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Allods Pimp My Build. Bixentecro. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Allods Pimp My Build

Allods Pimp My BuildBixentecro

Hello, my name is Bixentecro and i play scout since open beta, after Sasava Druzina, The Order and Legends i am again in The Order guild which is currently pretty much dead. Even i am big time slacker in last year and more i will try to help new players and maybe some older with my insight in scout. I am playing ranged scout since i first started Allods and that will never change, i simply dont like melee even it is pretty nice. Scout is my only choice in all mmorpg and rpg games, killing enemies from afar or playing as back row dmg dealer is simply awesome to me Scout had many changes in recent times but nothing big in closer updates, it remains very good dps in all content. I will present you my ranged dps build that is good in both PvP and PvE .Talent Tree

Talent TreeSteady/Intuitive Shot - one of your basic skills that apllyes DoT on enemy and have a chance of reseting Double Shot cooldown.Tranquil Arrow arrow that slows enemy, i find it enough on lvl 2 since it anyways dissaper in mass fight quickly, 1 stack is removed when target recieves dmg.Double Shot Your strongest attack.Fire Arrow - basic fire dmg DoT.Ranging Fire your most basic skills, increase dmg of double shot, rapid fire and intuitive shot.Caltrops - very usefull skill that knocks enemyes in it.Hasty Disguise - short invisibility usefull for quick escape.Somersault skill that makes you jump away from target for fast getting away and possibility to continue with ranging fire.Precision Shot on r2 gives you knock or silence, i find r3 disarm not so usefull.Tesla Arrow- your only AoE without racial Explosive arrow.Rapid Fire attack that keeps target in stun after precision shot or in caltrops.Intensive Training aura that regenerates your energy.Onslaught skill that gives you reduced cooldown and increased attack and movement speed and all skills can be used while moving for 20 secs, enough on r2 since on r3 only CD is lower for 30 secs.

Vicious Blow ruby grid

Art of Death increased dmg to targets below 30 %

Unity increase your health by 15 % and 15 % more for each pt member, usefull for astral journeys or pvp to bust strong party members or tanks.

Note that Athlete and Unccany Accuraccy rubies are stat rubies that increase your strenght and expertise, no explaining there. Aura of Ferocity is usefull but its out here since almost every warrior or warded have it, cannot be casted in same time with your Intensive training.

Steady shot ruby grid

Enlarged Quiver enables you to store 7 enchatned arrows.Swift Fletching You enchant your arrows faster, 2 are fine but with 3 you can enchant them while moving.Secret Knowledge boost your fire and tesla arrows, must have.Physical Reserve restores your energy when Intuitive shout resets Doubles shout CD.Subtle Fingers less energy cost for your strongest attack.Destructive shots increased rapid dmg.Eagle Vision increased dmg and range. Must have.Crippling Arrow nice DoT with increased duration in target is moving.Marksmanship another must have since it increases dmg of your basic skill.Serrated Arrows must have again, boost to double shot.Patience Guess what, must have! Increased dmg and duration to your Ranging Fire.

Steady Shot is your ranged scout most important ruby page and it will be probably same in every scout build, good skill to have here is Quick Recharge and 3. Swift fletching.

Tranquil Arrow ruby grid

Rapid Heartbeat increase your energy regeneration.Piercing Blows increase your skills crit chance, must have ofc.Battle hardening rubyes that are very usefull to me since they give us much needed armor, very helpfull in PvP, scout is soft.Accumulated Heat nice dmg boost DoT that your Intuitive apllyes.Killer Instinct - endurance rubies that gives you a litlle finesse toLast Laught 6 seconds of life after death, give it all you have in that period!

Last thoghtsScout is very nice class still even we are forced to repeat our actions all he time in PvE, i probably lack the most old accurate shot, even powerfull shot that tanks hated xD Dont forget to Dot your target and aplly ranging fire in every fight. In fight VS warden use your hasty disguise, pet returns to warden and you can trap them both in your caltrops, against melees keep your distance with bag of tricks racial and Onslaught skill. Considering your weapon chosing, against healers even strong ones after you aplly strong dps to force them to use shield, conserve your caltrops, after they fall use rapid then silence them, in most cases they are done for if you are acting like support in mass batlle. I use bow always since its less energy consuming and faster than xbow, dmg is a bit lower but my thoughs is that speed compesates that. New players- dont quit your scouts, a lot of you quit around lvl 30, dont, its awesome once you are end lvl xD for ending, dont forget to ruin adventurers lifes with arrow to the knee... Or throat, your choice

Sorry for killing your eyes, ty for reading my nonsense and dont do acid while reading this!