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  • Albertus Magnus High School


    Joseph T. Troy, President/Principal March, 2014

    Christopher Power, Assistant Principal Volume 54, Number 5

    LENTEN REFLECTION Lawn chairs. Thousands of them. All set up and pointing in the same direction: at Niagara Falls. Why? Because Nik Wallenda was about to do something no human being had ever done before: walk across the falls on a tight rope. People wanted to be there when a man faced the chasm and achieved the impossible. Lent is like that. We focus our gaze, not on a man holding a balance bar, but on one carrying a cross. As he walks, he prays, Do not let the floodwaters overwhelm me, nor the deep swallow me, nor the mouth of the pit close over me: (Ps 69:16). He prays in order to give us hope, even when it seems our enemies in their heartscheme to plunge you into the abyss (Sir 12:16).

    How does Wallenda accomplish his death-defying stunt? By focusing on the movement of the wire to guide him through the walk...The wire is the will of the Father; Jesus keeps his eyes fixed on it. And he calls us to stop being simply spectators. He makes us this promise: Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of lifeWalk while you have the light (Jn 8:12; 12:35). Lets walk with Jesus as he crosses the chasm of sin, evil, and death. Lets follow, trusting in lifes only true support: Gods will. The abyss will not win! One with him, we will witness in the Resurrection what has never been done before. Then as added miracle to the empty tomb on Easter morning will be all the empty lawn chairs!

    -Father Peter John Cameron, O.P.,d.dmQ&psig=AFQjCNG9YnTzV2Bzv,d.dmQ&


    FIRST HONORS is awarded to a student who achieves an average of 95% with no failing grade.



    As I write this article we are preparing to celebrate Ash Wednesday. It is hard to believe that Lent is upon us! I recently saw a quote that said, LOVE LIFE.LIVE LENT! Here at Al-bertus we strive to LIVE Lent in many ways remembering all along that Lent is a journey whereby we strive to make changes both personally and communally in our lives. Its a journey that leads us to the most significant and joyous event of our faith the Resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus. Each of us approaches this differently but let us hold each other in prayer in a special way during these 40 days.

    At the end of February, the students took a pledge to end bullying in any form on campus. At mass on February 28th purple ribbons were worn and pledge sheets were presented during the offertory procession. The pledge (which was written by one of our seniors) was read after communion and student reaffirmed their commitment. This idea came forth from one of our seniors in the Pro-Life Club.

    In March we will begin training classes for our future Eucharistic Ministers. Nineteen members of the junior class have expressed a desire to answer Gods call to this special ministry. They will be inducted at a special Mass in May. Our junior retreat which was originally scheduled for February but was cancelled due got it..SNOW!! will be held on March 18th. Its theme Justice = Just Us correlates to the Dominican Pillar of Com-munity which juniors focus on and will explore how Jesus calls us to care for all of creation.

    A new student led group under the auspices of Campus Ministry us S.A.D. (Students Assisting Meals). This group is an outgrowth of Meals on Wheels and is active on many Rockland high school campuses. This year these students will or-ganize and facilitate our April FAST-A-THON which will benefit those served by Meals on Wheels. This is another example of how Campus Ministry and Pro-Life students develop their leadership skills.

    Once again, may you have a blessed Lent and may you feel Gods loving and healing presence touching your heart as

    you walk the path to Jerusalem with His Son.

    -submitted by Sr. Nancy Richter, O.P.

    Grade 9 Grade 10 Grade 11 Grade 12

    Medgine Boutin Emily Auld Edward Amaba Megan Confrey

    Samantha Brosius Michelle Barry Maxx Annunziata Charles Giordano

    Philip Cipollina Maria Fernandes Griffin Favre Annemarie Hahnenfeld

    Christopher Cooney Reilly Golden Allison Fisher Madison Kandoth

    Gabrielle Favre Matthew Grieco Samantha Giuliano Jessie Kay

    Chloe Martinez Samantha Heavner Claire Hatala Megan Mearian

    Valarie Monaco Emily A. Nealon Sean Healey Raymond Mosquea

    Julia Oliveria Timothy A. O'Connor Jacqueline Hennelly Maureen O'Dowd

    Jacklyn L. Onody Daniela Herrera Brian Reardon

    Katherine A. Reilly Kelly Houlihan Kaitlyn Solesky

    Jessica N. Stagnari Kevin Leddy Sania Solon

    Carly M. Winchell Madison McGrath Megan Townsend

    Heba Z. Yacoub Elisabeth Pappalardo Tracy Xiao

    Chelsea L. Yagel Gianna Pisano

    Kiera Townsend

    Gabrielle Valdez

    Michael Waldron Caroline Zemsky

  • SECOND HONORS is awarded to a student who achieves an average of 90% with no failing grade.

    Grade 9 Grade 10 Grade 11 Grade 12 Gabriella Angeletti Kyra Berkner Ronald Arvanites Cara Amador

    Elizabeth Benedetto Olivia Berkner Timothy Brenner Terence Amonica

    Jovan Bertrand Casey Bischoff Madison Brooksbank James Arnowich

    Jacqueline Cerrati Isabella Bono Catherine Cain Michael Aurellano

    Jack Conlan Megan Bragaglia Victoria Cipollina Caroline Bartholomew

    Michael Dunne Brendan Callahan Christian Conklin Marisa Blanco

    Julia Fahey Joseph Campitiello Danielle Ferguson Jenna Braca

    Nicoll Flores Brendan Carle Andrew Gallagher Michael Brivonese

    Grace Freeman Erin Ciborowski Kevin Hayes Kristin Burns

    Anna Hennelly Zachary Cunillera Shannon Horan Maliq Cham

    Leah Hopson Erin Curley Kaitlyn Joong Mikaela Connell

    Kaitlyn Kreider Kelly DeVizio Kelly Kozar Mary Czerwinski

    Melissa Lagueras Paulina Dore Michael Lang Kathleen Dougherty

    John Maguire Edward Faro Anthony Lettieri Heather Durkin

    Isabelle Martucci Tonny Francois Victoria Lord Fiona Egan

    Christopher McAvoy Mary Gavin Ashley Lara Kristen Fahey

    Gregory McAvoy Joseph Hahnenfeld Maria Maguire Shannon Fegan

    Patrick McConnell Samantha Joseph Lauren Milano Brianna Flores

    Kylie Priest Gabriel Lara Jade Ortiz Sabrina Francois

    Matthew Quinones James B. Musngi Amber Pandya Bridget Gallione

    Jake Rivera Michael J. Padron Andrew Pierre Alessandra Garcia

    Jack Rockhill Jason A. Pappalardo Rianna Scanlon Luke Kern

    Michael Sakmann Jordan C. Rivera Emily Roff Hyunyoung Lee

    Zachary Shaffer Hugo Rodriguez Sean TenEyck Victor Leeber

    Berry Shupe Stephen R. Rodriguez Allyson Tierney Felicia Long

    Gabrielle Smith Giordana Scaffidi Joanna Todd Cristina Magistro

    Meaghan Sullivan Stephen R. Storms Jon Valentino Marissa Martuscelli

    Jaclyn Travaglini Ashley Tortorella Megan Witt Mallary McFadden

    William Ward Feda Yacoub Dana McLaughlin

    Tonianne Zottoli Joseph Denise Kaitlyn McNamara

    Victoria Vieira Daniel Miller

    Christopher Munno Emily Minkowitz

    Kirsten Rico Savannah Moore

    John Humphrey Ryan O'Grady

    Kristin Rivera Christine O'Riordan

    Courtney Olsen

    Grade 12 Grace Ostolozaga

    Vivian Vila Jacqueline Parker

    Allison White Matthew Raggi

    Kiana White Brianna Untener

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    The Girls Basketball team road an unlikely path to the county center and the Section One Finals this year. The Girls were led all year by Senior Kelly Guarino who did everything for the lady Falcons scoring at a 19ppg with 4 assists 6rpg 2 steals. Kelly even did some damage playing in the post! When Kelly went down with an ACL tear in practice before the sectional playoffs began things looked bleak for the teams chances to advance. After the initial shock the girls decided to dedicate their quest for the Gold Ball to Kelly. They responded with inspired play on the floor winning 3 straight games against excellent competi-tion and advancing to the Sectional finals. The girls scored victories over league rival Nanuet, a talented So-mers team and a tremendous win over Rye at the county Center in the semi finals. Senior Ryan Doherty (10ppg 7rpg 4apg was spectacular scoring, handling the ball, rebounding and playing terrific defense. Senior Christine ORiordan added some solid play as well at the forward position rebounding and scoring some big baskets. Junior Chontel Fils 6ppg 7rpg came out with a terrific tournament as well rebounding, scoring and playing great defense. Junior Madison McGrath 15ppg was terrif