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  • All Right Reserved. Copyright 2015 AIR3

    All Right Reserved. Copyright 2015 AIR3












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    Why EPIC?

    The EPIC service eliminates the reliance on physical prototyping

    and ambiguous work instructions. This improves quality and can

    cut lead times in half.

    Elevating the Art of Custom Aircraft Completions



    AIR3 (Atlanta Area DES Facility) 5200 Dallas Highway, Suite 200-276 Powder Springs, Georgia 30127 USA +1 (404) 519-2380 [email protected]



    Whether you manage

    an aviation workshop, design

    studio, or multinational company, you know that

    efficiency is essential to profitability. The EPIC approach offers

    significant advantages over traditional cabin or seating system regulatory

    documentation, engineered drawings, and production time lines.

  • EPIC includes experienced program management

    support and documentation for complex regulatory


    Visual Work Instructions

    EPIC includes design and manufacturing information

    with visual work instructions for each procedure.

    To accelerate learning, the highly-complex-processes

    are demonstrated in 3D animation. An increase in

    procedure clarity causes fewer questions, less errors,

    higher quality, and faster results.

    Regulatory Compliance Report

    We provide the most comprehensive soft good

    regulatory compliance report in the industry. The EPIC

    Guide is delivered in print, interactive files, and via a

    private online service. Important documentation


    Complete and accurate 2D and 3D drawings describing all foam and cover features, materials used, installation of materials, and more.

    Flammability test plan and test report which includes coupon results and regulatory flammability certification forms.

    Engineering & Automation Files

    Concurrent 3D soft good engineering and 3D visuals

    for internal and external structures allows for

    automation that reduces lead times and increase

    profits for our clients.

    AIR3 can provide clients with CAM files to use on their

    own machines, or we can send CNC cut and labeled

    parts with visual work instructions.

    Product Sample

    EPIC includes both a virtual and actual product sample. People, Processes, and Paperwork (3Ps) can derail or

    delay a program so AIR3 developed custom production

    technology to support the 3Ps and ensure the work

    done exceeds all expectations.

    Mabel Sanchez Director of Aircraft Interiors AIR3 (Atlanta Area DES Facility) 5200 Dallas Highway, Suite 200-276 Powder Springs, Georgia 30127 USA [email protected] +1 (404) 519-2380

    EPIC includes both a virtual and actual product sample. This virtual Sikorsky S-92 cabin was created by AIR3. AIR3 is an expert outsource partner for head-of-state level completions. From meticulously stitched leather to custom foam work we focus on custom seat systems and soft goods.

    Product Samples

    All Right Reserved. Copyright 2015 AIR3

    EPIC computer material simulations lead to optimized designs and automated cutting for rapid prototyping and production.

    Optimization & Simulations


    DELIVERABLES EPIC proprietary visual work instructions with unique part numbers and accurate geometry reduces rework and accelerates learning.

    Enhanced Visuals

    About AIR3

    We are an innovative leader in the development and

    manufacture of high-quality complete seat solutions

    and seat structures for the global aviation industry. Our

    capabilities range from:

    Full concept development

    Design and engineering

    Testing and validation

    3D enhanced work instructions

    Program management

    World-class manufacturing

    The Challenge

    Custom aircraft interiors and seating systems are

    filled with design uncertainties. A change in the

    parameters of a shape, material, or manufacturing

    process can affect 1,000 variables.

    Its nearly impossible to efficiently design covers, foam,

    and composite parts and account for, let alone

    optimize, all the complexities and constraints without

    specialty technologies and custom tooling.

    Two Times Faster

    Our service completely eliminates the reliance on

    physical prototyping and ambiguous work instructions.

    This allows an aircraft to return to service faster than

    traditional methods. Prototyping time is reduced by

    80% and fabrication time can be cut in half on many

    fully custom projects.

    If completing production twice as fast sounds too good

    to be true, it is because you are thinking in terms of

    the traditional approach. AIR3 has spent the past two

    years perfecting a system that will create a new

    benchmark for custom work.

    EPIC Pricing

    AIR3 offers EPIC services to aircraft designers,

    outfitters, and repair facilities. AIR3 also has the ability

    to offer a turn-key solution as a production outsource

    vendor. EPIC pricing depends on the complexity of the

    project. Prices range from $2,100 to $28,000.

    Additional fees may apply.

    All Right Reserved. Copyright 2015 AIR3


    Test EPIC

    Contact Michael Woodruff at 1+ 404.663.1964 or by email at [email protected]

    for information on how to qualify for a complimentary EPIC evaluation.