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    Action Race:This is a fun game using actions. Use actions like jump, hop, clap, run etc. Have the Sssplit into two teams and sit in lines with a chair by each team and one chair at the other end of the room.One S from each team stands net to their chair and T calls an action, e.g. !"ump!. Ss must jump to the

    chair on the other side of the room and back, sitting down in their chair Ss say !# can jump!. $irst one todo it gets their team a point. %Submitted by &areth Thomas'.

    Adjectival Action:T writes on the board an activity like !bush your teeth.! She(He picks one student,they come to the front of the class. The T then shows the S a card with an adjective written on it like!slowly! or whatever. The chosen student then does the activity in the way of the adjective. The other Shave to guess the adjective. The one who guesses right gets a point and mimes the net action which theteacher writes on the board. To help them you can give them a list of options, if you think they need somehelp. %Submitted by )ibby *c+rthur'

    Airplane competition:$irst, have your Ss make some paper airplanes. Stand the Ss in a line and letthem test fly their planes. $or the competition, assign different classroom objects points %e.g. table points, door - points, trashcan / points'. +sk a S a 0uestion and if s(he answers correctly then s(hecan throw and try to hit one of the target objects to win points. This works well as a team game.

    Apple Pass:Have all Ss sit in a circle. Use a fake apple and toss it to one S. 1ut you must say one2nglish word as you pass. The S then throws to another S and says a different 2nglish word. #f thestudent you threw it to drops it, he(she is out. +nd the game keeps going until you have one winner. #tcan be played with different categories, such as $ood, +nimals, 2tc. *y students love it3 %Submitted by4im.S.'.

    Art Gallery: This is a great activity for reviewing vocab. 5raw enough s0uares on the board for each S tobe able to draw in. Have the Ss write their names above their s0uares. T calls out a word and the Ssdraw it %could be simple nouns e.g. !dog, bookcase, train!, verb structures e.g. !draw a man running,eating cake, sleeping!' or adjectives %!draw a big elephant, an angry lion, an epensive diamond ring!'.

    $or each S give a score for his(her picture, and then move on to the net picture. The S with the highestscore at the end is the winner.

    Attention:6all out commands such as7 +ttention, salute, march in place...stop, sit down, stand up, walkin a circle, clap your hands...stop, run in place...stop, jumping jacks...stop, swim in place....stop, etc. +tfirst students will copy you but later they should be able to do the commands without you. %Submitted byTania 1ibbo'.


    Backs to the Board Game: This one is good for higher level kids. *ake two teams and stand one Sfrom each team in front of the board, facing away from it. 8rite a word or draw a picture on the board%e.g. !hamburger!' and the Ss have to eplain that word to their team member %e.g. you can buy it in*c5onalds, it9s got cheese and ketchup in it'. The first S out of the two standing in front of the board toguess the word wins a point for his(her team.

    Badminton: &ood for reviewing target vocabulary %words or communicative epressions'. Set a !court!into the classroom by placing a skip:rope tied up to two chairs. *ake two small teams %the other Ss canbe the crowd and or challengers'. &ive each S a flyswatter %!;acket!'. #nflate a balloon %this will be theball'. ;emember7 the younger the Ss, the bigger the balloon must be %slower'. 5ecides who serves and

  • 8/12/2019 Activities Kids


  • 8/12/2019 Activities Kids


    Board #cramble: T puts the whole alphabet on the blackboard in a scramble of letters here and there,but low enough that the Ss can reach it. Have two teams and call out a letter. The person that is able tofind and circle it first wins a point for their team. To make things harder have capitol and small letters.2ven more challenging: have four teams all looking for the same letter. The kids just love it. Aou can doit with numbers and also words. %Submitted by Susie'.

    Bu$$:+ counting game. Have the Ss sit in a circle. The Ss pass the ball around while counting %-, /, E,etc.'. 8hen the number reaches F the S must say buDD. +ny number with a F in it must be buDD %F, -F,/F, EF, etc.' and any multiple of F must be buDD %-C, /-, /G, E, etc.'.


    an %ou Actions: Use this game for teaching !6an [email protected]! !Aes, # can! !

  • 8/12/2019 Activities Kids


  • 8/12/2019 Activities Kids


    times!, !Turn around C times! etc. Other good ones to use are7 run %on the spot', hop, hands up I down,touch your %body part', stand up I sit down and star jump.

    /0plosion:&ive the students a topic and an object to pass around. 2ach student has to say a word inthat topic %e.g. food : apple, cake etc.' before the time runs out. #f the time limit ends the student leftholding the object loses. %submitted by 1en'.


    ish: 1efore this game you need to have the students in pairs draw and cut out a picture of a fish foreach pair. 8hile they are doing that put / parallel lines of tape on the floor a few meters apart. Have Ssplay in twos : each student behind a different line. T asks S- a 0uestion. #f the S answers it correctlys(he can blow once to propel the fish forward.

  • 8/12/2019 Activities Kids


    2uice: 1ring a small bottle of juice %e.g. orange juice' to class. +t some point during the lesson take outthe bottle and have a sip. This almost certainly will cause a mini:riot of kids asking for some. Here9s anideal opportunity to teach !6an # have some juice, [email protected]!. Say this sentence to the first S and gethim(her to repeat it : only give him(her some if the sentence is said correctly. 1rink juice along everyweek, and before long your Ss will be re0uesting a drink in prefect 2nglish3 %#f you don9t want your Ss tobe drinking out of the same bottle as you bring along a few plastic cups'.


    3nock(3nock: This can be used at the beginning of each class. Teach the Ss to knock on the doorbefore entering the classroom. There are / variations for the net step7 -. 8hen the S knocks, T says!8ho9s [email protected]!. The S replies !#t9s %4oji'! and then the T says !6ome in %4oji'!. /. 8hen the S knocksthe T must guess who it is !#s that %4oji'@!. The S replies yes or no : if no, the T continues guessing.Having your Ss develop their own knocking styles makes this even more fun.


    4abel +t:This works well with newcomers of all ages who need an introduction to basic vocabulary. +slong as the learners are able to identify beginning letter sounds, they should be able to do this activity. TofamiliariDe my students with names of objects found in the classroom, # label everything with an indecard that has the item9s name on it. Then # have them repeat what # read as they point to the item. Thenet day, # remove the cards and go through them one at a time and we place them on the correct itemtogether. The third day, # let them label whatever they can on their own. # continue this for a few days.8hen they are able to independently label most of the items, # surprise them by having them labeledincorrectly. Then they have to straighten out the mess. Aou can adapt this to any noun:based vocabularylist %e.g. types of foods, body parts, parts of a room in a house, animals, etc.' that you can post picturesof. Aour website has amaDing flashcards and pictures that can be printed out and used for this.%submitted by 4**B'.

    4ast 4etter, irst 4etter: %+ popular "apanese game called Shiri Tori'. Have the Ss sit in a circle withyou. T starts by saying a word, then the S to the T9s right must make a word that starts with the last letterof the word that the T said %e.g. bus::: steak::: key::: yello.::: etc.'. 6ontinue around the circle untilsomeone makes a mistake.

    4ine True or alse:But a line of tape on the floor and designate one side !True! and the other !$alse!.Hold up an object or flashcard and say its word. #f Ss think the you have said the correct word they jumpon the True side, if not they jump on the $alse side. #ncorrect Ss sit out until the net game.


    *achine: This is good for practicing emotions and sounds. Bick one S to start. &ive that S an emotionor a feeling to act. They must do an action and make a noise. One at a time Ss can add to it and youessentially create a !machine!. This is a really fun game3 %Submitted by

  • 8/12/2019 Activities Kids


  • 8/12/2019 Activities Kids


    Picture un: Have students cut out a picture of a person in a magaDine. Students should describe theperson, how old they are, what their job is, what their hobbies are, etc. and then present that person tothe class. This is good for practicing adjectives. %Submitted by 4elly'.

    Preposition Treasure 1unt: $or prepositions of location and yes(no 0uestion practice. Aou needsomething sticky, like 91lue Tack9 %used for sticking posters to the wall' that you can roll into a ball and

    stick on anything. *odel first7 give the 1lue Tack to a S and indicate that they should put it in a difficult:to:find place. )eave the room and give them a few moments to hide the 1lue Tack %e.g. on the underside ofa desk, on the wall behind a curtain, etc.'. Then come back in and ask yes(no 0uestions to locate it %#s iton the [email protected], #s it near the [email protected] #s it in the front half of the [email protected] #s it under the [email protected] etc.'.8hen you finally find it have a S take the 0uestioner9s role. #n a large class try having Ss play in pairs.

    Puppet onversation: Hand puppets really liven up a classroom, especially for young learners who areshy when talking to the T.