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Presented by : Gaurav saraf(MITS GWALIOR)

INTRODUCTION 1. These days our world is facing fuel crisis and air pollution.

2. The primary fuel we are using is gasoline which is expensive and non-renewable.

3. So an alternate for gasoline has to be adopted.

4. Compressed air serves this purpose.

CONTENTS:-What is an Air Powered Engine ?History of air engine.Classification of Air Engine.Various important parts of the engine.(compressor, PLC circuit, Pulsed Pressure Control Valve, Cam & Follower)Detail working of engine with compare to Two stroke petrol engine.Advantages & Limitations.

AIR POWERED CARThe air powered car is also called as a low pollution or zero pollution cars. Since the car runs on compressed air it is environmentally friendly. Air powered cars runs on compressed air instead of gasoline.Air is all around us. Air is nonpolluting.

What is an Air Powered Engine ?

An engine powered by Compressed air is known as air powered engine.Compressed air cars are powered by motors driven bycompressed air, which is stored in atankat high pressure such as 30 Mpa(4500 psi or 310 bar). Rather than driving engine pistons with an ignited fuel-air mixture,compressed air carsuse theexpansion of compressed air, in a similar manner to the expansion of steam in a steam engine.

History of air engine.

Compressed air has been used since the 19th century to powermines, locomotivesand trains in cities was previously the basis of navaltorpedopropulsion.In 1903, the Liquid Air Company located in London England manufactured a number of compressed-air and liquefied-air cars. The major problem with these cars and all compressed-air cars is the lack of torque produced by the "engines" and the cost of compressing the air.

Air Powered Locomotive.

Operation:Initial torque is supplied from the DC exciter motor, and then the engine operation starts.

Stage 1: When the piston is in the TDC, compressed air is injected through the pulsed air firing valve, which pushes the piston to BDC.

On comparing it with the working of normal SI 4 stroke engine:Stage 1 of the air engine comprises of the combined operation of Suction stage and Power stage of the normal 4 stroke SI engine.Stage 2 of the air engine comprises of the combined operation of the Compression stage and Exhaust stage of the normal 4 stroke SI engine.Working Details Of Air Engine :

Stage 2: Due to the motion of the engine and its inertia, the piston moves back to TDC, pushing the air out of the valves.The plunger of the pulsed firing valve is controlled by a timing circuit which is specifically a PLC programmed circuit. It supplies the electronic signals by which the plunger moves so that it opens and closes the pulsed firing valve.

Stage 2:

ADVANTAGES Less costly and more effective. Simple in construction. The engine can be massively reduced in size. Easy to maintain and repair. Lighter vehicles cause less damage to roads. The price of filling air tanks is significantly cheaper than petrol, diesel or bio fuel. Pollution free.

DISADVANTAGESIt has relatively less speed.Air pumping stations are less in number.Distance could also become a disadvantage, depending on your travel habits.Refueling at house takes 3-4 hours.

DUAL ENERGY MODE SINGLE ENERGY MODE It uses only compressed air as fuel It runs completely on compressed air It causes less pollution

DUAL ENERGY MODE It uses compressed air and also fossil fuels as fuel At over 50km/hr engine will switch to fuel mode It causes more pollution

AIR CARS IN INDIA Tata Motors has signed an agreement with Moteur Development International of France to develop a car that runs on compressed air.making it very economical to run and almost totally pollution free.The car Mini CAT - could cost around Rs 350,000 in India and would have arrange of around 300 km between refuels. The cost of a refill would be about Rs 90.



Air cars is a realization of latest technology in automobile field.

It eliminates the use of non-renewable fuels and Thereby preventing pollution and step to a healthier environment. Mexico government scheduled to replace 45000 cars by air car in highly polluted area of their country.


Presented by : gaurav saraf