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  • 1. eradicating
    a social enterprise | estd 1998

2. governing body
board of trustees
> Dr Isher Judge Ahluwalia
Chairperson, Indian Council for Research on
International Economic Relations
> Dr K Anji Reddy - Chairman
Founder and Chairman, Dr Reddys Laboratories Ltd
> Anand Mahindra
Vice Chairman and Managing Director
Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd
> M Rajendra Prasad
Managing Director, Soma Enterprise Ltd
3. how wework
the convergence model
delivering critical servicesfor the poor
corporates and donor institutions
4. what
sustainable livelihoods
the midday meal
social research
safe drinking water
5. Education Children 3-14 years
6. Setting up and running pre school centres for 3-5 year-old children in tribal villages. Pre-school Programme
7. Ensuring every child in a government school acquires at least minimum learning levels.Ensuring Children Learn
8. Nanhi Kali Project
Providing material and academic support so girls continue schooling and do not drop out. Nanhi Kali Project with K C Mahindra Education Trust
9. sustainable livelihoods for small and marginal farmers and youth
so they can cross the
poverty line through
regular, improved incomes.
10. Reversing distress migration by small farmers by bringing water back into drought-hit fields Creating farmer-managed irrigation societies and reviving lift irrigation schemes
11. Growing and marketing premium organic coffee with tribal small farmers in semi wastelands. Tribal Cooperative & Organic Coffee Programme
12. Training socially underprivileged youth with employable skills to guarantee employment in the organised sector Mahindra Pride School
13. Marketing organically grown pineapples grown by women small farmers in NagalandTransformative Livelihoods Programme
14. the midday meal noon lunches to poor children in government schools
15. Six Sigma like processes 1 million children fed everyday
16. social research CHAMPION Trial
17. Project Bachpan education, nutrition and nurture for rural children
18. safe drinking water
bringing it to rural doorsteps
safe drinking water
bringing safe drinking water to rural doorsteps
19. Appropriate technology
Reverse Osmosis & Ultraviolet
20. mission
Equity with affordability @ 10 paise per litre
21. partners
state governments

  • Andhra Pradesh

22. Madhya Pradesh 23. Maharashtra 24. Nagaland 25. Chhattisgarh 26. Rajasthan 27. Orissa 28. Punjab 29. Haryana+ members of Indian Parliament(MPs), & Legislative Assemblies (MLAs)
30. partners
donor and strategic institutions
CoffeeLab Pvt Ltd
AAPI Foundation
31. partners
corporate and public sector
32. Reaching 3 million & counting


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