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Activity Report for 2015/2016 Adrian runs for AIESEC Run & Impact (new)


  • Activity report2015 / 2016

    Personal messageIdea into actionAccomplishments & HighlightsImpact & ValueDonor wallRun & ImpactFuture timeline

  • Personal messageThe first year of the project was aspringboard for this year's edition. After ayear in which we tried to test within limits,to learn how the whole process works, todevelop this initiative I convinced myselfthat is 100% worth it! This pilot edition gavethe chance to 8 members to create apositive change through AIESECs GlobalCitizen program, members which would nothave gone in another context.

    By offering international volunteering experiences, we bring an importantcontribution to the development of every participant of the program andof course, to the development of communities around us.

    If you are a donor, a helper, a volunteer or contributed to the project in adifferent way you had an important role in achieving the impact andmaking a difference in someones life.

    I will continue developing the initiative and I wish I could transform it intoa national movement. And who knows maybe very soon it will becomean international one.

  • Many people asked me WHY did I start this project for AIESEC.Well, one of the reason is that Im an Alumnus of AIESEC in Bucharest &Romania. After spending so much time in this organization and constantlyreceiving help from other people, I truly believe that its time to givesomething back to the future generation and to the organization.

    Being a Vice President in AIESEC Bucharest, I sent 108 people abroad ininternational internships and worked with even more. A part of themdecided to give up from various reasons, but the most common one wasthe lack of money. From my point of view, it's extremely sad, whensomeone can not achieve his/her dream because of an external reasons.So, I decided that I can create the framework and give the opportunityto members of this organization to learn, develop and bring an impact inthe society by working on volunteering projects in an internationalenvironment.

    My belief is that even a short international experience can shape eachindividual, challenge him/her and grow on personal and/or professionallevel. I had the chance to go in an internship in Switzerland, to experienceand to live properly this opportunity. Living abroad and taking advantageof this experience, I totally understand the impact of the experience oneach of us.

    That's why, I want to gather people who believe what I believe and trustthat this program can change each individual and bring the change thatwe want to see around us.

    Idea into action

  • Accomplishments& Highlights

    They worked on topics like:


    education, creativity,

    development and brought

    impact in 6 different

    countries over 4 continents:

    Brazil, Egypt (2), Mexico,

    Portugal (2), Russia & Turkey.

    7 official races in Switzerland, Italy,Germany and The Netherlands.1400 KM

    marathons and trainings

    98 Donorswith 31 euro on average

    3050 EUROraised for the scholarships

    Find their stories in the next pages.

    8 Participantswent in an international experience

  • Impact & ValueParticipants perspective

    Becoming a participant at Adrians scholarschip it mademe happier. Simple, no?When were you the last time trully happy?I remember this moment when I was 3 minutes from theocean, the sky full of stars, a dog by my side and aroundme a few people that want to make the world a betterplace. All I was thinking was God, I am happy. This ishow it is to be happy. This scolarship pushed me tobreak borders, it was the tool that gave me the impulseto act more upon my thoughts. And doing so, made memeet people that had an impact on me, be in places Inever thought I would be and it made me taste of theperson I want to be.Now I am going after being always that person. To behonest, it is freaking hard. Maybe one day I will meetyou, and I can explain it to you. But I know that withoutthis experience I wouldnt have the strenght to do it.

    Ana SimaAIESEC Sibiu

    Volunteer in Brazil

    Andreea AnghelAIESEC Cluj-NapocaVolunteer in Egypt

    It may come as a surprise for the person reading this,but I cannot possibly express how much this AIESECexchange has changed the course of my life after Icame back home. I remember how, before going toEgypt, I used to have many prejudices against menand, for as long as I remember, I felt sorry for womenliving in an Islam country. You see, my perception ofthat world has been influenced by media to such agreat extent that I grew afraid of it. In retrospect, notonly did this experience shutter all my convictions, butit made me fall head over heels in love with thisculture. My new passion for its language and culturegave me the courage to apply for a job and now moveto a Middle East country. Once I returned to Romania,I did everything in my power to raise awareness, toinform and to convince the youth to seize theopportunities that AIESEC offers, being involved in therecruitment process that took place in my hometown.

  • My experience, my Creative Seed in Mexico started off as adream, a dream to experience the world while planting seeds ofcreativity among children from 2 continents. The dream was tohave 6 amazing weeks filled with creative workshops with thekids in Mexico so that afterwards I can come back to Romania,take all my experience and shape 6 similar weeks with the kidsin my city, Iasi.And this dream grew up so beautiful. It started with me giving apiece of myself to the kids and it ended up giving me so muchmore. In the end, I am left with incredible friendships, withpeople I can call family and with the joy I could bring a changein the hearts of the kids.The most important thing I learned from this experience is that:Anything is possible with a little bit of courage!And you know whats funny? The courage I needed was only fortaking the decision to go for it. After that, everything becameclear on what I have to do and the puzzle pieces came into placeone by one.

    I am part of AIESEC in Galati for more than a year, and helpingother student to apply on volunteering programs made me feel likea director behind the scene. The opportunity to apply for anExchange scholarship made me realize that I want to be an actor,someone who brings impact and creates a change in this world. Ivehad a journey full of adventures and unforgettable memories. Evenif it took me five days to arrive at Saint Petersburg, even if I was theonly foreign student form that camp, even if I worked with childrenwho didnt understand me, a part of my soul remained there.After spending six weeks with those children, I realized all the hardwork and the effort was worth every second with them. After thisexperience which completely changed my mentality and the world-view, I had decided to continue my AIESEC activity, while giving theopportunities to other students who are willing to change. So I hadbecome a Vice President of the International Volunteeringdepartment. Its a strenuous work, but the results always make meremember the impact this kind of an opportunity has.It is said that Exchange is not just a few weeks of your life, it is alife in a few weeks. I wasnt able to realize the truth behind thesewords until I lived them myself.

    Madalina DirdaraAIESEC Iasi

    Volunteer in Mexico

    Andreea ProdanAIESEC Galati

    Volunteer in Russia

    Impact & ValueParticipants perspective

  • 8 months have past since Ive come back from my amazing

    exchange in Turkey, and looking back to the things Ive

    accomplished or I realized in this period I am proud to say I

    grew up a lot. In my AIESEC life Ive started my journey

    wishing that this experience will help me to realize my

    dream of becoming Vice-President oGCDP, but one thing led

    to another and now I am Vice-President oGIP-outgoing

    corporate - and I couldnt be happier, I realized that at least

    for one or two years I want to be very involved in AIESEC

    because it is the proper way for me to give something back

    for the society I live in. At my personal level I become more

    self-confident, knowing that now I can do anything, more

    tolerant with other people mentalities about life, and this is

    a big step in life for me and also I visited my first country,

    thing that count a lot for my personal development.

    I remember my first week at the nursery were my project was

    and I can't say how scared I was when I saw all those kids with

    who I was supposed to talk and teach them English. I was so

    scared because before that I had no interaction with that

    many kids at a time so I felt such a big responsibility in that

    moment. The first week was really hard for me, hard to adapt

    to Egyptian culture, hard to adapt to the new environment but

    most of all hard to interact with the kids from nursery. Now I

    can proudly say that I gave my best and in the next weeks

    results started to be seen and a connection with the kids was

    built, a connection that I have never had before in my life with

    children. I started to be for them a teacher, friend, a person

    that they can trust to learn things from and this made from my

    project a success and transformed me in a person who loves

    children now more than anything and has the skills to interact

    with them. This project gave me patience when it comes to

    adapt to new situations and what is more important it gave

    me pure love and happiness from those little angels who now I

    miss so much.

    Claudia RadulescuAIESEC Craiova

    Volunteer in Egypt

    Oana CiobanuAIESEC Craiova

    Volunteer in Turkey

    Impact & ValueParticipants perspective

  • When I first applied for this scholarship I said that I want achance to help others, to develop a community or to inspiresomeone to do the same. By going on this internship Imanaged to do all of these: I helped the 9th graders tobecome self-aware and more confident in their strengths,we started changing the mindset in the communityregarding gender equality and I inspired the students tocontinue this project and to become changing agentsthrough ambassadorship.Maybe others may say that the real impact you can see it inone of the African communities, but for me this experiencewas incredibly hard and beautiful at the same time. I saw allthe changes happening only in 5 weeks, I actually sawthrough their eyes and felt the same things as them.I have never thought that I would get the opportunity to goin an exchange programme, but this dream came true thiswinter and now I just cant wait for the next one!

    My journey started smooth. And it ended full of strongfeelings, questions, aims, dreams!It made me pass through my fears, and it made me bemore curious, willing to discover new things everyday. Anew me actually. Happy moments, slaps, mindfulness.Working everyday with beautiful people, seeing in theireyes the fact that they care, and they want to changesomething at the age of sixteen, it impressed me a lot andmade me question myself. We created ten differentprojects, each one of them supported one specific goalfrom United Nations. Over 200 high school studentssupported and worked together for Zero Hunger, QualityEducation, Gender Equality, Decent Work and EconomicGrowth, Reduced Inequalities, Sustainable Cities andCommunities, Climate Action, Peace Justice and StrongInstitutions. Each one of them had faith and believed thefact that even if we are so young, we are the voice and wecan change something, but together.

    Maria SirbuAIESEC Cluj-Napoca

    Volunteer in Portugal

    Annabell NutuAIESEC Timisoara

    Volunteer in Portugal

    Impact & ValueParticipants perspective

  • Donor wall


    Thank you for your contribution!

  • Run and Impact



    Last edition, through Adrian runs for AIESEC Project, we manageto offer the chance to 8 members to volunteer abroad and to bringa small change in the world. This year we decided to continue theinitiative with a 5 years vision and a new brand: Run & Impact.

    The initiative strives to the fulfillment of everyone's right toaffordable and accessible education, by offering the possibility toAIESEC members to learn, to develop, to become a better version ofthemselves and to bring an impact in the society by working onAIESEC volunteering projects in an international environment.

    Our goal for 2016 is to offer atleast 25 scholarships to 25 members.The goal of the scholarship is tocover a part of transportation costsand living expenses. That means, weneed to raise 12500 euros.

    Our belief is that responsible and entrepreneurial leadership can help us solve many of todays challenges. Leaders who not only have the capabilities to create impact, but also the values that will guide their ethics and decision-making.

    WE RELY ON YOUR DONATIONS!This year, we will need your helpmore than ever. Your support canstart a ripple effect that will make adifference this year and for manyyears to come.

  • 14th


    1stof July

    of June

    of June

    24thof July


    End ofSeptember

    Opening theapplication

    Application &Selection Process


    Winners +Fundraising

    Bringing impactin exchange

    Starting volunteeringexperience abroad

    The future scholars have tosend their application withinone week and until the end ofthe June, we plan to selectthe most suitable 5 members.

    We will open the first round of application, for the first 5 AIESEC members who will receive the scholarships.

    The winner will receive a fixamount of money and the restshould be raised by his/herown network and resources.

    The scholars will have around2 month to learn, to developthemselves and to bring animpact in a foreign society.Afterwards we hope theywill continue to be changeagents in their own country.

    The scholars have to findtheir dream internship within3 weeks after being selected.This period of time is morethan enough.

    Future timelineJune September 2016

    The approximate start dateof the internship should be 1st

    of August. There are a lot ofopportunities during summer,so it may vary depending onthe project.

    *After the implementation of this round, we will start the next one.The number of rounds depends on the amount of money we will raise.


    Run & Impact

    [email protected]