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Would you like to make international business calls from the convenience of your smartphone from just 1p per minute?


  • 1. If your business makes international calls youre spending a lot more than you need to.
  • 2. Would you like to make international business calls from the convenience of your smartphone from just 1pa minute?
  • 3. 90% A new way to make international business calls from your smartphone. Reducing international call costs by over
  • 4. Traditional telecoms service providers pitch competitive national call rates but are less generous when it comes to international calls. Vodaphone Mobile (Standard Rate) 150p 76p 11p 1p Regus Managed Office Landline (PBX) 8x8 Office Landline (Virtual VoiP IP PBX) *Rates correct at 31.07.14 Per minute mobile call rates to India*
  • 5. INTERNATIONAL CALLS Pence per minute savings soon add up. competitive PBX landline provider 1500/month 100/month with CASE STUDY International recruitment specialist1 15employees Regularly calling new candidates abroad
  • 6. Traditional international calls account for just 4% of all global voice traffic yet contribute a massive to operating profit. So why do mobile operators and landline PBX providers charge so much for international calls? 24%
  • 7. Because of the lack of competitive alternatives.
  • 8. Consumers know that mobile VoIP services like Skype, Viber and WhatsApp offer better value than traditional telecoms providers. Its a calling revolution that makes traditional operators very nervous.
  • 9. But consumer services are not designed for business use. Consumer
  • 10. Mobile VoiP is ready for business today so get on board.
  • 11. couples our reliable, crystal clear mobile VoiP with our simple app designed for business needs.
  • 12. You already have the hardware required to use 93%of small businesses use smartphones to improve productivity. 54%of small businesses use iPads, four times the number in 2011. SIM cards are not required with iPads or tablets to use
  • 13. Crystal clear, low cost calls. provides crystal clear free calls to colleagues and the lowest international call rates to mobiles and landlines. We have gold standard Tier1 termination network partnerships committed to delivering the highest quality calling experience at the lowest possible cost.
  • 14. Transparency & honesty. We have nothing to hide - a breath of fresh air in an environment of hidden and deceptive charges. No set up fees No monthly contract No contractual commitments Only pay for calls made No call connection fees Lowest call rates available Call rates clearly published on the website WYSIWIG
  • 15. Anywhere to anyone. Connects any mobile, anywhere to any global mobile or landline. You can even make calls using your local GSM signal. 3GGSM 4G
  • 16. Reducing the cost of calling abroad.
  • 17. Reduce roaming costs. Wi-Fi No more roaming fees to make calls from abroad. Connect to Wi-Fi and call home or anywhere at our same low rates. No more bill shock for your CEO on your return.
  • 18. Control. Control all company mobiles through your own free cloud based administration tool. Control settings, personalise displays, view consumption, monitor usage.
  • 19. Better Productivity. Free calls and instant messages between colleagues. Make calls on the go wherever you are, no longer tied to the office landline or laptop. Hows the weather in Beijing today?
  • 20. One bill. All employee accounts are conveniently paid through one company account. Buy pre-paid call credit or pay by invoice to suit your preferences.
  • 21. Summary. 1. Reduce international call costs and improve work force productivity. 2. Sign up for VykeBusiness today at www.vykebusiness.com 3. With no commitments, you really have nothing to lose. 4. Go and buy more piggy banks


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