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  • Agility’s Features & Benefits

    Extended Asset Life

    through improved maintenance and reliability

    Lower Maintenance Costs

    Agility allows better planning and control of

    contractor and other external costs

    Improved Quality and Reliability

    through reduced downtime and scrap rates

    Quick User Adoption

    simple screens are easy to understand and


    Rapid ROI

    set up and implementation timescales are short

    and costs are low

    Agility is the market-leading maintenance and facilities management software from SoftSols. It was conceived and developed on two basic principles; being affordable and easy to use.

    Agility has remained true to those principles; it is

    not modular or expensive, it is not hard to learn or

    complicated to use. Straight out of the box Agility

    brings significant benefits to organisations across

    a wide range of sectors.

    Agility Delivers

    Powerful Information

    Agility presents many performance indicators including costs, depreciation, equipment downtime and faults, labour performance and stock information within set dates or in real time. Users are well informed and are able to make fact based decisions.

    Single Information Store

    Multiple documents, image attachments and hyperlinks can be added to individual stock, asset and work order records. This means that reference manuals, service records, drawings and supplier website links can be stored together, giving users a time saving, single reference source.

  • Configurable Home Screen

    Agility’s home screen can be configured with the most relevant functions, data and KPI’s for each user. Simplified screens, analysis charts and displays allow information to be quickly reviewed, understood and acted upon.

    Flexible User Access

    Agility can be accessed through a simple browser interface on a wide range of devices including laptops, tablets and Ipads. Our range of solutions for smartphones, Android and rugged industrial devices compliment the core system with online/ offline capability.

    System Security

    Definable user level security, according to job role and status, makes sure the right people see only the right information. A full record history gives traceability and audit trails.

    Up to Date

    Outbound email is used to communicate work order, help desk

    and purchase order notifications keeping key users informed.

    Easily Integrated

    Our highly skilled Implementation Team are able to link Agility with existing internal systems such as SAP, Sage and BMS/SCADA systems to create one coherent business system.

    Browser and Program Compatible

    Agility is fully compatible with the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Opera, Chrome, Firefox and Safari and allows data export to Microsoft Word, Excel and PDF’s giving easy access and use.

    “Agility has allowed us much more flexibility, reduced our paperwork and made allocating jobs to our engineers much more efficient. Being able to track the history of assets accurately is crucial to our business and the safety of the team on site.”

    - BAE Systems

    “Clear communication is one of our most important requirements. Contractors need fast access to information about their assignments and we want to provide all users with clear data regarding the status of their work orders. That has definitely been achieved with Agility.”

    - Sheffield College

  • Asset and Equipment


    Sites, locations and assets can

    all be identified, monitored and

    managed by Agility. Spare parts can be

    associated to equipment, connecting

    inventory and purchase ordering.

    Labour, maintenance and repair costs

    are automatically associated with assets

    giving true cost visibility. Readings can

    be stored against equipment to allow

    both run time PPM and condition based

    monitoring. Asset depreciation can be

    monitored and replacement planned and


    Work Orders and PPM

    Agility accommodates multiple work order

    schedules allowing both planned and reactive

    maintenance to operate in tandem. Planned

    Preventative Maintenance (PPM) work orders

    are automatically generated and can be calendar,

    run time or condition based. Maintenance tasks

    can also be prioritised to allow annual servicing

    to replace monthly PPMs. Parts details and service

    kits can be allocated to specific tasks to link relevant

    documentation and information. Agility allows

    fault codes to be used to help correct frequently

    occurring problems. Log on/log off features allow

    real time labour activity to be recorded giving true

    cost visibility.


    Work schedules can be created and amended with real time updates using a simple drag and drop planning board. Skills, training and availability are considered by Agility to schedule the optimum employee for a specific task.


    Agility includes expansive employee and contractor records allowing multiple

    contact details, email addresses, images, skills and training information to be

    stored by individual. Pay rates, costs, shifts and absence can all monitored to best

    utilise available labour resources.

    Inventory and Spare Parts

    Agility manages inventory items, movements and replenishment with purchase

    orders being automatically generated and sent to suppliers, allowing for

    internal approval. Inventory can be stored in multiple store and bin locations

    with manufacturer’s details and supplier prices; images can also be associated

    to aid identification. Multiple and preferred suppliers can be connected

    to inventory, with any relevant discount codes and currencies being

    automatically applied to orders. Inventory reports can be generated to show

    stock replenishment, valuation and spend by supplier.

    Help Desk and Work Requestor

    Agility allows caller details to be logged and email notifications to be

    utilised to update the job (work order) status. Approval procedures can

    also be incorporated to allow calls to be monitored and escalated as

    priority requires.

    All of these features and functions are included as standard for each Agility user, however our experience shows that customer requirements are often perceived to be complex. The Implementation Team at SoftSols will listen to your needs, understand them and then deliver a solution that works the way you want it to.

    Agility Includes

    or call +44 (0)1924 200344

    Affordable and easy to use Maintenance Management Software

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