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  • Advanced Selling Strategies Matt Ledwith Director Top Seller Development
  • Important Information 2007 eBay Inc. All rights reserved. No part of these materials may be reproduced or transmitted in any form, by any means (electronic, photocopying, recording, or otherwise) without the prior permission of eBay Inc. eBay, eBay Live!, and the eBay logo are registered trademarks of eBay Inc. PayPal and the PayPal logo are registered trademarks of PayPal Inc. Other trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners. Please do not take our picture or record the class without asking permission.
  • Agenda Structuring Your Business on eBay Marketing and MerchandisingThinking Like Your Buyer Scaling and Growing Your Business Summary Q&A
  • Structuring Your Business on eBay A business on eBay is like any other business Find the right items to sell Manage your inventory and determine where and how to sell Observe and outperform your competitors Provide world-class customer support You need to experiment, measure and repeat Theres not one best practice that works for all products all of the time
  • Understanding the eBay Marketplace eBays Seller Central and seller communications Top buyers searches by category Hot, in-demand items New releases and promotions PowerUp Off-line Newsletter sharing best practices
  • eBay Sales Reports Plus Free tool for all sellers Understand the main drivers of your business Measure results against goals Identify areas of opportunity/ improvement Tip: eBay Accounting Assistant saves valuable time by exporting eBay and PayPal transaction and fee data to QuickBooks
  • Stores Traffic Reports & Marketplace Research eBay Stores Traffic Reports Understand which items buyers visit and are searching for Optimize your listing titles and pages Cross-promote your most popular listings eBay Marketplace Research Make data-based sourcing and selling decisions Reports sales trends for products Includes Average Sold Price, Items Sold, Items Listed
  • Third-Party Marketplace Data Providers eBay data providers Terapeak ( Mpire Researcher ( Andale ( Hammertap ( Available data includes: Closed listings pricing info Category-specific data Sales trends Hot-selling products and categories
  • Finding Merchandise to Sell Reseller Marketplace A B2B marketplace for PowerSellers to source for resale Sellers: manufacturers, liquidators, wholesalers Benefits: Great values Buy in lots for resale No long-term or volume minimums
  • Additional Sources of Supply Trade showsfind a trade show in your industry Resell used goodsestate sales Buy directlyfind a distributor and buy direct Find wholesale suppliers Trading Assistantssell on behalf of others
  • Structuring Your Business on eBay Use the resources on eBay to understand which products are in high demand Investigate third-party market research tools Let your research drive the products, categories and prices at which you sell Experiment, measure and repeat! Get the right product, in the right place at the right time!
  • Marketing & Merchandising Thinking like your buyer
  • Thinking Like Your Buyer Drive buyers to your items Develop effective eBay listings Price your items to attract buyers Promote your eBay store Use eBay Express Keep buyers satisfiedand make them repeat customers Customer support Cross-promotion and up-selling Clear and fair shipping prices
  • Listing Titles Use all 55 characters Use words people most often use when searching Brands and model Condition, color, style, size Use browse words NR or No Reserve Free Shipping Offer several points of entry Shawl and wrap Notebook and laptop Utilize Subtitles where appropriate
  • Item Descriptions Provide all data that buyers need to make a decision in one place Repeat item title Include complete product info Use item specifics when available Provide clear payment info Clearly state shipping costs and time frames Include links to your eBay Store Item Description is the most valuable tool for creating search engine-friendly listings!
  • Effective Photos Clear images Photo at top of listing Multidimensional views Use Picture Manager to save $ Own pictures or get permission Tip: Use Gallery feature to display your item picture with search and browse results
  • Shipping Clearly state policies returns, feedback, sales tax, etc. Include shipping costsflat rate, calculated or at no cost Set buyers expectations about when you ship your items (e.g., quot;within 24 hours of payment) Offer shipping discounts for multiple purchases eBay Shipping Center:
  • eBay Formats Auction-style Best Practice: Use Reserve sparinglyReserve Fixed Price deters bids Buy it Now (BIN) Best OfferReceive price-based offers for Fixed Price listings Fixed Priced Store Referral Creditsave 75% Stores Inventory (SIF) on Final Value Fees on qualified transactions Fixed Price
  • Promoting Your eBay Store Promote your eBay Store and Store Inventory in every listing Utilize cross-selling functionality Include search keywords in your Store name, description and categories Promote your Store both on and off eBay using: Listing feeds Email marketing Promotional flyers Listing frames
  • Acquire BuyerseBay Express Double your exposure for Fixed Price and eBay Store Inventory listings! Qualified listings show up automatically with no additional work Buyers pay upfront via Shopping Cart and Checkout No changes to your selling experience
  • Delivering a Superior Buyer Experience Clear and fair shipping prices Address customer questions promptly to establish trust and rapport Over-deliver on expectations
  • Buyer Retention & Managing Sold Items Reduce Unpaid Items: Utilize Seller Preference in My eBay to restrict undesirable buyers Communicate with buyers early and often Utilize Immediate Payment through PayPal on Fixed Price Listings
  • Marketing & Merchandising To attract and retain buyers you need to: Think like a buyer How do buyers find your items? How do buyers like to be treated? Use your buyers behavior to drive your business strategy
  • Scaling & Growing Your Business
  • Tools to Help You Scale Your Business eBay Listing Tools Turbo Lister: desktop tool with reusable listing templates File Exchange: create listings by sending a flat file to eBay eBay Listing Management Tools Selling Manager/Selling Manager Pro: Web-based sales management tools designed to help sellers manage sales more efficiently eBay Blackthorne: desktop listing and sales management tools designed to save time Third-party Tools eBay Solutions Directory provides information about third-party software tools and services to improve your productivity on eBay
  • Grow Your Business Globally More than 50% of all eBay users live outside the US Listing your products internationally ensures maximum global exposure and incremental sales volume PayPal Seller Protection available for qualified US shipments to Canada and the UK Utilize a shipping partner to help overcome import/export issues
  • Grow Your Business Off-eBay Expand your business to be Multi-Channel Develop your own Web site Tap into a new and incremental customer base Lower your cost of sales for servicing existing customers Capture growing use of search for finding products
  • Adding a Sales Channel Ideal for existing eBay sellers with a regular customer base to grow their online sales Fully integrated to allow direct listings to eBay and payments with PayPal ProStores is one-stop shoppingwith a shopping cart, hosting, reporting and more!
  • PayPal Benefits Advanced Sellers Easily receive money electronically from around the world (16 different currencies) Automate and become more efficient Instant payment information Multi-user access Company name on customers credit card statements Automatic monthly eBay fees payment Tailor online payment options to your eBay or Web site business
  • Scaling & Growing Your Business Use listing and e-commerce management tools to save time and boost productivity Open your business to international customers Maintain an online storefront off eBay to attract more online shoppers Practice safe selling
  • 7 Steps to Scalability FREE one-on-one consultations with eBay specialists to improve your listings 7 Steps Livelearn from other sellers best practices and share your insights Visit the Seller Scalability Center at the Solutions Center (booth #551)
  • Summary Improve the structure of your business on eBay by: Understanding your marketplace Using multiple sources to buy your product at the right price Identify tactics and strategies to turn shoppers into repeat buyers Define ways to grow your business In the US and abroad On and off eBay
  • Q&A Q&A Matt Ledwith [email protected]
  • Thank you! Questions? To learn more, visit to see the eBay University calendar, online tours, tutorials, and more.