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This screenshot shows the first process of adding the sounds to my This screenshot shows me uploading the sound to the game. By click on the sound, it This screenshot shows that the sound has been added to my game and is displayed with all the other sounds.

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  1. 1. Thisscreenshotshows the firstprocessof addingthe soundsto my game. Thisscreenshotshowsme uploadingthe soundto the game.By clickon the sound,itwill be addedto the game. Thisscreenshotshowsthatthe soundhas beenaddedtomygame and isdisplayedwithall the other sounds.
  2. 2. Thisscreenshotshowsthe soundfile inthe menu,andwhenIclickon it, it will be addedintothe game. Thisscreenshotshowsthe soundfile inthe game. Thisscreenshotshows anothersoundinmy soundfoldersthat needstobe uploaded intothe game.
  3. 3. Thisfinal screenshotshowsthatthe soundhas beenaddedtomygame,