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LC Newsletter


Page 1: AIESEC HCMC Newsletter August 2012

August 2012

Page 2: AIESEC HCMC Newsletter August 2012

Dear beloved LC,

Summer has nearly come to an end. To many AIESECers, this is the time to have their potential unleashed, to grow, and to contribute their best for the development of our LC.

Let’s be on board for the journey of your AIESEC life, and for the rest of this summer!

With love, Internal Communications

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COSMOPOLITAN /kɒzməˈpɒlɪtn/adjectivefamiliar with and at ease in many different countries and cultures • including people from many different countries• having an exciting and glamorous character associated with travel and a mixture of culturesnouna cosmopolitan personFROM AIESEC HCMC LOCAL COMMITTEE

COSMOPOLITAN /kɒzməˈpɒlɪtn/Adjectivelive happily in diversity and love each others as their human being despite difference in backgrounds• including talented AIESECers from many different universities• having an exciting and glamorous character associated with challenges and a mixture of academic backgroundsnouna cosmopolitan AIESECer

Page 4: AIESEC HCMC Newsletter August 2012

• Report

• Upcoming events

• L corner

• X corner

• F corner

• COSMO news

Page 5: AIESEC HCMC Newsletter August 2012

EB Coffee Chat July 2012

Page 6: AIESEC HCMC Newsletter August 2012

“EBCC is kind of great because it's like a space for members and EB to get closer. It's really useful for members who want to talk with all VPs from any function even LCP. You just feel free to say about your problem or concerns. And then they will listen to those concerns and tell you what you need to do in a friendly way….”

Thi Hue Ninh – TD

EB Coffee Chat July 2012

Participants’ sharing

Page 7: AIESEC HCMC Newsletter August 2012

Official Release Event -held on Sunday, July 22 - is the closing ceremony of Sex Education Project (SEP)of PBoX. The winner of the T-shirt design contest , a side project of SEP was announced that day. Furthermore, we also display and sale both handmade products and T-Shirts, what have been made by teen moms, students from 6 high schools in HCMC, interns and members of AIESEC LC HO CHI MINH CITY.

Click on this link to buy these products to help teen moms.

[PBoX] Official Release Event – SEP

Page 8: AIESEC HCMC Newsletter August 2012

- Objectives: to raise awareness of external students about AIESEC Brand and to develop LC members (directly for OC EwA members).

- 2 main stages of EwA:• Self-discovery• Engage with


- There will be a small event – an online competition- from 17/09 to 22/09 for both external students and AIESEC members of LC HCMC.

Engage with AIESEC (EwA)

Page 9: AIESEC HCMC Newsletter August 2012

"I and Me" is an event aiming to help attendees explore their unexplored potentials. Featuring an amiable forum for dialogue and discovery, this event shares the personal stories about the self-discovery journeys of multiple people, including guest speakers, AIESECers, returnees from Internship Program of AIESEC, and external students.

Registration link: 8.00-11.30am, August 26th, 2012Venue: Melior Business School, 97 Nguyen Van Troi, Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh city.Deadline: 23.59, August 23th, 2012If you have any concerns, please feel free to ask: Mr. Tran Pham Phuong Tri (01285642065)

Engage with AIESEC (EwA)

Page 10: AIESEC HCMC Newsletter August 2012

[PBoX] Closing Ceremony

There will be 2 events of PBoX. Here they are:•25/8: Family Bonding Day•26/8: PBoX Closing Ceremony

Do you want to support PBoX and be with lovely interns ? Contact PBoX and apply for supporters through this link to be parts of them.

Page 11: AIESEC HCMC Newsletter August 2012

From your first day in AIESEC till now...Have you explored and nurtured the GIANT inside you?Have you jumped out of your comfort zone and taken any challenges? If your answer is NO, don't worry. Because we are here to bring you a Challenge, an Opportunity to transform, to grow and shine brighter than ever.TLP Recruitment 2012First time launched in AIESEC Vietnam and HCMC LC, TLP Recruitment is a very important milestone for you to break through and fulfill a new experience in your AIESEC journey.For more information, please visit this wiki.

TLP Recruitment

Page 12: AIESEC HCMC Newsletter August 2012

A. She is very good at cookingB. Her birthday is a holiday dayC. This person loves showing

the “third round”D. This person is the oldest

one in EBE. He has the same hometown

with the writerF. This person knows how to

break-danceG. This person is a fan of

Apple’s productsH. Her nickname is PandaI. She used to study in Tran

Quoc Tuan high schoolJ. She is the most quiet person

in EBK. This person comes from Nha


1. LCP2. VP IC3. VP ER4. VP F5. VP ICX6. VP PBoX7. VP EM8. VP EC9. VP TD10. VP TM11. VP OGX

Can you match the right EB member with

his/her feature?

Send your answer to [email protected] with the subject [LC newsletter] Fun corner answer. The person with the right answer will receive a special gift from IC.

Page 13: AIESEC HCMC Newsletter August 2012

Click on this link to see Ms. Hy Le (IC team) with her sharing about `Xchange. (Vietnamese version)

Page 14: AIESEC HCMC Newsletter August 2012

On behalf of AIESEC HCMC, I’d like to inform LC members about the financial health of our LC in July. So far our income has exceeded our operational expenses and therefore made a small progress in our reserve. The good point here is that we can survive a little bit longer if the income is reluctant to support us in the future. Big congratulations for our effort to bring income and cut cost!!! On the other hand, there are one thing we need to improve. Some operational expenses are still out of our control, which means that some functions and some activities was prepared to happen without having a consideration about our financial health. This violates LC Compendium and is extremely dangerous to our LC because very soon we would be RUSH OF CASH and GET BANKRUPT with our unplaned expenses.

Page 15: AIESEC HCMC Newsletter August 2012

The solution for this would be making the budget plan together with your activities plan and submitting to Finance team 10 days before the activities’ day. Below is some activities need improving:T-SHIRT FUNDRAISING OF SEX EDUCATION PROJECT. You did make a VERY HUGE expense to our project and LC in general without any serious consideration about finance of LC. Never try to do that again!OFFICIAL RELEASE DAY OF SEX EDUCATION PROJECT. Your effort to cut down the cost is encouraging but try to submit the actual expenses to us on time. It was 2 weeks late.EWA AIESEC T-SHIRT COMPETITION. Next time if you guys want to have a T-shirt for gift, ask Finance to make sure we have enough money.MARKET RESEARCH OF EXTERNAL COMMUNICATIONS TEAM. We are still waiting for your exact plan with budget .

From F with love,

Page 16: AIESEC HCMC Newsletter August 2012


• What is

• The web-portal platform for AIESEC all over the world

• Contain all resource in AIESEC: wiki, opportunity, news…

• Where you can utilize it for your network, knowledge and opportunities

Want to learn more about ?1.Go to Myaiesec.net2.Login and direct to “Resource Welcome to”3.Take time to read all the contents there. Especially Documentation & Offline Guides – Menus at a glance1.My Experience: Where you can keep your profile up to date and take programmes through this section2.Connect: You can explore the world of AIESEC and connect with different users via engaging in conversations, reading news, adding contacts, viewing opportunities available in the programmes as well as events you can attend, browsing the network pages to understand better the AIESEC network for yourselves. 3.Resources: Have access to files and wikis and guides to assist them in understanding the organization and how to use the system. 4.AIESEC Programmes: depending on Programmes you have been signed up to which will relate to your functional tasks.

Page 17: AIESEC HCMC Newsletter August 2012

*JUST FOR FUN* Look at the picture then write a comment in 8 words [cuz now is August :D]Victor Bui [TD]: "you know what? TM means Tài chuẩn Men"Trần Lê Hưng [ER]: "đã máu, đừng hỏi bố cháu là ai?"Duc Duy [EM]: “nhóc kia! nhìn gì bạn gái anh đó?"Thanh Xuan Bui [PboX]: “xấu xí hay thích làm chuyện để ý”

Page 18: AIESEC HCMC Newsletter August 2012

Phạm Du Linh (10/08/1991)

Bùi Thế Hoàng (11/08/1992)

Page 19: AIESEC HCMC Newsletter August 2012

Phạm Thị Thùy Trang (15/08/1991)

Trần Anh Thư (14/08/1992)

Page 20: AIESEC HCMC Newsletter August 2012

Trịnh Khánh Vy (24/08/1992)

Lê Hoàng Minh (26/08/1993)

Page 21: AIESEC HCMC Newsletter August 2012

Stay tuned to AIESEC Cosmo World …