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3rd year project with Hannah


  • 1. Loraine MooreAmma Ireland E-Newsletter

2. Theaim of this altruistic project is to set up amore up to date and interactive online E-newsletter for the charity Amma Ireland. The current news letter is a text based worddocument. I hope to be able to set up a full colour E-Newsletter using my recently acquiredtechnical skills. I saw an opportunity to help the charity andchallenge myself technically. 3. 4. Amma is known as the hugging saint shehas dedicated her life to selflessly servinghumanity. "Rememberto set apart at least one hourevery day to do some service for others. Thefood we eat nourishes the body but it is whatwe give in charity that nurtures our souls 5. Amma has received many acknowledgements asa world renowned humanitarian. She was unanimously voted with specialconsultative status for the United NationsEconomic and Social Council (ECOSOC). She has delivered many addresses to the UnitedNations And several times she has been the Key notespeaker at the Parliament of the WorldsReligions. Amma received the 2002 Gandhi-King Award forNon-violence at the Palais des Nations, Geneva. 6. Throughout her life, Amma has embracedcomforted and hugged more than 33 millionpeople. She does this whilst also building andrunning a massive humanitarian organization. It is an incredible feat. Amma inspires people across the globe toperform acts of selfless service and manycountries have set up their own charities. 7. Ammas humanitarian aid is so vast, it would take2hrs to give you a short summary. Major disaster relief. Eg Tsuami $23 40,000 homes have been built for the homeless Pensions have been provided for 50,000 widowsin India 32,000 scholarships have been made availablefor students to further their education Amma has built many hospitals, schools, collegesand educational organisations. At the heart of all of these organisations is a verypractical and efficient approach to managingmoney and resources. 8. Everysecond year Amma Ireland raises thefunds to invite Amma to come to Ireland. 300volunteers come together to run a programmewhich is free for the public to attend. Booksand many other items are sold to raise fundsfor Ammas many charitable activities. On Average 10-12,000 people attendEverybody gets a very special hug fromAmma. Many communiity events run throughout theyear, weekly satsangs, grow your ownvegetable and Iam meditation courses, freetalks etc.