age isn't about getting older - it's about experiences

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Tinder Foundation Older People's Specialist Network Event - 10th June 2014 Presentation from Paul Davies (MD, [email protected])


  • 1. Age isnt about getting older, its about gaining experiences Paul Davies
  • 2. Peters Story
  • 3. Finding the spark and lighting the touch paper David Wilson - 2011 Little interest in computers but intrigued. Keen racing pigeons A few pictures he would like to send Time was his own, wouldnt be tied down Didnt fancy a set course taking ages. No point to email, I have a phone Cant be doing with bossy teachers
  • 4. David Wilson - 2013 Cant keep me of my Computer Still racing pigeons Logs results online Sends info and pictures to racing colleagues Learning new skills for photography Blogging events and sending invitations If I want to talk to people Ill still ring them, but maybe Ill Skype them now Time still his own and learning never tied him down
  • 5. Alan Gerald
  • 6. Colins Journey Margaret and Roy You you decide!!
  • 7. Finding the spark and lighting the touch paper What does enthuse people and can we build digital into this. We know what we want to do, we think we can do it!! Just fill in a few gaps for us
  • 8. ICTs for Social Inclusion: What is the Reality? - Steve Thompson Margrove Park no school, no shops, no pub, no post office Community Centre
  • 9. We have years of skills between us, we want to share it with everyone in the Village.
  • 10. Margrove Park Digital Village And moving to more social and economic activity
  • 11. Individuals will find their own digital voices. Increasing the relevance , reducing the abstract Dont Underestimate Own a static caravan Cheap Promotion Vista Print
  • 12. Peer support and continuous progression Learn My Way provides building blocks. Allow people to learn for themselves what is possible Develop processes that take individual interests through to wider results. Digitally Enabled Citizens = Digital Communities
  • 13. Thank You Paul Davies - 01287 626432 or 07724 168 699 Age isnt about getting older, its about gaining experiences