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  • 1. Ancillary Task Poster Bethany Harvey
  • 2. Poster DrawingsBefore producing my poster, I did a pencil draft on what I want it to look like. After I produced the first drawing draft, Iwanted to see what colours would work best so I coloured a third of the poster draft and then once Id seen what colours Iliked, I made a new draft and coloured it all in.For my poster, I didnt want an image of the cast but a symbol from the film that will make it recognisable and I got this ideafrom the Scream4 poster that I analysed previously. I did this because the Scream4 poster is recognisable andrememberable and therefore, I wanted to produce a poster that has this same effect on the audience.I drew these drawings, first with pencil, then pen and then all in colour so that I had an idea of what I wanted. I decided touse the clown mask on my poster as I think its the most rememberable factor of the film and also clowns are sometimesseen as scary so this supports the genre of the film and if not, then people will be encouraged to watch the trailer to seewhat the films about if they cant tell from the poster.The one thing I did decided not to have on my poster is a slogan because I thought the poster could speak for itself and Iwanted it to be as plain but as rememberable as possible.
  • 3. Poster Drawings continued...Just in case I didnt like my first poster draft, I produced some more drawings so that I can have two different ideas in whichI can use for my final poster.This drawing is more informative than the other poster because it has the members of the cast in, the mask and a clockwhich all emphasises the genre and also the name of the film Tick Tock.However, on this magazine I made the background black so it suits the genre of the magazine better and I also found that Ididnt put the age on the last poster idea, so I thought if I put it on this poster draft it would be more obvious to theaudience that its a horror because of the age restriction.After the drawings, I produced them both on the computer to see which Id like best and to see if my drawings went asplanned.
  • 4. Poster Draft 1After producing the drawings of an idea of what I wantmy poster to look like, I produced the idea onto thecomputer using Adobe Photoshop CS4. As you can seethe poster is plain but effective as it stands out.However, from doing the drawings first and thenproducing the poster I saw some things I would like tochange straight away.Meanwhile, after producing the first draft of my poster,my thoughts were that I didnt like it and that I wantedto change a few things to make it better and moresuitable and because of this I produced another posterbased off the same idea, but with the improvements Iwanted to make.From the drawings I realised that I needed to put moreinformation on the poster so that the audience is morethan likely to look it up, therefore I added the websiteof the film to the poster.
  • 5. Poster 1 FinalAfter producing the first draft of my poster, there werea number of changes that I wanted to make because Ilater realised that I should have stuck to my drawingsbecause they looked better than the draft that Iproduced.The things I changed are; The colour of the background from black to whitebecause it contrasts the genre of the film. Inside the clowns face I added a clock so that thename of the film it suited. I kept to the original idea and put an arc effect on theComing soon writing so that it looked more effectiveand less plain. I also kept the idea from draft 1 of having the websiteon the poster but moved it more central.Because of these improvements my poster now looksmore effective to the horror genre so that it will attractthe right targeted audience.
  • 6. Poster Draft 2After producing the drawings of an idea of what I wantmy second draft of my poster to look like I produced theidea onto the computer using Photoshop CS4. Whileproducing my draft on the computer I come acrosssome implications that I didnt realise I would have. Thiswas getting the image in the right place within theletters. However, after guidance and tutorials I foundout how to do it and it became easy to do. Also, theimages I took needed to be taken in front of a greenscreen so that I could move the red background of thetext behind the characters.Meanwhile, after producing the draft of my next posteridea, my thoughts were that the poster looked a little toplain, because on my draft the writing was longervertically so it filled the page more. Therefore, therewere ideas that I thought could improve this so Iproduced a next poster, based on this idea but makingimprovements.
  • 7. Poster 2 FinalAfter producing the first draft of my second poster idea, there were a number of changes that Iwanted to make because the previous poster draft looked to plain and there was a big gap.There was only one change to this final poster idea and that was making it landscape. There were 2reasons to why I did this and these were; To fill the page up more, so Icould spread the text out. To make it more unique anddifferent to other film postersbecause the majority of them areportrait rather than landscape.Because of these improvementsmy magazine now looks more fulland it still meets the criteria tomaking the film look like a horror,so that it attracts the rightaudience.
  • 8. FINAL CHOSEN POSTERI chose this poster because it stands out from all the other typical portrait posters. Also, it has the images of themask, clock and the cast in which I feel is more effective towards the genre and also gives a thorough insight towhat the film is about and what the genre is.
  • 9. Images I used for my Poster Ideas These are the 5 images out of 25 images I took, that I chose to use for my poster, that required a single image of each member of the cast. However, I did have some implications, such as the far image on the left of the blonde female, her picture is blurry because I didnt focus the camera correctly, however the sharpen and fixing tool in Photoshop helped me to correct this without having to take more photos. I did the images behind a green screen so that I could put in the red background that I needed a lot easier than it would have been without it. I chose these 5 images because they were suitable for the poster and because their were no accidental errors on these images.