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_____________________________________________________________ Anderson County Board of Commissioners _____________________________________________________________ Regular Agenda Monday, April 21, 2014 @ 9:30 a.m. 1. Call to Order / Roll Call 2. Prayer / Pledge of Allegiance 3. Appearance of Citizens 4. Approval and Correction of Agendas Consent Agenda Regular Agenda 5. A. Director of Schools Any questions from Commissioners B. County Mayor Any questions from Commissioners C. Law Director Any questions from Commissioners D. Departments a. Purchasing Agent - Report E. Reports from Committees a. Budget Report by Budget Director Chris Phillips b. Highway Committee Report by Chairman Alderson c. Operations Committee Report by Chairman Hitchcock d. Revenue Committee Report by Chairman Wandell 6. New Business 7. Announcements Congratulations to Commissioner Steve Emert, representing District 3, for earning the distinction of a Certified Public Administrator. This comprehensive program requiring 80 hours of study in specialized, office-specific, technical, administrative, managerial and leadership training, in order to obtain a comprehensive knowledge of the inner workings of county government. Commissioner Emert joins Commissioner Rick Meredith and Commissioner Mark Alderson, representing District 2; Commissioner Chuck Fritts, representing District 1 and Chief Deputy to the County Commission, Mary Murphy, all whom have earned the designation as Certified Public Administrators, representing the Anderson County Commission Office. 8. Adjourn Respectfully Submitted, Chuck Fritts, Chairman

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  • _____________________________________________________________ Anderson County Board of Commissioners _____________________________________________________________

    Regular Agenda Monday, April 21, 2014 @ 9:30 a.m. 1. Call to Order / Roll Call

    2. Prayer / Pledge of Allegiance

    3. Appearance of Citizens

    4. Approval and Correction of Agendas

    • Consent Agenda • Regular Agenda

    5. A. Director of Schools

    • Any questions from Commissioners

    B. County Mayor

    • Any questions from Commissioners

    C. Law Director

    • Any questions from Commissioners

    D. Departments

    a. Purchasing Agent - Report

    E. Reports from Committees

    a. Budget Report by Budget Director Chris Phillips b. Highway Committee Report by Chairman Alderson c. Operations Committee Report by Chairman Hitchcock d. Revenue Committee Report by Chairman Wandell

    6. New Business

    7. Announcements

    ☺Congratulations to Commissioner Steve Emert, representing District 3, for earning the distinction of a Certified Public Administrator. This comprehensive program requiring 80 hours of study in specialized, office-specific, technical, administrative, managerial and leadership training, in order to obtain a comprehensive knowledge of the inner workings of county government.

    ☺Commissioner Emert joins Commissioner Rick Meredith and Commissioner Mark Alderson, representing District 2; Commissioner Chuck Fritts, representing District 1 and Chief Deputy to the County Commission, Mary Murphy, all whom have earned the designation as Certified Public Administrators, representing the Anderson County Commission Office.

    8. Adjourn

    Respectfully Submitted, Chuck Fritts, Chairman


    April 14, 2014

    Committee Members: Terry Frank – Present Jerry White – Present Zach Bates – Present Jerry Creasey – Absent Scott Daugherty - Present Pamela Cotham, Purchasing Agent – Present Health Care Services Agreement – Transportation services for the EMS Department for the period of November 25, 2013 thru June 30, 2016. Commissioner White made a motion to approve and to forward to County Commission with a recommendation for approval. Commissioner Bates seconded the motion and the motion passed. Intrafinity o/a Sharp School Four year agreement for E-rate District Web Hosting as per bid # 4494 for the period of July 1, 2014 through June 30, 2015, with an option to renew for up to three additional years in one year increments. Commissioner White made a motion to approve and to forward to County Commission with a recommendation for approval. Scott Daugherty seconded the motion and the motion passed. Sherrill Morgan – Insurance Broker / Consultant as per RFP # 4491 for the period of April 22, 2014 through June 30, 2015, with an option to renew in one-year increments for four additional years. Commissioner White made a motion to forward to County Commission without a recommendation for approval. Commissioner Bates seconded the motion and the motion passed. File Wave – One-year contract for Software support and File Wave product license for the Schools for the period of April 2014 through March 2015. Commissioner White made a motion to approve and to forward to County Commission with a recommendation for approval. Scott Daugherty seconded the motion and the motion passed.

    Fiscal Year 14/15 Contracts Blossman Propane Gas – Three year contract for Propane Gas as per bid # 4531, for Schools for period of July 1, 2012 through June 30, 2017. Commissioner White made a motion to approve and to forward to County Commission with a recommendation for approval. Commissioner Bates seconded the motion and the motion passed. Scott Daugherty abstained. Clinton Home Center. Three year contract for Building Supplies as per bid # 4530, for the Schools for the period of July 1, 2014 through June 30, 2017. Commissioner White made a motion to approve and to forward to County Commission with a recommendation for approval. Scott Daugherty seconded the motion and the motion passed. Knox Filters, Inc. – Three year contract for HVAC Filters, as per bid # 4529 for the Schools for the period of July 1, 2014 through June 30, 2017. Commissioner White made a motion to approve and to forward to County Commission with a recommendation for approval. Commissioner Bates seconded the motion and the motion passed. Pilgrim’s Pride Corp. – Commodity Processing – Chicken as per bid # 4526 for the Schools for the period of July 1, 2014 through June 30, 2015, with possible renewal for two subsequent years. Commissioner White made


  • a motion to approve and to forward to County Commission with a recommendation for approval. Scott Daugherty seconded the motion and the motion passed. Prairie Farms Dairy – Milk, Orange Juice and Dairy Products, as per bid # 4462 for the Schools for the period of July 1, 2014 through June 30, 2016, with an option to renew for two (2) additional years. Commissioner White made a motion to approve and to forward to County Commission with a recommendation for approval. Commissioner Bates seconded the motion and the motion passed. Cascade Water Services Inc. Water Treatment / Cooling Towers as per bid # 4528 for the Schools for the period of July 1, 2014 through June 30, 2017. Commissioner White made a motion to approve and to forward to County Commission with a recommendation for approval. Scott Daugherty seconded the motion and the motion passed. Contract Policy & Procedures Defer for another 30 days to allow County Attorney additional time to review. Disposal of Non-Capitalized Surplus Items – Listing of non-capitalized surplus items with no apparent value to be disposed of. Description: 10 toilets and fixtures replaced at the Anderson County Park Campground. Commissioner White made a motion to approve and to forward to County Commission with a recommendation for approval. Scott Daugherty seconded the motion and the motion passed. Requires Purchasing Committee approval only. The meeting adjourned at 5:05 p.m.



    l0l South Main Street, Suite 3 l0CLINTON, TENNESSEE 377I6

    February 28, 20i4

    Nathan SweetEMS Director314 Public Safety LaneClinton, TN 37716

    RE: Health Care Services Agreement - Transportation Services - EMS ContractDear Nathan:

    Pursuant to your request dated February 27,2014, I have reviewed the above-referenced contractfor legal form. After review, I am satisfied this document meets or exceeds all requirements forcontract formation under Tennessee law. Therefore, I have approved this contract as to legalform.

    The term of this contract extends beyond the Jiscal year; therefore it must be presented to CountyC o mm i s s i on fo r appr ov al.

    This approval is to legal form only. I assume, since you submitted this contract to my office forapproval that you have read this agreement, and the terms and conditions set forth are desirableto you and the department involved. I have not been involved in the negotiations ofthis conrracr;however, ifyou would like additional guidance and advice regarding a specific provision oftheconuact, please feel free to contact me. Furthermore, for the purpose of the approval process, itis assumed that this contract has been properly bid, ifrequired, and budgeted according to statelaw.

    Please call, ifyou have additional questions or concerns.

    ?0q ilAR | | All ll: 18

    N. JAY YEAGERLaw Director

    t Or$iro'r Rceived &orn M++^TELEPHONE: (865) 457 -6290FACSIMILET (865) 45-l-3775Email: [email protected]

    Enclosure: 12 pages

  • Feb.2C 201411 3:O4Piip 1,llo."B6i7 p, P. 2


    (hnn&cftdttot Sertilca)

    ,.- Ttk Heallh Crm Slliccs Agrccmcd (,At$ononf) ir ty ed bdrEotr NHc, fid ,lnd$son Coung EMS('oonEElof )' Any notlcor or ohcr coornttn*rdor tcqulltd or p€fifficd to bc giveo prsustrt to this rfgleerncotslull Lo smt to tho pmttcr rt thc addressa3 sd fotl 56 66itgnnrr6 pqgo t0 tlh ldt+ndrit. Tenn Tlrfr Ag,oourcnrslrll commcnco on Novcrnbcr 25, 2013 ani rbrll crpiro ol Junc 30, 201( unlcss earlicrtErmineEC la FoYidcd lEdcir. Il lhc cv€.lt tlkAg&cnfi ir tnmioN&d PI&'r h ono ycr fiom thc mmrnenoqnenldatC 6a pCrt'ac sraU rut cucr ito t sdciantblly slmilar agdnrnt until drc cipfratiol of it l€.!t orlo (t) yo|rfonowing ole€Nt dab.

    L -Scrvk.s

    rqd Comlcrsalion, eoDtaetor ihell providc lhc srri'icas to F.cility and ite rysidents (tho "$crhcc)ard rlnll rccclvc cor:pcftrtion for th69 &rvh4, ar r.E forth on Bxhibit A athcil.d h.reio and incirpotatcd fcrciiibyrcfuuldr.

    t. 3. P{prcnL h tho cvcnt Sacility ie requM by tho oornprsuion poviEionr rcr forih in Brhibit A to paychtrCor di(cdly for sc serviccrr Faollty statt pay contnclor within forty-frvo (49 days otrcco-lpt uy zumf oecontsi@ci rrdrarc dd conpldr hvoloo conaining ail doarrnmadorraluirca b-na

  • Feb, 20. 20i4i'-3:04lHpy

    FACILIf(rNHC Oak Ridge

    Axeflcd Bfq

    Addresr fqNollccs;300 L.b.r$ory R4 Oak Ridep,lN.{nn: F.xccotiyl DirodorFicstoflc:

    Cop], to:NHC

    CONNRACTOR:AndeBor CouhtyEMS

    Adalrcss for Notlcssr314 Publlo Sdcty lanaClimon, n'l 3?71 6Au Nafirn Swcd, Dt€cFrFscsltnllc: (86J) 457-yl0t

    rofo,'"1957 l. P;

    6. Endre A8r$blrt Tli! Agrewll inoMfog ho Erhftib adtckd heieto ud rcf.rrDcrd htr|h. mnhins tberolc ood q iro aE$laagfi b6tw€cn tlE pniiEc rqAndiqg aho gubject Erdtcr herecfand sqe6rrlcs any rnd ail ptiorunlon or onl ggromlrb trt\ecn fts ptrtilt Ttr Agr€cacnt wru lot br corEtuld In &r!I of d agihrt .[y p$tyby rcrsm of thc cxtcut to vHcfi aiy tar.y !!rtlo,p*rd Jltlhc prepsnt'on of tho &iecmat. Ifeither pafly hi dqdotiy cbngp to thi Ag&firot {d sard p!fty dtl [d bring to rho oth€r pa*y'r eltertlion in a uay lhat is rsNrotr{blycalqlctr to plt tho olhitr pady q| nol ico ofilo ch4q tte otanga shal I not bccome ptsfi ofthc Agrocrnent

    N WIrNESS WI{IREOF', to Frties by tlrft 4uly athorlzcd r€}rescdadvx havc aaltod hrto ttis Agrcalcnt asoftuf '/ dar of--.:5i4., r.. _.20f.

    Anderson County Purcbasing Agent


    lrre:. \ ){{ct

  • feb. 20, 20141' 3:04P1'4py prl\0,"8657 p, P. 4


    TFauroEi{lolt Sarylcai rnd Cortrtrcrsrtlo rl

    L Scrvlc6. Coots*tor stall prOvidc, On a non-exclusivo blsq 6hr€en0y &rd non{urCrgc[dt tnodlaalfnmportation suvicas b Ftdlity'r rtslda& nry.[|ry.fus (24) hoors a day, ecrcn (?) rbys a wrl, Corrtlactb| strallProvl& fr€ ScIvlc.r pronptry ard in aocordaru w b fie mcdiolnccds of{r. |lddloi Facility slull abtCo by hoAndason Qqutlgr l0soJ060ll govcrtug anbdancc !6wloes,

    r. Por all sclFduled rlquesr fdEc iccr, Co0trrctor rgrclr to lnvc ir driyer rriw at thc lrticfla'rd9|iSr||tsdpicl-up tscilion profi!trtly d thcschcdulcd time. ['s s F$.be4iod rcqulsB fornon-EmcrgpocySffvicas, Cor&'actor sgtcds to bavo ils dri!rcr advc at thc pntient's desr'patod pt&-up looatlotr rr pronpdy rsposiblc ard, ln rny ryeql tro h&r thtu sEo (l) hour rftofio unsdcduled r€qqest ha$ bcen roarlo, Emcrgonoy$cntbu will bo providorl rs prcmptly as postblo In accon&lco wirh rpplicablo logrl ud rc.gulatory sladrr&,

    b. Conftctllshdl provido a trhphono nurnbcr frFacifry t6 i0hiiL t rEpotation requests for Sg{tic$ et4upon recefuilg rut! . &qlcst 6ur Facllhy, Cortrotsr will l6c iS diipdhbcr to tfii8o br tre rirnely provlsion ofScrvico r: rcquired undlr fto &rms 0f this Agrccmcnt

    g. Couradorrhrll uco Co0idtot't o*! cquipm$ ud/or suppllcr h l[e pcrfornaDc! of lh9 scr{ln€!.'colEscfor *all usc alDttryiddy liccnsed md/or oclifiid v&rsl* ard cqulpment ro povidc trc Selrlce,sluan&r rnd s[rll kccp mof vrlhlos and its oqutpncrx ard n pplies in gpod ordtr, oondltloq ud rtpair prsuatrtfo applicnbJo lcgal rnd l9gdalory Conarcrrr will ll|inirh, md $a?ffc io Frcilig upoo rcqmsqwdlton scn*rc records lbr rll prvlciry of drs vctlch(i) utcd by Coffii{ror to provfth Swlcor udcr fte brmt of&js Agrccrlol

    d Cortr*crA*ll flc r *incn rcpdt |lrl prcvi& documphfion to Frcility rrlh r$lcot ro rtry kbmriniurls occrrhg to rddd$ ddsg crrnrpo1t (ftlltr 49.), &dtcrfug ihc t1'po of bjlry, tu phoc ud timr hrt lhoinjury ocatnrd, md rry othor iqformado! rlqu€srcd by Faciliry.

    2. Compcu bn,, Conroltdc,ed N i},t saotee,l. "Coasolidated Biuing Serrt'*b' tldl Erm s[d iDoludo thoso Scrvlccs

    Provl&d to rcddc0ts duriug tho oorrsc ofr stsy fn thc Facility nhicfi ir corrcrcd udcr Modicarr Part A, orcqot !so0tcrwlsc provldcd i! 42 V.S.C 0 1395)y;,{2 C.F.R ! 4lt.l5, rydlcoblc C[,lS Progron Mcmonndr mdTransrnithlg, or fil Sfilled Nsnhg Facility Frpvider and $rpplicr Codlng FllcC lr pubtbhcd and amcndcd ort pdrlod by CIvl$

    , i. Ffitlty tlttll co6!a$iD| for rny Co3solidM BiUing Servlcar pruvi&d !0 Fsctlityrotlrkntr * f 0(l'z6 Modlcao Fce Schcduh fq mbuluoo seryfuc! ro }dldi0tfc p,rtict|t&

    ii Contadofr hvoi$ for Corsolirhied Billi8 $6"viccs shrjl i0cludc rcc-urto md coftpl€redocun*.ntdon ofoqdr $arvicc pr0vi&d, hcl!&ng {n itsried Iir olgcrvlcor rerftnncd br er6h rEstddq Ecjpc$or other appllcablo codidg. S.3vrci dr(* add 4ptL6bk chuger.

    iii. Contactc shrU pmvidr eilditimal docuneohtix rqanthg Con$olldatod Billlng S:rrdcr" arrcasorubly !.quesbd by Frcillty. Cdltrdetor sbou ltvi *o rigb! upm requo$t, t0 tudlt CouFrglor'r chugec fcnCoGoli&trd Bjlliqg Scrvic$.

    iv. I[ th! a/lsl Conlrrctor rcrclvcs pryoet fom FocilIty ftr a Ccrottrtaiod Eltliag Scnin, andpa5acnt for trc Scrvlco h latcr dlssloryld or rccoupcd by m&crrc Cotccor shall repa.7 to Facility suc,ha&lnlri m rhr rent dat slch dkrllowitlcc o{ rccoupnc rt3ulhd tom &o lcq rEor! q onisibnr of9**_*. At [s opflotr, Fec ity ruey cifur osct tbo' oniou$s dlsi0oqled 08 rccorrpcd from any ffrturo pay,ractrt!dootoco recrtr hclcund* ornayrcquko coanoror b rcF.y s dr amoutls lomcdliory qon Fie ily's r€q$$.


    E-"ninit r

  • Fei. 20. 2014i1 3:05Fh|IU


    L110..8657 9, P. 5

    b. Dbd bllt &i,hct Conracmr *li|l hvoioc fic ftsLtoal rtrc n:itaCs rc&ouiblo p$ty, Medioalo,l,lodioru a nnnag|i cetc organiatior or rny olher&ird p41y rsitrbur€Erent souco (ollcc{h,ely rnfoftid t0 rs thc"lpFoprirF Fayor) for a[ SorvJoar n nsktr odar r]m Con$lld|Bt Billing Services ClDlrfft BiU Stfl,tcod)at nli! not t0 oceed C0nmdor's uud ciargo for Swices ald h aocordurcc wllh applicabte requirumcnts offcdord and s?t! larrs and ogtddou contlcrq agrets to icc.p( Faprna dorn sudr Approprhtc Plyor. esprymcnt h firll for Dircct Bill Scrviccs nducd uoder drir AgrunEDt Cmtrctorshatl mt bitl Fdilty ftrDltEctBill Scrviccs, tnd Ficility ilEll hryq tro obllBltion (0 eonpc,lrrt6 Conhador for suct Seryhor.

    l0{@af t


  • ttol';"qft7 i. P; 6


    Guctd llcnnr rnd 9ondifionsl. UoolForruoj| by Rcfcrcnca Tlp$o Gt'|eral T€unr md Co#ition! are ftEo'rror$Cd by ro$r€oce into tteA$rccrnffi to wl ch hEJ m atEdcd, Crpihllzed tuns nd defrmd hcrola shall htrrsdlo noilhg 6€i fwth in tieAg!€em.ot,

    e Llc6hs0t, Pcirllc a||d Accrcdlbtlom. Tba FNclUry, In acmrdaaoo with t plh|ble liq h rtsporuiblo forobtinln8 $ctvi!6r dat nEit proftsslnal s&o.lsr& and prinopl* that |Pply to p$fc|lidrrls ptovldlng wohSerlio€s in dc Prcility and frr fu tiDcliois of thc Scwlczs. Accordiugly, Cortictor hcrdy twrrcnb mdryananb to 66 F&ility thrt CotrErctor aDd crch of it$ cnryloycc,r, rgcnb nnd $tcoshactors who pclbrn Suvlccgon botrlfofCortrcor puturnt b thls Agrertoalf (ihc ccohbrctor P6nonncl!: (r) rro, ad *ilhursln at rll timesftroughosa ttc tcI[ of this lgr*ntn! audor;zcd to prrdobrtr i[ tho McdicarD ard sldg Mcifimid pmgnms andshall conply wft nll cofiditl0Ds of p$tlqheidn fi ofie! (cqokdni tr rpp mblc to pnrioipadol ln ruch progr|mr;(b) bale .nd rvill olirEh {t all tinr3 emughout tbc tffm of fils rtgrronenl all thc ocGcssiry gualificsfuni,ccrtfficationrt l'lxnrcs qid/or rccltdihtiorB rcquircd by fcdcnL sulc rld local law! od rggtlCtiolt to Fovidc thoSe ic€r covQrcrl by dris Agroearol, hcluding hx not liritrd to $rio .rd fodqal DOT rcguhtiotlr rppllcrblc rooperatio ofconn*ahl vo}loks pmvitbg iorlthCrc nuporadon (collocdrv,

    gcortreclodltocrscs) (0) \rill

    Fovlft tho Scrslc.s ln rooorduce wi6r &s Fofesrlodrl !bnd$& md principlcs rpplicrtF tO 6cir prof€ssioni snd(d) rrt trol, inil $ no lln lrvi b!€n, dtoludgd troltl Fstlchf,don in aly ftdcrdF nndod h$[b crra proglam,bchdiag Nlcdicar: oa Mcdicaif, or *rctionrd undcr rny rppllcrllo san or fc&ral irod rd rbuo $rmcs.Coqtr6ctor rvilt Drovldo Frolllty vidr a copy of thc Contraor Llccnscs uton rtqocsl Contractor shall prbvldclrotspt wrilet ao co to ho Froility of ury clcngcr in 6c Cdnftdor Umrsc+ bcN

  • ilo!l;f957 P. P; i

    b. IfConlrCor doef nor nainhin r oompliNtrco Fro8ram CoDbactor rqr€ser6 ad \rfirm8 that caeh oftheConramor Pcrsouot wfio provi

  • pollo,86)7 p. t 0

    singtc tlmit tdd r ch insuancc shrtl lnchrdo o minimom of-S5,000 la tncdicl pcyrneot 1pry-:- l^*-T-ttroofcirs Sett covor rll scrvlca Coalrsclol, its dircctors, officco, cnplopcs, sgrrb dd/ot cfillnlctorS- pltvEa

    L*n:co; shan prot{do Faciliry wi6 cvldmcc of srrch iosurare promP(ly rpgtt R4resr In dB ovoil Conhac:tcDrocurct a "clsds nEdc" policy (o nart tho ilrunncc rrquirencus bcroin' cootrldor agreet to Pulcnase


    iow4o rryor rhc rrmlnstiotl oiiny sttch pollcy povldirrg for m idctinitc r4ortiog perlod'

    9, bdrrarillcrfiol. Each p6rty shall lndonnif, dofod, and hold rtu o6rr p{ry hstmlcss from aud agtinst myand a[ bcscs. ctqtmn $ilr, dadrges, liabilitbs ad .DQ6ce (indudry; wlt[oul limicstion,.ll soDrbjc T*,.ey1_feOo) ofrny natmo ortlod whlFoaEf srisitrg out ofor reSultiog frodr' dlecty ot indirtctlt: (r) | plfry'ttBscn 0lhil A*rcortcnl hrludbE vittrou llninlon, bffich ofary roprcscnrdioD, w?drnty' or covcneff ortucn p_{ly Irfin ,Urccrncnf and O) aty attcgca $gugclt or fuleltiorrl act! ot odssiors of t Perty' tl l$nts.or €lryldJeel'bascd iroor, aricior out of or sflribuhble O ihc FcrfonnaOCe or non-pc(foiragl'co of tbcir r?Tcc|rttD ouEalloDs

    ,racr rtfit-igt--.dirrf Upon oorice, rfre ofter pariy sllll rocsr tnd dc$nl at ftr orla crprrq rry 1u+ chjP.6rrorton Sold-hdernniry irra rddirlm lo auy othor d€bb tls iodemnifred parfy tlry havc aBal.os4 tbo indlnnrryhgpw{y. fhis Scdior shl suwivo [n earpirttio0 of lerminalion ofthis Agrequnt

    t0. Irdeped.m Coltrt''stor, Norhing conhin€d hereth of my doauncot accutrd i|l corldadloa lt€r0wth shallildc*;e ; *1rtun Uy Eo pn16g frtto, nor by any ftird puty, as ueatirg tho aluiousJtip. of trinchnlandlgatl, rmployrl rd cnrp(o1tq pnncn[lp, orjot* Yflnrr! bfiweon tho perties' ESh Frty hcrby admorvl€t8€stlrat rpirhtr it nor ib A3cnlo rhall Lart any rlght or E{itlo.tcdt |n or !o a0y -0t 6f -q?lDloyncffi'



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    or tsovhiodrl rllid tom ascdlog any party nry ccok r torpomry restagljrr&od-cr or obcr ir.ermid{q[v. 0r Fqv|liodtl EIIGI roID scarrt oipniti.iirsOiiAa wffiout nqdss'6q|ro-dtc arbirrrton poccdrrcs $t fiftitrt[Scodo] Ifiy !09!;Gt ;6tf,L.d U" ,rilit"rrdddrCOrcsiro conuouoncg dodlfcatlon or tcroinarlon-@el4f ra tlrtqd.r r.|d hr abld! by thc iltimlods dacbho rc$rdllg r!6 rdict Thir Sedio!cxplrraioi odl[b Agccdcr(

    la Clmrlrdon ol Rcmedicsl No lfrlvrn tho nrioos righ, optiorr, clectione, powE{s, ald rtmodrict ofthc*porti* partt* n providcd in trls Agreemint rc in idditlon lo aiy 4tk. q.l sEid Ptdis! lul6q $idcd lo PJftni, smn 5+ co"*uia ar crmu6drq dd nO oso oft'rcrn ls cxdusivo of any ofih olhers' or ofary right or prldltyalto'nrcd by frv, ttc fiilurc of a oariy to oxrrdJc atry of lB dghs ot t0 givo i4y lolic€ \rith rcspccl !o aoy dofaultby tbe odier lqty or atnnr6c to-Mit qor ric stiit pgrfornrnce of the o&a prrt/s obligdlots ftet rtndcr lirllnot bo &aned a wriwr of $dt party'B right nifr tspcct Octtto in t flurale Attorne/r Fer., If [email protected] Or Frsiliry hiolF ray tcdon. to irn€tSr.d or. erforco thls Agrc€dmL Or for&uaear tbr inv rttcled brcecl horcof, \thelnei ty ubirorion or otherstkc rrla prwrilirui F{rry ln my 6ueh tctio!sbrlf L ontidod to nrsoabb rtbr0tyr' F65 |nd co$! as awtrdcd by ale tit^.|or id Nddltior to all olDcr rtcotffiy'dr$rgg md corlr Ttis Scction rhall s[rviw lht $.p;rirlon o( rcmlndion offtir Atlccn€nl

    t4 Govurhg Lr*; Strtutory f,6lttabccs. This Agreeoart shall bc govEnd bI and^consrucd in-accordance*it thD hlvs of lho sttto iIl lvtlictt 60 FtBlury lt locraid' witfi0ut Dgsrd to fro aotrflirt 0[ b$d rulcs of suctl s'ttt{'AEy l,cirr[nc h thir Aglwrt to ray stnrtq rcgutdim, rutin& or rdnJoistativo ordct or dcc*o gl,dl ttrcluale mdbo i r€fcrnca 1o {ly s|rcacsrc sb!s., nguhdon rnling oradnrhistraEvc odcr or dcccco.

    t5: Forca lftaJcrro. Noi&er trrty hstlo 3hill bc rabtc for uoy ttohy ot fiilurg in fr' F€tfottlrnc? of arryobugflion uldrf Oir a$llm€nr'u ftr aty hos or damagt (incfrdiug indir*l or comlqoarhl dltnage) b ltle 6{.ntdlar-tuoh nomcrfrrmrrioc, drhy, loer or-dryrrago tErulti frfit any oontingeDcy vhhh ls bcS.bttd llte cotirol ol$cbp$ty, pmvid;d suci cooringcnoy b n* causcd by hc fiult d! rEgllgrooo of $cb prty, A o{lllingficy tbt 6c

    Exhibit 'l

  • teb. 20. 2014;;_3: QSPUppl prl{0,"86i7 p. P. 9

    pulpor€ of fis AgE6ncnt strll lrrllldc eo$ of 004 fins, fhod+ efih$sktt, $tplodotc storEs, u'ars'lo{illtbt, blookadca, ptrblh dlror.rcrr, qrarsudro rcs0lctlo!$ eobargoeg sd coorplia$s witl &ly lswt ordfi orcoutdd oli 0r irsi6tinE by rqy SpvemrnoBl or milibry uthotfy.

    t6. Cobndeutblttt thc p.rder lrqrgo thll bold ln confidcacc ha hfrrnalion coobir*d io lhit Agli.[nf' 0roth* info/rstio! aboot r pady, rfit ragh of ricar hercby acbrowtedga rud t$ras 6at rll idformarbn rchhd t0tbis Agrcanmr or otlrcr inforrratiur aborrt I pqfiy, rot o.horsiso loo\rtr to Orc prblh i! c0nfidlod{l rnd proprlctsryard b uot !o bo dlrdctd b thid pfisonr uiioUi dE pr{or vniltc! corssf ofeac} oftho p|dto$ 6fl60pt (a) o 60sc.rt &ccasory to conrp9 witlr any lov, n{c or raguladorl inctudfrrg, wiuroot tirnimiotr, $y rufc 9r,l€4hl9lploqxtE$ed ti tlE SBC, or ttro vatlit odcr of ary gor,rmmcntal agrary 65 iny sssl if coEpdcnrjurlsdidoDi (b)ro itc arditorr rnd llg afromcys as part of iU homd nportllg or lcvicw pro€Gfittt G) to b illuHr|co tgcnt to lhceB@ot dcc0$s{ry !0 otftln rppropriite insruance; or (rl) s ncccssy to cafcc'o ib r[h6 and trrfun l8 rgtcarAl$$d ob[gltioDs undrr firis Agrcment Tftis Scdion rholl suMw tt6 ctt]iratior or reroln$i,otr of lhi3 Agt€€n L

    l?. M&c4[r.nGou3. Itir Aglteflcrlt uay not bc modlficd, anendod or elpplotn.mtc4 ror miy any t€otr otooqdidon bc waivc4 cxcrpl by e! {grceueit br wdtlng dgmd }y toh l0rtlor, t* hrr this Aglrc,trN Dor llly 0ftle dutk or obligrtiols olCddmmr baomdar sball be a6riFrcd or ttchgrcd by Contcaotor withod pdor rvdfcnconscnt of Frciltfi, Subjcct to tlr rcs[lctioru agrhs raosfrr or tlsigruncnt

    '3 ltrth sct ftdll thr po siou of

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    l& Slrvivrl Exccpt ai oth6t6 €:e&sdy provldcd itr ff r AFcmrntr dl oouo*trlr' sgr€rp€og rcp(esotrhtionsard lvtnaldc!, tr!$ss ad Inpllad, slsll srsh. *plfllioD 6 to,rrtinuioo ofihls Agrtetnenl

    19. Slpatumc. Ihb Attldrdt lttry bc c|aqncd iu any mmbff of couotarp{tr, crch of wlldt chou bo dcc-erdan odgihrl, bd lll ofnhich shall *nriloup oEt ud tro samo rgr€mcnt Faosinlle slSanrer sbel b0 roocpnblc-rsorlghah. Aly lndlvldurl sigli4 trir Agrcmt on hotdl of rn udty hcreby represott ard wrrnb io hisiodividual caprolty thrt h! lur foil rulhority to do so on bchalf of c.lch crnlty; provl&4 hd$ovir, that coffiactotdnovrcitg*

    '!d agecs that rhis Atrra rm ia Bor bhding n tto F8oility until *cepbd 8y rlc Frdnty't DlrccFr

    ofopcBtions ar oddcnced by his or htr dgrsfiirc on tio A$toennL

    [email protected]

    Exhibit 1

  • Frb. 21). 201411 3:06it'liy rlo,."{!57 p, P.,l0

    Erhiblt C

    Eurln8r*sorirtc Addendwl

    Bogincss Asroshle aBd Cova'cd Entity . pafils to a Scwircs Agttcrocrl (ilro ('Agrwrnarf), F(rpuparcr of courplying wlth ttc Adtuinlsatiw SimCificet'ror| rcqr'r€ur8xds ofthe Healt[ logurrJlca Fothbi]ity ard.{cooutrhbiliry Act of 1996, !r Nmcndcd, ad dr r4ulaliom pronutpard thdrthdtt (coll€€iivcly, YIpAlif) andIta rcqrtrcnru.s otsubtitlo D qf $o lrerjih ltforllolim Teobnoloty lbr EconnDic and Clini€l Hcrhh Act and tborcgulrtlonr pomrrlgated th€rr,udrr (collidiycl& TmECH), if end onry to fio ,xhnf lbal Bu3incss Associata isacring as r budnon a:rocirto (r! d.fncd by HIPM) ofCowrcd 8ority, 60 psrtiis rgrlc rr fo)lowei

    l. trrqdfthlr. Capitalizod ltnnc ruod, bll not odrerrvisc dcfinod in thlr Arklcndum, shall hltrc dlo stmcrnearrirB ar thoso lcrfiis itr tho HTPAA ro€uhtiolr and HnECtI, atrd dra Slhwlng capMbcd cff'5 s]all be glveqtho Sthwirg ncarin8s: '

    l.l. 'Eto&t" ncanr the qcqriritbrl rcclir, U6e a Discldsuo ofDI{I in r tu$rtr rlof pordined llBd€r tlePrtvrcy Fdlc tbat pqtcr I rigniflc$t rlsk of filancial, +pudoml, or ofrerharm to ttt lailivflual *'ho ir ibc et$jeotof ibo PHl. Br?rch doca rcl fnclud* (a) Uco or Diralosrre of Prolqetrcd Hcalth Informatloo (PHD ft{t doq! no{includs br idcot'fic$ Iistcd at,t5 C.F,R. ! l&514(cX2I daro of tirtr, $d 4 oodq (b) any unintentionalftquisilior, rocgtt, or Usc of PHI ty r mtmbcl of Bueincss Aslociatc's WotkfoNo or I pcxon actiog un&r thcrq0odiy of Eutl'|6at Assochtc, |f f,rdh'tcdqllttet, rrocsc orUsc ms rnadc ir good ftdrlr rnd ryjthin tto pc6on'seftp6 qfarthel9 tnd d0$ lot rplrlt in furthor Urc or Di oloruro h a mamror aot pcrmlftd uodc tle hi*acy i.ule:(c) aV inad*rtot Dlsdorro by r person wbo ii oothorizrd b ico?$ pHl * Busirr$ rbsocid. b aooher Firrotlulhod2ld io 110.6r pt[. dt &sine6r A$oolfq provffcd thc inforurnd0n rcoolwd rt a r!€olt ofsu+t Dirclarsurt lsrrot ferther Usod or DkcloM in r maner mt pcrmhcd und* fto hi1'.W nub: or (O I Dischsrs! of Ffi ytn(cBushor A$ocbb tar a good fdth bdlcfthat fi turuilolizcd pcrson to wiora tic Diecl0surc wrs madc wortld rntrcaunbly hew bcca lblc to rctala sush informeh'on"

    I,a "Cony'lnDca Diterl rnstnr, in ord o{sr, thc dd€ by *&lah oonpliauo le rcquired und* rhc rgklcedprorhlon ofHIItCE

    1.3. 'Dlsclosd ad iDl!0l6aud' lDt'q wilh rosped to Pra$dod Hcrhb lo&rndlon, ltre rclcas, trarrftr,Sovbloq of accocs to, or diwlglng tn Uy otrer Dflrur of Protcc&d llalti hfomratlon outlldc Buslresslrsrciro'r htcmrl operrtiorr or o Ulorftrl lp cnployar

    1.,f. 'I{IIECII" rnans the Hqrlh Infonarrior TcohroloEr fu Eourorfc anal Clinlcal ficatth A4 cric6.l{5 p*t of tt6 A.rnrricm f,rcovery and [cinvtsrarcrt Aol of 2009, p8b, Ltw l{0, ftl-i, and any lggohdoDsprstnuh! trrl 6ctG0dcr. Rsftrcnocs jt ttie Addodtln o a sccrion o srbsoclblr of tldc 42 of thu Unitcd StrtssCodtqtrotnaoaopruvlsionsofHtTECff..A!'yrrtrfiooiopravitls!ofHlTtsClliothtsAddnrdrnrc[rllbcdigud r rcfenncc to dlat provlrlgn pd in ulsdng and firtrro ilnpbnrcuilg rrgutathnr, wh€o rd $ raoh ieeffrdirrc-

    15. ?rlracy Rr:Io" mcans thc Sundrdt fr Prturay of bdivldoally ldarifubb Hcelfi lDblortot at ,{5c.F.R PrrI 160 id pitt 164, S\|bparb A md g

    1.6. GPtotosFd Hcalth Information" or ?lltn nranr irrfor&sfioq includiag donograpbio iafodttlion thrt(O .!hg l,o th€ pasl F€scd or ltllrc ph},sicll or nmtal hcdth or coodhior of rn hdM.r$! $e Fovhi@ ofharlh cam io ru indivlfial or thc psll FE6otrt or frturc paymlrrt for ihc Drovirlotr of heatlh cso io rn individurlt(b) idadifcs {r indivitual (or fu Whi&frcro ir a nasomblo basri for bolkvfug fu fic itrturlalim c$ be W6al toid€ndrytu hdividIall ad (s) is rtccivcd by 8'|'i0d5r AisDciare from or on bchalf of Cot/cf3d Entity, 0r i! c'tsndbl, Bwfucss Arsocirt! fo. Coveftd hriry, 0r is mrds accc$ibl? F Botirss Astooido bI Cov.rcd htity,

    - t.%'Scerrity RdcP means aht $rsoriy Srgndards fm fiF nolscdor of Eldcoodo Plgtsct€d Heal|l 'Xubt|'udqr at,lt C.LR Psrt 154, gubprrt C.l.8"Unso$rcl hsbcard Hcellh lfororlloiF 0r "Unrccurcd PHl" nrcG Preoted llcrlfi hforuudol

    thet is nor rcnda

  • Feb.20. X,lto,"86r7 p. P., ll

    r.choolo$. or rn thodology spcaifid by fig SocrcEry io tta guldrncc issucd undcr rcdtun Ba04(b)@) of FrtblicLs\Y I1l-5.

    1,9. {Urd' or {Iacf mcrn, vlt nspect b tullotld ltrmft Informrior, 60 shi|t06 loployfimlapplicafifir, tdllz,$on, oorninadoo or aaalysls of such Pl'otoctcd Hcrltl lDffilretlon wifrin Bushosr Asoctrtg'sintdntl opcrarlon$.

    2. C.onftratlrll$ Obfigitlon. Et$lno't Arsodflo will not Uso oF Disclor. ttII oher thfir as Frmifled byflrc AgEcm.nt or tlir Addeodum, or al Rr.quircd by Lrv.

    3, hrdtflrd thct rld Dkdolrrcr of PHL Bwftttst ,kDooi t! $hrll llsc or Dkcloso PHI ouly ee rcoeroyto pcrfolm rr(!lcc$ und tllo Agrc€ulrnt or as Rrqued by LNw, rrovrdcd cudl Uso or Disclosurc would not (i)vtble 60 Privaclr R q SEcurjty Rule, ofi€f rDplknbtc Fovilicru of HIpAA or qITECtrI jf dolro bt Co\€rsdEntit$ or Ci) vloletc rfic mlnioun lrcocsEry policies ard Dro6dlrcs of Co!/orcd Entity.

    4. Srfqurr{n Burhot3 Associsto shell Frotcd PHI fun any irnpopcr ortl d wlttm dlsclosurt }yooading rnd 0nftfcfrq saftgutrds t0 rnli tin tic scanity ofand to Fol'tlt*y Use ocDisclosrrc ofFHlo&cr(h&I! poroigod by dlh Agrcocnt Sr.rch mfbguudr rhll lDcl0dc afuhi$tathr, pty3la|L ud tchnical safegundrdtst rccdoibly rod rpptoprirGly trohca the confirhodality, hrrgriry, and nmitabilify of any elccr'|ic FHI tltt itcccalc.s, rcceivcs. olfnbiru, or br'rcritr or bcbdf of Covcred htlly. Af of fto Compli6mc Daro fa 42 U,S.C. $179lI, Busircss A$ocirL ddll comply wift ilc Sooll|iry Rulo nquiremcnb sef lbnh $ 45 CF.R gg 164.308,l6d3l0, l64JIa ard td4,3l4 ar rvcll I r&litimrl rcqulrenab of tlllECfl {hat td.C ao il{rlriry and eoappllc$lc to Covsed Ertty. At of rho Cdlrplirtrco Dsl. hr {2 U.S.C. S t7934 Busitress +{rrccirtu shall rhocomply wlltr tlo rquirtrnrnlo of Suhj& D ofHnECH tnlt rchfio to privncy ad arc applicrble to Col.tlcd htlry.

    5, Accc.t tnd Amadmal Upon thcrcqusst ofCovercd Edity, Eurlfirs Associ*c slnlL (a) mnkp 6o PIII,pcdncd hy Corutd Bdiry avaitable to ftWr$lt bElig or t0 tlc IndMdul(l) tdcotificd by covEred EDtig $ ltfirB.ntidcd to accccr tr ordar to a€€t tt6 rrquil'orflkrtt udci 45 C.F.n- ! t61,S24 i rnd O) Eako pgl $milablc eCovcr,cil Ertity fu tho puporc of ancndmsnt ltld iqcorpetlo dolgcs or ancodnco8 ti tBI sfisD noffi€d b d0eo by Covcrcd Entfty.

    . d. Agco[ndag. thoa Cow${ &rtiqf s nque$, Bnslncx lssoDhtq lhttl lroddo o Covercd Entity or, whonallt{rcd h wrldog by Cornrcd Emity, dhcody to u hdlvidml iB a ftuc and na'ba rEcq'ficd by Cowr,od Bntiry, anlccoo$fnB of cadt Disclomro Of PIlt nndc by Bmln*r ABOoiltC Or iC onplol'cg, egartsb nprcrclhtivec orsrbconlndbr uorld ba ncccssary !o F rlit Cqycred Enlitt to rrgodd to r ri4&sr by atr Indivllkrl for arrccounting of Disclorulcr ofPHI in scc0rdan c sirh 4i CFR $ t64,528. ery acornthg provtdcal by Bt|sinpssA$oohlo uttdct ttt slbtcctlon shrlt includc (r) tr drtc oftta Dirctoryoi (b) rlc raluc, ard address ifhovn, qfttro cIlliry or p!.Em who rccclvcd thc ?IlI; (c) a hief dcaoiFiofl of FHI {trdorc{ ond (4 a bdef sfficrtrcr$ of rltspupocc of fto Dischctn For cad Dsdoa,no thrt could rcqulrc rn acaolding du ttlr flbrsctaor! B$h969Assoahb eMl dotrnEnt tfu luhuration spcaificd id (r) tfuorgh (d), abow, ard shall sscrr€ty rltih &isdoqu cntrllo$ fE si( (Q yrors ftom ttro rho ofthe Disdorua

    7. Aeec$ to Bool|r d n rordE Busiagsg Alsoclar &ll rnrko iE inrcmrl Fadiccs, toolt ad socos&rddiDg h rhe U$e d Dbctosu$ of EIII F|nu&r m this Addsutrm $nlhbh to thr Sec$ary of thc Dcpartrnclt ofHerfth and llbmn Srrvicco forplrpoacs of drtqmlnhg Coyorcd ht'ty'c conplirnoo vnth HIPA./L Covarcd Bnrityrbrll hrw dD rbh b scc€cr md asnDfrro flAudifl 6c book, rcrdr, 6nd oahrr idforodlon ofBushess Assoclalotdstcd tn fifu Addeddm, $ocn Audtl rtghf $r[ bo in rddition to and rrot*iiuftniltrrg my audit provisions s*Sd[ hfiD Agcctn.lf Es.{rcrs Asso*rtc dul coop*dc filg vitt my m[ Audir(g) ud Sall povldc all bookgtlcods, drt. od otlEr documarlation nronably reqwsted by Covaod Eatiryr. Covcrcd Bntity ruy rna*e copfu ofsud documcrnriou To lho cxhnt possiblot CovErd ffilty ryitf provi& Busirurs Asso.rdc lHroHDtr hoticc ofdlc n6cd for m Audlt and wlll coql:cldro Audit rt a nrsdublo ilao rnd placa Notirilhrtsrdiq the brcgoirrgCovercd Boti{ will not hl}E acc€sB to y b0ok6, noqds, dda rnd/c .bcunurudofl rchtsd b hy of Bu$ila€gAJsod&rs ofiercll ts.

    !1 Af.hb thd Sub(ortlaltol! Susin€ss Ase@lat0 ihrll rqulrc atl subconFddto{c and agrob ro nftirh ttplovidcs PI|I rcccind too, or crtabd or rcccfvcd on bctalf of ooveled htity, !o !grE! to sll of tLo samcrestrlc|ift$ AIrd coodldOnr concarhg r"at' pHl to lrtich 8usi|ross Assootalr i! bo0nd h thig Addardum.


    Exhibit 'i

  • teb. 20. 20141' 3:C6P''4pp'l,l

    or.Q{r7 p. P. - l2

    9' R{,odnJ 0t WohfIonr. Busim$ Axocioto drall roport b CowEd &rtity any Use or Disclosuro of PHIrot authuizd by thir Addstdum hmedhlcly upolr becomhg ar.rac of jL ThlJ rctorting obligBtitrr irduila,without lioihtion, tha Obligstion to rcpoft erv Stdlllty Inclden], as that rcrn is daftrod in 45 C.F.& { 164.t04.

    9.1. Brcrch Notlffraion Businer! ,{6t0clqti sho shrll uoti$ Covcnd Ehtif ofany Breach ofUnsecurudPHl. Such lotficition shall occ{r wlthoU uarr*Onrbh dcl4r and in oo crc &rtcd ' .'r ff,lon (15) days rflarBnshceg Agsoclato dlscowrs tho Breact in ao€{t&na6 wirh 45 C.F.}. ! 164.410. Tls notlfioation rha conply*iti dro &aadr nofirlctlb[ rcquiremcnts sct fortli at 42 US.C, ! l?S32 a'd ir rrnplorudU rcgrrhdoru at 45C.F,n" 0164.110 ad $all hclud* (r) to fto c"qcnt posdblcr thc idrntiftcstion of crch pcnon whose UruecuredPI ltx bcotr, or is rcasombly bcllarcd hy Eqriloc$ Aisociate to havl har, accclsc4 rcquind, or Discloscd duringarh Brcach: aod (b) rny odrcr availablo infonution rborn the Bnach. ircluding: (r) a doscription of r't6thrFpcord. halfliog Oro d0tc! ofrDo Ertdch al4 disoovery ofthc Er€acb, iftDoh/D: (lt s do$cdp od of6c q/p€s ofUnscond PtlI fur,otvld in 6e Brcad[ (iiD rny orcpr rftccd pcnup rlrould ake o proGr rhanso]r* 6ompotq$tl ham rcsuhiag fon lhc BrcEct; ald (i0 thc stsps Eud rc A$ooinre lr bking to iwectigafc fie Broach,miti€at ft.rm to fudividuals, mdb pmestl6rrtd ary ftrfiffBrcadhcg Busincss A*loci:& shall provide CoveredBDHty with !{oh rdditioDl information rtou thd Blcgdr d&rt at dlc dmc of itc lnltial notlfrcatlol s0 CovorsdBntif or as prmptly ficrerfhr ar 6c lnfondion b€cotncs n aihbb to Busilcss Associatc.

    10, Tdrn rnd lbrnlnation.

    10,1. Tlis Addcndurn tqfnr on drc Etrcrtivc Dgc and ralnsinr in qffui for ho rntire term of theAg]lcmt unbs oflrerwisc t€minatcd S provid bctow.

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    I0.3' Exc|pt as providd bclow, upon t*rnh$ion of thls Addendunr. BGiD€ss Asloc.iib ltrll dithcrrlaArt 0r dsrFoy rll FHI ir thc pa|sosslor or cotrrol of Blsincss fusoct*c d ik qg.ds and rcboontracbr$ ird Sallrchinro oopioe ofrucb FHL Howwr, if Co\lrld Elfry ddenDinff that acitki num uor dctqrcila'r of FHI isOariblg Buficss ,{lsclttc rn$, rEtsjn PIII trovHid thri it 6r.trnA t!| potectioas of ftis Addedun to tho PIIrod lhib furdrcr Uscs md Dirch,rurtr to ttoso pEposce rbot oako rhc rinrrr or de*udlon of tLe iHI infeasiblghr ro loflt $ BllcicEs .tssodato relauinr txlr itHL

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    [email protected]

    Exhibit 'r

  • Feb, 20. . 20'$1.3' 9{itinr ilolio,."q957 p. P,, lJ

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    Exhibit 'i

  • Contract for Services

    This Agreement is made on this the 25th dav of March. 2014 between Anderson County, Teflressee,a govemmental entity and political subdivision of the Stale of Tennessee (hereinafter, "County") andIntrafinitv o/a Sharn School. (hereinafter, "Contractor") and for good and valuable consideration, thesufficiency ofwhich is hereby acknowledged, the parties agree as follows:

    Conlractor Services. Contractor agrees to provide services to County in the form of: EBgl|gDistrict Web Hostins. as per RFP # 4494 Exhibit I and exhibit 2 appendix A pricine.

    Standard ofPerformance. Contractor agrees to perform the services in a manner consistent with thestandard in the industry and to the satisfaction ofthe County.

    Contractor Compensation. Contractor shall be paid by County for the Contractor's seryices withinthirty (30) days ofinvoicing fiom Contractor and completion of the contracted services. The compensation toContactor shall be calculated by. Contractor shall not receive additional compensation for expenses includingtavel, hotel, food, etc.

    Term, This agreement shall begin on &lLL4lIll and shall end on June 30.2015. with an ontionto r€new for uD to thre€ additional vears in one vear increments.

    Release. Contractor hereby agrees to release and hold County harmless from and against any and allclaims, lawsuits, or the like associated with County's performance ofthis agreement, or as it relates to the past,present, or future financial condition of the County or the performance of Contractor's services under thisAgreement.

    Default, In the event of default by the Contractor hereto, the County may bring suit against theContractor to enforce the terms of this Agreement. In such event, the prevailing party shall be entitled torecover any remedies available at law and./or equity including reasonable attomey's fees and costs associatedwith the default.

    No Oral Modification. No modification, amendment, supplement to or waiver ofthis Agreement orany of its provisions shall be binding upon the parties hereto unless made in writing and duly signed by all theparues.

    Waiver. A failure of any party to exercise any right provided for herein, shall not be deemed to be awaiver ofany right hereunder.

    Entire Agreement. This Agreement sets forth the entire understanding ofthe parties as to the subjectmafter and may not be modified except in a writing executed by all parties.

    Severability. In the event any one or more ofthe provisions ofthis Agreement is invalid or otherwiseunenforceable, the enforceability ofthe remaining provisions shall be unimpaired.

    Cancellation. In the event any party materially breaches, defaults or fails to perform hereunder, thisAgreement may be cancelled by the other party with cause on thirty (30) days written notice to the other, iftheevent constituting the breach, default, or failure is not cured during that time.

    Exhibits. Any Exhibits attached hereto or incorporated herein are made a part of this Agreement forall purposes. The expression "this Agreement" means the body ofthis Agreement and the Exhibits.

    Multiple Counterparts; Effectiveness. This Agreement may be executed in multiple counterparts,each of which shall be deemed an original for all purposes and all of which shall be deemed, collectively, oneAgreement. This Agreement shall become effective when executed and delivered by all the parties.

  • Jurisdiction. Each party hereby inevocably consents to the jurisdiction of all state courts sitting inTennessee or all federal courts sitting in Knoxville, Tennessee and agrees that venue for any legal actionbrought in connection with this Agreement shall lie exclusively in such courts.

    Binding Effect. This Agreement shall be binding upon and inure to the benefit of the parties andupon their respeclive successors. heirs, or assigns.

    Choice of Law. This Agreement shall be govemed and construed in accordance with the laws of theState ofTennessee.

    Notice, Any notice required or proyided pursuant to this Ageement shall be in writing and sent ordeliYered to the parties.

    Titles and Subtitl€s. Titles of paragraphs and subparagraphs are for convenient reference only andshall not have the effect of modirying, amending, or changing the express terms ofthis Agreement,

    Assignment, This Agreement shall be assignable only upon the written consent ofthe non-assigningparty. Consent to an assignment shall not be uffeasonably withheld. In the event ofassignment or succession,the terms and conditions of this Agreement shall be binding upon the parties and their successors, assigns,heirs. executors. and,/or administrators.

    Further Documentrtion, The parties agree for themselves and their successors and assigns toexecute any and all instruments in writing which are or may become necessary or proper to carry out thepurpose and intent ofthis Agreement.

    Company: County:


    Date:(Name of Compa.ny)

    (Printed Nam€ and Tide)

    Administrative Approval :

    (County Mayor's Signature)

    Approved as to Form: Administrative Approval :



    (Counfy Law Director Signature) (Purchasing Ag€nt Signature)

  • SharpSchr:l Service ementContract Number: SSGD35421

    Anderson County School DistrictService Starts: July 1, 2014

    Service Ends: June 30, 2015

    March 20, 2014


    IalsLrcast sel^g]li^oQ

    ' Based on sharpschool's e-Rate Etigabitity for the 2013 e-rat€ funding year. Rat€s are subjecl to change by usAc." Based on the applicarns e-Rate eligibility discount forthe previous tunding y€ar if avaitabt€.

    Sharpschool Edltlon PremiumHosting Unlts Prlce

    School Web Hosting

    Student Email (Standard)

    Student Email (Premium)

    Statf Ernail (Premium)

    Instructional Management0Ms)Ho3ting Total (Per Year)






    $19,4 t5.00

  • SharpSchrrf t;/'aGordon Duff 3P 1 .8E8.742 'fO2 611706F 1.866.204.6147E [email protected],n

    60 Ad€ra'd€ Srr€et East, 1 10 Ftoor, Box *,,rodro, o M5C aElwww.5harp3

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  • E-Rate District Web Hosting Services

    Unified K-12 Web & Mobile Solutions Overview


    Sharpschool offers a unified solution customized to meet district and schools' web and mobile needs.SharpSchool provides you a 97% E-Rate eligibte package that includes hosting, online and mobile toots,implementation' support and maintenance and beautiful custom design. Everything you need to run a fullyinteractive district site and everything you need to run schoor sites, teacher sites and education portars isincluded.

    Csnrunicatioir'/Vcnrsret crjCalendars

    Tffl.ftd h,talsChatrooms

    Socidl ,tcdiaInlry,raaion


    ManagemenlEvent R.gistmtionRFP Matmgcmcst

    ' t{eb Hosting. 99.996 Uptime'. tlnlidW Somgahwcity' ,Z,ffl anneil Scaritlr

    DesignDcdicaa.d D6ign T€am

    Customhcd Desbns

    P a g e | 29

  • E-Rate District Web Hosting Servtces Sharp5chrrl

    Why SharpSchool is Differentover the past '12 years sharpschoor has worked with more than 3, 5oo K-12 institutions rangrng tromsingle schools to state-levd departments of education. our experience and enensive R & o investmenthas produced a comprehensive sorution that our competitors simpry cannot match. Through our design,ease-of-use, mobire and iPad support, extensive range of functionarity and price, we rise above the rest ofthe industry.

    1. DESIGN

    h order to deriver beautifur designs with optimar usabirity, sharpschoor has deveroped ourDesign studio (, which provides the best dastrict,school and teacher website templates. Only Sharpschool provides customized temDlate

    design for no elitra cost, giving you the best rooking websites and herping you meet your district andschool needs.

    SharpSchool Other Vendors> Includes customized design

    Choose from our elitensive library of profes-

    saonally created templates and let us cus_tomize them to build your ideal site!

    ) Templates & theme cont.ol tor dlstrictschool & teacher levelOur three levels of design let you have aunified look across the district, with the flex-ibility of providing customization for schoolsand teachers!

    ) Largest library of best pracfice deslgntemplates

    We offer over 1OO professional templatesthat incorporate K-12 design best practices

    for schools, districts and teachers pages.> Unllmited Teacher Templates

    With over 85 teacher templates to choosefrom, Sharpschool lets teachers personatize

    their own page.

    D No charges for minor changesWe'll help you out wilh color tweaks, addingmascots and logos and other minor chang_es!

    . Custom design ls expensive and you mustpu rchase templates separately

    Many competitors charge per template, thennickel and dime you to customize them!

    ) Only one or two levels of controlCompetitors offer only a single template level,with the occasional second template provided.

    But none can match Sharpschool's versatile

    control, usability or design flexibility.

    l Much narrower template baseMost competitors base their designs on a smallnumber of base templates, offering limited


    > Llmlted or l{o Teacher TemptatesMost competitors do not provide teacher tem_plates and, the few that do, have an extremelvlimited selection.

    > Up to t250 for any changeOur compelitors will charge you for everychange made to your websile. Even minor var-aations have a cost!

    Page l3l

  • E-Rate District Web Hosting Services

    Solutions designed for mobilo

    Sharpschool solutions are designed for mo-

    bile and display beautifully on modem

    smartphones and tablets.

    Mobilo App included

    For no additional charge, Sharpschool's so_lution contains a Mobile App downloadable

    from the Apple or Android stores_

    Blended leaming integrafion

    Sharpschool mobile pages provide leaming

    on the go.

    E-Lockers & iPad support

    Only Sharpschool's solution allows studentslo access their e-Lockers from mobile andiPad olatforms.


    Flash-based systems

    Many of our competitors use Flash for largeparts of their design, which means their sites

    won't work on iPhones and ipads.

    Extra costs tequired for access to thelr AppsMost competitors make you pay a premium foraccess to their Mobile Apps and/or provide lim-

    ited functjonality.

    No blended learnlng integration

    A mobile page with no learning functionality lsnot meeting the needs of 21s century students.

    No iPad suppo

    No other vendor offers ipad support for stu-dents and teachers on the go.

    4. EXTENSIVE FUNCTIONALITYwlh over 40 modures incruded within our standard package, sharpschoor provides our crientswith an unparalleled cache of toors designed for content management, brended reaming, sociallearning and mobile communication_

    SharpSchool Other VendorsSocial media management

    Sharpschool enables you to use sociat me_dia for educalion, from posting homework

    notices to Twitter to bringing mobile learninginto the classroom

    Comes Equipped with a Soclal LMSUnllke our competitors Sharpschool in_cludes a Social Leaming Management Sys_tem within our standard package, at no ad_ditional cost.

    District level toolsSharpSchoot doesn't just help schoots: wealso help districts with our secure Intranet,workflow engine, RFp management, job

    Limited social media

    Other vendors may let you embed a Twitter

    feed on your homepage, but they do not give

    social learning or social media management


    Make you pay for their LMSWith other vendors you either have to buy thesoflware, rely on open source progftlms or uti_lize outsourced programs, reducing adoption

    and usability.

    Few competitors offer district toolsEducation is more than just teachers, but fewcompetitors offer tools for the staff that supportteachers and enable education. Other vendors

    P a g e | 33

  • E-Rate District Web Hosting Services

    Customized Design for Every SiteThrough Sharpschool's Design Studio(htto:// we provide cus-tomized designs for all of your sites. you choose from ourextensive library of templates, created by leading industryexperts to meet the needs of schools and districts and wecustomize it to meet your needs for no extta cost!

    UsabilityOn top of creating stunning websites, SharpSchool,s De.sign Crew is the only team in the K_12 industry that craftsits design process to maximize usability. Whether craftingof information architecture or the placement of images,graphics and banners, Sharpschool,s Design Crew en-sures that their designs are configured for optimal perfor_mance. This ensures that not only is your site's easy for teachers, parents and students to use andnavigate! Usable sites help you truty communicate.


    An attractive website promotes your district and schools and a usabte websiteis mandatory to providing students, parents and educators with the resourcesto maximize students' opportunities for success. Since 2001 we have helpeddistricts and schools develop distinctive, fun and interaclive websites that high_light their unique character. Sharpschool wants to help you show your cotors


    and build a website that will allow your district and schools to promore awareness, communacation, scnoolspirit and pride.

    aED=i:::i:= =-:==-::-=


    .iEE|D .IE

    '' Did You Know?

    Mtny of SharpSchool's competitorschorge up to $1,000 per site Ior,'cus-tom design,"with extra costs for eve-ry color change or logo added.Plus, they charge up to $250 for eve-ry homepage chonge you moke.SharpSchool gives you our best de-sign fgLane law all-included priceand gives you the tools to changeyour home pqge content wheneveryou wanLAnd, Sharpschool is the only vendorthat lets your teachers personalizetheir own webpage's design throughLhe use ofour extensive teacher tem-plates!

    Pa9€ 135

  • E-Rate District Web Hosting Servtces SharpSchm,l

    Teacher Page Templatesvyith over 85 teacher templates readily available , sharpschool ensures that your teachers can customizetheir own sites with complete ease. Just choose a template from Design Studio,s(htto:// extensive library of temprates and make your site your own!

    "ft rl


    Il-.:--r:! \:-

    I ---. == :- -

    Devised to further bridge the communication gap between school and nome,Sharpschool has now expanded its Design Studio to include a library of Re_sponsive Design Templates. With each design crafted and configured foroplimal usability and performance, Sharpschool,s graphic design specialistshave created over a dozen responsive templates thal will detect the stze andorientation of the site visitors, screen and adapt to deliver an end{o-end user

    _ \:-!.i..:t.-:-

    Responsive Design

    expenence designed to increase educational outcomes. For an additionalfee' sharpschool's Design crew will work with your schools and district to customize these responsivedesign templates, ensuring that when your sites go rive, the sites wifl be fufiy accessibre from any deviceor platform.

    _ {:-

    Page 137

  • calendars' text boxes, photo galeries and so much more as efforflessry as point-and-crick or drag-and-drop. other less intuitive platforms require rr training to simply tweak a page's layout. sharpschoolsdrag-and-drop capabirity puts the content editor in the driver seat, emponering even the most non-technical users.

    Page DepthBy providing a web sorution that aflows an unrimited number of sub-pages in a hierarchy, sharpschoorgives you the flexibirity to organize your information in as many revers as you want. Many of our compet_itors limit page depth to three or four revers, creating major impediments to sate expansion. with sharp-School, your site is free to grow as your solulion malures.

    E-Rate District Web Hosting Servtces


    Sharpschool doesn't just provide ease_of-use for teachers andend-users; we provide tools to reduce overwhelming workloads.Sharpschool provides easy integration with:r Google Apps' School Interoperability Framework (StF)t Student Information Systemst Google Search> Google Translate) SharePoint) Microsoft Office 365' Live@EduD LDAP/Active Directory

    For more on integration please see page 54.


    {/ Did You Know?

    Sharpschool integrates with almostall major SIS? We have experiencentegrating with:> Inlinite Campus> PowerSchool> Rediker> NCWISE, eschoolData> ESC 20, Jpoms> Pentamation> Renweb> Sfuard

    And more!

    Easy Integration

    Page 139

  • E-Rate District Web Hosting Servtces

    IIHJMobile Solutions for parentsSharpSchool's mobile parent capabilitiesallow parents to keep tabs on their stu-dents' progress no matter how busy theirday! Parentgcuardians can:

    . Check upcoming assignmentst Communicate with teachersI Follow school news and activities> Find out about upcoming sporting

    evenlsD Find out about new programs and

    fund raising initiatives) Much more!


    rililIMobile Solutions for StudentsSharpschool's mobile student capabilitieshelp students connect, work together andmanage their homework and assess-menls, wherever and whenever they needto. Sludenls can:

    > Download homework, assignmentsand reminders

    ' Get alerts and notificalions) Communicate with teachers) Get alerts, school news and an-nouncements

    ) Much more!

    iPad Supportwith the rising prevalence of iPads and rablets in the classroom, sharpschool has expanded its platformto further empower students to rearize their fuI potentiar. Through sharpschools ipad support, teachersand students can save and edit files directly from their iPads and store rhe updates in their Sharpschool,se-Lockers.

    Dedicated Mobile AppWant a completely Custom Mobile App uniquely designed for your schoolor district? How about fully custom designs or push Notification to yourApple and/or Android phone3? For an additionat fee, Sharpschool isnow providing dedicated mobile apps customized to reflect yourschool/district's unique character and to meet your every need. you te uswhat you want and we,ll build it!

    P a 9 e I 4l

  • E-Rate District Web Hosting Servtces SharpSchd

    WEBSITE MANAGEMENTsharpschool's content Management system alows districrs and their schoors to easiry create andmaintain webpages. with this modure you can keep your pages up ro date, issue emergency arerts, buirdan attractive public face to increase community awareness and support and ensure that all the materialon your page is up to date, appropriate and secure.

    In-Context l,yYSlWyG Editorsharpschool's content Managemenl system features an intuitive what you see ls what you Get editor(wYslwYG) thal arrows non-technicar users to add new pages, desrgn thear rayout and maintain them.This tool uses a Microsoft Wordo like in-terface, allowing users with no HTMLknowledge to create and update websitecontent. Best of all, with Sharpschool youcan edit content on the webpage, withouthaving to go to a back end administrativeinterface or having to download anvpluglns or programs!

    Drag-and-DropSharpSchool's Drag-and-Drop featurelets authorized users add and removepage elements as simply as point-and-click or drag-and-drop. Sharpschool'sintuitive drag-and-drop capability puts thecontent editor in the driver seat, greaflyreducing lT resources and saving teach_ers valuable time.

    Page CheckoutSharpschool's Page check-out and Edit feature ensures that work rs never tost or made redundant, byensuring that multiple users don,t try to change the same webpage at the same time!

    P a 9 e | 43

  • E-Rate District Web Hosting Services

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