ere will be no contract or bond.

Is this a paid training?Absolutely. Not only will the recruited students be paid full salaries during the entire duration of the training, the complete expenses in Dubai including travel, accommodation and other fun activities will be company sponsored.

What happens a!er DU?A!er DU, all the projects are assessed and if there are product ideas that pass all the tests - the team gets to further works on the idea. Others pass DU and work on the existing products of DevFactory.

Will we be assessed again a!er DU?We are sticky about "nding the perfect culture "t for DevFactory and our selection process is geared in that direction. We hold a high bar because DU is not only one of the best training bootcamps in the so!ware industry, it is also one of the most intensive bootcamps that ensures an exponential learning at an accelerated pace. Most of the time our hires live this. However exceptions have happened very few times, when some fresh graduates are not able to take this pace and we mutually have to agree to part ways. It is worthy to note that, as per historical records, 95-98% of the batch graduates each time. $ere have been several instances of 100% of the batch graduating. Having said that, Trilogy is a hiring ground for most big product organizations. An exiting TUer in the past has never had challenge in immediately "nding superlative opportunity.

Can the students have a career in Dubai?At this moment, we dont have a "rm stand on this and are open to discussing this with individuals based on interest.

"e DevFactory website does not have much information. Why?Most companies %ood their website with two kinds of information 1. What they do and how they do it 2. Who their customers are and what they deliver to them.

DevFactory has a unique operating and delivery model that gives it a huge competitive advantage in the market. $is is our intellectual property (IP) and we therefore never share this information in the public domain. We solve some of the hardest problems for some of the largest customers on the planet. $ese customers too dont like to share these details in the public domain and therefore require us to act accordingly. $erefore, while some of the largest companies in the world rely on us for solving their hardest problems, we dont have content that we are at liberty to share in the public domain.

I read some negative reviews online. Can you explain that please?In order to ful"ll our work, we hire a large number of contractors as well. $is network of contractors is over 1500 strong and works seamlessly to generate great value for our customers as a global team. However, like in any organization, there is always a small percentage of disgruntled employees. Traditionally, companies manage their reputation online using brute force of SEO and %ood the internet with articles about themselves. $is results in bad reviews getting lower page rankings.

DevFactory, however is not able to put out a large number of articles for two reasons:

1. Any discussion about our processes would mean sharing parts of our IP in public. $is IP has been painstakingly developed a!er years of research and learning. Exposing these in public would mean erosion of our competitive advantage.

2. We solve some of hardest problems for some of the largest companies in the world. Our clients would not want to publicize these problems and have comprehensive non-disclosure agreements with us that disallows using their names as clients. We are also bound to not discuss the type of sensitive work we do for them.

So, we could have chosen to populate the Internet with meaningless articles for the pure purpose of SEO. Such a method consumes a lot of time and energy, and frankly not quite right. We would rather choose to spend all our e#orts and time in continuously creating value for our customers through innovation.

How true is it about DevFactory trying to save tax by having operations in the UAE?Like every company, DevFactory tries its best to manage its resources


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