ancillary tasks: pic monkey editing

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  • 1. I opened up an image onto Paint and edited out the whole of the face apart from the lips and saved this as a JPEG image. (Both lips to the left I did the same thing for). I then opened up just these lips onto Pic Monkey and first used the white teeth tool. This is a beautiful feature which a lot of males and females find attract, so this would draw attention to the mouth. I then started with the lip tool and used a deep red and the intensifying tool to make the lipstick bright by not fake or edited. I then saved this image as a JPEG image so I could use it for the inside of the Digipak on the CD side as well. I then opened up a new paint document and added in that first lips, as I still had the lips up on Pic Monkey I just simply changed the lip colour to bright blues, purples and greens and each time I ScreenShotted them into the Paint Document. After I had a set of 9 lips I saved the Paint Document as a JPEG and inserted it into the inside of the booklet which would be in my CD case. I did the same as the red lips with a different set of lips which I used for the back of my CD case with an open mouth and a lip bite to act seductive fitting to the genre of the music and to the name of the artist. I also added a black background so it was easier to place into my CD cover since that background was black as well. PIC MONKEY CD LIPS IMAGES

2. I used the program online Pic Monkey to manipulate my images since I have used it before and was very confident in using the make-up enhancement tools which I knew wasnt on Photoshop. I used the red lipstick tool and made her lips darker red to enhance the look of the lipstick and make it look more of a dangerous and sexual colour. I then enhanced the contrast to make the image darker and darken the shadows to make create a darker atmosphere to the image and create a darker house- style to work around. PIC MONKEY CD COVER