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Welcome ACoS Brainstorming Webinar

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  • WelcomeACoS Brainstorming Webinar

  • Dr. Youjie Huang◦ DOH – CER PI

    Dr. Jill MacKinnonFCDS Project Director◦ FCDS – Project Director

    Dr. Monique Hernandez◦ FCDS – CER Project ManagerFCDS CER Project Manager

    Mike Thiry◦ FCDS – Manager for Data Acquisition

    Steve Peace, CTR◦ FCDS – Manager for Quality Control and Education


  • Enhancing Cancer Registry Data for C i Eff i R hComparative Effectiveness Research

    Cancer Surveillance Branch Division of Cancer Prevention and s o o Ca ce e e t o a d

    Control Centers for Disease Control andCenters for Disease Control and


    Funding Opportunity for the fNational Program of Cancer Registries


  • Activities will include additional data collection, training, methodological d l t d i f l t idevelopment, and expansion of electronic reporting with the goal of supporting Comparative Effectiveness Research and toComparative Effectiveness Research and to develop sustainable methods to enhance cancer registry data for public health and g y presearch.


  • Department of Health application◦ 1 of 10 States funded

    Innovative designExtensive utilization of electronic data streams◦ Extensive utilization of electronic data streams


  • Cases◦ Diagnosed in 2011 only

    Primary sitesBreast Colorectal and CML◦ Breast, Colorectal and CML

    Regions◦ Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Orange andMiami Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Orange and

    Hillsborough Counties Project Period:◦ December 2010 – September 2013


  • Are colorectal cancer patients tested for KRAS and are the results used pappropriately to determine treatment? What impact does KRAS testing have on 2-3 year survival among colorectal cancer patients?

    Are rectal cancer patients receiving radiotherapy and what is the timing f di th ? A di iti t i th i tof radiotherapy? Are disparities apparent in the appropriate neo-

    adjuvant use of radiotherapy among these patients?

    Are chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) patients being tested for the BCR-ABL2 gene and receiving appropriate treatment according to thoseABL2 gene and receiving appropriate treatment according to those results?

    Are women with breast cancer being tested appropriately for HER2, progesterone receptor (PR2) and estrogen receptor (ER) status andprogesterone receptor (PR2), and estrogen receptor (ER) status and treated appropriately?


  • HospitalsPh i i ffi

    AHCA discharge summaries Physician offices

    Pathology laboratories RT/AS facilities

    summaries Vital Statistics National Death Index

    RT/AS facilities Census Medical claims Medicare Medicare Medicaid

    Active Data Collection Passive Data CollectionC C


  • Table 1 - Required Data for All Cancers Diagnosed in 2011Data Items Regional or

    StatewideData Source

    StatewideAll NPCR required standard data items as described in NAACCR Vol. 2 - for 2011 diagnoses, including complete treatment information and associated date fields

    Statewide Data Reporters

    All Collaborative Stage Version 2 (CSv2) data items necessary to calculate the American Joint Commission on Cancer TNM Stage, 6th and 7th Edition. AJCC TNM stage

    Statewide Data Reporters

    JAK2 for hematopoietic cancers Statewide Data ReportersCo-Morbid conditions Statewide FCDSHeight Statewide* Data ReportersWeight Statewide* Data ReportersSmoking status Statewide* Data Reportersg pVital statusDate of Last Contact [NAACCR Item 1750], Vital Status [NAACCR Item 1760], Follow-Up Source Central [NAACCR Item 1791], Cause of Death [NAACCR Item 1910],

    Statewide FCDS

    ], [ ],ICD-revision number [NAACCR Item 1920]

    Census tract level SES and area health professional availability; area level health insurance

    Statewide FCDS

    Urban / Rural location Statewide FCDSUrban / Rural location Statewide FCDSMDE/NBCCEDP linkage variable Statewide FCDS*New FCDS 2011 required data item


  • Table 2 - Additional Required Data to Evaluate CER Questions Related to Breast Cancers, Colorectal Cancers, and Chronic Myeloid LeukemiaBreast Cancers, Colorectal Cancers, and Chronic Myeloid LeukemiaData Items Regional or Statewide Data Source

    Treatment regimes - specific chemotherapeutic agents; number of courses

    CER Counties CER Data Reporters

    and dose administered; treatment dates; biological response modifiers; hormone therapy and drugs such as Tamoxifen used during first course of treatment; use of neo-adjuvant therapy

    Reason for Alteration/Interruption of Treatment- if planned dose is not received

    CER Counties CER Data Reporters

    Prognostic biomarkers; biomarkers affecting treatment decisions; and staging related biomarkers - including the following; KRAS; HER2 ER and PR

    StatewideException (CER Counties only): BCR-ABL2 Reason: no SSF

    CER Data Reporters

    following; KRAS; HER2, ER and PR status; BCR-ABL2; micro-satellite instability;

    ABL2 Reason: no SSF exists

    Clinical stage (pre-adjuvant therapy) for CER Counties CER Data Reportersg (p j py)invasive breast; and rectum only

    CER Data Reporters


  • Planning since June 2010 Innovative ideas for data gathering◦ Combination of electronic data streams hoping to

    minimize manual data collectionminimize manual data collection Developed tools◦ Florida alone◦ All CER states collectively


  • Ultimate goal is to form a task force to helpUltimate goal is to form a task force to help advise us all along the way

  • As much or a little as desired

    More information about this after Steve fills i h d d ilyou in on the data details

    Steve take it awaySteve take it away


  • Monique Hernandez◦ CER Project Manager◦ [email protected]◦ (305) 243-9673◦ (305) 243 9673