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AIESEC MoC 2013 Shanghai National Conference Hosted by AIESEC SISU

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AIESEC MoC2013 ShanghaiNational Conference


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Dear AIESECers,

When AIESEC SISU successfully bid this summer NatCo, we all knew that this summer would be totally different to us. A big challenge was accepted!

On this conference, we have 338 delegates from 32 LCs, 6 EIs and 8 SUs in mainland of China. We have a core OC team of 9 excellent people and 14 MC team members.

Here, I would like to thank all the delegates, NatCo partners, conference team and OC members to have this amazing event happened. Together we managed to organize the highest level of AIESEC’s national conference!

It was the second time that AIESEC SISU held National Conference. But it was the first time that we held it independently, so it was really a important conference to show AIESEC SISU to national plenary. We made up our mind to present delegates the best ever one. What we had been working hard was on delegate service, we cared about delegates’ feeling and their experience. Nothing is impossible to a willing heart. I think this is the best conclusion for all our effort.

On behalf of Organization Committee of 2013 NatCoJovia FangOrganization Committee President

OCP Words

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With this report, Organization Committee of 2013 NatCo presents the evaluation of this conference based on different functions. We tried to keep it short and shared the brief and key conclusions. Hope it would be useful for following conferences.




HR management




16Delegates service



23Oc events

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Finance Hotel Communication




Design Logistics

*We also have 10 daily OCs helping core organization committee during conference in terms of registration, catering and session assistance.

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WAS GOOD Completed promotion materials(Email, booklet) Smooth selection process Customized application form for OC and daily OC Timely communication with candidates during



TO IMPROVE Diversified promotion channels More communication with daily OC candidates

ON-SITE ALLOCATIONWAS GOOD Clear OC session responsible arrangement Rational rotation in sessions Daily review after evening plenary Timely communication with candidates during


TO IMPROVE Not enough involvement of daily OC

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WAS GOOD Completed promotion materials(Email, booklet) Smooth selection process Customized application form for OC and daily OC Timely communication with candidates during



TO IMPROVE Diversified promotion channels More communication with daily OC candidates

RISK PLANWAS GOOD Filled out risk plan draft together with OC team Took most situations into consideration

Relevant prevention actions were taken

TO IMPROVE Still left out some situations and they occurred during

conference like hotel problemsReference: 1. NatCo OC Application form 2. NatCo OC booklet 3. NatCo Daily OC application link 4. NatCo Operation plan 5. NatCo Risk Plan

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Sponsorship RESPONSIBILITIES Raise sponsors for the conference, including monetary sponsorships and

merchandise sponsorship (delegate bag, food, notebook, pen, ect.) Coordinate with MC member responsible for conference sponsor Partner and external servicing

OVERALL SPONSORSHIPWAS GOOD Diversified channels of approaching companies

(Online MR, CC, Commercial talks, campus activities)

Flexible pricing policy depending on needs of sponsor

Sales training from LC VPER Positive and timely communication with sponsors

TO IMPROVE Internal communication was no efficient enough; Lacking for tax law knowledge has caused a lot of

problems Skill of making a standard contract need to improve

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Sponsorship SALES OF Y2B

WAS GOOD Target company was quickly approached and

followed in a short time; Needs of our team and the target company was

well balanced. Online promotion specially for our sponsor was

well done.

TO IMPROVE Onsite promotion need to improve Onsite reception for externals is not well organized. Thank you letter for externals should be sent after the


SPONSORSHIP RESULT 3 months’ rasing; The biggest deal: 10,000 RMB 6 partners (3 monetary partners) Monetary partners: Chcedo – 10,000 RMB; Careerfrog – 7,500 RMB;

Toastmaster – 1,000 RMB Merchandise partners: Polly Cone; Spring Airlines; YesHJ

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BEFORE CONFERENCE Session materials communication with MC and


Conference materials purchasing

Logistics INTRO

DURING CONFERENCE Venue logistics management Deliveries and storage management Food and tea break delivering and management Ensure security Cleaning and waste coordination


In any conference, Logistics is always one of the core part, for it is responsible for food, transportation and materials preparation. Logistics should be planned as detailed as possible.

Thanks to the good location of the hotel, we don’t need to deal with transportation problem, which save us a lot of time and money. And we pay all our effort in the other two areas, also have some good experience and still need to improve.

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WAS GOOD Tasted all the food before deciding to buy it for

conference, including three meals and tea break. Chosen a catering company to provide us with

food to ensure delivery on time and food safety. Designed different snack package for delegates

according to every day's session to meet delegates’ need.

Logistics FOOD

TO IMPROVE Quantity of food should be estimated more accurate.

At the beginning days, should order more food than delegate number, at the last two days, can have less quantity.

Delivery process of meals should be more ordered.

TECHNICSOVERVIEW On NatCo the main equipment we needed are projectors, screens, lights, sound system and clicker. The information about equipment is communicated and decided before conference with conference team. Hotel, MC and OC all provided projectors, but we still rent one more to meet the need.

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Logistics TECHNICS


CHALLENGE AND TIPS The projectors and sound system in the main plenary is provided by hotel, so it is quite important to check if it

corresponds to our needs. The sound system in the plenary in NatCo didn’t work very well; its volume is not loud enough and noise sometimes appeared which highly affected the quality of session.

Each equipment should be tested before use.

Delegate bag contained the following stuff: Notebook – Sponsored by ARETE; Two pens – Sponsored by ARETE and CareerFrog Delegate booklet – in A5 loose-leaf notebook Cosmetics sample – Sponsored by CHANDO

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WAS GOOD Prepare each day’s materials one day before and

put them in a box to ensure no omission. Label markers with LC names to make them

reusable and less waste.

TO IMPROVE Allocate materials in time order before the

conference would be better. Not enough communication with MC, resulted in over


Page 13: AIESEC SISU NatCo report


WAS GOOD The main plenary is large enough to hold all

delegates Each breakout room is equipped with projectors Each floor had public area for delegates to chat Rooms are arranged near to each other and

allocated in the floors near to the plenary


TO IMPROVE Sound system in the main plenary is not very well Should ensure air-condition works well in hot

weather. Don’t have enough time breaking session rooms. Waiting area outside the plenary is not big enough.

CHALLENGES AND TIPS If the stage is at the longer side of the plenary would be better. This can make session deliverer and delegate

closer. In the graphs below, plenary A is better than plenary B.

Plenary A




Page 14: AIESEC SISU NatCo report



CHALLENGES AND TIPS The biggest challenge we faced during this conference is about the hotel venue. Because we didn’t have clear

confirmation about the hours that we use the plenary and didn’t set proper expectation with hotel manager, we need to pay more money for the use of venue.

Keep an eye on the area outside the plenary. It should be big enough to let all the delegate wait outside. Before choosing the hotel, ask the hotel manager the time that they need to break the plenary into small rooms

and let conference team know that.

CHECK-INWAS GOOD Room allocation was done before delegate

arrived Conference registration and Y2B registration

desks were set separately Ordered registration process

TO IMPROVE Should have all delegates show their ID Cards, not just

collect two for each room. Need more people for registration desk, we only have


Page 15: AIESEC SISU NatCo report


Hotel TIPS

Every sudden change about the session rooms needs informing in advance much. It takes time to communicate with hotel managers.

To select a qualified hotel , the plenary is the most important element. Meanwhile, location and hotel rooms also matter.

It would be better to find someone working in hotel industry to help OC Team negotiate with the hotel ,especially about financial conflict.

Mention every detail of those special points of AIESEC Conference before signing the contract, like having meals in the plenary and the party time which will last till midnight.

Get used to the way to go to the hotel by yourself before the conference .Don’t rely on online maps so much. When the busiest day of OC Hotel comes, that is to say ,the day for check-in, OC Hotel do needs an assistant to

help her avoid mistakes as many as possible. Ask every delegate to show their ID Card when they are doing check-in stuffs. Calculate the time between two sessions which served as changing the distribution or the layout of rooms. Confirm one hour earlier with the hotel manager to ensure the projector and the sounding system is prepared


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Delegates Service RESPONSIBILITIES Serve delegates before, during and after conference Food catering Delegate bag preparation and delivering

TIPS The principle we allocated rooms for delegates was LC first, then function second. We have 4 international delegates this time and we arranged them separately. Allocation list should be done before delegates arrive.


Page 17: AIESEC SISU NatCo report


Delegates Service MEDICAL HELP We prepared common drugs for delegates. They can come to souvenir desk for

medicine if they feel not very well. Most delegate who asked for medicine is about getting cold and cough and

indigestion. There should be one OC who know how to do first aid.

TIPS The principle we allocated rooms for delegates was LC first, then function second. We have 4 international delegates this time and we arranged them separately. Allocation list should be done before delegates arrive.


Page 18: AIESEC SISU NatCo report


Finance RESPONSIBILITIES Ongoing finance and budget management Internal and external financial policy making Financial relevant decision making Cash flow management Financial report

WAS GOOD Constant OC work checking to keep budget

updated. Good communication with OC team about

financial items. Used B2C ( as sales channel to sale


TO IMPROVE OC Finance should help to think about new ways to

generate revenue. Can be more involved in negotiation with hotel Too optimistic with the budget Unclearness about the inventory after daily sales

Page 19: AIESEC SISU NatCo report


Finance TIPS

Read the contracts (MC – LC, MC - Sponsor) fcarefully, put it in mind especially the financial items. Take any possible expenses, including emergency, into consideration when making budget. Keep synergy with teammates (OCP, hotel, logistics, design, communication, sponsor) Collect the accounts of VPF when collecting check-in information will be convenient for future work. Separate the reserved souvenirs from which can be sold on site Take more care of the inventory


45014 CNY

Page 20: AIESEC SISU NatCo report


Communication RESPONSIBILITIES Online platform design and update (WeChat, KD Weibo) Delegate mailing and booklet design Registration information collection Delegate communication Online promotion Conference information service

WAS GOOD Made good use of WeChat in interaction with

delegates and information announcement, followers number up to 525.

Use online platform to do OC Team showcasing. Release interactive topic with delegate to keep

them active towards the conference. Make WeChat as a information center for

delegates’ convenience.

TO IMPROVE Still need to use platform after conference to

communicate with delegates. Need to push news on time during conference.


Page 21: AIESEC SISU NatCo report


WAS GOOD Delegate mailings are well-designed, easy to

arouse interest with them. Mailings are released on time.

Communication MAILING

TO IMPROVE In order to promote KD Weibo, we put mailings on it

instead of sending emails directly, so need to inform delegates after release mailings on KD Weibo.

REGISTRATIONWAS GOOD Made registration link as information collector Use just one link to hold everything on track

TO IMPROVE Need to constantly track LC CDs to fill in information

accordingly. Can take sponsor’s requirement into online

registration, sometimes sponsor need extra information about delegates.

Page 22: AIESEC SISU NatCo report


Communication TIPS

Usually we collect the information of the delegate about 1 month before the event to inform the basic information and give time for delegates to prepare.

The registration link is also the information collector, so be considerate when first creating the registration link form. And don’t forget to set password to keep personal information safe.

Please confirm whether your sponsor needs special information from delegates. The concerning is that delegates may not interested in filling in the sponsor’s questionnaire link you attached below your email. Collecting the information on the registration link can raise attention. But assure you explain the reason of collecting extra personal information (like address).

Information related to Finance – It’s a channel for communication between OC Finance, OC Comm and the delegates. I recommend OC Finance tag every financial statement besides the LC\delegate concerned to confirm the fee submission completion. Be sure that OC Finance create a backup form.

To confirm the attendance and accuracy of the info – This can be detected by the completeness of the information.

Page 23: AIESEC SISU NatCo report



Y2B session of 2013 SH NatCo is opened to the public.

The OC Comm’s communication work facing the public thus is done for the first time. The promotion work refers to former Y2B Event in Nanjing a lot. This report will emphasize on some essential parts of the work that fits in similar circumstance like SH NatCo.

WAS GOOD Unite with other two LCs (SJTU, SISU) to do online

promotion. Design a series of photo of introducing speakers. Help to promote sponsors during promoting Y2B. Use diversified promotion channels (Renren,

weibo, huodongxing [click for link]).

TO IMPROVE Promotion could have begun earlier;


Page 24: AIESEC SISU NatCo report



TIPS We recommend team of 3 – 4 to promote this event. Sponsors of NatCo and MoC may need a platform to advertise and broadcast and this is the opportunity. Speakers use Weibo much more frequently than Renren, while half of the students gather information on

Renren. You may extend the approach according to your needs.

SH NatCo used Huodongxing (活动行 ) as the online signing up channel. The website helps to collect basic information and sign-up fee, sending entrance ticket at the same time. We also send our own confirmation letter including Y2B basic info and notification to the person who has registered.

Special attention should be paid to Y2B workshop registration. It is related to room allocation and onsite blocking avoiding. So a survey about which workshop delegate is attending should be done in advance. Crisis may rise because not all delegates will fill in the form.