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  • 1. Drug Addiction
    Allison Touchstone

2. Thesis Statement
Drug addiction is a devastating issue that is affecting our society today. Addiction takes on many forms. Whether it is alcoholism, or substance abuse. It affects both the abuser, their family and friends emotionally, mentally, financially and physically
3. Uncle Eric, 51
4. What is a Drug?
5. Different Categories of Drugs
6. What is Addiction?
7. Risk Factors of Drug Usage
9. A Normal, Healthy Brain
10. A Normal, Healthy Brain
11. Heroin Addict
Normal, Healthy Brain
12. Cocaine Addict
13. Meth Addict
14. Marijuana Addict
15. Alcoholic
16. Crack
17. Cocaine
18. Alcoholism
19. Physicians who are familiar with alcoholism agree there is no such thing as making a normal drinker out of an alcoholic.
20. Signs of Alcoholism
Drinking for relief
Need for increasingly large amounts of alcohol to feel drunk
Blackouts : Not being able to remember events or block of time while drinking
Not admitting to having a problem
Hiding drinking from others
Sneaking drinks
Increasing thoughts about alcohol
Planning events or entire days around drinking
Drinking as soon as they wake up
Personality changes and mood swings
21. Marijuana
22. How Marijuana Affects the Body
23. Methamphetamine
24. The Dangers of Meth
26. Heroin
27. Rehabilitation Options
28. 12 Step Programs
29. Self-Help Groups
30. Alternative
31. Application
Car Wash
$215 dollars raised
Livengrin Foundation
32. Application Video
33. Class Activity
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35. Conclusion
In conclusion drug addiction is a problem that needs to be taken seriously.It is so much easier to say no then it is to go through rehab and to quit, because once youre addicted it can take a lifetime of pain to become clean again. So save your life and say no.