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Creating a new learning currency with Open Badges ALT Webinar 9th July 2015 Gráinne Hamilton @grainnehamilton [email protected] CC BY-NC 4.0

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  1. 1. Creating a new learning currency with Open Badges ALT Webinar 9th July 2015 Grinne Hamilton @grainnehamilton [email protected] CC BY-NC 4.0
  2. 2. What are badges?
  3. 3. What are open badges?
  4. 4. A web standard which captures & communicates skills and attributes
  5. 5.
  6. 6. Silo 1 Silo 2 Silo 4 Formal qualifications After school club certificates Online learning Silo 3 Professional development
  7. 7. CC BY-SA Kyle Bowen
  8. 8. March 2015: - 14,000 issuers worldwide - 2 Million badges issued - 342,300 badges sent to backpacks - 88,585 backpacks
  9. 9. - IMS partnership with Mozilla - Endorsement and annotation built into OBI - W3C Open Credentials Community Group - Backpack developments
  10. 10. 13 IMS Digital Credentialing Initiative Establish Digital Badges as common currency for K-20 and corporate education Partnership with Mozilla Extend digital transcripts and competency-based education interoperability From Flickr, William Warby, Pound Coins CC By 2.0
  11. 11. For further information on the Open Badges endorsement features, see Nate Ottos slides at: ht
  12. 12. Open Badge: A statement of trust in an individual. Open Badge Endorsement: A statement of trust in an Open Badge or issuer.
  13. 13. Possibilities A statement of trust in an Open Badge or issuer. You can better trust a badge if you trust its endorsers.
  14. 14. What can be endorsed?
  15. 15. Annotation is a partner extension to endorsement that lets 3rd parties contribute to badge object meaning.
  16. 16. The Digital Practitioner Badge aligns to the UKPSF Areas of Activity: A4 Annotation Assertion example:
  17. 17. Researching credential storage and transmission Wide scope - defining credential as a piece of information associated with you Investigating Identity Credentials and Linked Data Signatures From Flickr, Veggie Frog, Kayaks in storage, CC By 2.0 W3C Open Credentials Community Group
  18. 18. One backpack or federated backpacks? From Flickr, Matthias Ripp, Backpacking CC By 2.0
  19. 19. University of Sussex - badges to recognise staff CPD Edinburgh University Students Association - badges to recognise skills gained by Class Reps and enhance employability Abertay University - badges to showcase HEAR related activities University of Dundee - badges to recognise skills gained by students co-creating the medical curriculum University of Sheffield - MOOC badges can be used for credit towards degree modules and fees
  20. 20. Badges schemes created with...
  21. 21. Open Badge projects
  22. 22. Mozilla Discover Open Badges Badge-based pathways to employment proof of concept
  23. 23. Interviews with employees
  24. 24. Employee pathways
  25. 25. 31 Brian B. Senior Engineer at Mozilla Brian loves words, whether those words make up hundreds of lines of code or the sentences of a novel. His job at Mozilla involves a combination of both, since he codes and writes specifications for others who want to use the tools he builds. Words aside, he loves playing games, chopping wood(!) and cooking. Did we mention he rocks a bass (and a wicked hairstyle) in more than one band?
  26. 26. Employer pathways logic
  27. 27. Employer pathway trees Pathways for particular jobs Clear statement about the employers needs Highlight skills and attributes required Placeholders for formal qualifications or badges linked to open learning opportunities, eg Mozilla Web Literacy badges
  28. 28. 34 Earner / employee Fills in pathways with badges Tell their story Set goals (unearned badges) Plan a career Copy pathways to explore options
  29. 29. Matt B. Senior QA Engineer at Mozilla Matt likes breaking things and then putting them back together to improve them. His job as a QA engineer in the Firefox team involves everything from finding things that don't work - otherwise know as bugs - to coordinating projects within the open source community, such as new feature requests. His path is full of different jobs and adventures from rock-climbing to making tofu and being a psychologist at a youth detention center.
  30. 30. Employer ExpertPeer
  31. 31. Discover and capture learning wherever it happens
  32. 32. Evidence work
  33. 33. Gain Endorsement
  34. 34. Share Achievements
  35. 35. Recognize the skills you need Incentivise and engage people Connect and grow your network Organisations Evidence all your achievements Build and expand your capabilities Connect with opportunities Individuals Connecting
  36. 36. The OBA will launch with an innovative app so you can earn, issue and share badges on the move
  37. 37. Launch your academy and create badges Create your badges Learners find your badgeLaunch academy Award badges Learners add evidenceGrow and track your network of talent
  38. 38. OBA launches with TechFuture Academy Employers will be able to set industry relevant challenges and badge the recognised skills to further employability skills, with employer reference on the badge showing the company support. This will enable young people to develop their employability skills recognised by employers, Julie Feest, Head of Strategic Partnerships | On Behalf of the Tech Partnership *TechFuture Academy is a collaboration amongst Tech Partnership members (formerly e-skills) with support from Telefonica
  39. 39. Grinne Hamilton @grainnehamilton [email protected] CC BY-NC 4.0