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OutGoing eXchange team 15-16AIESEC HCMC

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Overview1. Recruitment introduction2. Job Description introduction3. Selection process

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Recruitment Introduction

Returnee Recruitment is a part of Reintegration process, which offers returnees with

opportunities to continue their AIESEC Experience (Team Member Program) with the home LC after their returns for personal & professional development.

They can engage into Local Committee activities, and they will be able to have:- Practical team experience- Practical hard and soft skills development- Access to a global network- Entrepreneurial and responsible attitude towards being a leader- Positive impact on the society

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Job Description Introduction

AIESEC HCMC structure introductionAIESEC HCMC



In this process, we will recruit new members for all team above, especially OutGoing eXchange (OGX) 15-16

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Job Description IntroductionOutgoing Exchange (OGX) – Global Citizen Program: This program is responsible for recruiting

and managing Vietnamese students to send them abroad for social projects

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International Relations Executive- Ensure communication flow between national partnerships and LC HCMC- Guarantee sustainable co-delivery partnerships for LC HCMC- Be responsible for Information management in Reintegration phase

● Detailed and Result Oriented

● Responsible

We are looking for people who

1. Available Positions

Job Description Introduction

EP BUDDY- Support EPs with all knowledge and preparation needed for their internships.- Support EP with reflection and reinvent themselves during their engagement with AIESEC.- Ensure communication flow between AIESEC and EPs.- Organize events or plan promotion compaigns for

exchange program

● Resilient & Solution-oriented

● Responsible

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Job Description Introduction

2. Applicant Criteria

3. Benefits


Experience in marketing, event organizing through planning, running promotion campaign and organizing events for internship program branding.

Have experience in recruitment. Experience in working with AIESECers in region and other countries in the world. Experience in leadership through leading a team of 5 - 7 people to run 3-month projects. Make direct impact on people by recruiting them for internship program for life-changing

experience. Improve communication and networking skills.

Stakeholder focus Effective communication Accountability

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6. Finance (F)This team is responsible for managing the financial aspects of the exchange process and ensuring the short and long term financial health of the organization.

Job Description Introduction

2. External Relation (ER): This team is responsible for offering global graduates local internship opportunities as well as establishing and managing on the connections of AIESEC with organizations and individuals, who are capable and willing to support AIESEC on sponsor, external opportunities…

5. Marketing & Communication (MarCOM)This team is responsible for branding and external positioning by carrying out marketing strategies and plan. This team is also responsible for managing internal communication and Local Chapter’s knowledge management.opportunities…

3. incoming Global Community Development ProgramThis team is responsible for recruiting and managing International students to run social projects in Vietnam.opportunities…

4. Talent Management (TM)This team is responsible for managing and developing human resource of organization.

The following information is a brief description of other functions in AIESEC to help you understand more clearly about our organization. You can apply for these function. For further information for these

fuctions, you can search on our Fanpage – AIESEC HCMC

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Selection processApplicatio

n Form12PM 19/03 Initial

Interview21, 22/03

Note: You will become an official member of AIESEC Ho Chi Minh City only after passing 2 month Probation Time.

Assessment Center28, 29/03

Final Interview04, 05/04

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After I came back to Viet Nam from my internship in Sri Lanka, I decided to stop my part-time job and start my new journey being an AIESECer. Here I have many chances to learn something new about myself, about AIESEC and about the people around me. I also faced many challenges that I had never experienced before. These challenges made me realize many new things about myself, and what I really love to do. I found my new happiness, and many friendship here. Now I can proudly to say that joining AIESEC is the best decision that I have ever made. I love you, AIESEC .....

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I’m interested in AIESEC from the first time I came to my university. I usually engaged in activities which is held by AIESEC. The big program of AIESEC is Global Citizen, and I took this internship program last summer. It actually was interesting and challenging. Fortunately, after coming back, I applied for the recruitment and became an AIESECer. My life from that moment has changed. I meet a lot of kinds of people from different universities, connect with them and share everything in life, learn various skills which is good for my personal development. I know what I want to be - I want to be a leader- not only lead everyone but firstly lead myself. Now being the AIESECer is the best decision I’ve made. Make choice in your own way and you will be proud of it.

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Page 12: [AIESEC HCMC] Reintergration Spring 2015

Sharing cornerWhen having my internship in Malaysia, I changed a lot. At the beginning, I didn’t really like the AIESECers in that university for some reasons. One day, I woke up at 4am. When I was going to the living room of interns house, I found out that they were still working. I thought the interns worked hardest but I was wrong. Since then, I changed my way of thinking and I started to admire AIESEC spirit. That was the time I knew I want to be an AIESECer after I came back to VietNam.I’m starting my new journey being an AIESEC at the moment. Few weeks has passed since I made that decision. I’ve met many talented people. I’m working in a global and professional environment where I can feel free to raise my own ideas, do things I want to do. I’ve faced so many challenges so far but I also learnt a lot from them and people around me as well. To me, a day without being an AIESECer is a day lost.

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For more information, please feel free to contact Tran Le Tuan Anh

International Relation Manager Summer Peak 15-16 - AIESEC Ho Chi Minh City

Email: [email protected] phone: 0127 587 0123

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