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Activities around the world
Activities around the world
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    activities around the world

    In this column, three IEEE Engineeringin Medicine and Biology Society(EMBS) AdCom members and GeoRepresentatives report on activities

    around the world. Christopher J. Jamestells us about European activities; AhmedMorsy comments on plans for Africa andthe Middle East; and Emilio SacristanRock reports on events in Latin America.

    EuropeEurope and European IEEE-EMBSmembers are quite active in the field ofbiomedical engineering, and IEEE-EMBS members are involved in a num-ber of initiatives. IEEE-EMBS is one ofthe member societies of EAMBES (theEuropean Alliance for Medical andBiological Engineering and Science),and future actions to be launched by theEAMBES comprise a brainstormingworkshop and subsequent follow-up toidentify research lines, synergies, andexpertise within the EAMBES mem-bers aimed at influencing FP7 prioritylines. EAMBES has also defined threecommittees in the areas of research,education, and healthcare technology,conceived as task force groups.

    Action has been undertaken throughboth EAMBES and through a consor-tium of national and regional researchprograms in Europemember states ofthe European Union (EU) and associatedstatesto structure a European action tosupport the cooperation and the coordi-nation of research activities in the area ofbiomedical engineering. The objective ofthe EU ERA-NET scheme is to step upthe cooperation and coordination ofresearch activities carried out at thenational or regional level in the memberstates and associated states through: the networking of research activities

    conducted at national or regionallevel

    the mutual opening of national andregional research programs.

    The scheme contributes to making areality of the European Research Area(ERA) by improving the coherenceand coordination across Europe ofsuch research programs. The schemewill also enable national systems totake on tasks collectively that theywould not have been able to tackleindependently.

    IEEE-EMBS chapter activity inEurope is healthy with a number ofchapters being created and with variedactivities of interest to the member-ship. Student activities in Europeaswith all geographical regionsare apriority, and regional activities, espe-cially student development activities,are being planned to nurture our futurebiomedical engineering generations.

    Christopher J.

    Africa and Middle East

    EgyptThe Cairo University IEEE-EMBSStudent Chapter has started its activi-ties in March with a seminar on careerplanning as a biomedical engineer.More than 90 students and facultymembers attended the event. Thechapter is currently working on thefirst issue of a magazine designed tolink the academic community to thebiomedical and clinical engineeringpractitioners community. The firstissue of the magazine is expected togo to print in August 2006.

    Planning activities for the secondCairo International BiomedicalEngineering conference are underway.The Web site is at

    A regular member chapter is beingformed in Cairo. The petition currentlyhas 11 signatures and is expected to becompleted in July 2006.

    KuwaitA group of biomedical engineers, radi-ologists, and clinical engineers hasformed the Biomedical EngineeringCommittee as a branch in the KuwaitEngineers Society. The committee hasabout 28 members. The committee willbe used as a nucleus to start an IEEE-EMBS chapter in Kuwait. EngineerHana Husain is leading this effort.

    JordanThe International Medical Informaticsand Biomedical Engineering Symposiumwas held in Amman, Jordan, 2022March 2006.


    Latin AmericaThe II Colombian Conference inBiomedical Engineering was celebratedin Bogota on 2728 October 2005,jointly organized by the ColombianChapter of the IEEE-EMBS (MarthaZequera, president) and the ColombianAssociation for Bioengineering,ABIOIN (Isnardo Torres, president). Atotal of 250 scientific papers were pre-sented from several countries in theLatin American region. At this confer-ence, CORAL, the Latin AmericanRegional Council on BiomedicalEngineering, which brings together rep-resentatives of IEEE-EMBS chaptersand IFMBE national societies in theregion, held its 2006 meeting withmember delegates from Argentina,Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Mexico,Peru, and Venezuela and a delegationfrom Ecuador applying for new mem-ber status. Activities included the scien-tific organization of the IV LatinAmerican Conference on BiomedicalEngineering to be held in IslaMargarita, Venezuela, in October 2007.

    Jorge E. Monzon

    Society News

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    GOLD-EMBS Coordinator UpdateIn March 2006, I attended the annualIEEE GOLD meeting in SanFrancisco, California, with over 20enthusiastic IEEE volunteers. Agendaitems included intense examinationof the GOLD program structure,vision and mission statements(including SWOT analyses), discus-sion of GOLD Committee activities,attendance at the joint session ofGOLD-SAC (IEEE Student ActivitiesCommittee), reports from Region andSociety Coordinators, and breakoutsessions examining the GOLD-Society Interaction Project.

    Lisa Lazareck is currently studying fora doctorate of philosophy in electricalengineering in the Engineering ScienceDepartment, University of Oxford. Sheis a member of the Signal Processingand Artificial Neural NetworksEngineering Research (SPANNER)Group and St. Johns College,University of Oxford.

    In fall 2005, Argentina and Mexicoalso held their national conferences onbiomedical engineering with distin-guished guests from the IEEE-EMBS.

    From 2327 January 2006, Dr.Yongmin Kim (IEEE-EMBS presi-dent) visited Mexico City and met withmembers of the various BME researchand teaching programs in the area,offered three lectures, and promotedEMBS activities.

    The Argentina chapter of the IEEE-EMBS has prepared a formal proposal

    to organize the 2010 EMBC inBuenos Aires, and members of theEMBS EXCOM will visit the regionin fall 2006 for site visits to theArgentine capital and Mexico City aspossible sites for 2010.

    In June 2006, a delegation of repre-sentatives from Colombian universities(Universidad Autnoma del Caribe,Universidad del Norte, and UniversidadJaveriana) led by Martha Zequera (presi-dent of the Colombian chapter) visitedthe Universidad Autonoma Metropoli-

    tana (UAM) in Mexico City to explorepossible student exchange and researchcollaboration projects. On 3 July, theUAM will host a meeting of the execu-tive committee of CORAL: SusanaLlanusa, president (Cuba), MiguelCadena, vice-president (Mexico),Martha Zequera treasurer, and EmilioSacristan, EMBS regional representative.

    Emilio Sacristan

    Society News (continued from page 13)

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