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A tutorial on HOW TO USE CANVA


  • I admit. Im a frustrated artist.

  • I call my drawings artistic vandals.

  • But theres an easier way to do graphic designs!

  • GOOGLE SAYS, use

  • GO! GO! GO!


  • Type in CANVA on your browser.

  • Click on the link to the website.

  • When this appears, fill in your


  • Then click to SIGN UP.

  • When youre done, this appears. Lets select one.

  • This gives a simple guide on how to

    use CANVA.

  • Yes, SHOW ME!

  • Its a simple tutorial that CANVA prepared for beginners.

  • The slides will flow by themselves.

    Just observe and learn.

  • Click on the CANVA icon to return

    to the homepage.

  • See the homepage with the design


  • Click on MORE

  • to see more templates

  • and more!

  • Lets choose FACEBOOK post.

  • Youll see this. On the left is the LAYOUTS TAB.

  • There are FREE designs to choose


  • Choose one design.

  • Or drag it on the template.

  • Lets change the BACKGROUND.

  • The color menu will appear. Select

    background color.

  • Or click on this to see more colors.

  • Pick one among the color choices.

  • See the changes?

  • To change the picture, click on


  • Choose either from facebook or

    your uploaded files.

  • If you chose from facebook, lets SIGN IN first.

  • Fill in your details.

  • Then log in.

  • Your facebook photos will appear.

    Choose one.

  • The chosen photo will appear on

    the layout.

  • Drag these handles to position your


  • Drag the photo here.

  • These lines will tell you if the photo

    is centered.

  • The EDIT options will pop up.

  • Click on FILTER to see the different


  • Click the arrow to see more


  • Choose SUMMER option and the

    color of the picture changes.

  • Click on ADVANCED OPTIONS for

    more features.

  • The menu appears. Adjust the

    sliders to enhance the photo.

  • See the enhanced color?

  • Well change Einsteins quotes. Click on TEXT.

  • Click on the quotes.

  • The TEXT BOX will pop up.

  • The image library gives us so many

    text designs.

  • Choose any FREE design from the

    image library.

  • Or just type your own. Highlight all

    the texts.

  • And type in your great quotes.

  • To change the text font, highlight

    the whole text.

  • Choose the text font.

  • Pick a color for the font.

  • Or click on + for more choices.

  • And choose the color you like most.

  • These font and color will suit well.

  • Of course, Einstein didnt say that, so lets change it.

  • I didnt say that???

  • Told you so..

  • Thats more like it!

  • To continue, click on SEARCH.

  • We have a new menu on the


  • Lets try SHAPES.

  • Choose the desired shape.

  • Drag the shape to your desired


  • Adjust the size of the shape by

    dragging the handles.

  • And thats your facebook post!

  • Lets share the photo. Click on the upper right tab.

  • We can share it to the social


  • ..or send it through email.

  • Lets send an email to our friend.

  • If you want her to edit the photo,

    click share.

  • Then SEND it.

  • You will see this.

  • When this appears, your design is

    now sent.

  • Tell your friend to open her email.

  • She will see this. Click this to see

    the design.

  • Your friend will see this and can

    edit your photo.

  • Lets share it to facebook.

  • Just wait and see..

  • GOOD NEWS! Click on!

  • Log in to facebook.

  • This will appear on your facebook


  • Say something..

  • ..then share.

  • Its there!

  • To get back to the homepage, click

    on upper left.

  • And youll see your saved design on your homepage.

  • Each time you log in to your

    CANVA account..

  • can access your designs easily.

  • Lets try another design, something from scratch.

  • Well create a POSTER on mountain climbing.

  • From your homepage..

  • ..choose a POSTER template.

  • Youll have a blank layout.

  • Set a new background.

  • Choose a background.

  • Click on the design or drag it on the


  • Click on UPLOADS.

  • UPLOAD your own image.

  • Select a photo from your files.

  • Then OPEN it.

  • Your image is now uploaded.

  • Click or drag the image to the


  • Drag to resize the image.

  • Well add the text.

  • Choose a text design.

  • The text will appear on the image.

  • Drag the text to the desired


  • Click and highlight the text to

    change it.

  • Then type in your text.

  • We can delete some of the texts.

  • Highlight the texts to be deleted


  • .. and there.

  • ..then click on the DELETE key

  • ..until all the other texts are deleted.

  • Click on the text to highlight..

  • ..and change the color..

  • Choose the text color.

  • Nice one!

  • Continue typing in the text.

  • Choose the font.

  • Well change this color

  • to this.

  • And see how it looks.

  • We need more text information.

    Click ADD HEADING.

  • Drag the text to its position below.

  • Type in the dates.

  • Lets change some letters to UPPERCASE.

  • That looks great!

  • Lets add a SUBHEADING.

  • Drag the text below the heading.

  • Type in your SUBHEADING.

  • Change the font.

  • And the font has changed.

  • We should add a BODY TEXT.

  • Drag it on the image.

  • Type in your text.

  • We change the font

  • and the color..

  • And we have a new POSTER!

  • You like CANVA?

  • With a gazillion images to choose


  • And heres something else from Mr. Einstein..