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The latest news and events from Amana Living - one of WA's largest providers of housing, care and services for over-55s.



    The Amana Living Board and Leadership Team revisit the organisations strategic plan every two years. This process enables us to adapt to change while maintaining excellence in care.

    This year we are working through a major review, with the assistance of an external facilitator. Emerging from this process is a renewed vision for the future, and we expect the following to be our key directions:

    Helping more people stay in their own home for longer

    Demand for home care services has increased at an astonishing rate, and our service has tripled in size since 2007.

    We have adapted to this growth by restructuring and introducing new technologies for more efficient rostering and consistency of care. Its likely that this area of service will continue to grow into the future.

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    Broadband for Seniors program extended .............4

    Consumer directed care: what it means for you and how we can help ..............5

    Leading the way in dementia care ................................6

    Village fun and fitness .......7

    MATV connects residents ...7

    Thanking our staff and volunteers .......................8

    Staff profile ......................9

    Feedback from our sites ....9

    Farewell to Bishop Kay .... 10

    New appointments ......... 10

    Visionary Archdeacon joins Amana Living Board ....... 10

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    A publication of AMANA LIVING 541 Hay Street, Subiaco WA 6008P 1300 26 26 26 F (08) 9388 3142 ABN 45 582 438 433

    Her Excellency the Hon Kerry Sanderson, Governor of Western Australia, with Amana Living CEO Ray Glickman at Amana Living Cottesloe. The Governor visited the site in her role as Patron to find out more about strategic changes at Amana Living and the evolution of aged care in WA. Photo: The Scene Team


    Amana Living stays aheadTheres a lot of talk about the speed of change in aged care. Consumers are taking more control in directing their services, new competitors are entering the marketplace, and the funding goalposts continue to shift. CEO Ray Glickman outlines the direction Amana Living plans to take over the next few years.



    Widening our range of housing options

    We continue to look for opportunities to provide effective and affordable housing options for people from all walks of life, and expect to see new growth in the next ten years.

    Responding to an increase in clinical needs

    As more people stay at home for longer, with services delivered to their door, older people are entering residential care with more acute needs. Our vision is a response to this trend, enabling us to provide more clinical care while retaining a focus on individual needs.

    Filling a growing need for dementia services

    Our vision to become a leader in dementia care continues, as we build our two dementia hubs in Bull Creek and Kinross. We are excited about these new centres, which will bring together much-needed services and support for people living with dementia and their families.

    Optimising wellbeing and independence

    Our focus on restorative services has become an important part of the new health care portfolio and motivated our entry into transition care last year. We plan to capitalise on opportunities to work in the sub-acute sector, making the most of our excellent clinical services team.

    The strategic plan sets our course for the next ten years, while allowing enough flexibility to adapt to unexpected changes. In doing so, we have never lost sight of our vision to see older Western Australians truly living the second half of life. Were looking forward to building on this foundation to achieve another 50 years of success for Amana Living.

    Governor shows supportHer Excellency the Hon Kerry Sanderson AO, Governor of Western Australia, expressed her support for Amana Living in our mission to improve care and services for WAs older people, in a visit to the Cottesloe site in April.

    Mrs Sanderson became Patron of Amana Living following the retirement from the position of former Governor Malcolm McCusker.

    We were very pleased when Mrs Sanderson accepted our invitation to take up the baton of Patron after she was appointed as the new Governor of WA, said Ray Glickman.

    Her visit to our Cottesloe site was a great opportunity to showcase a facility renewal in respond to need, as well as the evolution of aged care towards a focus on the customer and an increasing demand for home care services.

    Mr Glickman, Chairman Steve Scudamore and members of the Leadership Team answered the Governors questions about aged care in WA and how Amana Living is responding to changing needs, demands and challenges.

    The Governor toured the new transition care facility and had the opportunity to meet home care and customer service staff over afternoon tea.

    Over the past two years, Amana Living Cottesloe has been transformed from a retirement village and residential care centre into a temporary transition care site, the hub for coordinating 18,000 home care visits a month, and the new Customer Service Centre.

    Aged care careers video now onlineIn the previous edition of Amana Life, we told you about a new careers video we were producing with Student Edge: I Wanna B in Aged Care.

    The video features Amana Living Service Manager Mark Backhouse and Customer Service Coordinator Leonie Demunck, talking about their career paths. The aim is to encourage more, good quality young recruits into aged care, and to Amana Living.

    You can now view the finished video on our Careers page

    Students looking for information on careers in aged care will also find the video on the Student Edge website, which is accessed by over 700,000 members across Australia, half of them in WA:

    Ray Glickman, CEO

    Read Rays blog

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    Did you know?Amana Living doesnt just care for WAs older people, but for the future of our planet too. Our ECO (Environmentally Conscious Organisation) Team has the following brief:

    To promote a healthier environment for future generations by minimising the Amana Living carbon footprint via waste reduction, energy and water savings, and recycling. Where savings are made, resources are reinvested for the benefit of residents and clients.

    Clockwise from top left: Her Excellency the Hon Kerry Sanderson chats with staff at Amana Living Cottesloe; GM Customer Service Innovation Greg Massam introduces the Governor to staff; GM Home Care and Housing Maria Davison explains the new home care structure; the Governor addresses staff at afternoon tea; Amana Living Chairman Steve Scudamore (left) and CEO Ray Glickman with the Governor in the transition care centre. Photos: The Scene Team



    Amana Living resident Garry Wood was engrossed in the cricket scores when we stole this photo. Garry is one of several residents at nine of our sites taking advantage of the Broadband for Seniors program.

    The Commonwealth-funded initiative, which was recently extended to June 2017, supplies computers, internet access and technical support for older people in community hubs, libraries, retirement villages and aged care centres.

    A grant has enabled Amana Living to provide a Broadband for Seniors trainer to sit with residents and offer support and guidance.

    Louise Molyneux (pictured with Garry) said that the role appealed to her because she had enjoyed teaching her own mum how to use a computer, and she saw how worthwhile the work could be.

    Louise helps residents communicate with their families online, and encourages them to explore a variety of applications, following their interests and needs.

    Many residents already had email addresses, and some have their own laptops or tablets, but they werent all confident about using them, said Louise.

    A couple of residents are now really into Facebook and instant messaging too. One lady has connected with her grandchildren that way, while others are using Skype.

    Another resident loves YouTube, and several follow the cricket.

    YouTube has also been popular with residents who have no interest in learning to use the computer themselves but enjoy watching and listening with others.

    Louise finds video clips and runs juke box sessions, in which the residents pick the tunes and join in with a toe-tapping sing-along.

    Broadband for Seniors is available at four Amana Living villages and five care centres.

    Broadband for Seniors program extended

    Resident Garry Wood with Broadband for Seniors Trainer Louise Molyneux at Amana Livings James Brown House.

    Catherine King Day Club client Margaret Goodchild has a lot of fun with the iPads used at the centre to enhance communication and connection. Margaret particularly enjoys the Koi Pond app and funny animal videos. The iPads are also used to translate information verbally for clients who dont speak fluent English, to check the answers for quizzes, take photos of special occasions, and for playing games. Margaret is pictured with Day Club Coordinator Alison Openshaw.

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