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CHEST #1 (240, 607)The location of the map needed for the first chest is inHavana(240, 607). The map is close to ageneral storethat is in the northern part of the city. The map leads to Havana (240, 607) as well, with the buried chest on the beach in the southern part of the city.The chest containsplans for theQueen Anne's Figureheadand 3,000 Reales.

CHEST #2 (633, 784)The location of this map is onGreat Inagua(845, 468). It's located on the northwest corner of the island. You need to slide down the bank by arock wallto get to the map. The map leads you toNassau, located at (633, 784). The buried chest is right by the swampy area to the west, behind a mansion on a cliff.The chest contains theplans forGrey Sailsand 3,000 Reales.

CHEST #3 (525, 253)The location of the map for Chest #3 is located onIsla Providencia(502, 44). The map is in the northwest corner of the island in the swampy area. The map points toLong Bay(525, 253). The buried chest is pretty easy to find, get to theViewpointin the east, and the chest is along the beach here.The chest contains 4,000 Reales.

CHEST #4 (179, 593)The location of the map is atCape Bonavista(179, 593). It is on the beach all the way on theeast sideof the area. The map leads to the same island you are already on. Find a cave on the island, and go all the way in to a dead end to find the chest.The chest contains 1,500 Reales.

CHEST #5 (70, 405)The location of the map is inPetite Caverne. To get to the map, you need to go all the way into the cave, which is filled with enemies. Fight your way to the right side of the cave to get to the map that leads you toTulum(70, 405). The buried chest is located close to theViewpointin the southern part of the area. Watch out for Jaguars.The chest contains 4,000 Reales.

CHEST #6 (307, 195)The location of the map is inAmbergris Key(55, 178). You will notice that this is a diving section that requires theDiving Bell. Once underwater, move through the tunnels until you come up on a massive above-water chamber with ruins. The map is in the northwest corner of this chamber here. Once you get the map, it leads you toMisteriosa(307, 195). The buried chest is located northeast of the viewpoint here, behind a Mayan temple.The chest contains theplans for theElite Heavy Shotand 3,000 Reales.

CHEST #7 (992, 422)The map for chest #7 is atAnotto Bay(621, 277). It's a diving location, so you will need the Diving Bell first. Make your way through the underwater maze until you pop up in a cavern with smugglers in the area. The map is back here. The map takes you to Principe (992, 422) -- this location is unlocked automatically as you play through the main quest, so going there before it appears on the map will not work. First go into the fort then make your way all the way to the top. There will be four cannons here, with three buildings. Go all the way around the three until you are on the ledge in front of the buildings.The chest contains 3,000 Reales.

CHEST #8 (623, 172)The map for this chest can be found atMisteriosa(307, 195). It is located close to aMayan Steale. The chest is on the eastern-most shore in the bay area of Kingston (623, 172).The chest contains theplans for theBlackwood Wheeland 3,000 Reales.

CHEST #9 (327, 334)The map for chest #9 is located onPinos Isle(335, 469). The chest is almost all the way to the Northeast tip of the island of Cayman Sound.The chest contains 4,000 Reales.

CHEST #10 (333, 650)The map for the chest is located in Tortuga (882, 370). The treasure itself is found on Dry Tortuga(333,650). It's right along the shore. The chest is right by the Mayan Stela on the extreme East side ofMatanzas.The buried chest has the plans for theElite Mortar Storageand 3,000 Reales.

CHEST #11 (749, 625)The map for this chest is located onAbaco Island(606, 835). The buried chest is located towards the northwest ofSalt Lagoon(749, 625).This chest contains theSerpent Figurehead plansand 3,000 Reales.

CHEST #12 (55, 178)The map for this chest is located inCorozal(42, 268). It's located on a small island right off the coast. The buried chest is located atAmbergris Key(55, 178). When swimming through a tunnel at Ambergris Key, you get to a chamber with ruins inside. Look at the sandy area to the south in this chamber.The chest contains 4,000 Reales.

CHEST #13 (565, 539)The map is located atIle a Vache(843, 140). The buried chest is right under a palm tree inJiguey(565, 539).The chest contains 4,000 Reales

CHEST #14 (606, 835)The map for chest #14 is onAndreas Island(579, 720). The buried chest is right by the shipwreck onAbaco Island(606, 835).This chest has 4,000 Reales.

CHEST #15 (442, 118)The map for this chest is located inSalt Lagoon(749, 625). The buried chest is on the eastern most tip ofNew Bone(442, 118), not too far from a windmill.The chest has 4,000 Reales.

CHEST #16 (479, 487)The map for this chest is located onSantanillas(217, 250). The buried chest for this map involves some diving. When you pop up from underwater atSan Juan(479, 487) and see two guards, take them out and go just to the right of the opening that leads to the next chamber.The chest has theElite Fire Barrel Strengthplansand 3,000 Reales.

CHEST #17 (335, 469)The map for this chest is located atCumberland Bay(679, 381). The chest is to the left of the huge temple onPinos Isle(335, 469).It contains theAquila's Wheelplansand 3,000 Reales.

CHEST #18 (579, 720)The map for this chest is located onMariguana Island(880, 544). The map points to a small island off the southern most tip ofAndreas Island(579, 720).The chest contains theElite Harpoonplansand 3,000 Reales.

CHEST #19 (901, 263)The map for this chest is located onCayman Sound(327, 334). In the Southwest corner of the smuggler's den inPetite Caverne(901, 263).This chest has the plans for theElite Heavy Shot Storageplansand 3,000 Reales. It's located in Smuggler's Cove at (894,260).

Kenway's Fleet MapsOnce you have unlockedKenway's Fleetand you're connected, online, to uPlay, you can get the final three maps andchests. Here are the chest locations for chests 20, 21, and 22:CHEST #20 (679, 381)FromKenway's Fleet. Complete Eastern British Colonies:The Empty Cellar to get the map.The chest is located on the very northern tip ofCumberland Bay. It contains 4,000 Reales.CHEST #21 (502, 44)FromKenway's Fleet. Complete Eastern Canada: Scarlatina to get the map. The chest is located in the southern bay area ofIsla Providenciaon the shore by the shipwreck. It containsFire Barrel Elite Storage.CHEST #22 (621, 277)FromKenway's Fleet. Complete Barcelona: Great Reputation II to get the map.The chest is located right next to the ladder that leads out of theSmuggler's DenatAnotto Bay. It contains 4,000 Reales.

TAVERNSThere are a total of 8tavernsthat need to beunlocked. You simply walk up to the barkeeper, watch a short cutscene and beat up the bandits. You can see the taverns on your map if you synchronize the viewpoints for the respective area.No.LocationCo-Ordinates

The tavern locations and their coordinates are as follows:#1 - AndreasIsland(573,720)#2 - SaltKey Bank(496, 629)#3 -Crooked Island(808, 545)#4 - Arroyos (192, 565)#5 - Corozal (37, 266)#6 -Grand Cayman(392, 325)#7 -Kingston(623, 172)#8 - Ile Vache (839, 137)



Find this Stelae on a ridge overlooking the ocean on thenorthernside of the island.MAYAN STELAE 2: GREAT INAGUA (845, 468)

This one is acquired during the missionThis Old Coveduring the maincampaign.MAYAN STELAE 3: MISTERIOSA (303, 199)

High up in someMayan ruinsright in the middle of the island.MAYAN STELAE 4: MISTERIOSA (296, 196)

Right along the western shore of the island.MAYAN STELAE 5: SANTANILLAS (217, 245)

By a hugerock formationin the middle of the island.MAYAN STELAE 6: SANTANILLAS (221, 242)

On the top of a huge rock towards the southern part of the island.MAYAN STELAE 7: TULUM (70, 405)

Located on a Mayan ruin towards the north part of the area.MAYAN STELAE 8: CAPE BONAVISTA (179, 593)

Located to the very north of the Cape, it's in an area surrounded by waterfalls.MAYAN STELAE 9: MATANZAS (343, 642)

Hidden in a swampy area all the way on the Eastern most part of the island.MAYAN STELAE 10: TORTUGA (875, 379)

Right off of the beach where you dock theJackdaw.MAYAN STELAE 11: PINOS ISLE (334, 476)

Located in a field of ruins. There are a ton of pillars around in a field.MAYAN STELAE 12: PINOS ISLE (342, 478)

There's a second stela on this island. You'll find it at the northeastern edge of the isle.MAYAN STELAE 13: NEW BONE (431, 116)

The stelae is just outside therestricted areain the northwestern section of the island.STELAE 14: ISLA PROVIDENCIA (502, 44)

On top of some ruins to the southwest of the area.STELAE 15: ISLA PROVIDENCIA (502, 44)

To the very north of the area in a restricted area. Be careful!STELA 16: LONG BAY (525, 253)

Right along the southern edge of the area, behind the Observatory.

TULUM 70, 405 - There will be a marker on your map, saying "Mayan Outfit". Go there and open up the door to unlock the VaultRaidertrophy / achievement, along with this new and unique outfit. The Mayan outfit deflects bullets from enemies shooting at you!

Elite Ship UpgradesUpgradeLocationCoordinates

Elite Round Shot StrengthKabah Ruins769, 145

Elite Hull ArmorSan Ignacio379, 770

Elite Swivel GunsDevilsEye Cave487, 357

Elite Harpoon Strength (Chest Required)Andreas Island579, 720

Elite Broadside Cannons SetTheBlue Hole471, 170

Elite Heavy ShotStorage(Chest Required)Petite Cavern901, 263

Elite Heavy Shot Strength (Chest Required)Misteriosa307, 195

Elite FireBarrel Strength (Chest Required)San Juan479, 487

Elite Fire Barrel StorageIsla Providencia502, 44

Elite RamLa ConcepcionShipwreck181, 296

Elite MortarsAntocha630, 660

Elite Mortars Storage (Chest Required)Matanzas333, 650

The Red Howler Monkey can be found only on the Isla Providencia (502,44). It drops the rare Red Howler Monkey Skin used in Crafting.CONFIRMED WHITE WHALE LOCATIONSWhen the whale shows up, an icon will pop up on your map. You will be prompted to if you want to share the location or not. Once that happens, sail over to the icon on the map to begin your harpooning.

638, 901 - North of Abaco Island658, 831 - South east of Floridian peninsula950, 547 - North east of Great Inagua880, 427 - North of Tortuga, South of Great Inagua, East of Punta Guarico677, 320 - South of Cumberland Bay674,315 - South of Cumberland Bay576,115 - Between Kingston and Isla Providencia862,310 - West North of Petite Caverne, south of Tortuga888,130 - East of Ile a Vache198, 346888, 130674, 315173, 655862, 310