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AIESEC Ho Chi Minh City

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Welcome to

AIESEC Cosmo World …

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FROM THE DICTIONARY COSMOPOLITAN /kɒzməˈpɒlɪtn/ adjective familiar with and at ease in many different countries and cultures • including people from many different countries • having an exciting and glamorous character associated with travel and a mixture of cultures noun a cosmopolitan person

FROM AIESEC HCMC LOCAL COMMITTEE COSMOPOLITAN /kɒzməˈpɒlɪtn/ Adjective live happily in diversity and love each others as their human being despite difference in backgrounds • including talented AIESECers from many different universities • having an exciting and glamorous character associated with challenges and a mixture of academic backgrounds noun a cosmopolitan AIESECer

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In this issue

•Report 5

•Reward & Recognition 5

•Welcome newbies 6

•Upcoming events 7

•X+L news 10

•Cosmo news 22

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AND LTS 1&2 After 2 months of recruitment, 32 most outstanding candidates were selected as the new generation of AIESEC. On 16th and 23rd October, LTS 1&2 were organized to induct these newbies into AIESEC. Hope that our newbies will gain valuable and exhilarating experience during their AIESEC life.

Reward & Recognition


Initiated since September, 2011 by TM, Member of the month and Function of the month are monthly recognitions for the most outstanding member and function of our LC. These rewards also aim at creating a competitive environment within the LC, where all members try their best to bring the most extensive achievement for their function. And we would like to congratulate our very first: Member of the month: Nguyen Tran Duc Duy COMM&IM Function of the month: OGX

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Welcome newbies


“Becoming an AIESECer is a turning-point for my life. I have changed my attitude and my action. I shouldn’t live and work passively anymore. Now that I know I’m no longer alone, because I can find the right way for my development with excellent companions in AIESEC.”


“I am so proud to become an AIESECer. Through 2 LTSs, with all knowledge the seniors provided, I know I’m now a part of something bigger. I can do greater things, go exchange and make impacts on the society. Moreover, it’s only a few days that I have involved in AIESEC, but I’m inspired by what AIESEC has been doing for generations: providing a strong foundation and strength for the youth, as well as helping them to unleash their leadership potential.”

Page 7: AIESEC HCMC newsletter October

LC Events

5th November Personal Branding Workshop In cooperate with Hoa Sen University, AIESEC HCMC proudly brings you this fascinating workshop in order to help you enhance your knowledge in personal branding and involve in case study with 15 high-profile businessmen. There are only 40 seats for AISECers, let’s grasp this opportunity and unleash your potential.

13th November LC Bonding Day This is a special event organized by TM for newbies, in which they can get closer to other companions at AIESEC. Still, seniors are encouraged to join to strengthen the bond between yourselves and our lovely yet talented newbies. Check your email regularly to keep updated with the latest news from OC!

Register at Deadline: 11:59pm, 2nd November, 2011

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LC Events 20th November Developing Leaders Day DLD is a chance for all AIESECers to interact with the BoA (Board of Advisers) and widen our network. Keep updated with OC so that you won’t miss any information about this important event!

24th November AIESEC VIETNAM 5 year anniversary This event marks an extremely important milestone of AIESEC Vietnam, which is 5 years old now. Although this celebration is for only BoA, alumni and EB, it reminds all AIESECers in Vietnam about how special and proud we are, as each of us is part of AIESEC Vietnam. Keep moving forward for the development of ourselves as well as AIESEC!

National Events

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National Events National conference National Leadership Development Conference (NLDC) is an annual national conference of AIESEC Vietnam held in the winter break. Its main object is to create a great learning experience that helps participants discover and develop their leadership potential, which is one of our core values. This year, the conference will be held from 7th-12th January, 2011 by AIESEC Hanoi with a brand new name - ILEAD.

Find your way to ILEAD now

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EB Election Day Dare you?

Hey AIESEC, As October is coming to an end, we are very close to the LC EB Election Day – an important event to find out our LC’s next generation of leaders. This is the occasion for each member to consider taking leadership role. Do you want to become a member of the excellent Executive Board? Do you dare to step out of your comfort zone, to live with your passion and bring changes to our LC? In this October issue, Internal Communication proudly bring you EB corner – a brand new place in which you can find the most valuable sharing from the current EB . Hope you find enough motivation to take action! Internal Communication

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NGUYEN DANG DUY - LCP My desire is getting as much experience as possible. I love to put myself at different situation and find difference of myself, I love to see I am changing everyday and you are changing everyday.


VP OGX Thank to many AIESECers and AIESEC conferences that I can widen my view of orientation and network. Therefore, I decided to be a leader of AIESEC to practice what I learn from AIESEC in the most intensively way. "I have another definition for OGX, it's Opportunities to Global eXperience, where I can see the world more than I've ever expected, and I can create impact in my way!"

EB Corner


I believe that everyone is an individual with certain personality, uniqueness and potentials, which can be transformed into real power and create great values and help him or her live the fullest and the greatest if awakened. No matter where you are from, which type of person you are, you are now AIESECers. And in AIESEC, everyone is equal and can do everything for self-development and society development.

Page 12: AIESEC HCMC newsletter October


Working in ICX team is a great experience of mine in AIESEC life. I can not only interact with businessman to discuss about the cooperation between AIESEC and their companies but also interact with many interns from all over the world through our exchange program in Viet Nam. And working as VP, I directly manage and develop 15 members. The most valuable things of doing so is that I can see the development of my members and the results they contribute to team and LC.


A place to explore who I am, an environment to learn how to do what I love the most and how to love what I do - it is AIESEC, which makes me really proud of being an AIESECer.

Page 13: AIESEC HCMC newsletter October


During my 2-year-experience in AIESEC, I’ve received much more than I expected, in term of challenges, which bring me such development. Moreover, life should be up and down, or else it would be so boring to a youngster! And I’m sure you will find those utmost experiences in AIESEC.


Starting AIESEC journey as an ER member, and currently a VPER, it’s amazing and challenging time for me. “Caring, self-belief and keep moving” are 3 valuable elements I got from AIESEC and I believe with 3 things, I can go anywhere.


AIESEC, this is my second family. “With things YOU don’t have like others. Let’s take action for the best YOU.”

Page 14: AIESEC HCMC newsletter October

Guess me, If you dare 1. I am doing something for the better environment :-)

2. I am a Superngualytheky :P

3. Red apple :X

4. Never stand still b-)

5. If you can DREAM it, you can DO it. >:D<

6.I will name my first child “Sông”. 8-}

7. My name is Sisy :”>

8. Many people enjoy rubbing my head : ((







G. VP Finance


Funny corner

Instruction: 1. Match the person with his/her description 2. How many people have the same answer with you? Drop an informal Facebook message with your answer for two questions above to OCP Fall Recruitment - Vu Duc Quang - via his Facebook (search .net on facebook). A special gift from COMM&IM is waiting for you!!!

Page 15: AIESEC HCMC newsletter October

Do you know that our LC has just launched the National Recruitment Program with an interesting name “ LET’S ZOOM THE WORLD?” This program is a great opportunity for our LC to enhance the number of EP. Therefore, please give OC a hand in their promotion phase by changing your Facebook avatar, inviting your friends to the event or using words of mouth to your friends…


RAISE 3 12



eXchange Statistic ICX partner RAISE: Germany International School MATCH: University of Technology, TPL, LCT Lawyer REALIZE: UT and TPL

eXchange opportunity

eXchange news

Page 16: AIESEC HCMC newsletter October

Dear our beloved readers, On behalf of COMM&IM, Internal Communication would like to introduce you a brand new section in LC newsletter called EP sharing, in which you can gain access to the real eXchange experience. Each month, we invite a returnee to share with our LC members his/her amazing exchange story. Hope you learn much! AIESECly yours, Internal Communication

EP Sharing

Page 17: AIESEC HCMC newsletter October

EP of the month

Le Phan Vien Hy Function: OGX Intern at Indonesia

In this issue, we would like to introduce Ms. Le Phan Vien Hy from OGX. She just returned from a 2-month internship in Indonesia. Let’s read her excellent eXchange story and see how moving we are. Hy’s story begins with the plane’s landing at Indonesia’s airport…

Page 18: AIESEC HCMC newsletter October

I came to Indonesia in a very hot day of summer 2011. Sitting on the airplane, I asked myself “What next? AIESEC Surabaya (the city where I came) invited me to go there to be an OC member. Huhm….How VI I am (VI in VIP). Let’s see what the prepare to welcome me!”. After 3 hour sitting on the flight from HCMC to Jakarta, next 6 hours waiting at the airport to catch the next flight and then 1 more hour to Surabaya - my destination city, I was totally exhausted. However, I still kept on my mind that I had to prepare myself to meet the AIESECers of Surabaya LC in the most beautiful appearance. With a smile on my lips, I stepped out of the airport and looked around to find those who held flowers or a table which signed “Welcome Ms. Hy to Indonesia” or something like that. And….

Yes, there were many people who had flowers, but they were not the ones whom I was looking for. I looked around, nobody. I walked around the airport, still nobody at all. 1 hour, 2 hour, “what the hell is going on here?”, I asked myself. The weather was still hot, and sitting among the crowd in the airport made me more and more tired. Time passed by, and I still stood there to wait for them. Lost in disappointment and tiresome situation , I tried to find the contact of my host family and finally, I found it! Feeling extremely lucky at the moment, I asked a security at the airport to call my host family and waited for them to go there and take me home. Thanks God, I eventually went home safe and sound.

Page 19: AIESEC HCMC newsletter October

The next day, I wanted to know what was my JD, so I tried to contact the AIESECers of Surabaya LC. However, nobody replied. Calling or sending them email still couldn’t get me out of joblessness. They just said to me that “We are sorry for not picking you up at the airport. But you are here already, so enjoy your first days in Indonesia!”. And yes, I enjoyed my very first days in Indonesia by staying home, going online to chat with my friends and unable to go anywhere of the city. A friend of mine chatted with me and asked “Are you a liar, Hy? Why you are online every day, where’s your project?”. I was very sad when hearing so. I tried to contact the OCP of my project to ask where my buddy was, what my JD was. But she always answered in a way that everything wasn’t her fault, but mine. I didn’t understand anything at all. She broke her promises thousand times. I was so angry that I quarreled with her, and she said that she didn’t want to see me anymore. Ok, if she said so. I decided to work with @ anymore.

Page 20: AIESEC HCMC newsletter October

I told my host family all the troubles I met, and they were really sympathetic with me. They said that: “Ok, if AIESEC Surabaya treated you badly, you still have us. Just enjoy your time! We will help you!”. And my host family did help me the best way they could. My host mom was the principle of a school for disabled children (I’m so thankful for that). Therefore, every morning, she took me to that school so that I could play with the children there. There was a school for down-syndrome, autism, deaf, and dumb students. The teachers there were so nice that they showed me the best way to teach and play with those students effectively. I could say that it was the most wonderful time in my life because it did help me to realize a lot of things. When I was in Vietnam, I thought that taking care of the disabled was the government’s responsibility so I didn’t have to care about that. However, the time I spent with my students in Surabaya turned my thought around. Sharing my love with the children, playing, laughing and having fun with them made me feel more energetic and be able to overcome the difficult days in Indonesia. Sharing my love to those students not only helped me (and the students also) to be happy, but also helped me to realize the value of love. I realized that when love was multiplied, we could be able to feel happy all the time, live with an optimistic mind and be able to see how beautiful this life was.

Page 21: AIESEC HCMC newsletter October

Moreover, going for an internship in Indonesia turned me from a shy to an adventurous one. My internship gave me chances to travel to most of the famous places in Indonesia and it could be said that if you dropped me to anywhere of the world, I could survive easily. Now, close your eyes and imaging that you are standing on the top of the volcano, besides you is the slope of 45 degree down to the mouth of the volcano with the column of sunfur smoke flying non-stop from it, how do you feel? What a dangerous feeling, right? Swimming with sharks, diving deep down the sea to see the beautiful coral reef, sleeping on the isolated island with the sea on my left side and the dark jungle on my right, etc., were what I had used to think that I could never be able to do. But I did all those things in Indonesia! Furthermore, when I was in Bali, I got my chance to surf play parasailing. The feeling when I stood on the board, surfed from waves to waves made me feel like I could control all the waves in the sea! Moreover, when flying up high with the parachute and seeing the whole Bali from above, I felt like I was in the heaven. And nothing but my internship could offer me those greatest opportunities to challenge myself, experience the things I had never done before and develop more and more. Time passed by, my internship went to the end. It was time for me to come back to Vietnam. Now, sitting here and typing all these words, I could feel all the things in Indonesia just like it was yesterday. My internship did help me to get out of my box, give me more strength to step out of my comfort zone and offer me many opportunities to discover the giant within me. The only one thing I still feel regretful that I wasn’t proactive enough to involve in AIESEC Surabaya activities, so that I couldn’t live my AIESEC life 100%. Therefore, I decide to start all over again: I will take another internship in June 2012 in EUROPE and I strongly believe that it can help me to live my AIESEC life fully and develop more and more. And now, AIESEC did give me chance to CHANGE and DEVELOP. How about you? Life’s what you make it so let’s make it rock!

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What is The web-portal platformt for AIESEC all over the world

Contain all resource in AIESEC: wiki, opportunity, news…

Where you can utilize it for your network, knowledge and opportunities

Want to learn more about ? 1. Go to

2. Login and direct to “Resource Welcome to”

3. Take time to read all the contents there. Especially Documentation & Offline Guides – Menus at a glance 1. My Experience: Where you can keep your

profile up to date and take programmes through this section

2. Connect: You can explore the world of AIESEC and connect with different users via engaging in conversations, reading news, adding contacts, viewing opportunities available in the programmes as well as events you can attend, browsing the network pages to understand better the AIESEC network for yourselves.

3. Resources: Have access to files and wikis and guides to assist them in understanding the organization and how to use the system.

4. AIESEC Programmes: depending on Programmes you have been signed up to which

will relate to your functional tasks. Special for


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