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    Name ID No.

    S. M. Humayoun Kabir 1001010019

    Shehnaz Mostofa Urmi 1001010037

    Mahid Shams Chowdhury 1001010007

    Lucky Begum 1001010020

    Abdullah- Al- Sami 1001010005

    Shahara Khanum Chowdhury 1001010031

    Abdullah- Al- Mamun 1001010035

  • 8/3/2019 ACI presen 2003


    Advanced Chemical Industries (ACI) Limited is one of theleading conglomerates in Bangladesh, with a multinationalheritage.

    ACI was established as the subsidiary of Imperial ChemicalIndustries (ICI) in the East Pakistan in 1968.

    After independence the company has been incorporated inBangladesh on the 24th of January 1973 as ICI BangladeshManufacturers Limited and also as Public Limited Company.

    Later on 5 May, 1992, ICI plc divested 70% of its shareholdingto local management. Subsequently the company was

    registered in the name of Advanced Chemical IndustriesLimited.

    This Company also obtained listing with Dhaka StockExchange on 28 December, 1976.

    Share Percentage: Sponsor/Director 36.77 Govt.0 Institute

    30.54 Foreign 0 Public 32.69

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    ACIs mission is to enrich the quality of life of peoplethrough responsible application of knowledge, skills andtechnology. ACI is committed to the pursuit of excellencethrough world-class products, innovative processes and

    empowered employees to provide the highest level ofsatisfaction to its customers.

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    Endeavor to attain a position of leadership in each categoryof its businesses.

    Develop its employees by encouraging empowerment andrewarding innovation.

    Promote an environment for learning and personal growthof its employees.

    Provide products and services of high and consistentquality, ensuring value for money to its customers.

    Encourage and assist in the qualitative improvement of the

    services of its suppliers and distributors. Establish harmonious relationship with the community and

    promote greater environmental responsibility within itssphere of influence.

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    The ACI has diversified into three major businesses. Pharmaceuticals Consumer Brands & Commodity Products Agribusinesses

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    ACI carries the legacy of ICI. The comprehensive product range of ACI pharmaceuticals

    include products from all major therapeutic classes and in

    various dosage forms like tablet, capsule, dry powder,liquid, cream, gel. ACI Pharma also has state of the art plant on Novel Drug

    Delivery System (NDDS). It exports high quality pharmaceuticals to a good number of

    countries of Asia, Africa & South America.

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    The Consumer Brands Division boasts in having anunequivocal presence in consumers' heart with themarket leading brands like ACI Aerosol, Savlon.

    The necessity of pure food in the minds of Bangladeshiconsumers especially in the commodity food businesshas pushed ACI to fill up the market gap by producingcommodity products such as Salt, Flour and Spices

    ACI also represents the world renowned product rangeof Colgate, Nivea, Tetley, Godrej & Dabur inBangladesh through distribution.

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    ACI Agribusiness is the largest integrator in Bangladeshin Agriculture

    CC & PH supplies crop protection chemicals, Seedsupplies Hybrid Rice, vegetable and Maize seeds,

    Fertilizer Supplies Micronutrient and Foiler fertilizer,Agrimachineries supplies Tractors, Power Tiller . ACI Agribusiness is having strong partnership with

    national and international R & D companies, universitiesand research institutions.

    Before introducing any product, it is elaborately tested inthe laboratory and farmers field.

    ACI provides solution to the farmers through a large teamof scientists & skilled professionals.

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    ACI's mission is to achieve business excellence through quality

    by understanding, accepting, meeting and exceeding customerexpectations.

    ACI follows International Standards on Quality ManagementSystem to ensure consistent quality of products and services toachieve customer satisfaction.

    ACI also meets all national regulatory requirements relating toits current businesses and ensures that current GoodManufacturing Practices (cGMP) as recommended by WorldHealth Organization is followed for its pharmaceutical


    The management of ACI commits itself to quality as the primeconsideration in all its business decisions.

    All employees of ACI must follow documented procedures toensure compliance with quality standards.

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    Comply fully with all local and national environmentalregulations.

    Conserve natural resources like water and energy forsustainable development, and adopt environmentally safeprocesses.

    Ensure appropriate treatment of all effluents prior todischarge, to prevent pollution or degradation ofenvironment.

    Ensure appropriate communication and cooperate withinternal and external interested parties on environmental

    issues. Create awareness on environmental issues among our

    employees and suppliers. Adopt modern waste management technology.

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    The company maintains strategically located sales centers in

    nineteen different locations across the country. It has developed an advanced distribution system through its

    skilled and trained manpower and a large fleet over eightyvehicles.

    The distribution system is fully equipped for handlingcontinuing volume of diverse range of products from thevarious businesses.

    The company's distribution centers are highly streamlined,computerized and automated.

    They are capable of maintaining a cold chain for somespecialized range of products such as vaccines and insulin.The combination of this advanced function andmultidimensional capabilities made it possible to handlehundreds of products efficiently.

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    ACI Company imports SPOUT from Indian LOTA Company. ACI company will import BINGO products from India for

    which a treaty has been done but the product is yet tocome.

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    Highest value: 348 Lowest value: 52

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    Md. Azim Uddin

    Area Sales ManagerACI Foods Limited


    Md. Magidul Huq MamunMedical Service OfficerACI Pharmaceuticals Limited

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