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  • ACSI Media Kit Your multichannel advertising opportunity within the

    international Christian school market

    Print / Digital / Events / and more

    [email protected] 719-867-0211


  • Who is the Association of Christian Schools International?

    Demographics of ACSI Membership Schools

    Average operating budget is $2.1 million Average student enrollment is 272, with 52% being female 83% of the budget is covered by tuition

    Teachers About 81% of teachers are full-time, and 70% of those are certified Administrators An average administrator is 51 years old, and most administrators have masters


    School Families

    About 83% of students are raised in two-parent households Over 11% of households earn under $30,000, while almost 39% earn over $100,000 a

    year, leaving 50% somewhere in between

    Data extracted from the October/November 2013 Tuition, Salary, and Benefits Survey of ACSI member schools. Over 1,400 completed surveys were returned out of nearly 3,000 member schools who were invited to participate. Some data extracted from other ACSI research, surveys and membership numbers.


    Founded in 1978, the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) is the largest Protestant private school organization in the world. Our mission is to enable Christian educators and schools worldwide to effectively prepare students for life. ACSI serves more than 24,000 member schools in more than 100 countries; these schools in turn serve more than 5.5 million students.

  • Media Kit Multichannel advertising in the Christian school market

    All rates are subject to change without notice.


  • Online

    Online Advertising to Christian Educators is the leading go-to online resource center for Christian educators. This is the preferred site for professional development and social networking opportunities within ACSI.

    ACSI Web banner ads run on a rotating basis. ACSI Web banner ads are sold on an impression basis. Banner ads are sold net of agency commission. Ad creative (artwork) is due ten (10) working days prior to the

    scheduled start date.


  • Web Banner Ads ACSI currently offers IAB standard-size banners and video player. is a responsive site that allows for viewing across a wide variety of digital platforms. Advertisers can content market their advertising objectives with key terms to their audience. Visitors per month 62,318* Page views per month 348,461* Page views per visit 5.59 Average time on site 4:06 *Actual traffic June 2015 Google Analytics Contact the ACSI advertising department at 719-867-0211 or email [email protected] for more information about advertising on . Banner Ads

    Advertising Specs: Supply ads in JPEG or GIF format. Resolution = 72 pixels/inch. Standard files will only be accepted. Animated files are not accepted at this time. Ads not supplied in this format will be charged additional design fee or sent back for changes. Design Fee - $75 an hour / 2 hours minimum

    Location Monthly Rate

    180x150 Run of Site Position A $480

    180x150 Run of Site Position B $320

    728x90 Footer: Run of Site $1280


    CPM rates will begin in October 2015

    Online ~

    mailto:[email protected]

  • Online ~ Vendor Directory

    ACSI currently offers a vendor directory listing for your business. Standard vendor listing will include

    company name, contact information, and a link to your website. $300 per year

    Enhanced vendor listing will include the benefits of the Standard listing plus a details page that will include a 50-word (maximum) description of your business no logo. . $400 per year

    Featured vendor listing will include a the benefits of the Enhanced listing plus an expanded view in the ACSI directory with company logo and contact information. . $700 per year

    Premium vendor listing will include all the benefits of a Featured listing plus one rotating 960x180 leaderboard banner (Maximum 5 ads). $500 for 3 months

    Contact the ACSI advertising department at 719-867-0211 or email [email protected] for more information about

    advertising on

    6 Vendor Directory Ads



    mailto:[email protected]

  • Online ~ Career Center

    The ACSI Career Center connects schools with work-ready job seekers. Job seekers post their resume for employers to look over and they can browse promising career opportunities. ACSI currently offers the Career Center to ACSI members and nonmembers. * Registered users: 4,385 employers 3,354 job seekers * Jobs: 765 live jobs * Resumes: 1,723 live resumes * Year to date ACSI Job Board 110,254 job views 685 resume views * Stats provided by JOBTARGET March 2015

    Size Location Monthly Rate 300x250 Right Side Above Fold $580 Advertising Specs: Supply ads in JPEG or GIF format. Resolution = 72 pixels/inch. Only standard files will be accepted. Animated files are not accepted at this time. Ads not supplied in this format will be charged additional design fee or sent back for changes. Design Fee - $75 an hour / 2 hours minimum Contact the ACSI advertising department at

    719-867-0211 or e-mail [email protected] for more information about advertising on

    7 Career Center Ad

    mailto:[email protected]

  • Christian School Education Magazine


    CSE Volume 19 Issue 1 Print Circulation: 26,500 Advertising Artwork Deadline: July 17, 2015 Release Date: September 22, 2015 Issue 2 Print Circulation: 9,200 Advertising Artwork Deadline: November 6, 2015 Release Date: January 15, 2016 Issue 3 Print Circulation: 9,200 Advertising Artwork Deadline: January 15, 2016 Release Date: March 21, 2016

    A copy of CSE 19.1 will be given to all attendees of ACSI NEXUS in October and November. NEXUS is ACSIs annual celebratory learning experience for teachers throughout the country. In 2014, NEXUS was broadcast to 131 sites across 46 states and two countries. Over 13,900 delegates attended, representing schools from all 10 U.S. regions.

    Deadlines and release dates subject to change.

    Christian School Education (CSE), a magazine for professional Christian school educators, contains informative articles written by current or former teachers, administrators, and board members. This valuable resource is published three times annually and is distributed to the administrators of all ACSI member schools. Our readers are often the decision makers of their schools, and they often share CSE with their staffs.

    A Magazine for Christian School Educators

  • 9 Design Fee - $75 an hour / 2 hours minimum.

    Rates 1x Back Cover $3,655 Inside Front Cover $3,500 Inside Back Cover $3,350 Full Page $3,065 Half Page $2,120 Quarter Page $1,070

    Special pricing available for ACSI member colleges and multiple issue insertions.

    Prices subject to change

    To purchase ad space in CSE, please contact ACSIs Marketing Specialist at

    [email protected]

    Dimensions without bleed

    Dimensions with bleed

    Back Cover 8 3/8 wide x 7 high (8.375 x7.5)

    8 5/8 wide x 7 5/8 high (8.625 x 7.625)

    Inside Front Cover

    8 3/8 wide x 10 7/8 high (8.375 x 10.875)

    8 5/8 wide x 11 1/8 high (8.625 x 11.125)

    Inside Back Cover

    8 3/8 wide x 10 7/8 high (8.375 x 10.875)

    8 5/8 wide x 11 1/8 high (8.625 x 11.125)

    Full Page 7 3/8 wide x 9 3/8 high (7.375 x 9.375)

    Does not bleed

    Half Page 7 3/8 wide x 4 5/8 high (7.375 x 4.625)

    Does not bleed

    Quarter Page 3 5/8 wide x 4 5/8 high (3.625 x 4.625)

    Does not bleed

    Dimensions All ads must meet the specifications listed below. All ads are full color.

    Linking Your ad can be linked to a specific e-mail address or a web link for immediate access and information.

    Any 2 links (e-mail address and/or website) $100.00

    3-5 Links (e-mail address and/or website) $200.00

    Technical Requirements Ads must be supplied in electronic format, actual size, with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi. Image mode must be CMYK. The only file type accepted is a press-optimized PFD with all fonts and images embedded. Ads not supplied in this format will be charged additional design fees or sent back for changes. For technical assistance, please contact [email protected]

    Christian School Education Magazine

    mailto:[email protected]:[email protected]


    ACSI NEXUS, the premier learning community for Christian educators, is a live broadcast from Woodstream Christian Academy in Mitchellville, Maryland, to approximately 130 NEXUS live satellink sites (NSS) in 47 states across all U.S. regions. Because ACSI NEXUS is more localized than conventions were, it can reduce travel time and expenses, while at the same time, enable you to connect with Christian educators. Join ACSI as an exhibitor to expose your products and services to over 14,000 educators attending ACSI NEXUS. Exhibiting opportunities are available in Mitchellville, Maryland, and in NSS locations on October 1516, 2015, and a few locations on November 2324, 2015.


    Professional Development for Christian Educators



    Marketing Opportunity Price NEXUS Notebook full-page 4C ad $1,000

    NEXUS Notebook half-page 4C ad $700

    Exhibit booth only at NEXUS live-site $700

    Exhibit table at NSS $300

    NEXUS Event App Listing $500

    2015 ACSI NEXUS Marketing Prices

    Looking for a package? Let us help customize a

    sponsorship package to meet your companies


    Ad deadline is August 7, 2015. Prices subject to change

  • Conferences and Events

    ACSI Conferences Sponsoring an ACSI conference is an excellent way for your business to raise its profile within the ACSI Christian school market. ACSI conferences happen throughout the nation. Conference Program Ads and exhibit space are available.

    To request the ACSI Exhibitor Catalog, prices for Leadership Conference Program Ads and exhibit space,

    or discuss upcoming ACSI conferences, contact 719-867-0211 or e-mail

    [email protected]


    Leadership Conferences Lancaster, PA, Jan 2829, 2016 Merrillville, IN, Feb 45, 2016 Fish Camp, CA, Feb 1012, 2016 Minneapolis, MN, Feb 1819, 2016 Fort Worth, TX, Feb 2123, 2016 Prescott, AZ, Feb 29Mar 2, 2016 Seaside, OR, Apr 2426, 2016 Other Conference Exhibit Opportunities Youngstown, OH (School Choice), Nov 5, 2015 Indianapolis, IN (School Choice), Nov 6, 2015 Merrillville, IN (Large School Forum Prior to Conference) Feb 3, 2016 Minneapolis, MN (Large School Forum Prior to Conference), Feb 17, 2016 Columbus, OH (Technology), Mar 10-11, 2016 Minneapolis, MN (School Law), Apr 25, 2016 Chicago, IL (School Law), Apr 27, 2016 Indianapolis, IN (School Law), Apr 28, 2016

    Early Education Conferences Bakersfield, CA, Oct 9-10, 2015 Freemont, CA, Nov 13-14, 2015 Apopka, FL, Jan 30, 2016 Chesapeake, VA, Feb 20, 2016 Simpsonville, SC, Feb 27, 2016 Lancaster, PA, Mar 3-4, 2016 Holden, MA, Mar 11, 2016 La Mirada, CA, Apr 15-16, 2016

    mailto:[email protected]

  • Student Activities

    ACSI Student Activities How can your business raise its profile within the ACSI Christian school market? Sponsor an ACSI Student Activities. ACSI Student Activities events happen through out the USA. Here is a short list of some of the activities: * Spelling Bees * Athletic Tournaments * Art / Music Festivals * Math Olympics * Science Fairs * Leadership Conferences The ACSI Student Activities Program seeks to encourage and inspire students toward a standard of excellence in leadership, communication, and performance by enhancing member Christian schools academic and fine arts programs. It provides opportunity for students to practically apply and develop skills necessary for confident Christian leadership. Each activity is planned to impact students educational and spiritual growth, encouraging them to be a testimony to the gospel . Events also seek to provide opportunity for Christian fellowship and positive interaction between students and teachers of participating schools.


    Depending on the Student Activities event, ACSI could offer the following marketing items in your sponsorship package: Logo in print materials Banner in event location Logo placed on ACSI website Student

    Activities page Logo on Student Activities Calendar Let us help customize a sponsorship package to meet your companies needs. Contact the ACSI advertising department to discuss the upcoming Student Activities, 719-867-0211 or e-mail [email protected]

    mailto:[email protected]

  • ACSI National Corporate Partner Program Our National Corporate Partner Program is organized to allow eight national companies to join ACSI in fueling our mission to equip Christian educators. The program allows companies to build relationships with pre-K to college early educators, teachers, and administrators. Companies can choose to focus on the audience that would most benefit from their products or services. Companies best suited for partnership are those that have a national reach and the infrastructure to fully promote themselves and that are committed to proactively engage with schools. Additionally National partners have category exclusivity. The program is rights-fee based, and it usually does not carry a revenue-share component. Three-year contracts are preferred.

    ACSI National Affinity Program Partnership Our affinity program is a revenue-share program in which ACSI receives a percentage of revenue from partner sales. Affinity partners must have a national reach, and they are carefully chosen for the quality of their products or services and for the member discounts they provide schools. Since there is a contracted revenue share that is given back to ACSI, an upfront rights fee is not required. However, companies must commit to marketing the relationship through ACSI marketing channels and should have a marketing plan to actively engage member schools. We also require a business plan that provides a one-to-three-year revenue projection. Additionally The ACSI Affinity Program is a co-branded program. Partners receive category exclusivity. Contracts are usually for terms of two to three years.

    ACSI Approved Providers Our approved providers are companies that have valuable products or services for our schools. These companies go through a vetting process. The approved providers cannot be in a competitive category with our Corporate or Affinity Partners. Approved providers are responsible for all sales and contact with schools; ACSI simply provides our logo. With so many companies approaching schools, this approved-provider status helps schools discern the best companies with which to work.


    Contact the ACSI advertising department at 719-867-0211 or e-mail [email protected] for more information about advertising with ACSI.

    Partnerships / Providers

    mailto:[email protected]

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