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  1. 1. companies like Best Buy and others spend millions of dollars on education Robert Stephens, CTO of Best Buy & Founder of Geeksquad
    Should those $s go to gamifying learning?
    Ananth Pai, 3rd Grade Teacher
    (teaching plus or minus a few grades at all times) , Twitter: @ananthpaius
  2. 2. Importance of third grade
    and primary years
    • Nationally, nearly 7 out of 10 third graders are not proficient in Math when they graduate. The decline starts in third grade.
    • 3. California forecasts prison capacity on the basis of Reading proficiency scores in third grade
    • 4. Gamification professionals can help , Twitter: @ananthpaius
  3. 5. National Award Winning Video of my Classroom about students civic action
    2009-10, first year of gamification, generates student written petition to gamify classrooms everywhere
    Nearly two hundred visitors including many teachers, community members, legislators, business leaders visit our room
    Petition Online , Twitter: @ananthpaius
  4. 6.
  5. 7. Are students performing better in Math?
    2008-09, Pre-gamification year, my students , Twitter: @ananthpaius
  6. 8. 2009-10, Math
    1st year of
    Gamified classroom vs.
    non-gamified classrooms , Twitter: @ananthpaius
  7. 9. 2010-11, Math
    2nd year of
    Gamified classroom vs.
    non-gamified classrooms
  8. 10. Are students performing better in Reading?
    2008-09, Pre-gamification year, my class , Twitter: @ananthpaius
  9. 11. 2009-10, Reading 1st year ofGamified classroom vs.
    non-gamified classrooms , Twitter: @ananthpaius
  10. 12. 2010-11, Reading
    2nd year of
    Gamified classroom vs.
    non-gamified classrooms
  11. 13. Who cant be advanced to proficiency by gamification?
    • Absentees, although students hate to be absent
    • 14. Significant reading impairment
    • 15. The rest thrive, regardless of special needs, behavior needs, giftedness etc. , Twitter: @ananthpaius
  12. 16. Gamified classroom benefits
    • Games align to the learner at all times X number of students in a class
    • 17. Feedback leads and guides, minimally invasive
    • 18. Learn from hierarchy of expert peers
    • 19. Play when you get home, NO HOMEWORK! , Twitter: @ananthpaius
  13. 20. Homework for the
    conference audience!
    • Evangelize gamification of classrooms in your community
    • 21. Fund gamifying a classroom (costs less than a smartboard)
    • 22. Help your company to direct education grants to gamify classrooms
    • 23. Send people to sign my students petition and help gamify all classrooms , Twitter: @ananthpaius