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1. Ancillary Poster editingBy Laura Burgess 2. I wanted tochange myposter because Ifeel like it didntgo with thetheme of myshort film and itdidnt look veryprofessional. Theoriginal versionof my poster isto the right. 3. This was the statingpoint for my new poster. Ihave a offcentred picture ofthe maincharacter.Then I blended two similar images of her face on top of the existing one. I did thisto show multiple personalities that people would often associate with schizophrenia. 4. These are two images I got from the internet to add an extra dimension to my poster.The reason I changed it to the TV static is because people I asked said it reminded them of a sci-fi poster rather than a drama. 5. Explanation on nextpage. 6. To darken all irrelevant parts of the photo I used a lighting filter on Photoshop. I used the spotlight tool to bring attention just to Ericas face. 7. This is whatmy posterlooks likeat themoment.I have addedsome textto make itlook like ashort filmposter.It will becompletedsoon andposted ontomy blog.