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AIESEC Purpose

Ali24 - Business & ManagementGemany - Mexico Colombia - Egypt

Sheko21 Mechatronics EngeneeringSandboarding Hiking

What is AIESEC?Sheko4We develop leadership by providing exchange experiences.What is AIESEC?ExchangeLeadership developmentsheko5



Which trends and challenges does our world face right now?ali7

Peace and Fulfillment of Humankinds potentialIt has been 65 years is it still relevant for us?14What is the role of a youth organization envisioning Peace & Fulfillment?So What is the role of a youth organization which is envisioning Peace and fullfillment in the context of the global society?

Lets take a look at some examples and how AIESEC contributed as a youth organization ot the countries15There are - and will always be - different challenges in our world!..once you solved one, others will appear!

We at AIESEC believe that theres no use in fire fighting! The knowledge we gain at university might be irrelevant for future challenges.What history taught us: There will always be new problems as the word keeps turning, globalization keeps moving forwards, borders between countries, cultures and languages continue to become less clear. So what's the point?

16Significant demographic and societal changes, fundamental technological advances and continuous globalization, as well as complex multi-stakeholder issues and resource scarcity define this emerging context. These changing parameters require new type of LEADERSHIP - At Davos 2013-World Economic Forum

Connection to the world economic forum this requirement is not coming from us but actually by an institution

A profound shift is taking place in the context of leadership and what it takes to flourish as a leader. The change is driven by significant demographic and societal transformation, fundamental technological advances and constant globalization, as well as complex multistakeholder issues and resource scarcity. This shift profoundly impacts the challenges leaders face and the aspirations, competencies and attitudes of success.

The World Economic Forumis an international institution committed to improving the state of the world through public-private cooperation in the spirit of global citizenship.


EnergiewendeMonetary systemsClimate changeSocial welfare systemsLeadership crisisIncreasing gap between poor and richResource scarcityPost-democracyReligious warsEducational systemsDecay of valuesEvery single challenge needs leadership to be solved!Post-growth- economies18We believe developing LEADERSHIP is the fundamental solution& creating better leaders is our contribution to building a better worldHow is AIESEC developing leaders?

20Inner and Outer JourneySet personal goalsUnderstand your personal valuesReinvent yourselfReflect on your experienceIndividual responsibility and goalsInteraction with multiple stakeholdersSupport systemChallenging role and environment

Purpose of the Journey for SocietyIt starts with a purpose of the Journey for the society it enables young people to see their connection with the world and take ownership for it. This element connects inner and outer journey elements.Outer journey elements explain what kind of framework we need to provide for experiences of young people. Taking individual responsibility with clear goal is a first step in the outer journey of leadership development. Having challenging role and environment surrounding pushes to go out of the comfort zone and enables learning -> you can let the delegates stand on chairs. Let them imagine to stand at a cliff and close their eyes. This is an challenging environment. Ask them to jump off the cliff. Every JD should feel like it is challenging them, if they do not have the feeling, they should ask for more responsibility or just do moreDiversity of stakeholders and its quantity strengthens learnings of individual and enables them to learn to explain themselves, their beliefs.The outer journey provides a support system that enables young people to go through inner journey.

Inner journey enables young people to capture learnings and personal changes due to the experience. Inner journey starts with setting personal development goals for the experience.During the experience young people go through self-reflection exercises to understand how personal goals are being achieved, what changed in oneself and overall capture all learnings and realizations. By living the experience and going through inner journey young people realize the fundamental things about themselves values, purpose. In the end of the experience, young people capture all learnings and find the new self.What is your inner and outer journey of your last AIESEC experience?22So what kind of leadership does AIESEC develop?Sheko starts23Write down All the things you developed since you joined AIESEC



World CitizenBelieves in their ability to make adifference in the worldInterested in world issuesEnjoys taking responsibility for improving the world

Self-AwareUnderstands and lives personal valuesFocuses on strengths over weaknessesExplores ones passions

Empower OthersCommunicates effectively in diverse environments Develops and empowers other peopleEngages with others to achieve a bigger purpose

Solution-DrivenAdapts and shows resilience in the face of challengesTransmits positivity to move forward throughout uncertaintyTakes risks when its needed




Right One

Sheko ends31We develop leadership for a positive impact on society

for peace and fulfillment of humankinds potentialAli starts32Let me tell you a story...And this is your relevance of the organisation.It would not function without individuals who are committing time, sweat and passion besides their studies.And be sure: it will pay off33

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second best time is NOW!

Mustard Tree

Leadershipcan be developed

AIESEC XPIs the way

Focus on CoreExchange Experiences

Focus on CoreTeam Experiences

Change Agent

Indirect ImpactBetter Experiences

More Experiences

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Gives HopeIf you want prosperity for a year grow grains , if you want prosperity for 10 years grow a tree, but if you want prosperity for a 100 years grow people!

Why AIESEC opened.How it has been changing.Our 2015 ambition and where it came from.

The war is over, but the differences are still there! And accepting others is at its worst55Video

Sheko starts57What is a BHAG??


The war is over, but the differences are still there! And accepting others is at its worst61

Wheels of ChangeOBJECTIVEWHAT TYPEHOW TO DELIVER IT62Our growing physical and virtual reach makes us the most credible and diverse global youth voice.Discuss in a group what does this sentence means for you? (What is behind the words?)

- More countries- not everything can be reached physically-> internet more- AIESEC TV- Getting recognized by UN, EU an other -> when a youth voice is needed they will call us- Nobel price for peace- AIESEC Passport for which you would need no visa- Want to raise awareness of global issues we believe are relevantOur collaborative environment empowers every member to live a high-quality AIESEC experience, creating a cross-generational positive impact in society.Discuss in a group what does this sentence means for you? (What is behind the words?)

Collaborative environment - support and encouragement you have in the networkHigh Quality - raising it into awarenessEncouring members to live more parts of AIESEC XP but not forcing them toCross generational - Doing impact directly in AIESEC and also then as an alumniENGAGE AND DEVELOP every young person in the world.How would the world look like if we achieved it?

Sheko ends65Ok, the vision is great...but how are we going to work on it? Ali start66


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