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  • Acclaim Badges Promote Skills and Certifications

    Badges are helping learners tell their professional story

    Strategic value emerges for human capital management

  • Tips for the webinar

  • Training Industry

  • Our speaker

    Peter JanzowSenior Director & Open Badges LeadPearson, [email protected] / @pjanzow

    mailto:[email protected]

  • Todays agenda

    Rise of the alternative credential movement

    Open credentials and Open Badges

    Adoption and acceptance

    Third party industry credentials

    Corporate and workforce learning and training

    Emerging best practices

  • Q: Why are alternative credentials exploding,

    while professional learning opportunities proliferate



  • A: Because people should get credit for what they

    know and what they can do

  • An open standard to recognizeand verify learning.

  • The Open Badge Napkin Sketch

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  • The badge is not the thing. The badge represents the thing.

  • Poll Question

    Have you earned any open badges? (Y/N)

  • Where are we with Open Badges? 10M to 20M issued(?)

    Millions of badge earners

    General awareness of badges, microcredentials and unbundling ideas in post-secondary education

    General awareness and wide adoption in 3rd party credentialing and in the IT sector

    Growing awareness in hiring practices and corporate training

    Much work to do

  • Respected brands. Resume-worthy achievements.

  • Acclaim Badges represent learning achievements for professionals

    Document and communicate Who is the learner? What did they learn? Who says they did this?

    Provide context and showrelevance of learning

    Secure and verifiable Track and report data

  • You get what you measure.

  • Key performance metrics How many badges were issued?

    How many issued badges were claimed?

    If claimed, did earners mark them public?

    Were badges shared? If so, how frequently?

    Where were badges shared?

    When shared, what activity was generated?

    Were badges useful in connecting learners to jobs and new opportunities?

    If so, how?

  • How are badges being used by badge earners?

  • my verified achievement&src=typd my verified achievement&src=typd

  • Search for badges in the wild

    Go to Twitter (be sure to be logged in) Search for View my verified achievement or This is the live feed of badges being shared by Acclaim users Click on any badge for more information and for real-time


    You can also do this for badges from other sources (if those sources identify themselves in the postings)

  • What is valuable about Badges?





    Display your credentials online in professional networking sites

    Verify a job applicant's credentials in a simple, secure manner

    Allow employer to verify your credentials in a simple, secure manner

    Receive notifications about job or developmentopportunities that align with your professional goals

    Based on a survey of badge earners conducted by Acclaim, 2016

  • Badge earner testimonials A sample of feedback from candidate surveys

    I got a great response from connections on LinkedIn.

    I added the badge to my website to help me stand out from others.

    A potential employer was able to verify my certification.

    A lot of people in my LinkedIn list did not know that I am CCE certified till I posted my badge. Not many read profiles (generally in fine print) but a logo provides a bold announcement and people sit up and notice.

    The ability to show customers the badge eases their mind when thinking about allowing me (the engineer) to get close to their environment.

  • If you shared your badge, tell us why

    This is an opportunity for me to share my status. To share my achievement and encourage others to achieve the


    I love to share my credential on social media so people know whom to speak with whenever they need my skills.

    I feel pride to share the achievement on a platform where associates with similar interests get to know about what I can do and possibly inspire them to pursue the same.

    To share my experience with friends and connections.

  • Poll Question

    Have you ever used a badge to verify an employees qualifications? (Y/N)

  • Chat Question

    Did you know badges could be used to connect with career opportunities?

  • Badges in the Enterprise

    The case for talent analytics for Teaming, Development and Engagement

  • The power of growing your brand through badges for learning recognitions

    Badges increase the online reach of brands, exponentially

    75% of Acclaim badge earners share their badges to LinkedIn. The average LinkedIn account has 200 connections.

    If your learning programs reach just 1,000 learners pear year, and 75% share a badge on LinkedIn, we reach 150,000 potential views per year.

  • "I find the badge program a great way of learning and hope more badge options will be offered soon.

    "In a recent interview, this badge gave me a chance to elaborate about a learning activity that helped improve

    my skills.

    "More people are viewing my LinkedIn profile after adding the IBM badge to my list of accomplishments.

    "A truly worthwhile initiative that allows validation of my knowledge and skills. Way to go IBM! Thanks."

    The IBM Case Study key outcomes

    Open Badges are driving the behavior we want

  • The IBM Case Study key outcomesBig Data University Case Study: 14 Online Courses

  • Analytics and reports

  • Skills registries and the value for teams

  • Acclaim is the best platform for organizations that work through networks and partner ecosystems.

    Our Authorized Issuer features ensure that your partners can issue badges and access reporting features only for those badges you authorize.

    Template-by template access Assign issuing partners access to all badges, or restrict access to only specific badge templates.

    Top down reporting by template All badge program data flows up for visibility to the primary organization, but Acclaims robust reporting can also be restricted by template for authorized issuers.

    Allow partners to issue your badges

  • More things badges can do

    Expire and be renewed (revoke, replace, next offering)Recommend next steps, provide context and pathways

  • Making the business case for badges

    Direct value to your organization Badges accepted & shared x views per share = Impressions Impact on program persistence, completion and progression = Increased engagement

    and value of your programs Impressions x conversion rate = Direct revenue generated Impressions x brand value = Indirect brand building value

    Value to partner networks and affiliate programs Badges authorized x Views per Share = Impressions for partners Impressions x Conversion rate = Direct revenue generated for partners Impressions x Co-brand value = Indirect brand building / partnership value for partners

    Information and analytics value Value of information about specific skills and related labor market demand (context,

    relevance) Value of information about skill gaps by geo, by segment, by competency, by authorized

    partner etc.

  • Peter JanzowSenior Director & Open Badges LeadPearson [email protected] / @pjanzow

    Q & A

    mailto:[email protected]

  • Upcoming webinars

  • More ways to get involved

  • Thank you!