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  • 1. Corporate presentationKNOWLEDGE OF SPACESwww.accordex.comwww.think-click.com1530, 46e avenue, lachine, QuEbec, Canada H8t 3j9 > T1 514.639.6998 > T2 855.639.6998 > F 514.639.5420

2. corporate presentation > p.1ABOUT US Accord Expositions Inc. is a full service exhibit firm specialized in the management of professional trade shows, expositions, conventions, museums and corporate and other special events. Working with an international clientele, we are specialized in the conception, design, fabrication, digital printing, coordination, installation & dismantling and storage of custom exhibits for the North American and European markets. We are the third largest exhibit designer and manufacturer in Canada. Founded over 20 years ago and composed of a team of over 45 individuals, we have developed an in-depth understanding of international trade shows. We have put in place the most cost efficient methods to plan, coordinate and fabricate your exhibit participation. To see a sample of our portfolio as well as additional information about our services, please visit our website at our core values To provide our customers with the highest quality exhibit products and services. To continuously innovate the way we design and fabricate our exhibits in order to deliver the highest value to our customers. To invest in quality professionals and create an innovative, dynamic and enjoyable working environment. 3. corporate presentation > p.2OUR FACILITIES Located in Montreal with easy access to transportationthroughout North America. Our craftsmen, painters and technicians take advantageof our two fully equipped manufacturing and warehousingfacilities totaling 70,000 sq. ft. Our more than 20 ft. ceilings allow us to build the mostdemanding exhibits and verify each of them in house. Our staff of very qualified craftsmen have on average 25+years experience each. Furthermore, we have all the necessary space towarehouse your exhibits until the next event. 4. corporate presentation > p.3 OUR PRODUCTS Custom exhibits Pavilions Complete trade show management & execution ClicK modular system Portable exhibits Rental exhibits with custom graphics 5. corporate presentation > p.4OUR services Exhibit Design Complete in-house fabrication, paint shop & shop set-up Complete graphics department including large format digital printing Pre-show and on-site services inclusing: - Project management - Transportation - Instalation and dismantling - Material handling - Electrical and rigging - Audio visual & computer services Storage & Warehousing Exhibit Rentals 6. corporate presentation > p.5 design Our team of experienced designers works with each project member and assesses all project requirements at the design stage to ensure accuracy in estimating, scheduling, and resource planning They integrate all relevant competencies necessary to the development of each project: - Collaborative conception of each design - Liberty of expression - Openness to new and different ideas Our team of designers has access to the latest technologies allowing them to develop the most complex projects. 7. corporate presentation > p.6Fabrication Our team of experienced craftsmen can build the simplestto the most technically complex exhibits. Our facilities are fully equipped with the latesttechnologies and include a dedicated paint shop and graphicsdepartment. Our experienced team has the capabilities to build everydesign concept in the most flexible and cost effective way. 8. corporate presentation > p.7 GRAPHICs DEPARTMENT Complete graphics production department including : - High resolution digital printing. - Computer assisted vinyl cut-outs. - Large format printing on fabric and polyester Highly skilled staff capable of producing the most complex graphic projects. 9. corporate presentation > p.8PRE-SHOW & ON-SITE SERVICES Our pre-show coordination and on-site presence help toincrease your exhibit success and effectiveness. A final try out assembly in our shop, prior to shipping,ensures that all our exhibits are quick and easy to set-up. Our Installation & Dismantling partners are nationallypresent and offer skilled professional unionized labor. Installations of all our projects are supervised by ourstaff. 10. corporate presentation > p.9 storage & warehousing Complete storage & warehousing facilities with inventory management. Full time staff present to access customer exhibits as needed. 11. corporate presentation > p.10rental furniture Modern inventory of rental furniture,appliances, and audio visual. All furniture is always in an as newcondition. Rental furniture is kept up to date andrefreshed annually. 12. corporate presentation > p.11 Custom exhibits The very high quality of our projects is a reflection of our experience in trade show management. The details are visible at all levels: design, fabrication, logistics, I&D and warehousing. For a remarkable presence at any trade show, put our team to the test! Some brand names you might recognize include: - Alstom - Nagra Vision - Eurocopter - Sanofi Aventis - Globecast- Servier - LG - Siemens - Merck KGaA 13. corporate presentation > p.12Alstom TransportationPlace: Omaha 2010, San Diego 2008 & 2011Design: Accord Expositions & Agence Prosigma, FranceFabrication: Accord Expositions 40 x 40 Exhibit Multi-color curved light boxes are built in the central wall Reception zone reflecting minimalist eco-style Model train presentation kiosks Cutout carpet in corporate colors 14. corporate presentation > p.13 Alstom Power Place: World Energy Congress 2010, Montreal Design: MAC, Germany / Fabrication: Accord Expositions 30 x 40 island Theater area with custom seating Suspended translucent fabric banners Audio visual equipment & computer work stations. 15. corporate presentation > p.14Eurocopter Places: Heli-Expo 2005-2009, Dallas, Anaheim, Design: Structures Internationales Impact, FranceFabrication: Accord Expositions 100x110 Double deck exhibit First floor: offices & storage Second floor: Presentation platform for helicopter Large print banners & graphic wall 16. corporate presentation > p.15 LG Places: SPI 2010, Los Angeles Design: Works in spirit, Korea / Fabrication: Accord Expositions 30x40 island exhibit 4 platform with glossy finish Demo area with product displays Enclosed meeting rooms and storage Large suspended sign with logo lightboxes and LED video strip Bar area with sreens display 17. corporate presentation > p.16Merck KGaAPlace: ASCO 2008-2010, Chicago & OrlandoDesign: in-Extenso, France / Fabrication: Accord Expositions 2 parts exhibit: 80 x 80 and 20 x 30 4 giant inline arches lead to information stations and 3Dprojection. Large rotating suspended graphic sign. Large fully serviced custom bar Cutout carpet in corporate colors 18. corporate presentation > p.17 Merck KGaA Place: ASCO 2011, Chicago . Design: in-Extenso, France / Fabrication: Accord Expositions Custom 80 x 80 and 30 x 30 1 large double sided light box 100x 10 including 6 large circular backlit fabric lightboxes Large suspended graphic sign and double sided 3D projection screen Large fully serviced custom bar Custom lounges and meeting areas Cutout carpet in corporate colors 19. corporate presentation > p.18NagravisionPlaces: NAB 2010-2011 Las Vegas, ChicagoDesign: KE, france / Fabrication: Accord Expositions 30x30 island exhibit with 4 platform Custom walls with recessed plasma Demo areas with plasma and custom seating Large suspended ceiling Vinyl text and graphic on the floor for signage 20. corporate presentation > p.19 Sanofi Aventis Place: ASCO 2008, Chicago, ISTH 2009, Place: ASCO 2008, Chicago Boston Design: in-Extenso, FrancFabrication: Accord Expositions Design: in-Extenso, France / Fabrication: Accord ExpositionsInc. 50 x 50 Exhibit Stand perimeter is highlighted by a suspended large format printed fabric banner Lounge in the center is framed by slim light boxes Reception area is decorated with giant light box Cutout carpet in corporate color 21. corporate presentation > p.20SiemensPlace: CTIA Wireless 2006, Las VegasDesign: Pico Art International, Singapore / Fabrication: Accord Expositions 80 x 100 Exhibit 20 custom lightweight modular wall structure Large format print banners, backlit logos and fasciapanels 4 glass meeting rooms, bar, kitchen, technical room,staff room 30 demonstration pods with LCD monitors and computerequipment 22. corporate presentation > p.21 Pavilions & complete Trade Show Are you looking for a solution to provide a group of exhibitors with a collective booth at the same trade show? With our pavilion program we can help you to find an optimal and orignal solution that really worth the investment. If you are a show organizer and looking for more then a Pipe & Drape construction our company would be glad to work with you from initial design of exhibit hall and sudden changes till the red carpet opening and packed away until next year dismantling. 23. corporate presentation > p.22permanent KiosksTravelex, Toronto Pearson 2006Service Canada, Montreal Complexe Guy-Favreau, 2007 Whether youre looking for airport grade fire ratedcustom currency exchange kiosks to multimedia informationkiosks, Accord Expositions can custom design and build akiosk according to your specifications and building coderequirements. You need a turn-key solution? We are your one stopshop! 24. corporate presentation > p.23 rental exhibits Based on our experience designing and building custom exhibits we have extracted their most common characteristics and pre-designed and built turn key exhibit solutions that can be adapted to your needs. 25. corporate presentation > p.24MODULAR SYSTEM The clicK system is an integrated series of aluminumext