alan.alan alan. who is alan turing?

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ALAN.ALAN ALAN Slide 2 WHO IS ALAN TURING? Slide 3 LEARNING OBJECTIVES 1.Know who Alan Turing was, and why he is important to Computing. 2.Be able to make a simple computer program using Python. Slide 4 THE TURING TEST Can you tell if you are chatting with a human or a computer! The Turing Test is a test of Artificial Intelligence. The test involves a text chat using a keyboard and screen. Hello. How are you?... If not then you have failed the Turning Test Slide 5 CHAT BOTS Lots of chatbots have been created. Try this one for 10 minutes Try one for yourself: are you convinced that it could be human? Slide 6 CREATING YOUR OWN CHATBOT 1.Run Python (IDLE) 2.Create a New Window 3.Save As 4.Run! Slide 7 GETTING BETTER RESPONSES. Use an IF, ELIF, ELSE STATEMENT Slide 8 USEFUL CHAT BOTS

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