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    No matter where you start, our Agile Transformation Solution ensures you

    receive the lasting benefits of high-performance teams, short delivery cycles,

    and a collaborative environment where knowledge workers thrive.




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    Agile Transformation Solution

    Agile Transformation Solution

    Change Management

    Using well-established change models and

    Agile principles, Change Management is

    the foundation that underpins the success

    of your entire transformation. We work

    with you to conduct an organization-wide

    assessment to establish a baseline, which is

    then used to design a roadmap for program


    Change Management incorporates proven methods to engage and

    sustain alignment with executive sponsors, functional managers, and

    delivery personnel, while modeling Agile principles and practices such

    as high transparency, dynamic backlogs, and continuous feedback

    loops. We also use a field-tested knowledge base of transformation

    patterns to guide communication and program rollout.

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    ABOUT SOLUTIONSIQ SolutionsIQ is the world’s largest provider of Agile transformation and innovation solutions for business and technology. Our leading Agile Transformation Solution is an integrated approach that combines Agile values and principles, scaling patterns and change management methods to deliver sustainable business results across the organization.

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    Delivery AgilityThis integrated program comprises training, workshops, and onsite

    coaching that accelerate learning by shortening the time between

    theory and practice. Training level-sets expectations and new

    terminology while also demonstrating the benefits of conducting work

    in a new way. Hands-on workshops burn in new concepts by applying

    them to real work in the real work environment. Team coaches, the key

    to effective Agile learning, enable work groups to develop into high-

    performance, self-organized teams. Onsite Agile practitioners join

    delivery teams to help individuals achieve mastery, while magnifying

    team productivity.

    Organizational AgilityYour work environment either helps or hinders knowledge sharing and

    close collaboration. With an eye to promoting innovation and collective

    learning, we survey your office facilities, tools, delivery systems,

    communication platforms, and the disposition of your distributed

    workforce. We help you reshape your workspaces—physical, virtual, and

    mental—to cultivate a collaborative culture that sparks innovation and

    unlocks human potential.

    Business AgilityTo complete an Agile transformation, the Agile change in people—how

    they interact, conduct work, and deliver value—must be accompanied

    by changes in the organization’s processes, policies, and structure. Our

    management consultants help you make adjustments in governance,

    incentive programs, and performance measurement, while meeting

    compliance and stewardship requirements. New management practices

    will be introduced including value steam mapping, release planning,

    and Agile program and portfolio management. We will help you

    refactor roles and responsibilities and launch new programs to establish

    empowered communities of practice. When your transformation is

    complete, you will be ready to not just compete but also to thrive in the

    21st century innovation economy

    Agile Transformation Solution