anatomy of a camera introduction to photography. this is a camera

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ANATOMY OF A CAMERA Introduction to Photography

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Introduction to Photography

Anatomy of a CameraIntroduction to PhotographyThis is a camera.

On/Off SwitchRather Important.

Mode WheelIt should be on Manual. ;D

Shutter Release ButtonPress down halfway to focus, and fully to take the picture.


Pop-Up FlashGenerally these flashes are too powerful and bright, but they are necessary sometimes.

Thumb WheelRotate left and right to adjust Shutter Speed, by holding down the F-Stop Control button, adjust F-Stop as well.


F-Stop Control ButtonHold this down in order to change F-Stop with the Thumb wheel. CanonNikon

ISO Button CanonNikon

Different for many cameras. Canons tend to be on the top, and for some of the older Nikons (like the Spark cameras) you have to Press Menu, and then find ISO Settings.

Info/Display ButtonThis will take you back to the main display screen. CanonNikon

Preview Button NikonCanon

This button allows you to see the photos that youve already taken.Advanced Menu Button NikonCanon

This button allows you to see the Advanced Menu in order to adjust the more obscure photo settings.

ToggleUse this to flip through your photos whilst on Preview mode.ISO Display

NikonCanonF-Stop Display NikonCanon

Shutter Speed Display NikonCanon

Auto Focus Switch

Thanks for coming And thats all, folks!