aesthetics culmenating project

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds By: Hanna Dixon Abigail Huebsch Katelyn Schulmeister Lucy in the Sky with Diamons Song

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Page 1: Aesthetics Culmenating Project

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

By: Hanna Dixon Abigail Huebsch

Katelyn Schulmeister

Lucy in the Sky with Diamons Song

Page 2: Aesthetics Culmenating Project

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds By: Daniel Burke

Page 3: Aesthetics Culmenating Project

Initial ReactionsDarkShinyWaterChaoticColorfulBusyMysteriousContrastTwo-dimensional


Page 4: Aesthetics Culmenating Project

What do we see?LaddersWoman’s FaceNumbersHandsFootRainbowPuzzle piecesBucklesDominosNuts and BoltsStaplesMetalVeins

Page 5: Aesthetics Culmenating Project
Page 6: Aesthetics Culmenating Project

What do we hear?WindWaterCricketsSplashingYellingWhimperingSilence

Page 7: Aesthetics Culmenating Project

What do we feel?Physically:

Soft Velvet Cold Rough Bumpy Hard

Smooth Sharp

Internally: Cold Sad Dark Lost

Confused Chaotic Pain

Fear/Unknown Freedom

Page 8: Aesthetics Culmenating Project

Questions and CuriositiesWhen was this artwork started and completed?Why were these materials chosen?What is the story behind this piece?Who is this girl in the artwork?Why are there two hands and only one foot?What are the silver circles made out of?How long did this artwork take to complete?What holds this artwork together?What is the girl running from?What was the most challenging medium to work?

Page 9: Aesthetics Culmenating Project

Key IdeasRemember that this art work was not named

until after it was completed.Remember that the main figure is in motion.Remember that this art work was created

with no inspiration. Remember that this art work was built off of

other art works.

Page 10: Aesthetics Culmenating Project

Contextual InformationThis work of art was made in the mid 1980s by Dr.

Daniel Burke. It was created with no inspiration and no prior thought. At the time Dr. Burke was working on four other works of art and used those art works to help him complete, “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.”

This work of art was based off a famous song by the Beatles called, “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.”

The title was applied to the work of art, after completion due to the certain characteristics of the art work.

Page 11: Aesthetics Culmenating Project

Contextual Information The materials used in the artwork not only

were household items but they each carry their own significant meaning.

This work of art was put together in three parts due to the need to transport it.The only things holding this work of art

together are glue, bolts and nails.

Page 12: Aesthetics Culmenating Project

Personal/Curricular ConnectionsPersonalFlying at nightLonelinessSwimmingLostEmptinessSearching for meaning

in a chaotic situation


Relating to the songScience


DiversityMediumsUnique materials

Page 13: Aesthetics Culmenating Project

Activity IdeasEnglish

Write a journal entry about how the work of art makes you feel.

Create your own short story about the woman in the picture.

HistoryResearch the Beatles. Pick one song that you feel you can

relate to and describe this relation.Research the stars and different constellations that are


Complete a lab about the stars.Experiment how metals react with certain chemicals.

Page 14: Aesthetics Culmenating Project

Activity Ideas ContinuedMath

Work with shapes and how to measure them.Do an activity on stars. How far away are they? How many are

there? How much do they weigh? How big are they? Find these answers through algebraic expressions.

MusicListen to the Beatles song, while viewing the work of art and

write how each connect with each other.Listen to the Beatles song and talk about it using musical


Create your own work of art around a certain song. Listen to the Beatles song and draw/paint your own

interpretation of the song.

Page 15: Aesthetics Culmenating Project

Line of InquiryPedagogical:

What impact do you think the Beatles had on individuals while they were living?

How do you feel that the Beatles song, “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds,” impacted people during the time that it was created?

Aesthetics:What elements of design are important to this

piece?Does the texture and dimensions enhance this


Page 16: Aesthetics Culmenating Project

Interview with Daniel BurkeWhat is art to you?

“Art is observation. Usually there is a visual stimulation of some sort that generates an intrigue; beckons an investigation.”“Art is search. The study of observations. This is something that is done concretely; it is the hours upon endless hours of photographing, drawing, making, and painting particular things and object. Instead of thinking about them I get to know them thru art”

“Art is focus, what the piece is about.”“Art is assembling. Once I have enough stuff, I begin to

organize.”“Art is display. I use scaled models, photos and diagrams to

plan the various arrangements to fit into specific sites.”

Page 17: Aesthetics Culmenating Project

Interview continuedWhere did you get the name of this piece

from“Lucy in the sky with diamonds is a Beatle

song”Where did your inspiration come from?

“I don’t believe in inspiration.” “I am a studio person and in the studio there is always something to be done. Therefore I am working on five to six different pieces at one time and I let the pieces talk to each other which helps me to finish them.” “I create the artwork for it’s needs not my own.”

Page 18: Aesthetics Culmenating Project

Interview ContinuedOther works of art?

“No Book Ends”

“Kitchen Mice”

“Spillway with Birds”

Page 19: Aesthetics Culmenating Project

The End!