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  • 8/17/2019 Air Cap Cleaner


     As of: 25.03.2002/BAL 1 H033GB02

    Product Information

     Area of Application

    Construction and Functional Principle, Standard and Options


    Marginal Conditions of Use Technical Data, Scope of Delivery

    EcoGun Air Cap Cleaner 


  • 8/17/2019 Air Cap Cleaner


     As of: 25.03.2002/BAL 2 H033GB02

    EcoGun Cap Cleaner 

    Area of Application

    The air cap cleaning device (ACCD) is mainly used with


    On request, the ACCD can be used with machines.

    In this case, the ACCD can both be positioned below

    grid level by means of a pneumatic lifting device and

    above grid level by means of an electric pivoting unit.

    The ACCD is designed for the use with waterbased andsolventbased paint systems. When using 2K paint, raised

    maintenance requirement must be expected, the use of

    the disposal tank is not recommended in this case.

    The ACCD can only be used with Dürr air atomizer models

    EcoGun1 and 2.

  • 8/17/2019 Air Cap Cleaner


     As of: 25.03.2002/BAL 3 H033GB02

    Area of Application

    EcoGun Cap Cleaner 

    The ACCD basically consists of the 4 main components:

    - cleaning tank

    - cover with integrated packing system

    - pivoting bracket

    - blowing air system

    It has the following functions:

    - exterior cleaning of the air atomizer air cap by means of

    purging solvent (pivoting bracket)

    - subsequent blow-drying of the air cap with compressed

    air (blowing air ring)

    The ACCD is mainly used with robots. In order to meet this

    requirement, the ACCD is to be expanded correspondinglywith the following components:

    - ACCD disposal tank 0.75 l

    N08050002, 3 or 4 (option: with position inquiry of the

    shut-off fitting and tilting of the disposal tank)

    - ACCD pneumatic add-on pieces N91150002

    - cover, console, adapter and bracket for the respective

    version are planned for the standard case "installation at

    the side of the robot basic body".

    In the simplest case, the ACCD is operated with free outlet

    of the dirty solvent into the washout. The dirty solvent can

    be collected by the optionally installed disposal tank anddisposed into a collecting line by means of compressed air.

  • 8/17/2019 Air Cap Cleaner


     As of: 25.03.2002/BAL 4 H033GB02

    Construction and Function Principle, Standard and Options

    EcoGun Cap Cleaner 

    In the gap between 2 bodies, the air atomizer is placed

    vertically from above into the cover of the ACCD to clean

    the air cap. The aperture of the cover has an especially

    developed gasket system which prevents the escaping of

    purging solvent or compressed air from the ACCD.

    To compensate any possible position inaccuracies, the

    cover has a movable bearing with radially arranged

    springs and can be displaced from the zero position

    approx. 5 mm into every direction.

    Before the actual air cap cleaning, the color change action

    (purging and pressing) of the air atomizer can be carried

    out inside the ACCD first.

    The air cap is cleaned by means of a pneumatically driven

    pivoting bracket that sprinkles the air cap from3 - 6 nozzles with a cleaning material adapted to the paint

    material in several pivoting movements (at least 2 double

    strokes). The pivoting movement realizes an efficient

    cleaning with low solvent consumption.

    During the exterior cleaning of the air cap, fan pattern and

    atomizer air of the air atomizer are active with low

    required value (approx. 100 Nl/min) to prevent the ingress

    of purging agent into the air atomizer.

     After the exterior cleaning has been finished, the air cap

    is blown dry drip-free by blowing air nozzles in the tank

    and in the cover. A ventilation equipment installed in the

    external tank wall leads the air outside.Besides, fan pattern (horn) air and atomizer air are

    activated with high required value (approx. 200 Nl/min)

    when the atomizer is retracted.

     All valve and monitoring functions are controlled


  • 8/17/2019 Air Cap Cleaner


     As of: 25.03.2002/BAL 5 H033GB02

    EcoGun Cap Cleaner 

    Construction and Function Principle, Standard and Options

    SingleGun - Standard Installation Position

  • 8/17/2019 Air Cap Cleaner


     As of: 25.03.2002/BAL 6 H033GB02

    EcoGun Cap Cleaner 


    Construction and Function Principle, Standard and Options

    Pivoting drive with position inquiry

    Pivoting bracket

    with nozzles (solvent)


    connecting unit

    Blowing air 

    with nozzles

    Blowing air connection 5

  • 8/17/2019 Air Cap Cleaner


     As of: 25.03.2002/BAL 7 H033GB02

    EcoGun Cap Cleaner 

    Construction and Function Principle, Standard and Options

    TwinGun - Standard Installation Position

  • 8/17/2019 Air Cap Cleaner


     As of: 25.03.2002/BAL 8 H033GB02

    EcoGun Cap Cleaner 


    Construction and Function Principle, Standard and Options

    Pivoting bracket

    with nozzles (solvent)

    Pivoting drive

    Blowing air with


    Opening for material


    Connecting unit


  • 8/17/2019 Air Cap Cleaner


     As of: 25.03.2002/BAL 9 H033GB02


    EcoGun Cap Cleaner 

    • Compact design

    • Cleaning device for all air atomizer brackets available (SingleGun, TwinGun and DoubleGun)

    • Cover with flexible bearings

    • Especially suited for painting robots

    • Stationary and travelling assembly possible

    • Easily exchangeable through quick plug connections for hose lines

    • Color change inside air cap cleaning device possible

    • Short cleaning time and low use of solvent

    • Disposal directly into washout or via disposal tanks (option) into collecting return line

  • 8/17/2019 Air Cap Cleaner


     As of: 25.03.2002/BAL 10 H033GB02

    Marginal Conditions of Use

    EcoGun Cap Cleaner 

    Cleaning Device Versions:

    • Air cap cleaning device for  EcoGun1 N05010006

    • Air cap cleaning device for  EcoGun2 TwinGun N05010039

    • Air cap cleaning device for  EcoGun2 N05010007

    Two cleaning devices of the model N05010007 whose centers are positioned at a distance of 300 mm are used for the air cap cleaning of the EcoGun2 DoubleGun.

    With too small body gap (cycle time) it may be necessary to separate color change and air cap cleaning, that is an

    air cap cleaning can only occur in the body gap following after a color change.

     An air cap cleaning is dependent on the painting scopes and not absolutely necessary after each car body. The

    requirement must be determined specifically for each system.

  • 8/17/2019 Air Cap Cleaner


     As of: 25.03.2002/BAL 11 H033GB02

    Technical Data, Scope of Delivery

    EcoGun Cap Cleaner 

     Air cap cleaning device for:Dimensions: width




    Connected loads: solvent

    compressed air 

    Purging agent consumption:

     Air consumption (ACCD in cleaning position):

    Cleaning duration (air cap): waterbased paint


     Air consumption blowing air nozzles:

    EcoGun1/2   EcoGun Twin

    250 mm 400 mm

    220 mm 385 mm

    240 mm 280 mm

    approx. 4 kg approx. 8 kg

    5 - 8 bar 5 - 8 bar  

    6 - 8 bar 6 - 8 bar  

    approx. 50 ml approx. 100 ml

    100 Nl 200 Nl

    10 - 12 s 10 - 12 s

    8 - 10 s 8 - 12 s

    860 - 900 Nl 1700 - 1800 Nl

  • 8/17/2019 Air Cap Cleaner


     As of: 25.03.2002/BAL 12 H033GB02

    Technical Data, Scope of Delivery

    EcoGun Cap Cleaner 

    Purgingsolvent V5 (5 bar)

    blowing air BL4 (6 - 8 bar)

    blowing air BL5 (6 - 8 bar)

    fan pattern air HL (50 Nl/min)atomizer air ZL (50 Nl/min)

    fan pattern air HL (200 Nl/min)

    atomizer air ZL (200 Nl/min)


    blocking air (5 bar)

    immerse air atomizer in

    cleaning device

    Time in s 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11


    Example: Purging program for combined process

    of color change and air cap cleaning

  • 8/17/2019 Air Cap Cleaner


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    EcoGun Cap Cleaner