altmetrics & evaluating digital scholarship

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Sarah Crissinger , Information Literacy Librarian [email protected] IMPACT IN ACADEMIA CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 US

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Open Educational Resources (OER) in Instruction

Sarah Crissinger,Information Literacy [email protected]

Impact in Academia CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 US

What are bibliometrics? Why do they matter?Basics: impact factor, h indexCritiques of the current systemAltmetrics Sources for finding this informationSo what even is impact? Application to digital scholarship implementation and evaluation


BibliometricsJournal-level (Impact Factor)Article-level (Altmetrics- download count)Author-level (H- Index)

Which metric(s) are the most important?

How do these fit into the current higher ed reward system?

Faculty Reward System (Or, Pubs and $)


Impact Factor (Journal)

Number of citations previous 2 years________________________________Number of citable items previous 2 years

Ex. Calculation for Econometrics for 2009

392 citations to items published in 2007-2008________________________________98 items published 2007-2008

= 4.000 impact factor for 2009


H-Index (Author)

Put publications in descending order by number of citations When the publication number is greater or equal to the citation number, youve found your h index

Ex. Calculation for Social Science Researcher

Paper NumberNumber of Citations1332263144755

Quick Calculations

Issues you can already identify?

Where is the data coming from?What power does Thomson Reuters (ISI) hold?Journal-basedTime lagGaming/self-citationDiffers greatly by subject area

Issues with Traditional MetricsThe Impact Factor and Its Discontents: Reading list on controversies and shortcomings of the Journal Impact Factor, The London School of Economics and Political Science. Retrieved from

Scholarly Communication is public

Datasets, code

Blogs, social media

Bookmarking, citation managers




Chronicle of Higher Education,

Rise of 'Altmetrics' Revives Questions About How to Measure Impact of Research

Its Complicated



Altmetrics Tools


Incorporated into tenure reviewCreating comparison metricsRealizing that qualitative evaluation is important! Not putting all of the work on junior facultyLarger movement of proving academic value of new forms of scholarship

Getting Buy INRelation to many other movementsOpen AccessDigital ScholarshipPost-publication reviewTwitter as scholarship

How can we apply these values to digital scholarship evaluation?

Digital Scholarship

Do I Own My Domain If You Grade It? Retrieved from

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