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    Giuseppe Amoruso

    A code for the lost city

    The historical centre of European cities is, by its own nature, a complex place whose image and

    urban culture must be preserved by the use of appropriate guidelines.

    The codified representation of the traditional city, of historical centres, of their urban shape and

    typological components (architecture and technology of the faades, materials, and colours) is

    devised to encourage a process innovation and to facilitate the restoration and maintenance of the

    urban patrimony.

    The colour plans for the historical centres of Meldola and Morciano di Romagna

    The Colour Plan - An Architecture, Material, and Colour Design Code for the Historical Centre is

    an urbanistic tool whose prescriptions act as fixed guidelines for all the interventions carried out in

    the area covered by the Plan itself, i.e. the historical centre.

    The aim of the Colour Plan is to regulate all interventions carried out on the faades, with specific

    reference to their composition, to the technology and materials that must be used, up to the colour

    palette for the finish of all surfaces. It is a tool which can guarantee the requalification of the urban

    image as integration of key and residential buildings.

    A further goal of the Plan is the protection of the urban dcor. The guidelines it provides facilitate

    the preservation and safeguard of the architecture of the historical centre on all levels (building

    typology, morphology, colour, and aesthetics), as well as the best possible preservation of

    traditional building models, in good harmony with the specific techniques for historical centres.

    The Plan makes use of the following methods of urban survey in order to draw a critical cognitive


  • 8/6/2019 Amoruso Venezia Centristorici.con Immagini


    - Photogrammetry and chromatic survey of urban faades

    - Survey of the state of preservation and deterioration of urban faades

    All private projects must then act within the framework of local building codes.

    The Building Code

    The Plan guidelines and recommendations articulate around the Colour Palette, the Code of

    Architecture, Materials and Colours, and the Book of Faade Decoration, Techniques and


    The Palette includes a selection of colours and nuances considered suitable for plaster surfaces as

    well as iron and wooden elements.

    The Code of Architecture, Materials, and Colours refers to the main homogeneous categories of

    morphological, compositive, and technological elements, as well as to plants and fittings.

    The Book of Faade Decoration, Techniques, and Materials instead offers a range of solutions

    often recurring in the historical centre, all of them based on the lexicon of traditional architecture.

  • 8/6/2019 Amoruso Venezia Centristorici.con Immagini


    As such, the Plan provides all the necessary tools to reconstruct the urban image and establishes

    itself as a technical and operational support for all interventions that act specifically on faades. It

    also works as an incentive for projects to make a more consistent use of a comprehensive approach

    aimed at salvaging and restoring, both typologically and morphologically, what was already there.

    The Plan also tries to give the urban image a specific connotation, highlighting the aesthetic

    component of the identity of each place and giving the urban complex texture a social as well as an

    economic value.


    Amoruso, G. (2006)Rural Landscape and Architectural Quality, Bologna: Patron Editore.

    Amoruso, G. (2007) Rethinking the City. Projects for a new urban quality, Florence: Alinea


  • 8/6/2019 Amoruso Venezia Centristorici.con Immagini


  • 8/6/2019 Amoruso Venezia Centristorici.con Immagini


  • 8/6/2019 Amoruso Venezia Centristorici.con Immagini